Saturday, December 20, 2008

The "POWER PARTY" Political Platform

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews have mass murdered hundreds of millions of innocent human beings. The Jews, as a People, have openly declared war on humanity and are today agitating for a nuclear war which will eradicate human life. They are an open threat to every person on the Earth. We must respond to this threat or risk the imminent end of human existence at the hands of the hostile Jewish People.

I am in the process of creating a political platform for the American political party I have named the "POWER PARTY". The portion of this platform which treats of the Jewish question is as follows:

1). The POWER PARTY will a seek a Congressional declaration of war against the enemy nation of Israel, which racist and apartheid "Jewish State" has been continuously waging war against the United States of America, and the rest of humanity since its inception in 1948.

2). The POWER PARTY will seek to pass laws which will exclude all Jews from politics, the press, education, all religions and the professions. Jews will have to register as Jews with the Federal Government and will be barred by Federal law from interfering in any respect in the fields named.

3). The POWER PARTY will seek laws which will forbid marriages and the creation of children between Jews with other Jews, or Jews with Whites. Jews may marry Blacks and Asians, but no other ethnicity. All children born to Jews must be tested to ensure that at least one of the parents is Black or Asian, or the child must be surrendered to the State as if an orphan.

4). The POWER PARTY will seek laws which will protect America from treasonous Zionists past, present and future. The laws regarding ex post facto doctrines must be amended to take into account the fact that the Jews have corrupted the normal healthy function of the Government of the United States of America to protect its citizenry, and therefore Jews and other Zionists cannot claim any right of a defense based upon ex post facto principles.

5). The POWER PARTY will seek laws which establish a new class of enemy to be known as "enemies of the human race". Any Jew who continues to practice Judaism, or who demonstrates any loyalty to Israel, or who has participated in the banking industry will be deemed an "enemy of the human race" and will be a target of opportunity for the United States Military. All statements, written, oral, or otherwise, of a Judaist nature must be accompanied at the beginning and at every 500th word interval thereafter with the warning:

"WARNING!!! This Jewish hate literature calls for the extermination of the human race and has already inspired the racist Jews to genocide hundreds of millions of non-Jews, to destroy countless cultures, to poison the Earth, and to instigate wars and destructive revolutions around the globe. The racist and genocidal beliefs iterated in Jewish hate literature are dangerous to human life and are mental poison that generates genocidal mental disease. The Jews, themselves, whose supremacist culture and racist clannishness are products of this hate literature, are carriers of this contagion which threatens the continued existence of the human race."

All Jews must be under continuous surveillance and submit to government interrogation every quarter for the duration of the war against Israel plus 20 years. The Jews will be taxed to pay for this burden on American society.

6). The POWER PARTY will seek a 100% inheritance tax on all Jews and impose a wealth tax on Jews which will prohibit the transfer of wealth from one generation of Jews to the next and which will prevent any Jew from owning wealth in excess of the national average.

7). The POWER PARTY will seek laws which will make it a crime for any Jew to communicate with any other Jew outside of the Jew's nuclear family, or with any person outside of the United States of America. Jews will be barred by law from accessing the internet, using telephones, or any other like means of communication.

8). The POWER PARTY will mandate that all citizens above the age of 16 attend classes which will instruct them as to the history, nature and danger of the ancient Jewish war on the human race. Jews and their apologists will be barred by law from contradicting any aspect of this educational material. Any such attempt to refute State dogma on the Jewish question will be deemed "Hate Speech and an Attack on the Human Race" and will be proscribed by law.

9). The POWER PARTY will seek laws which will require "Shabbataians" and "Frankists" to declare themselves to the Government and reveal any and all information related to the sect, including literature, legends, plans, practices, members of the sect, etc.

We must either face the Jewish Peril directly and unapologetically, or stand helplessly by as the Jews murder the human race.

Don't Burn Down the Barn to Kill the Rats! The Mature and Civilized Tasks of the "Power Party"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There is an old story of a Dutchman who became so frustrated trying to chase out the rats from his barn, that he burned down the barn to kill the rats. The likely outcome would be that the rats would escape, and the farmer would starve. The rats would then eat his corpse.

The Jews and Freemasons are sparking riots and protests across Europe:

'Greek Syndrome' is catching

The Jews are also promoting a nihilistic revolution in America. The Jews want Americans to burn their own Constitution and their own country.

America has a rat problem. We should not burn our barns to kill the rats. We should instead rid ourselves of the rats so our farms will be more productive.

The Nazis did not build the German economy by destroying it. Instead, they removed Jewish influence from the press, government and the creation of money and loan capital. The Germans also promoted German pride and the cooperation of German citizens to build Germany, not burn it down. Germany grew, though the effort was subverted by Hitler and his war policies. Hitler then defeated the German war effort he had started.

We do not need dictatorship. We need generalship to fight back against the Jews who are waging war on us. We need not burn our Constitution nor resent our heritage as a democratic People. We can improve our Constitution and ensure that it functions for our best interests by removing the Jews from public life through a series of new laws and by declaring war on Israel, which has already been waging war on us.

Countless nations that have endured the Jewish attack on the human race have saved themselves by removing Jewish influence from the reins of power, including the educational systems, the press, the government, the professional institutions, the religious institutions, etc. By their actions throughout their history, and by their open declarations of war on humanity, the Jews have shown themselves to be hostile to the interests of all other Peoples and must be dealt with accordingly if we are to save the human race from the Jewish aggression.

To destroy America would only make the Jews' job of stealing our rights and murdering our People that much easier, because we ourselves would serve them with the gun and with the torch to burn our own barns and murder our neighbors just as happened to Russia when the workers took the Jews' advice to destroy Russia in the name of freeing Russia.

The rabies will subside when the rabbis are defanged. The disloyal Jews have demonstrated that they are a hostile force unfit to occupy any position in the press or government of the United States. Nor should they be permitted to vote or educate our children. If we repeat the mistakes of other nations which followed the Jewish model for their destruction, the Jews will destroy our country roots to leaves. We are far better off to stop calling the rats people and address the problem directly, than to destroy ourselves in the hope that we can take them down with us.

We need to start acting like the intelligent, civilized and creative Americans that we are, instead of the foaming at the mouth torch bearing peasants the Jews would have us become. Though we indeed must take out the vampires, let us do so scientifically with the minimum destruction of our own interests possible. Let's use advanced means to locate the sickness and cure it, rather than hoot and holler and toss flames on the dry grass. All we need do is start working in our own interests, remove the traitorous and hostile Jew from the press through new laws, and we will quickly outpace every other nation on Earth.

In the process we will fight back against Israel, manufacture our own new currency, provide new loan and manufacturing capital, and provide our own food. We can easily do this without tearing apart our cities and giving the Jewish occupied government a pretext to impose martial law. All we need do is stop being afraid, assert our rights and take responsibility for ourselves and our fellow citizens. It will then be natural for us to vote for those who want to build America and to fight back against those who are destroying America, the International Jew.

