Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Prosecution of Brendon O'Connell Must End

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



There should be pretrial motions to the dismiss the indictment against Brendon O'Connell on the grounds that the Statute under which the prosecution is brought, and is proceeding, is illegal, void and unenforceable; in that it violates Brendon O'Connell's fundamental constitutional and human rights of free speech, equal protection of the laws, self defense and freedom to engage in normal conduct intended for the public good.

There should be a pretrial motion to dismiss the complaint against Brendon O'Connell on the grounds that it fails to allege that an offense has been committed; in that the complaining allegation has no substance because it depends upon the false assertion that the Jews are a race so as to spuriously allege one of the elements of the offense. Therefore the complaint fails to allege a required element of the offense in fact, and is devoid of any sensible allegation that an offense has occurred, leaving the defendant without any means of preparing a defense to a charge which fails to allege that a crime has occurred.

The prosecution must end at the earliest possible date so as to terminate the illegal harassment and persecution of Brendon O'Connell. In the public interest, the prosecution must end at the earliest possible date so as to lift the chilling cloud it is having on public discourse.

Any denial of such motions should be immediately and directly appealable to the highest court, in that there is a strong and compelling public interest in the free and open public discussion of an enemy attack upon the nation, and the illegal prosecution of Brendon O'Connell is having, and is intended to have, a chilling effect on that discussion.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Why Has Not Daryl Bradford Smith Named the Names of the Alleged Mossad Agents He Knows?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Daryl Bradford Smith has repeatedly called for the formation of public lists of Zionists. Why has he not started such a list himself and named the Mossad agents he has allegedly identified? Why would Daryl Bradford Smith refuse to cooperate with an investigation into these alleged Mossad agents? Why would Daryl Bradford Smith telephone Eric Hufschmid in August of 2009, whom he has accused of Svengali'ing him, and whom he has called a Zionist Jew? How could Smith arrive at the conclusion that his dear and close friend, a Jewess who served as his patron by his accounts, has nothing to do with the Zionist network when he believes that her brothers are Mossad? Was it not incumbent upon Smith to disclose the fact that he believes her brothers are Mossad when seeking to shield her, and was it not, and is it not, incumbent upon Smith to publicly identify Mossad agents and name names?

"Ognir" made a cop out when I asked him to ask "Muhammad Rafeeq" for his birth name with the pathetic excuse that he lacked "Rafiq's" email address. Noel Ryan then spoke directly to "Rafeeq" on several occasion but did not ask for his birth name. Now that I have begun to hone in on "Muhammad Rafeeq's" birth name, "Ognir" claims that he will finally ask for it from "Rafiq" or is it "Paul" something or other, which "Ognir" now concedes is correct, though he previously attempted to vilify me for raising the issue. Funny how names change with Daryl Bradford Smith & Co. "Ognir" is itself an inversion of "Ringo".

Daryl Bradford Smith pretended that I had no reason to question whether or not "Muhammad Rafeeq" was ever known by any other name, or whether or not he had Jewish blood, studied Cabalah as a practitioner and had Jewish bankers in his family, but it was Smith who first told me of these things, and Smith is only now revealing to "Ognir" that "Muhammad Rafeeq" has had other names, if "Ognir's" accounts are true.

"Muhammad Rafeeq" also pretended that I had no right to inquire of other names he has had. Why did "Rafiq" not immediately tell us any and all other names he has had?

Why did these characters try to vilify me for asking these questions and for pointing out that "Rafeeq's" article falsely claiming that Bernard Madoff is innocent was and is bunk on its face, and why did they pretend that I was in some way challenging "Rafeeq" to draw attention away from his transparently bogus conclusions, when "Rafeeq" knew that I had posed those same questions to him long before he had written his garbage article apologizing for confessed criminal Bernard Madoff? Why has not "Rafiq" since apologized to me and thanked me for pointing out that his article was nonsense on its face, which fact can no longer be denied even by a sophist so talented and practiced as he.

Will Smith now tell his audience everything he told me years ago about "Muhammad Rafeeq", or will Smith continue to try to vilify me with falsehoods for exposing the truth he doesn't want known?

The Charges Against Brendon O'Connell Are Themselves Violations of the Statute Under Which They Are Made

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



When the State asserts without proof that the Jews are a race and not a religion, the assertion itself proves that the State and the Jews are racist; in that they seek to prevent and bar by law and common understanding the admission of any Gentile into the class of person identified as the "Jews", or the "chosen people", or as members of the Jewish religion. These facts place the prosecution on the twin horns of a dilemma, because the charges themselves prove the correctness of O'Connell's alleged statements and should the State abandon its racist position and admit that the Jews are not a race, then there is no possibility of an offense of "racial vilification" of Jews ever having occurred.