Why is the Jew international? Because the Jew despises every other human being and wants to kill them. The Jew resents the fact that other People are healthy and happy, while the Jew is sick and self loathing. Only by entering the healthy societies of other Peoples can the Jew infect them with his hatred, degeneracy and death. The Jew then returns to the burned barns of normal human beings, and sniffs and sorts the ashes for bones to gnaw on.

Promote health, and you punish the Jew. Promote strength and cooperation, and you weaken the Jew. Participate in government and media, and you rebel against the Jew. Assert your power in productive ways, and you crush the Jew. Live in peace, and you bankrupt the Jew. These are the ways to fight them.

It is a disgrace that the Greeks have become cabalistic Jews carrying out mindless revolt which only weakens them, but it is no accident. It is Jewry at work turning great Peoples and ancient civilizations into primitive self destructive savages. We are smart enough not to fall into that old and rusty Jewish trap.

The Jews are the problem. Only by focusing on the problem can we solve it. The enlightened and civilized man has at his disposal the numbers and the means to unseat the Jew from power and to build his nation in the process. It is his genetic heritage and his cultural heritage to fight the Jew without killing himself.

The Tyranny of the Reckless Ass Over the Responsible Citizen and of the Old Over the Young: A "Statement of Duties" to Balance the "Bill of Rights"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Our Constitution was amended to incorporate a "Bill of Rights", but failed to include a "Statement of Duties". A nation with a strong respect for individual rights which disregards the responsibilities of citizens to themselves and others leads to the tyranny of the reckless ass over the responsible citizen.

Americans recognize the rights of children to an education, but we ignore the duty that parents bear to ensure that education is productive and successful in producing honorable productive citizens who are a benefit to their fellow citizens, rather than a burden. While we have created a right for the State to educate children and insist that children be educated, we have not recognized the parent's right to control the form, nature and content of that education. As a result, our education system stinks and the citizen we produce through our education system tends to be lazy, ignorant, easily controlled and irresponsible.

The majority of the citizens we are producing do not defend the nation, do not contribute to building a strong nation, and become a burden on the more responsible citizen who recognizes his duties and who was raised by responsible parents. The responsible citizen then suffers under the tyranny of the reckless ass whose rights are recognized and enforced even when the reckless ass has failed to fulfil his duties to himself and to his country.

In this instance, our political party, which I shall temporarily dub the "Power Party" (the power is ours, we need only assert it), the Power Party will introduce a "Statement of Duties" to be amended to the Constitution to protect the responsible citizen from the reckless ass. In the case of education, our principles will require the State to enforce both rights and duties of individuals. Children will enjoy the right of education at the level of their intelligence and talents. We should devote more money to educating our best and less to those who do not benefit from education. The State has the duty to provide this education, but it shall be the right of the parent to educate their own child. It shall also be the right of the parents as a community to dictate to the State the form, nature and content of the education which their children receive. It shall be the duty of the parent to ensure that his child performs to his ability in the schools, and should the parent neglect to honor this duty, the parent shall surrender the right of education of the child to the State and to the Community, which shall then bear the duty to educate the child to Community standards and to the commensurate level of the child's abilities.

"Those who fail to perform their duties thereby surrender their rights." will be the First Amendment to the "Statement of Duties" which we will amend to the United States Consititution.

It shall be the right of every American citizen to receive reasonable health care. The word "reasonable" is key. It is not reasonable to spend tens of millions of dollars to treat an eighty year old man who will likely die of his disease, when the same money and manpower among our limited resources could be spent treating young children.

It will be the duty of the State and the Community (Community will also be a new entity and term introduced into the amended Constitution, which Community will enjoy rights and bear duties) to provide medical care to every citizen. However, it will be the duty of every citizen to take reasonable measures to protect his health and well being. Stepping on the top of a step ladder to staple Christmas lights on the soffit of your house is not a responsible or reasonable action, and if you fall and break your neck, I should not have to pay for your medical treatment and a doctor should not be obliged to take himself away from patients who can recover from their illness, while you are going to remain a blob and a burden for the remainder of your existence. Those who smoke, drink excessively, are obese, or are reckless in their actions in avoidance of their duties to society thereby surrender their rights to medical treatment for the conditions a reasonable man should expect to result from such knowing and willful behavior. The citizen shall have the right to responsible treatment and the doctor the duty to provide it, and the doctor who fails to provide it shall be criminally and civilly responsible and NO medical society shall be allowed to exist which seeks to deny the rights of the patient, or which encourages doctors to defend other doctors against the rights of patients and in avoidance of the duties of doctors.

In this way, doctors will have the right to refuse or limit treatments to those who have not fulfilled their responsibility to maintain their health and to those less likely to benefit from treatment than those younger, healthier, and/or more likely to benefit from treatment; where such tradeoffs are a necessity and such choices must be made.

The Jews have made a racket out of corrupting our society through the recognition of rights and denial of duties. The Jews sell us tobacco and alcohol under the false belief that it is a right to poison ones self, and in this way enslave the responsible citizen through the costs that the reckless ass imposes on society. The Jews organize the medical profession to work against the interests of the patients and society at large, while obstructing the rights of the young and poor. Our Power Party shall be devoted to recognizing the rights of the young over the wealth and power of the old, whose wealth and power will increase the duties of the old and lessen their rights. We must recognize our duty as a People to strengthen each generation and the rights of our children to inherit a better world and to enjoy the fruit of our society which is today being hoarded by the old super rich and their families.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Eugen Dühring's Solutions to the Jewish Question

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The chief goal of our new political party will be to solve the Jewish problem, which threatens not only the vitality of our nation, but the continued existence of human life. I have been exploring past attempts at a resolution to the Jewish problem. Eugen Karl Dühring's book Die Judenfrage als Frage des Rasencharakters und seiner Schaedlichkeiten fuer Voelkerexistenz, Sitte und Cultur. Mit einer denkerisch freiheitlichen und praktisch abschliessenden Antwort is an historically important work which attempted to redress the Jewish attack on Germany. The German fifth edition of 1901 is available as a pdf facsimile for free:

A substantial portion of this fifth edition has been translated to English by Alexander Jacob as Eugen Dühring on the Jews, Nineteen Eighty Four Press, Brighton, England, (1997). I have seen online versions of it for free but could not track one down today. The ISBN is: 0-906879-31-0.

The German fourth edition of 1892 is also available online for free:

Dühring reads as if he had written his book to answer the Jewish problem we face in America today. The Jews had taken over the German press, theater, opera, government, universities, etc. Dühring spoke out against Marx and Engels and the Jewish Communists' takeover of the Universities in Germany in his book Kritische Geschichte der Nationaloekonomie und des Socialismus, Fues's Verlag, (1879); which is available online for free:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Organic Health of a Great and Enduring Nation

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews are poisoning Americans with genetically modified foods sprayed with pesticides then irradiated, meat products dosed with hormones, antibiotics and the toxins they have dispersed in our environment and in the genetically modified poisoned grains they feed the animals, etc. We now have to pay a substantial premium to buy "organic" foods, which in general are not only healthier, but taste better, which foods are now quite popular. Since these organic foods are popular, one would think the pressure on the marketplace to increase production of organic foods would squeeze out the synthetic foods, which would then lower the price of the superior organic foods through the mechanism of an economy of scale.