Therefore, O'Connell is of necessity innocent and it is the prosecution and its Jewish supporters who are guilty of "racial vilification" of both Gentiles and Jews. Anyone, including but not limited to the Jews, the prosecution or any judge who determines that the Jews are a race and not a religion echoes the racist beliefs and racist laws of the Nazi regime. The racially discriminatory determination that the Jews are a race and not a religion prevents Gentiles from becoming Jews and a member of the "chosen people" and is therefore an act of racist discrimination against Gentiles which bars them from the free exercise of their religious right to become religious Jews. This also violates the equal protection clause, in that it arbitrarily creates two classes of persons based upon presumed and false racial distinctions, one class of which enjoys the right to practice the Jewish faith and one of which is barred by the State from entering that faith and people. Said racist determination also subjects any, including former Gentiles, to the determination that their entrance into a religious belief system has rendered them racially distinct from other human beings, a determination which is false and discriminatory in that it, among other things, denies their human right to their heritage and artificially and arbitrarily categorizes such persons as different from other human beings on a genetic level when such distinction does NOT exist in scientific or actual fact, but rather is made as part of a racist and discriminatory policy to separate and segregate Jews and non-Jews.

O'Connell is innocent, but those who accuse him are themselves guilty of the very offense they level at O'Connell by virtue of their accusations which dub the Jews a race.

Forum Needed to Discuss the Legal Issues Involved in O'Connell's Case and a Site Needed to Raise a Defense Fund for Him

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



One good idea is enough to free Brendon O'Connell. We need a moderated discussion board so that we can Tom Sawyer lawyers and anyone of good will to contribute ideas and information which will help to win O'Connell's case. He also needs funds to defend himself from the immense powers of the State to steal away his freedom

Such a forum will serve other functions, in that it will spark interest in the case and serve to rehearse and subject to public trial the issues of concern. The forum must be moderated to prevent a muddying of the waters.

The Charges Against O'Connell Must Be Dismissed Immediately, Because They Fail to Allege an Offense

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



A statement that the Jews are racist cannot be a reference to race, because racism is not a racial characteristic, but rather a trait of a belief system. Therefore, any statement that the Jews are racist must of necessity have been referring to beliefs and not racial traits. An element of the offense of "racial vilification" must be that a race has been vilified, and it is the State, not O'Connell, which is arbitrarily and with malicious intent falsely designating the Jews as if a race in order to silence O'Connell's accurate depiction of the Jewish religion. In America, the normal procedure would be for the defendant to file a pretrial motion to dismiss for the failure of the indictment to allege an offense.

The defendant would also file motions to dismiss due to the unconstitutional vagueness of the Statute which fails to notify the defendant of what conduct is proscribed by law; a pretrial motion to dismiss due to discriminatory violations of the equal protection clause of the constitution; a pretrial motion to dismiss for constitutional violations of the defendant's fundamental rights to free speech; a pretrial motion to dismiss for constitutional violations of the defendant's right to engage in normal human conduct; pretrial motions to dismiss for prosecutorial misconduct; pretrial motions to dismiss for violations of the defendant's due process rights to preserve evidence; a pretrial motion for a bill of particulars; pretrial motions to suppress any evidence obtained illegally; a pretrial demand for a speedy trial if such is applicable in the jurisdiction of the court; a pretrial motion for discovery of exculpatory evidence and all other matter which the prosecution will or may wish to present at trial; etc. etc. etc.

At trial, the defendant must raise the absolute defenses provided by Statute as well as those secured as his fundamental rights to free speech, political freedom, self defense, defense of country, freedom of religious beliefs and expression, etc. etc. etc. All this must be done to not only win the case in the pretrial or trial phase, but also to preserve the right to raise the same issues in any potential appeal.

If it is an issue of first impression, if this is the first time the courts will address the question, then O'Connell stands a good chance of being able to appeal to the highest courts any violations of his rights or misconduct by the courts and/or prosecution. Have the courts established the elements of "racial vilification"? If not, then O'Connell has not received sufficient notice of what conduct is proscribed by law. If so, then the indictment against O'Connell must claim each element of the offense, which it cannot do, because the allegation necessitates that O'Connell referred to beliefs, not racial traits. Therefore, the prosecution must end at the earliest possible date so as to prevent further harm to the defendant by the unlawful prosecution currently being pursued by the State.

See also my blogs:

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The Brendon O'Connell Case Concerns Us All

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Having watched the following statement by Fredrick Toeben, I would like to make a few observations and comments:

Playing the Race Card in Australia during May-June 2009 - Part I

Though there are certainly weighty historically important questions which will be judged in the case of Brendon O'Connell, his first concern should be to preserve his liberty and win his case. Any defendant should be raising legal issues in his defense and not simply hope to win because he is morally and factually correct. If convicted, a defendant may have waived those rights he did not assert prior to and during trial, and the appeals courts may refuse to consider any issues raised for the first time in post-conviction process. It is important, therefore, for any defendant to vigorously defend himself at the pretrail and trial stage of the prosecution, and throughout the process and assert all of his rights, and not get caught up in the drama and emotion which may blind him to the legal issues which can free him and which can help preserve all of our fundamental rights as human beings against the encroachments of the State.

If the information Toeben presents is correct, then the law which the State seeks to enforce against Brendon O'Connell is fatally defective on its face.

If the determination of whether or not the Jews constitute a race is made after the alleged act of vilifying the Jews occurs, then such a determination, however made, and whether made by a judge or a jury, or some other form of hearing, is made ex post facto and therefore is unenforceable against a defendant who had no prior notice of what conduct is proscribed by law.

The very act of conducting a hearing to determine whether or not Jews are a race demonstrates that the Statute failed to provide sufficient notice to the public of what conduct is proscribed by law, and therefore the Statute is unenforceable and must be struck down.

Since the Statute provides no legal definition of whether or not Jews are a race, the question is an issue of fact, not law, and therefore a defendant so charged ought to be entitled to have the issue of fact determined by a jury, if that is his choice, and not a judge or other non-jury form of hearing. I know nothing about Australian law. It might be that a defendant will have waived his right to have the issue determined by the jury at trial if he fails to assert that right pretrial and instead agrees to have the issue determined by a judge without objecting and taking exception to the violation of his fundamental due process rights. I do not know if the Australian courts honor a defendant's fundamental right to have issues of fact determined by a jury of his peers, as opposed to by a judge who in America is only entitled to determine issues of the law if that is the defendant's choice. This is a very important point to consider and one which the appeals courts may refuse to consider if it is not raised at the pretrial stage.

(1) There is a substantial argument to be made that there are no distinct human races, and therefore any accusation of racial vilification does not, and cannot state an offense and can therefore be dismissed pretrial. (2) This argument can be made in addition to the argument that the Jews are so genetically diverse that they cannot constitute any homogenous and unique biological category, much less constitute a specific race. (3) Beyond this is the argument that the Jews are followers of the Jewish religion, not an homogenous and unique racial biological category. A Jew may become a non-Jew by changing his religion without changing his genes. A non-Jew may become a Jew by conversion and belief. Though such a convert may believe that he is racially superior based on his incorporation through his beliefs into the "chosen people", science provides no evidence that his genes have changed, much less blended with those of a mythological homogenous and unique Jewish genotype which nowhere exists. These are three separate issues and should be heard separately at different hearings or by a jury.

Once again, since the law has not made any such definitions, these are questions of fact best left to the determination of a jury which is more likely to be sympathetic to the defendant's position than the State's by virtue of the fact that a judge is a member of the State. Any defendant should consider whether or not it is in his best interests to raise issues of: fact versus law, jury versus judge; and raise objections and take exceptions should the courts deny his right to have these issues of fact determined by a jury of his peers.

I once again caution O'Connell to use his head, not his heart, to defend his liberty, and his backside, and not martyr himself out of emotion and knowledge that he is in the right. He needs proper legal counsel who defend all of his rights and he needs to assert those rights and make proper and effective legal arguments as well as historical, religious and political arguments. The press, the public and the courts will take a strong interest in well stated legal arguments.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eric Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith Still at It

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Eric Hufschmid, who openly worked with Daryl Bradford Smith for years, has presented a recording of an alleged conversation he had with Daryl Bradford Smith "in August of 2009". A transcript of this dramatic conversation appears on Hufschmid's website here and one need only search the webpage for the keyword "Daryl" to locate the relevant passages:


The audio recording of the purported conversation appears on Hufschmid's website here:


Has Smith addressed the statements presented in his voice in which he purportedly states that the brothers of his good friend are "Mossad"? Why would Smith, who has called Hufschmid a Zionist Jew, call Hufschmid in August of 2009?

Noel Ryan, aka "Ognir", has been confronted with the issue, but as of this writing has not substantively responded:


Though I requested that "Ognir" ask "Muhammad Rafeeq" for his birth name and the birth names of his, "Muhammad Rafeeq's", grandparents, and though Noel Ryan has had ample opportunity to do so, I have not yet received a response to my inquiry of Ryan and "Rafeeq" as to those names. Nor have I heard "Muhammad Rafeeq" tell us whether or not he has any Jewish blood, or whether or not any of his relatives have been or are involved in the banking industry.

David Pidcock has referred to "Muhammad Rafeeq" as "Rupert", and it is known that his, "Muhammad Rafeeq's" first name is Paul, a fact not denied by "Muhammad Rafeeq" to my knowledge, and recorded in his nonsensical and thoroughly discredited apology for convicted criminal Bernard Madoff, and which has been confirmed by a friend of "Muhammad Rafeeq's". Daryl Bradford Smith and "Ognir" pretend that there is no basis for my enquiries, but it is Smith who first told me that "Muhammad Rafeeq" is a Jew from a banking family, and "Ognir" need only pose the question directly to "Muhammad Rafeeq", or is it "Mohammad Rafiq"? Or is it some other name containing "Paul" and "Rupert"?

Since "Muhammad Rafeeq", Daryl Bradford Smith and Noel Ryan have not responded to my requests for "Muhammad Rafeeq's" birth name, a very simple and straightforward request requiring less time to answer than to dodge, I pose the question also to David Pidcock.

I have recently received an e-mail pointing out to me an article entitled "Forum to examine future of interest free finance United Arab Emirates: Monday, April 01 - 2002". This article names "PAUL RUPERT DeBEER. Monetary and Ethical Investment Specialist." as a speaker at the forum and states "Chairing the sessions will be David M. Pidcock". Dear Mr. Pidcock, kind sir and honest Muslim, would you please tell us who this "Paul Rupert DeBeer" is, what he had written or accomplished which recommended him to the forum which you chaired, and what was "Muhammad Rafeeq's" birth name?

Has "Muhammad Rafeeq" ever retracted his nonsensical and thoroughly discredited article in which he claimed that Madoff is innocent?