Like our Jewish manufactured kosher stamped crap foods, our People have in many senses become a synthetic People, an artificial People, a plastic People injection molded through a Jewish press into the formless blob of a fat murderous mob, without self respect, loyalty to our People, or even a sense of what our nation represents, let alone its importance to us and to our fellow citizens. The average weak-minded American has become a stupid grazing cow, belled, tied, branded and fattened for the slaughter.

Many nations which have allowed foreign invasions of immigrants unlike the rootstock of the nation itself have dissolved through time into inferior and then extinct nations. The Jews corrupted the American Government to permit the invasion of Eastern European Jews, who then took over the press and universities and poisoned our political environment to favor Jewish interests. The Jews were able to do this because they entered a World of decent Americans, who were not trained to combat the war the tribe of Jews raged against them. Unlike the old nations of Europe, Americans mistakenly believed that the Jews were like them, that they would honor normal human standards of morality. The Americans were fresh meat for the parasitic Jews, who dug in deep and have now chewed us down to the bone. We Americans did not have time to develop the necessary immunity to the Jewish disease, the natural resistence to the plague which has emerged in other nations which have been exposed to the illness for thousands of years.

A sound nation knows itself, loves itself and protects itself. The Jews know this. That is why they immediately infected the brain of America to turn us into a rabid degenerate monster that began to bite nations all over the globe and spread the Jewish disease of internationalism, perpetual war and perpetual revolution. The infected traitors in our government, universities and press drool and spit as they speak praise of the parasite which has burrowed into their brains, and they twitch and flinch like a Jewish rag peddler as they lie to Americans and scapegoat us for the crimes of the Jews. And so the American eagle serves the flea, just as the Russian bear dances in a Jewish circus for the tick.

But in Europe they know the Jew. White antibodies are circulating in the blood of the nations ready to consume the infection. This time, America must join them in the struggle to end the Jewish war on the human race. We might even have to take the lead, since we are the most powerful and the most horrifically led by the virus of hate which is the Jewish People.

To fight the Jew, we must become organically and spiritually strong as a nation, as a People, as individuals. We must take pride in ourselves, our People and our nation. We must see ourselves as unique, deserving of preservation and a blessing to humanity. We must shed off the dried skin the snake of the Jews has draped over our self image and emerge anew as dignified and strong Americans who are united to fight the common enemy which has been waging war on us for 2,500 years. We must determine to defeat the vampire and burst its dead heart with a well placed stake focused on the foe.

The Jews want us to hate ourselves, to see our nation as if it were an international whore and gambling house, where the scum of the World come to entertain themselves and toss a few pennies into the begging bowl so that not all of us starve to death. We must resist the psychological war the Jew is waging against us.

Our new political party will emphasize nationalism as a healthy organic biological need. We are a mutually sustaining life force. We give each other food. We bring each other company and spiritual guidance and strength. We raise each others houses. We fight to protect each other. We unite when hordes of alien thieves come to rob us and destroy our neighborhoods.

The Jews have deliberately promoted the myth among our People that individualism detests cooperation and mutual responsibility. In fact, the strong individual is the best aide to his neighbor.

Our society and our territory are our biological fortress. We strengthen ourselves as a People when we strengthen each other. We defend our genetic heritage when we defend our territory and keep it clean and safe. We prevent attack when we maintain good relations with the other Peoples of the Earth, the hateful Jews who constantly war against humanity, excluded.

We can come to view ourselves as a living, growing, and improving human spirit that endures because it is glorious and righteous and united. As has happened in all nations which have survived the Jewish infection, we can come to see the Jewish face as the hostile, hateful, evil and murderous danger it is. But we can also look upon our own faces with love, respect and admiration. Our nation and our People can become the organic source of happiness a successful and enduring society can and must be. All we need do is purge ourselves of the Jewish hate invective directed against us by the Jews who are corrupting and poisoning our World. All we need do is realize that the Jews are warring against us and begin to fight back against them.

The Jews are a small, physically weak and mentally sick People. We must not allow them to destroy the human race. There are civilized ways we can try to defeat them, but should those methods fail or the hour become too late, we must do whatever is necessary to protect the human race from the Jews.

The scales of justice are in our favor. The Jews have murdered hundreds of millions of non-Jews. To promote a racist apartheid nation of five million Jews, the Jews plan to genocide six billion non-Jews. Justice demands that we do whatever is necessary to defend the six billion against the hostile fifteen million hatemongering, warmongering Jews who are at this very moment working as hard as they can to drive us into a nuclear World War Three, and who are the inheritors of the ungodly Jewish war on the human being which left more than one hundred million murdered in the last century. Justice and common sense demand that the many righteous billions defend themselves from the sick few millions who are out to murder them. Sanity demands that we fight back against the mad and murderous Jews who are attacking us.

We will win back our dignity and our health, our organic national strength and we can then build an enduring country for our children to enjoy through the countless generations of healthy Americans who will be our legacy if we defeat the Jews.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Conditioned to Not Care

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have long been contemplating what it is that renders the American People impotent in the struggle against the Jewish war on the human race. Americans are too cowardly to speak the truth, let alone organize to crush the little cockroach which hides from the light.

There are no massive protests in the streets against the Jews who are literally killing us. Why is it that we elect the Jews and their puppets knowing how corrupt and hostile to our interests they are? Why is it that we allow the Jews to dominate our mass media, and our educational and professional institutions, as well as our public discourse?

Why do we let the Jews impoverish our fellow citizens, ruin our schools and poison our children? Why do we not care that our children are saddled with unpayable debts resulting from Jewish theft and Jewish wars? Why don't we stop the Jews from ruining our national reputation? Why don't we imprison the Jews who are deliberately destroying our nation?

I believe that Americans no longer care about our nation, and not only do not care about our fellow citizens, but do not even view them as fellow Americans who will fight and die for one another.

The Jews have deliberately imported millions of illegal foreigners and I argue that this invasion has desensitized us to the plight of our fellow Americans and left us devoid of a national consciousness which would impel us to help our fellow Americans out of poverty. The illegals degrade our culture. They tend to be ruder, more criminal and more poorly educated than Americans. Their presence tends to rob us of our sense that we are a distinct People who have a responsibility to each other and to our nation. Instead, we exploit the illegals and grow accustomed to view the poor as alien and unimportant, unlike us, and destined to be exploited.

The Jews also made us grow accustomed to gross disparity of income, as if it were an expression of a healthy and "free" society. The Rothschilds promoted robber baron culture in America and we have yet to escape it. In fact the gap between rich and poor is ever increasing. The Jews call us "Communists" if we object to their exploitation of our own People. At the same time, the Jewish Communists propagandize the poor to destroy their own nation in the name of freeing themselves from the rich, in order for the Jews to gain absolute control, and with it create an absolutely polarized society of the obscenely wealthy and the grotesquely poor, and in order to mass murder the best of the Gentiles and take their positions and possessions. The Jews have conditioned us to despise the poor and view them as aliens deserving of their fate, instead of fellow Americans to whom we owe a responsibility to protect and assist, just as in a war we defend and help each other.

The Jews also promoted a slum culture in American cities, especially when they promoted the migration of black agricultural workers from the south to serve as cheap labor in the factories, slaughterhouses, etc. in the North, and then the migration of illegals from Mexico and points south to undercut even the lowered wages of the blacks and destroy what was America. The Jews propagandize us with the myth that there is nothing we can do to improve our inner cities, and we grow accustomed to gigantic open sewers in the heart of our cities, which we now view as foreign territory about which we care not.

The Jews created the slave trade and mass murdered millions of Africans. The Jews then exploited the situation they had created to rip America in half and line us up against one another in the duel between brothers known as the "Civil War". Next, the Jews exploited the South they had led into secession and then burned.

I think these are a few of the reasons why Americans are not yet rising up against the Jews who are killing us. If we took pride in our nation, real pride which would not allow us to permit slums in our cities and foreign invasions, we would fight back against the murderous Jew. If we cared about one another enough to fight for one another, we would not allow the Jew to steal from our elderly and our children. If we had the self respect a national pride promotes, we would not let the Jew rob us of our wealth to pay for their wars in which they murder us, and to pay them for directly stealing trillions from our national purse.

No, we would not let the Jew steal from us and murder us. We would instead lower our collective boot on the collective roach and crush it, then grind it, then scrape it off. After which, we would lift up our heads in pride and lift up our brothers and sisters from poverty and clean off the filth the Jews have poured over our great homeland.

The Jews are very nervous that I am calling for the creation of a new political party to fight back against them. They are especially nervous that I am calling for the rise of a new Presidential candidate to spark the imagination of the American Public and awaken them to the menace as well as to the wonderful potential of our great nation.

The Jewish puppet J. Edgar Hoover made war on the blacks when they sought such a movement and such a leader. The FBI's Cointel-Pro program specifically tried to prevent the formation and cohesion of a black nationalist movement, and to intimidate, discredit and even murder black leaders. The FBI did this to our fellow black citizens for a reason, that reason being identical to the fact that if we can start a cohesive movement and run an authentic Anti-Zionist Presidential candidate we can expose the Jew to daylight and crush the roach, then proceed to build our great nation and strengthen our great People.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What Has Become of Yury Brovko?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Writing about the theory of relativity brought to my mind what I had written about Yury Brovko in my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein at pages 837-839:

Yury Brovko has alleged that those who spoke out against relativity theory and Einstein in the Soviet Union ran the risk of severe political persecution. Yury Brovko, a critic of Einstein's claims to have originated the theory of relativity and a critic of the theory itself, alleges that there were many secret orders which effectively forbade criticism of Einstein in the U. S. S. R., and which forbade scientific journals, science departments and scientific organizations from receiving, considering, discussing or publishing literature which was critical of Einstein's theories.[1] American physics societies have also refused to consider for publication works critical of "fundamental theories", which is to say works critical of Einstein and "his" theory of relativity, or of quantum mechanics. Brovko refers to secret Orders of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1964 and before, but does not give any specific references to such orders which your author could attempt to verify. Brovko wrote, inter alia,

"B 1964 году Президиум АН СССР издает закрытое постановление, запрещающее всем научным советам и журналам, научным кафедрам
принимать, рассматривать, обсуждать и публиковать работы, критикующие теорию Эйнштейна."[2]

V. A. Bronshten stated in 1968,

"There is a sufficiently large group of pseudoscientists, who specialize in 'refuting' the theory of relativity. As a rule, the efforts of these 'refuters' only reveals their poor scientific literacy, although among them there are people with a university education."

"Есть довольно большая група гипотезоманов, специализировавшихся на «опровержении» теории относительности. Как правило, усилия этих «опровергателей» лишь отражают их низкую научную грамотность, хотя среди них попадаются и люди с высшим образованием."[3]


"The so-called delirium of inventions and discoveries is one of the forms of paranoia. The nature of the disorder lies in the fact that the patient believes he has made an important invention or salient discovery, and that scientific-conservatives tragically cannot understand him. In this case the person remains completely normal in every other aspect of life, in the family, at work. [***] Thus, just in the year 1966, the Department of General and Applied Physics of the Academy of Science of USSR helped physicians to reveal 24 paranoiacs."

"Одной из форм паранойи является так называемый бред изобретений и открытий. Сущность его состоит в том, что больному кажется, будто он сделал важное изобретение или выдающееся открытие, и что вся беда в том, что его не могут понять ученые-консерваторы. При этом во всем остальном—в жизни, в семье, в работе—человек остается совершенно нормальным. […] Так, только за один 1966 г. Отделение общей и прикладной физики АН СССР помогло медикам выявить 24 параноика."[4]

Lifshitz stated in 1978,

"It appears to me that there are two types of pseudoscientists. One of them--people with paranoid mental lapses, who absolutely believe in what they are saying. These are not scientific afferists, but are simply not completely normal people, whom you unfortunately encounter. They, as a rule, are occupied by fundamental questions: they refute quantum mechanics, the theory of relativity and so forth. However, they are completely normal when discussing other issues."

"Лжеученые, как мне кажется, бывают двух типов. Один из них — люди с параноидальными психическими сдвигами, они абсолютно верят в то, что сами говорят. Это не научные аферисты, а просто не в полне нормальные люди, с которыми, к сожалению, приходится встречаться. Они, как правило, занимаются фундаментальными вопросами: опровергают квантовую механику, теорию относительности и т. д. Причем об остальных вещах они рассуждают нормально."[5]

In the same period of time, anyone who questioned the legitimacy of the Soviet State, or wished to leave it, was also considered psychotic--often dubbed "paranoid" and imprisoned in psychiatric prisons, even if he or she behaved in a completely sane, very normal way.[6] The same fate apparently befell many who dared to question the theory of relativity, or who called attention to Einstein's plagiarism. This recalls Trofim Denisovich Lysenko's tyrannical reign over the field of genetics and the murder, imprisonment and banishment of dissenting scientists in the Soviet Union.

I would very much like to interview Yury Brovko. His is a fascinating story and will wake up Americans to the dangers of the Bolshevization of America. If anyone can put me in touch with him, I would be most grateful.


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агентурная сеть Мирового капитала”, Молодая гвардия, № 8, (1995), сс. 66-74; and Y. Brovko, "Razgrom einshteinianstvo", Priroda i Chelovek. Svet, Number 7, (2002), pp. 8-10. Юрий Бровко, “Разгром эйнштейнианства”, Природа и Человек. Свет, № 7, (2002), сс. 8-10.