It is interesting that Daryl Bradford Smith has told Eric Hufschmid and me that he, Smith, is good friends with prominent Jews in the gold and jewelry business. It is further interesting, as my correspondent has pointed out to me, that Smith had a radio program which broadcast from South Africa, the center of much of the diamond and gold trades. Smith also had programs on RBN and GCN, both of which are involved in the gold trade.

Why has none of this piqued the interest of Noel Ryan, our would be anti-Zionist champion? Why does so dignified and well connected a man as David Pidcock lend his support to Daryl Bradford Smith, a man who makes a point of loudly claiming that the moon landings were a hoax?

On Jews, Venison, Pigeon Meat and Metempsychosis: It Just Keeps Getting Weirder

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



One of my original tutors on the Jewish Question was a German man, who believed in Metempsychosis (reincarnation) and advocated a careful diet without most meats. I thought he was simply following in the footsteps of Schopenhauer, Wagner and Nietzsche, who were in turn influenced by the Hindus. But then I conducted my own studies into the Cabalah and its affinity to cults I suspected were of gnostic Jewish origin, such as the Christians, Cathars and Shabbataians. The Lurian Cabalah lays particular emphasis on the doctrine of Metempsychosis.

Another common theme I found in many of these groups and persons was the strong emphasis on the notion that the Talmud and oral tradition of the Rabbis were false and that the Torah had to be reinterpreted, even to the point of doing the exact opposite of the standard interpretation of the text. I believe I have found a missing link in this chain from the gnostics to the Cathars and Shabbataians in one Anan Ben David. In researching this Jew, I find many striking parallels between his life, or at least the standard story of his life and his beliefs and cult, with that of the much later Shabbatai Zevi and the cult he originated. Both Zevi and Ben David were placed on trial. Both then adopted aspects of Islam and were spared. Both called for the reinterpretation of the Torah, the Shabbataians calling for their followers to do the exact opposite of the standard Rabbinical interpretation of the Torah and the rejection of the majority of the Talmud as spurious. The Frankists who were born of the Shabbataians made it a practice to whip up anti-Jewish sentiments by quoting the Talmud and legitimizing accusations of blood libel against fellow Jews.

The weird gets weirder and I have come to suspect that the Germans I have met and those who preceeded them were the (spiritual? biological?) descendants of the cult of Anan Ben David, and not followers of the Hindus. I suspect Theosophy under Blavatsky merely used Hinduism as a guise for this particular strain of viral Judaism. And so the story takes an even odder turn.

One of the famous Germans/Austrians who fit the mold is no less a famous "anti-Semite" than Adolf Hitler. His reputed vegetarianism and the love of Wagner and others who advocated a belief in Cabalistic Metempsychosis, raised my suspicions. But there is more. Hitler did eat meat, in fact he loved pigeon, one of the very few meats which Anan Ben David stated could be eaten while the Jews remained in exile, which should be properly interpreted to mean until such time as the Temple is rebuilt and proper animal sacrifices resumed. The other meat in which Hitler indulged himself was wild game. Venison and turtle dove were the only other two meats which could be eaten. I had once thought that Hitler might have used his famous alleged vegetarianism as a cover to maintain a kosher diet, as I suspected of many other vegetarians who practice a belief in Metempsychosis, state that the Torah has been misunderstood and that the Talmud has led Jews astray from the true meaning of the Torah. And indeed, I still believe they feign vegetarianism on moral or health reasons to cover up their Judaism, but I now suspect that many or all of these persons, some of them quite famous historical figures, were followers of the cult of Anan Ben David.

I am betting that the chain in no way ends with Ben David, and that he was copying a much older cryptic form of Judaism which winds it way back to Ur and back again and again to Mesopotamia and what is today Turkey. It is truly amazing how often the Jews follow a set pattern and repeat it again and again. I am now pursuing the theory that Zevi was deliberately copying the life of Anan Ben David, or at least taking his example as a method of preserving himself and developing his cult. Christianity certainly contains elements of this belief system which predate Ben David. The "resurrection" of Jesus Christ, Christ's "second coming", being "born again" and the doctrine of a second eternal life in a "new heaven" and "new earth" are all forms of the mythology of Metempsychosis. Semi-vegetarianism apparently only became an issue after the destruction of the Temple which occurred after Christ had died, but already in his lifetime, Christ instructs his followers to eat his flesh and drink his blood in order to become God. The Jews believe that if you consume an animal's blood, you transform into the soul of that animal, and so since Christ believed he was God, to eat Jesus would make you God by virtue of the Jewish dietary laws. And what animal did Christ symbolize in the form of the Holy Ghost, the dove. Christ reinterpreted, and more than once reversed, the Torah, and condemned the traditions of the scribes and pharisees, as would Ben David and Jacob Frank.

For years now I have looked with great suspicion upon those who seek to ingratiate themselves to me, then reveal to me that they are vegetarians and ask me what I think of reincarnation (Metempsychosis). As odd as it must appear, I have encountered more than a few such persons, and often discover that they have close ties to the Jewish community.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Important Book on the Jewish Question

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



A pdf facsimile of the improved and enlarged second edition of Jakob Ecker's Der ,Judenspiegel' im Lichte der Wahrheit: Eine wissenschaftliche Untersuchung is available for free on the internet. Though the book is an apology for the Jews, it reveals a great many truths which expose Jewish hatred of the human being and it cites and translates (to German) primary Jewish sources.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Australia's "Racist harassment and incitement to racial hatred" Laws Establish an Authoritarian and Anti-Democratic Government

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Australia's "Racist harassment and incitement to racial hatred" laws invite the State to become the arbiter of what a citizen may, or may not, claim is in the public interest. This is having, and will continue to have, disastrous consequences for the citizens of Australia.