2). Y. Brovko, "Einshteinianstvo--agenturnaya set mirovovo kapitala", Molodaia Gvardiia, Number 8, (1995), pp. 66-74, at 70. Юрий Бровко, “Эйнштейнианство — агентурная сеть Мирового капитала”, Молодая
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3). В. А. Бронштен. Беседы о космосе и гипотезах. Наука, Москва, (1968), стр. 206. V. A. Bronshten, Besedy o kosmose i gipotezakh, Nauka, Moscow, (1968), p. 206.

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5). И. Лифшиц, “Возможно ли ‘невозможное’?” Литературная газета, № 24, (14 Июня 1978), стр. 13. E. Lifschitz, "Vozmozhno li ‘Nevozmozhnoe’?", Literaturnaia gazeta organ Pravleniia Soiuza sovetskikh pisatelei SSSR, Number 24, (14 June 1978), p. 13.

6). H. Fireside and Z. A. Medvedev, Soviet Psychoprisons, W. W. Norton & Company, New York, London, (1979), p. 140.

An Odd and Misleading Attack Against Me on "Stormfront's" Message Boards

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Some odd creature calling itself "LionAxe" has attacked me and my work on "Stormfront" message boards. This person misrepresents my work and the facts in a grossly misleading, inaccurate and unfair way. Normally, I would not respond to such an unimportant and valueless critique, which no person knowledgeable of the subject would take seriously. I will, however, respond to this attack to point out a few of the methods the Jews and their apologists use to mislead the public into hero worship of prominent Jews, especially prominent Zionist Jews.

Jews and their apologists often count on a few things which are generally, though not always, true. They hope that they can baffle and browbeat the general public with their sophistical nonsense. They hope that experts in the field are intimidated from informing the public of the truth for fear of being labelled "anti-Semitic", and thereby the Jews and their apologists control the debate and win arguments by default. Beyond this, message board trolls can rightfully expect that it will be beneath the dignity of those they attack to respond to their attacks.

The value of my work and my expertise on the subject of Albert Einstein and the history of the development of the theory of relativity has been gratefully acknowledged by the prominent and innovative physicists Prof. Dr. Friedwardt Winterberg of the University of Nevada, Reno, and Prof. Dr. Anatoly Alexeevich Logunov, former Vice President of the Soviet Academy of Sciences. If I had made the mistakes wrongfully attributed to me on the "Stormfront" message boards, these renowned scientists would not have relied upon me and my work. Prof. Logunov has published several books and articles which discredit the views of this "LionAxe" regarding Einstein and Minkowski's plagiarism of Poincare's theory of relativity and space-time, some of which appear for free on the internet:

Sur les articles de Henri Poincaré "Sur la dynamique de l'électron"

Henri Poincare and Relativity Theory

In the interest of saving my blog reader's time, I refer those interested to Prof. Logunov's work and to my book:

The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein (2006)

rather than detailing those arguments here, which would require a great deal of space and time.

At the webpage,, "LionAxe" states:

"A quote from Bjerknes' 'The Incorrigible Plagiarist';


'Dyson, Davidson and Eddington, made Einstein famous by affirming that experiment had confirmed, without an attribution to Soldner, Soldner's 1801 hypothesis, that the gravitational field of the sun should curve the path of light from the stars'

Soldner did not present a testable; nor specific, theory or calculation, or even prediction for that matter on the arc of bending at all. Also; Bjerknes states that Einstein turned Special Relativity into an explicit geometrical theory. Which isn't true; it was actually Minkowski who did. And Einstein did attribute the initial invention of the spacetime model of events as used in Special Relativity to Minkowski in his book 'Relativity, the Special and General Theory', which is why it was there forth known as 'Einstein-Minkowski spacetime'."

It is noteworthy that "LionAxe" quote mines my book Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist (2002) for a remark about Johann Georg von Soldner's work, when I stated in that book that I would address the General Theory of Relativity in another book (AEIP p. 107). That subsequent book Anticipations of Einstein in the General Theory of Relativity appeared in 2003, and in it I republished Soldner's relevant paper and provided a detailed analysis of Einstein's plagiarism of Soldner's, and others, work, and there explained the nature of Soldner's theory. In addition, I have since published a freely available chapter on Soldner's theory in my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein (2006) which contains important amplifications of my book Anticipations of Einstein in the General Theory of Relativity. It appears that "LionAxe" is obviously not interested in my arguments, for he does not cite these specific works where my arguments are spelled out in intricate detail, but instead wants to quote mine a book I wrote which was not devoted to addressing this issue, and even under this opaque veil of ignoring my relevant writings, "LionAxe" misrepresent my views and the facts. Those interested in my arguments on this issue of Soldner's work should read chapters 11, 12, and 13, of my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein (2006); where you will learn that "LionAxe" is wrong. "LionAxe" is also mistaken in attributing to Einstein and Minkowski what Poincare, Marcolongo and Melchior Palagyi, among many others, created before them. On this subject, refer to my online book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein and Prof. Logunov's above linked works.

"LionAxe" states:

"Also in the book 'The Incorrigible Plagiarist', Bjerknes writes;


'Why is Albert Einstein's name associated with the 'principle of relativity', and not Poincare's

What is missed here is the known fact that Poincare's name IS associated with the PoR (Principle of Relativity). He was never able to turn it into a correct or testable theory, as Einstein was."

Logunov and I have already refuted this "LionAxe's" nonsense. Poincare's PoR is the same as Einstein's plagiarized version. In fact Einstein and his wife copied it almost verbatim from Poincare, the minor and insignificant differences in wording being due more to translation than anything else. Poincare's name is not generally associated with the PoR, rather Einstein's is, and to deny that fact is simply absurd. Ask the average man on the street who Henri Poincare was, and he will likely not know. Ask him who first stated the "principle of relativity" and he will likely state "Einstein". Of course, as my books are dedicated to proving, countless experts in the field know that Poincare first iterated the PoR. "LionAxe's" attack is unfounded and disingenuous.

"LionAxe" states at the following webpage,

"Another quote from Bjerknes in his aforementioned writings;


'[Einstein's] paper 'Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Koerper' in Annalen der Physik. . . contains not a single reference to previous literature. It gives you the impression of quite a new venture. But that is, of course, as I have tried to explain, not true. -- Max Born.'

It's important to note how Bjerknes bends over backwards in his quote-mining; for example with this quote above, striving to imply Born to have thought Einstein to be a plagiarist. First of all, this is complete nonsense. The quote referred to is taken from a speech which Max Born held in 1955 during the International Relativity Conference in Bern. It's not by any stretch an accusation by Born on plagiarism by Einstein. You see; Born was marking on the common misconception that the view prior to Einstein, was that 'all is well with mechanics', that no one was even considering the many inconsistencies between the Newtonian field of mechanics and the field of electrodynamics. Furthermore; the paper mentioned by Born, while not containing a bibliography, does mention Maxwell, Hertz and Lorentz. The paper was essentially completely self-contained and its mathematics are not that lofty so there was less of a need for references.