By providing the absolute defense of acting in the public interest, the State is establishing its own authority to dictate to the public what it may, or may not, consider to be in the public interest; because it is the State which decides whom to prosecute and for what alleged offenses, and it is the State which has granted itself the authority to determine for the public what it may, or may not, discuss as being in the public interest. The State has also created its own authority to quash dissent against the State's mandated views by harassing citizens with prosecutions and subjecting citizens to the State's determinations of what the citizen may, or may not, express in public. Even if a defendant is successful in his her defense against a prosecution under these laws, the State merely by means of bringing charges against an individual has caused the individual harm and has intimidated others from following in the defendant's footsteps for fear of inviting a similar attack by the State.

The existence of these laws serves as a deterrent to open and uninhibited public discourse and affords the State, not the public, the means to suppress any and all dissent against those groups whom the State would arbitrarily and with its bias shield from criticism and thereby privilege and protect. History affords us many examples of the dangers of these Australian laws. For example, the Roman Catholic Church once held both clerical and profane powers and used those powers to mandate views and censor public discourse. The Nazis immediately enacted such authoritarian and totalitarian laws under the titles of Ermächtigungsgesetz and Gleichschaltung by means of which the State exercised complete control over the public debate. The Bolsheviks practiced Lenin's "Democratic centralism" as a means to suppress dissent not only over the public, but also among State officials. These authoritarian laws have contributed to the mass murder of tens of millions of human beings by the State, and have shackled the citizenry and inhibited its means of self defense and means to safeguard the public interest from the arbitrary and biased interests of the State.

The Australian government has invited itself to become the judge of what a citizen may, or may not, think and say as being in his or her own interest and in the public interest. The mere existence of this law overreaches the constitutional authority of any democracy and makes the otherwise free citizen instead a subject of the authoritarian and totalitarian control of the State.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Australia's "Racist harassment and incitement to racial hatred" Laws Violate Several Fundamental Human Rights and Due Process of Law

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Australia's "Racist harassment and incitement to racial hatred" law is so vague as to fail to notify a citizen of what conduct is proscribed by law. The Australian statute proscribes conduct intended to create animosity towards any "racial group" and vaguely defines "racial group" as follows:

"racial group means any group of persons defined by reference to race, colour or ethnic or national origins"

No set of unambiguous definitions inform the public as to what are the "races", "colours", "ethnic origins" or "national origins" intended by this law. Since the citizen has no standard by which to judge his or her conduct, no proscribed conduct in this law is sufficiently defined as to enable the citizen to know which conduct is criminalized. In addition, the police and courts may arbitrarily define that which is left undefined by the statute, inevitably and necessarily resulting in discriminatory and abusive selective enforcement of the law.

Australia's "Racist harassment and incitement to racial hatred" law criminalizes normal conduct. It is human nature to vilify villains. Nothing prevents any group of human beings from being villainous, and therefore no group of human beings may be made immune by law to vilification. Human beings have always engaged in criticism of ethnicities, races, colors, and nationalities, and doing so is normal human conduct throughout all of recorded history. The entirely selective and arbitrary ex post facto determination of which human groups constitute "races", "colours", "ethnic origins" or "national origins" by the police and prosecuting officials and the courts taking place in Australia has, and is intended to have, a chilling effect on the healthy and entirely normal conduct of political, religious and public discourse. Such a chilling effect on free speech and public discourse is detrimental to the public good, and is abusive of individual rights.

Australia's "Racist harassment and incitement to racial hatred" law violates the right of self defense. When a group of persons holds to a belief system, and/or engages in conduct, which harms, degrades and/or discriminates against any individual or other group, all members of society have not only the right, but also the duty to protect themselves from said villainous group. One means of self defense is to vilify the villainous group. The law not only violates an individual's right of self defense, it works against the public's general best interests by muzzling watchdogs and granting immunity to villains.

Australia's "Racist harassment and incitement to racial hatred" law violates all citizens' fundamental rights to equal protection under the law, for where a "racial group" by its creed, its conduct, and/or its self description commits "Racist harassment and incitement to racial hatred" towards others, this group is granted immunity for its offensive conduct, while those who would criticize it for its offensive conduct are barred from doing so by law. In this manner a privileged class and a subservient class are arbitrarily and for the first time established by law and only by law, which is illegal. The criminal is immune to criticism and the watchdog is muzzled and imprisoned for sounding an alarm. While the law establishes several absolute defenses, those defenses depend on subjective mental states and arbitrary definitions left undefined by law, which unlikely sanctuary under the law encourages those who would otherwise speak out in defense of themselves and the nation to remain silent or leave their fate uncertain and in the hands of the State to arbitrarily determine and with bias that cannot be exposed or criticized for fear of additional prosecutions.