Hence I find the usage of Born's quotation misleading; which is no doubt the intended effect, because it gives the impression that Born thought Einstein to be a plagiarist."

It is well known--it was known to Born--that Poincare pointed out the inadequacy of the old physics and called for a "new mechanics" and defined that "new mechanics" in prose and mathematical formalisms long before Einstein. Why does "LionAxe" fail to acknowledge the fact that Poincare holds priority for this idea? "LionAxe" leaves unsaid what ought to be acknowledged. This is one of several instances of Einstein's plagiarism. While "LionAxe" is aware that others stated these things before Einstein, "LionAxe" takes a hatchet to my work and leaves out the relevant facts which demonstrate Einstein's plagiarism. For example, Poincare stated before Einstein,

"From all these results, if they are confirmed, would arise an entirely new mechanics, which would be, above all, characterised by this fact, that no velocity could surpass that of light, any more than any temperature could fall below the zero absolute, because bodies would oppose an increasing inertia to the causes, which would tend to accelerate their motion; and this inertia would become infinite when one approached the velocity of light."--H. Poincare's St. Louis lecture from September of 1904, La Revue des Idees, 80, (November 15, 1905); "L'Etat Actuel et l'Avenir de la Physique Mathematique", Bulletin des Sciences Mathematique, Series 2, Volume 28, (1904), p. 302-324; English translation, "The Principles of Mathematical Physics", The Monist, Volume 15, Number 1, (January, 1905), pp. 1-24, at 16.

In its haste to attack me, "LionAxe" misrepresents the context of my quotations of Born's statement. This quotation first appears in my book Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist on page 30 as follows:

"Even among Einstein's admirers voices are heard which deny Einstein's priority. Max Born averred that,

"Lorentz enunciated the laws according to which the measured quantities in various systems may be transformed into each other, and he proved that these transformations leave the field equations of the electron theory unchanged. This is the mathematical content of his discovery. Larmor (1900) and Poincare (1905) arrived at similar results about the same time. It is interesting historically that the formula of transformation to a moving system, which we nowadays call Lorentz' transformation (see vi, 2, p. 200 formula (72)), were set up by Voigt as early as 1877 [sic] in a dissertation which was still founded on the elastic theory of light. [***] In the new theory of Lorentz the principle of relativity holds, in conformity with the results of experiment, for all electrodynamic events.'[--M. Born, Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Methuen & Co. Ltd., London, (1924), p. 188.]


"As mentioned already, Lorentz and Poincare have succeeded in doing this by careful analysis of the properties of Maxwell's equations. They were indeed in possession of a great deal of mathematical theory. Lorentz, however, was so attached to his assumption of an ether absolutely at rest that he did not acknowledge the physical significance of the equivalence of the infinite numbers of systems of reference which he had proved. He continued to believe that one of them represented the ether at rest. Poincaré went a step further. It was quite clear to him that Lorentz's viewpoint was not tenable and that the mathematical equivalence of systems of reference meant the validity of the principle of relativity. He also was quite clear about the consequences of his theory.'[--M. Born, Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Dover, New York, (1962), p. 224.]


"I have now to say some words about the work of these predecessors of Einstein, mainly of Lorentz and Poincare. [***] H. A. Lorentz' important papers of 1892 and 1895 on the electrodynamics of moving bodies contain much of the formalism of relativity. [***] Poincare's papers [***] show that as early as 1899 he regarded it as very probable that absolute motion is indetectable in principle and that no ether exists. He formulated the same ideas in a more precise form, though without any mathematics, in a lecture given in 1904 to a Congress of Arts and Science at St. Louis, U.S.A., and he predicted the rise of a new mechanics which will be characterized above all by the rule, that no velocity can exceed the velocity of light. [***] The reasoning used by Poincare was just that, which Einstein introduced in his first paper of 1905 [***] Does this mean that Poincare knew all this before Einstein? It is possible [***] Many of you may have looked up his paper 'Zur Elektrodynamik bewegter Koerper' in Annalen der Physik (4), vol. 17, p. 811, 1905, and you will have noticed some peculiarities. The striking point is that it contains not a single reference to previous literature. It gives you the impression of quite a new venture. But that is, of course, as I have tried to explain, not true.'[--M. Born, "Physics and Relativity", Physics in my Generation, 2nd rev. ed., Springer, New York, (1969), pp. 101-103.]"

My quotations are accurate. They demonstrate that Max Born questioned Einstein's priority for what Einstein presented as if unprecedented. Those are facts. I in no way misrepresented Born's statements. I have proven, however, that Born knew that Einstein was a plagiarist, that Born knew that Einstein plagiarized Hilbert's equations, and that Born was a greedy Jew who lied about the history of relativity theory in order to give Einstein undue credit because Born wanted to make money off of the Einstein brand name. These facts are demonstrated in my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein at pages 26-27 and 273-277, among others. The Born quote next appears in my book Albert Einstein: The Incorrigible Plagiarist as the heading to a chapter entitled "Hero Worship" on page 155 after having been quoted previously as shown above, and then on page 157 after the fully correct statement, "Instead of proving that Einstein was a pioneer, the facts indicate that, as Max Born stated,". Though "LionAxe" would have the layman discount everything I have written by quote mining my work to search without success for some possible mistake, ignoring the vast majority of my arguments, misrepresenting what I have said, and by misrepresenting the facts; an expert in the field would immediately recognize that "LionAxe" was full of "it"--here an abbreviation.

Despite "LionAxe's" asinine assertions that "there was less of a need for references" because Einstein's paper was "essentially completely self-contained and its mathematics are not that lofty" Walter Kaufmann pointed out in 1905 that Einstein's paper was a repeat of the formalisms of Lorentz's theory and Max Planck pointed out in 1906 that Einstein had reitereate what Poincare had already written. Einstein was obliged to reference the works he parroted. His failure to do so was an act of plagiarism, and our "LionAxe" bends over backwards to apologize for Einstein's deceit.

The Jews and their apologists often depend upon the fact that most experts are intimidated by the power of World Jewry to silence the truth and destroy their careers should they speak the truth in public. They also know that it is beneath our dignity to engage in discourse with message board trolls. The message board trolls who utter nonsense such as "LionAxe" sometimes get away with misleading people, because too few experts have the integrity and courage to come out publicly with the truth and the general public has not the knowledge to pass judgement on these questions. So, beware what you read from those message board trolls, even those who post on websites which often criticize the Jews. Let the facts speak for themselves.

What would motivate a "LionAxe" to misrepresent my work and the facts in order to apologize for the racist-segregationist Zionist-Jew Albert Einstein, other than loyalty to the tribe, that tribe of the "Lion of Judah"?