The violations of freedom of speech and political freedom will be addressed in additional articles as time permits.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Those Poor Jews?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The wealthiest persons in the World are Jews, and their names do not appear in mainstream publications which purport to list the wealthiest men and women in our World. Those poor, oppressed Jews are often also the wealthiest residents on average of the host nations in which they reside, often by a wide margin, as was the case in Weimar Germany.

The Talmud teaches the Jews to conceal their wealth, lest the Gentiles become envious (In addition to the Talmudic glosses, see also: Rabbi Ephraim Lunshitz , Kli Yakar). The Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin, folio 29b, quotes the common Jewish expression,

"A man is wont to disclaim abundance [of wealth]."

The Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Ta'anith, folio 10b, provides the Judaic Oral Law exegesis of the Torah at Genesis 42:1,

"If he forgot that the day was a fast-day, and ate and drank, he should not at least make it apparent to others, and should also not participate in any pleasures on that day, as it is written [Gen. xlii. 1]: 'Why do ye look at one another?' which signifies, that Jacob said to his sons: Why do ye make it appear that ye are satisfied when the other races of Esau and Ishmael around you are starving?"

The Jews have also sought to avoid taxes by concealing their wealth. The Jews view themselves as a separate nation and lend at interest to the Goyim. Jews feel no obligation to contribute to the nations they instead exploit. Jews have always worked as tax collectors, which not only allowed them to bleed the Goyim, it enabled them to avoid taxes. Mayer Amschel Rothschild was noted for dodging the tax man, and the Jews of America produced a film to demonstrate their habits, which was incorporated into the Nazi propaganda film Der ewige Jude at 21 minutes into the following video rendition:

The Eternal Jew

The Rothschilds were the messiah dynasty of the Jews, their kings. By ginning up wars between nations and financing all sides of the conflicts they artificially created, by converting all production value to speculation and then manipulating the markets, by corrupting governments to finance private civil works projects through the issuance of interest bearing bonds, and through countless other subversions and genocides, the Rothschilds, the king of the Jews, came to own a majority of the World's wealth. The New York (Daily) Times reported on 27 October 1855, on page 4, that the Rothschilds were worth more than one billion dollars, which was more than the whole worth of New York City:

"The ROTHSCHILDs, according to their own estimate, possess $700,000,000 in personal property, exclusive of real estate, seignories, mines, &c., which amount to at least half as much more, making the enormous sum of over $1,000,000,000, or an amount much higher than the entire valuation of New-York City."

The New York Times reported on 10 December 1868, on page 4, that upon his recent death, Baron (James?) Rothschild had left an estate worth $400,000,000 dollars:

"Concentration of Wealth.

Baron ROTHSCHILD is reported to have died worth four hundred millions of dollars, and greatly regretted by the poor of the neighborhood where he lived.

The first fact is an overwhelming proof of the tendencies of modern civilization toward concentration; for if we mistake not, this enormous fortune is the growth of but three generations. This tendency to concentration is evident in the alarming growth of our great cities both in this country and in Europe. London increased in the decade from 1851 to 1861 some half a million souls, (440,000)—equal to a city like Philadelphia. The great increase of our cities is not accounted for by the increase of the whole country, but is caused by the same tendencies which are at work in the Old World.

Not only is this tendency evident in these great cities, but it is found in all departments of manufacture and trade. To-day and with us it is strikingly apparent in such bazaars as STEWART's and CLAFLIN's. Already under these two roofs, which cover one to two acres each, are gathered all that pertains to the dress of men and women, all fabrics for household uses and many other articles. Thus a retail dealer may here select a complete stock, may have it packed and shipped without wetting the soles of his shoes.

There is no reason why this class of merchants shall not or do not undersell all smaller ones. They buy larger quantities, they control mills, they do their business with one set of experienced men, and they can undersell others even if they do not.

Now all mankind will buy where they can buy cheapest, and there is no reason to doubt but that such establishments as these, in another generation of thirty years, will swallow up all the smaller ones. It is inevitable. And why not? Because the great end and aim of life is not to buy cheap and sell dear, but is to so organize society that it shall perfect the bodily and spiritual welfare of the race, and insure comfort and happiness to men. Will this vast aggregation of business and wealth in few hands secure this? It is evident that it will not, unless along with the rights of wealth go the duties of wealth.

We hear a rumor that some of our great capitalists propose to erect, near their wonderful establishments, perfect and complete houses for their clerks and workmen, supplied with every convenience, to be furnished at the smallest cost. There will be reading rooms, rooms for games and for exercise, a good public table, a coöperative laundry, bath-houses, &c.

We venture to hope that this is true, and that our millionaires propose to use their money as well as to get it, and thus to mark the civilization of the New World by a beneficent use of wealth, and not by its vulgar display."

The New York Times reported on 18 August 1874, on page 2, that upon his death, Baron Anselm De Rothschild left an estate worth more than one billion francs:


Baron Anselm De Rothschild, who died recently at his country seat at Dobling, near Vienna, was a man of extreme simplicity of character, in spite of his immense wealth. By his express desire, recorded in his will, his funeral was celebrated without any pomp. A hearse drawn by two horses, followed only be a few servants, conveyed the body to the North-eastern station, whence it was taken to the domain in which the family vault is situated. The fortune of the Baron is estimated at more than a thousand millions of francs."