Why Aren't the Arabs, Chinese and Japanese Filling the Credit Void in America With Their Dollar Holdings?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews are deliberately cutting back on credit in America, in order to destroy our economy. The Jews did this in the terrible "Great Depression" and only when dollars flowed into war production did the Depression end. The Jews did this when they borrowed and then stole their Egyptian neighbors' gold and silver, which likely served the Egyptians as money, and in this manner destroyed the Egyptians by contracting their money supply (Exodus 11:2-3; 12:35-36). The Jews did this when Joseph enslaved the Egyptians by contracting the money supply (Genesis 47).

The Arabs, Chinese and Japanese hold large sums of American dollars. If the American Government creates more and more dollars to fill the credit void, this will result in hyperinflation. If the Arabs, Chinese and Japanese were to invest in America and import goods from America, instead of using America as a consumption mill for their goods, then they would benefit their own peoples, maintain the value of their dollar holdings, and profit from the interest they would earn on their investment. They would also profit from the American marketplace which would become stronger.

Why is this not happening? Who really runs these nations and why are they destroying them, as well as America?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Hindus Beware of Your New Jewish "Allies", for They Have Already Murdered Millions of Your People and Will Soon Completely Exterminate You

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Hindus, your new Jewish "allies" against the Muslims are your old Jewish enemies, who have already mass murdered millions of your People. Already by the 1890's, reports counted more than five million Hindus which the Jews had murdered.

L. B. Woolfolk, Great Red Dragon, or London Money Power: The Foreign Money Power in the United States, George E. Stevens, Cincinnati, (1890); reported that:

"In the great Seven Years' War, continuing from 1757 to 1764, Great Britain dispossessed France of all her colonial possessions. In India, at the same time, through the genius and energy of Clive, the British East India Company laid the foundation of its imperial greatness. Historical authorities date the rise of the East India Company to imperial power at the victory of Plassy, 1757 A.D. In 1764, it was an empire exercising imperial sway in Bengal over a territory containing a population of forty millions, and yielding larger revenues than those of the Austrian empire, at that time the greatest European power. In 1764, the British East India Company was the grandest and richest corporation in the world. It was the only corporation which ruled a territorial empire. It was enriched by traffic, by the extension of its trade through the conquest of the trading stations of its Continental rivals and by the wholesale plunder of India. It had been from the first the best investment of capital to be found in the British Islands. Its stock was eagerly taken by all who had the means. The mercantile class took as much stock as they could afford ; but, as we know, merchants usually have little more capital than they need for their regular business. The British Landed Aristocracy had large incomes from their estates ; and being under a necessity of seeking the best investments, in order to portion their younger children, they made large investments in the East India Company. But the great Capitalists of that age were the Jews. They were the money holders. They subscribed largely to the stock ; and as, in each generation, the stock of the Aristocracy was sold to portion younger children, the Jews, always economical, always full of money, and always in search of the best investments, bought the stock thrown upon the market. Thus it came to pass that the greater part of the stock of the East India Company, and of the other companies afterwards organized out of the dividends of that great company, fell into the hands of the Jews. The Jews became the great Money Kings of the world. Under the impulse of Jew exactions, the career of the East India Company in India was a continued series of trickery, wrong, exaction, theft, robbery and murder. In the Eighteenth Century, the Mogul empire was in the last stages of decay ; and the East India Company, in its dealings with the native states and Princes of India, constantly shifted its ground as expediency required, sometimes treating them as independent states, and sometimes, as dependencies of the Mogul empire. It hired its soldiers to one native prince, to enable him to conquer another : it sold its favours on every side ; and when the opportunity came, it devoured the treasures and the territory of friends and foes alike. History presents no career of conquest, in which fraud, deceit and rapine were so blended as in the conquest of India by the East India Company. It was the first example in the history of the world of a trading corporation becoming an imperial power ; and its imperial rule was marked by the rapacity, chicane and fraud that characterizes a great corporation in the soulless and conscienceless pursuit of gain. From 1764, the East India Company had control of the grand trade between the Temperate zone and the Tropics. It continued its conquests in India until, in 1857, the date of the Sepoy mutiny, it ruled almost the whole peninsula. The Money Kings who controlled it, possessed an empire compared with which the possessions of the Phoenicians and Carthaginians, and all their predecessors were as nothing, and they attained a domination over industry and trade without a parallel in the annals of the world. [***] For a long time, the Money Kings raised opium, and indigo, and cotton, and rice and other India products, for their commerce, upon lands owned by Hindoos. They made their profit by putting down prices to the lowest point that would yield subsistence to the Hindoo laborer. They thus kept the Hindoo population on the verge of starvation ; so that, during the last forty years, frequent famines have carried off millions of the population. We know from the Irish famines, that a modern famine is not a dearth of food, so much as the lack of means to buy bread. During one of the famines in Ireland, an American vessel entering the harbor of Cork with provisions sent by American charity to the starving Irish, met two vessels sailing out of the harbor laden with food sent from Ireland to a foreign market. The millions of Hindoos who have perished of hunger, during the last forty years, were the victims of the Money Power putting down prices of labor, and putting up the price of commodities. [***] Some Five Million Hindoos Died of Famine before they submitted. But the Money Kings triumphed ; transplanted the Hindoos ; and opened up grand plantations in the jungle. They built railroads ; founded cities ; and now they own cities, railroads and plantations. They own in fee simple a vast empire in India,—an empire of alluvial lands, more extensive than the ancient empires of Nineveh and Babylon in the valleys of the Euphrates and the Tigris—far more extensive than the Egyptian empire in the valley of the Nile—larger than Greece and Macedon combined—wider in extent than Italy—a broader domain than the whole of Great Britain. They find it cheaper to own the land and hire peasants to cultivate it, than to buy the products of free Hindoo labor. And in that wide empire of alluvial lands owned by them in fee simple, extending from the sea to the Himalayas, and from the heart of India into Burmah, those capitalists are now producing opium, and rice, and indigo, and cotton and india rubber, and quinine, and spices, and tea, and cotton and wheat. 4th. All Markets Crushed by India Products. And they throw all these products of a teeming soil and pauper labor upon the markets of the world, making immense profits, and forcing down the price of productions all over the earth to the pauper standard of Hindoo labor. They are now publishing in our papers that they can grow wheat so cheaply upon their jungle lands, that, in competition with them, our Western farmers can only be allowed, in future, fifty cents a bushel for their wheat ! Will not Omnipotent Justice blast such wrong doing ? ! By the Competition of their Hindoo Plantations, tilled with Hindoo Ryot labor at five cents a day, they force down the price of Carolina rice and Southern cotton to the same level. Raising products upon their own lands with Hindoo pauper labor—shipping their products upon their own railroads into their own seaport cities—and transporting them in their own ships to their own warehouses in every country—these Money Kings are able to crush down the prices of productions in every country, and force the people of all countries to sell their products at any price they choose to offer ! ! An Important Fact is learned from the course of the Money Power in India. The Money Kings find it more profitable to own lands and till them with pauper labor, than to buy the products reared by the free natives of the soil. They regard the purchase of cheap lands a good investment. They will doubtless continue the purchase of India lands, until they own all the lands of India, and all property of every kind, and the Hindoos become serfs, cultivating their lands, and filling positions in various departments of their service. How can it be otherwise ? Every department of industry in that country, except agriculture in part, is in their hands. They have in possession every source of profit. They and their agents realize all the profits that are made : nobody else makes more than a subsistence. The Money Power has India enveloped in its coils. It is only a question of time when the Serpent will complete the devouring of all its lands and all its property. [***] India is completely in the coils of the Money Power. The Monster killed five million Hindoos with Famine in order to compel them to become its serfs upon its plantations redeemed from the jungle. And now, under the control of industry in India by the Money Power, half a million Hindoos die of starvation, every year.—It is said that, in the wars of Napoleon, waged during twenty years, all over Europe, and in Egypt and Syria, two million men perished. In a time of profound peace, the Money Power, in a single country, destroys as many lives every four years, as Napoleon destroyed in twenty years ! !"

The Jews view you Hindus as a double abomination. One, you are Goyim, and, therefore, in the eyes of the Jews, less than subhuman carriers of the Devil's blood in your viens. Secondly, in the eyes of the Jews, you Hindus are "idol worshipers" and pursuant to the Jewish Noahide Laws, loved by your smiling Chabad Lubavitch guests and iterated in the Jewish Talmud which is revered by all religious Jews, you Hindus must be exterminated by means of decapitation should individual executions become necessary. Nuclear war is the preferred method of the Jews for eliminating you Hindus from the face of the Earth forever.

So, Hindus, beware your new Jewish "friends" who are putting Indian faces on the television screens of America, together with blacks. They are using you to use you up. After they have chewed on you long enough to draw out all of your blood, they will spit you out, and then bury you under a mushroom cloud. To the Jews, Hindus, you are the enemies of the Jewish God and must be murdered.

Note that the Jewish media which dominates your country has installed a Sikh as your Prime Minister. Sikhs are monotheistic, a branch of Judaism, and cover their heads like Jews, because they were created by Cabalistic Jews to subvert Hinduism.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Wrote of This One and One Half Years Ago, But the "Alternative Media" Did Not Report the Story

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back in April of 2007, I published the following article:

The Doenmeh Crypto-Jews Threaten Coup to Defend Their Grip on Turkey: April 28, 2007

In December of 2008, PressTV of Iran reports:

Mossad role in Turkey coup plot revealed: 01 Dec 2008

In May of 2008, I was honored and privileged to interview the late George Apelian, and Rev. Bedros Hajian. George Apelian requested the interview to break the story of the true Jewish "Ergenekon" plotters of the political assassination of Hrant Dink, which assassination of a prominent Armenian journalist the mainstream media were blaming on Muslims:

18 May 2008 Interview with Bedros Hajian and George Apelian: May 18, 2008

Bedros and I are planning to discuss this issue and others, soon.

The Jews Are Attacking Our Sense of National Pride

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews want to destroy every nation's sense of its own uniqueness and importance, so that the Jews' can dominate the World without meeting with any resistence from authentic nationalists. The Bolshevik Jews promoted Internationalism and mass murdered the nationalistic Ukrainians.

The segregationist-racist Zionist-Jew Theodor Herzl revealed parts of a conversation he had had with segregationist-racist Zionist-Jew Max Nordau:

"Never before had I been in such perfect tune with Nordau. [***] This has nothing to do with religion. He even said that there was no such thing as a Jewish dogma. But we are of one race. [***] 'The Jews,' he says, 'will be compelled by anti-Semitism to destroy among all peoples the idea of a fatherland.' Or, I secretly thought to myself, to create a fatherland of their own."-- T. Herzl, English translation by H. Zohn, R. Patai, Editor, The Complete Diaries of Theodor Herzl, Volume 1, Herzl Press, New York, (1960), p. 196.

The Jews and their megaphones in the "alternative media" are making a calculated attack on our sense of national pride in order to undermine our nation and our national unity--in order to weaken our resistence to their agenda.

The Jews try to paint the Founding Fathers as if Freemasonic agents of the Illuminati, and the United States Constitution as if a roadmap to the "New World Order". Their tripe has deliberately been spread in the Anti-Zionist Movement, together with racist propaganda.

The Jews want us to hate our Government and our history. Our Government and our history bind us a People, a People who ought to fight back as a unified force against the Jewish war on the human race.

The Jews are deliberately destroying the roots of our Volksprinzip in the hopes of destroying us as a People and as a fundamental principle of human freedom. America is especially vulnerable to this type of attack, because our roots as a nation are diverse and do not have a basis in the distant past as a unique ethnicity bound to a specific territory. To undermine our sense of nationhood, all the Jews need do is discredit our Founding Fathers and our system of Government in our own eyes and leave us with nothing to bind us as a People. We in America are our history and our principles rather than an ethnically homogenous ancient People living in the territory inhabited by our distant ancestors.

There is nothing wrong with democracy, and there is nothing wrong with a constitutional republic. I do think there are problems with our Constitution, but our Bill of Rights are a blessing we should separate in our thinking and our actions from the bureaucratic doctrines of the Constitution, and preserve from both changes and from arguments against the flaws in the Constitution.

The problems we face today, despite the lies of the Jews and their mouthpieces, are due to a deliberate Jewish attack on our nation at nearly every level, including our sense of pride and our sense of unity. Our Consitution did not cause the problems we face today, the Jews did. Our paper currency did not cause the problems we face (though it could certainly be improved by the removal of debt), rather, the Jews are destroying our currency by stealing it and overproducing it to finance their wars and destroy our domestic industry and agricultural base--the Jews have deliberately made us a nation of money producers instead of goods producers. Our Founding Fathers did not cause the destruction of our industry and agriculture, rather the Jews did, and one statement of their intentions to destroy our economic structure is found in that pernicious Jewess Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum's book Atlas Shrugged, which has long been promoted by the same agents of the Jews who promoted the gold standard and Ron Paul.

The Jews' preferred method to destroy the heritage of a People is to install a dictator, as they have done since ancient times, when they installed Claudius to favor their interests after murdering Caligula, who placed a statue of himself in the Jewish Temple; as they installed Oliver Cromwell to bring the Jews and their banking scams into England; as they did to the Turkish Empire when they brought in the Jew Ataturk to ruin the Empire in the name of Turkish national pride; as they did to Russia when they installed Trotsky to mass murder the brightest and best Slavs and steal Russian wealth and ship it off to the Jewish bankers; as they did to Germany when they installed Hitler to bring Germany and the World into war in order to found Israel and spread Communism, etc.

We don't need a dictator. We don't need to abandon our democratic principles. We need to counter-attack against the Jewish fifth column and fourth estate of Israel which is destroying our nation.

If we wipe out these traitors, our system of Government will work quite well and can be vastly improved upon without the corrupting Jewish influence leading us down the wrong path. If we fail to wipe out these traitors, no form of Government will serve our best interests.