The Rothschilds made so much money from spreading war around the world, that by 1875 their wealth had eclipsed that of most nations, amounting to almost 3.5 billion American dollars, as The Chicago Tribune reported on 27 December 1875, on page 8,and recall that those were 1875 dollars:

"The Rothschilds.

New York Sun.

The combined capital of the Rothschilds is stated by Emile Burnouf, the well-known publicist, to have attained in the present year to the almost incalculable sum of seventeen billions of francs, or $3,400,000,000. The significance of these stupendous figures may be rudely conceived by comparison, but there is nothing in the history of private wealth with which they can be compared. The capital of the Barings, the estates of Lord Dudley, the Marquis of Bute, and the head of the family of Grosvenor, belong relatively to a humble category, to which the City of New York has contributed the fortunes of Astor, Vanderbilt, and Stewart. The financial resources attributed to the Rothschilds can best be measured by contrasting them with the funded debts of the richest countries on the globe. The capital of this house, as estimated by M. Burnouf, is about equal to the whole funded debt of Great Britain, or that of France, and considerably exceeds the National debt of the United States. A single century, or the possible span of one man's life, has sufficed for the accumulation of this fortune, and the rise of its authors from a shabby rookery in Frankfort to the financial domination of Europe. At the period of Rothschild's first decisive triumph on the London Exchange--the day after Waterloo, just sixty years ago--John Jacob Astor was already a rich man. The great fortune which the latter bequeathed is not believed to exceed $50,000,000, while the inheritance of his Hebrew contemporary has been swollen to more than sixty times that sum. Although its territories are not to be found on any map, and the names of its representatives are set off with no princely dignities, nevertheless the House of Rothschild must be reckoned among the foremost war-sustaining and world-compelling powers of the earth."

The Old Testament teaches the Jews to pool their wealth and use it to ruin other nations. Proverbs 1:13-14 states:

"13 We shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil: 14 Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse:"

The Jews are successful in their subversion of other nations because there is a complex and highly organized hierarchy to the International Jewish Power Structure. The apex of the pyramid is the Jewish king and this is why the Jews love the symbolism of the pyramid. The Jews concentrate wealth at the top in the hands of the Jewish king, which enables the Jews to overwhelm all competitors and squeeze them out of the competition. It also renders the Jews loansharks to entire nations and empires, thereby controlling their destinies, and enabling the Jews to manufacture and finance wars. The Jews also have been successful at using their concentrated wealth to buy up the media and have it serve their interests as if from different non-Jewish perspectives, creating the illusion of a lack of bias while ensuring a common Jewish cause is always served and becomes the popular opinion.

Even in nations which appear to have multiple party systems, the Jews often monopolize all parties and effectively convert the systems into totalitarian systems ruled by Jews and agents of the Jews.

In order to establish a government willing to defend the United States from the Jewish war on our nation, we must establish and elect an authentically anti-Jewish political party, the POWER PARTY. Totalitarianism can only prosper through a cowardly lack of competition.

To defeat this Jewish subversion of our nation, we must officially declare, through the State, war on the wealthiest Jews in the World, those Jews who are waging war on us and who constitute the aristocracy of World Jewry. We must go after them with our military might and destroy them if they refuse to unconditionally surrender to us. This is one of the planks of the POWER PARTY platform. We must also eliminate the presence of the International Jewish Power Structure in America, another of the planks of the POWER PARTY platform.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Documented History of the Jewish Attack on Catholicism and the Rights of Catholics

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The rise in Jewish influence through the Rothschild family at the expense of the Roman Catholic Church was so apparent in the 1870's, that some felt a need to defend themselves against a general vilification of Jews based on the Rothschilds' corruption of international politics. The Chicago (Daily) Tribune reported on 28 June 1874, on page 2,

"Disraeli and the Jews.

London Correspondence of the Cincinnati Commercial.

Every now and then there are little intimations of the bitterness with which the Jews regard the desertion of their ancient religion and fraternity by Disraeli. All the glory which his genius and eminence reflect upon them ethnologically is lost again by his condemnation of them religiously, by his example,--that is, allowing himself to be spoken of at May anniversaries as a 'converted Jew.' Disraeli is so plainly a Jew in physiognomy that his look has unconsciously reminded the public again and again of the debt they owe to the intellectual distinction of the race. A very clever Jewish writer of London,--Mr. Levy,--recently wrote a very remarkable article showing to what a large extent European nations are at present under the influence of Jews (as Castelar, Gambetta, the Rothschilds, etc.), and contrasted the fact with the decay of Roman Catholic power over the politics of Europe--the implication being that the historic position of the two, Jews and Romanists, might one of these days be reversed. The clever writer of the article might have given it more point by reference to certain facts in the career of the late Sir David Salomons, who, above all others of his race who have lived in England, deserves to be remembered as the true representative of his people. Through his influence Parliament altered the declaration, 'On the faith of a true Christian,' which he refused to make, thereby annulling his election to the office of Alderman twice. He then obtained very civic distinction, and in 1855-'56 became Lord Mayor of London. His first work after being raised to this distinction was to secure two things which relieved the Roman Catholics of special grievances. He put down the before boisterous and general observance of Guy Fawkes Day, which was always the occasion of insults to the Catholics, and he caused so much of the inscription on the monument near Billingsgate, which attributed the great fire of London to the Catholics, to be erased. Pope wrote of that column, which--

Towering to the skies,

Like a tall bully lifts its head and lies.

But that it no longer slanders the Catholics is due to the determination of a Jew. Baron Lionel de Rothschild was the first Jew elected to the House of Commons, but he had omitted the declaration, 'On the true faith of a Christian,' and withdrew. In 1851, Sir David Salomons was elected to Parliament by the borough of Greenwich. He also refused the declaration, and was requested to withdraw. He did so, but not until he had made a wise and temperate speech to the House which made it feel ashamed of the disabilities imposed on Jews. The late Lord Westbury took the matter up, and after a time the 'Jewish Disabilities bill' was passed. From that time Sir David, who, meanwhile, was created a Baronet of the United Kingdom, sat in Parliament, where he was considered the highest authority on finance, a subject on which he wrote several valuable books. He was one of the founders of the London and Westminster Bank, and was its Chairman until the day of his death. It is a notable circumstance that the Catholic organs of London should have attacked the Jews generally because of the loan the Rothschilds are said to have made to the Italian Government, saying that they were as ready to crucify Christ, when the first acts of the first Jews who got into power in London were the abolition of the two things which most annoyed them. When he was before the people for election as Sheriff, they were curious to know whether some of his views might not impair his official work. Some one asked him what he would do in case a reprieve for a criminal came on Friday night--riding being then prohibited to Jews--and he promptly responded, 'I would order my carriage and go at once.' Some propositions have been made lately that the large and increasing body of Theists should graft themselves on to the ancient Jewish stem; but there is in England no society of Jews who have dispensed with the old formulas and usages--paschal, sabbatarian, etc.,--which would, of course, render such amalgamation impossible. However, amenities have been passing between the Theists and the Jews, and not a few of the latter are now found attending the religious services of Mr. Voysey and other rationalists."

It should be noted that the seemingly altruistic actions of David Salomon towards Catholics had an ulterior motive. Jews were traditionally staunchly anti-Catholic, but they saw an opportunity to benefit themselves by the emancipation of Catholics. This freedom for Catholics in England would set the precedent for religious tolerance for Jews in England--which is ironic given that it was Cabalist Jews who created Protestantism, Puritanism, and Theism as a means to destroy Catholicism and convert it into Judaism. The North American Review wrote in 1845,

"Strange to say, in England the Jews still suffer under grievous civil disabilities. In 1290, Edward the First banished all in his kingdom, and seized on their property. The exclusion was so rigid and complete, that no traces of them in that country occur again till the period of the Commonwealth. Cromwell made an unsuccessful movement in their behalf; and in his time they began to return in small numbers. In the reigns of Charles the Second and James the Second, some privileges were granted them; which, however, were withdrawn after the Revolution of 1688. In 1753, a bill was passed in parliament, not without virulent opposition, permitting Jews, who had been residents of Great Britain or Ireland three years, to be naturalized; but so odious did the law prove to the nation at large, that the ministry who had encouraged the enactment shrunk from its support, and it was repealed at the very next session. From the pulpit generally, by the mercantile corporations, and by a bigoted populace, it was vehemently opposed. Dean Tucker, who, almost alone among the clergy, wrote decidedly in favor of the naturalization of the Jews, was very roughly treated, and, by the people of Bristol, burnt in effigy in full canonicals, with his obnoxious writings. In May, 1830, on the back of the Roman Catholic emancipation act, another effort was made in parliament to emancipate the Jews; but it was opposed by the ministry, and failed. In short, the decree of Edward the First has never been formally abrogated; and though several acts of parliament have recognized, and thus legalized, their presence in the kingdom, England, with all her boasting of Roman Catholic and negro emancipation, still treats native-born Jews as foreigners, admitting them to few privileges but those of alien residents and traders. To a single inch of the soil they cannot obtain a title."--"The Modern Jews", The North American Review, Volume 60, Number 127, (April, 1845), pp. 329-368, at 346.

Alas, the Catholics had to wait their turn in line to enter the British Parliament behind the Catholic hating Jews, because of the Catholic hating Jews. The above article "Disraeli and the Jews" gave the false impression that the Jews helped the Catholics gain full emancipation. Though the Jews sought to ride the backs of the Catholics when Catholic initiatives forwarded Jewish interests, they also denied the Catholics rights when able to do so, even to their own detriment, as proven by the following article in The New York (Daily) Times of 13 June 1854, on page 4,

"The Jews in Parliament

Lord JOHN RUSSELL displays consistency in connection with the Jewish Disabilities bill very unusual in so fickle and procrastinating a Minister. On May the 25th, the second reading of the bill was moved, when a singular and unexpected debate took place. The great champion of Israeliteism in England, the eulogist of it in the House of Commons, the glorifier of it in his novels, the steadfast, eloquent defender of the Hebrew race--Mr. D'ISRAELI--voted against the bill which contemplated the admission of Jews to a seat in the British Senate. The reasons which induced this singular opposition of his own opinions, were stated by him at length, in a speech distinguished by his usual earnestness and happy sarcasm. The bill framed by Lord JOHN RUSSELL was intended to remove certain obnoxious clauses from the Parliamentary oath, and substitute other forms, which should be unobjectionable to Hebrew or Roman Catholic. The words, 'on the faith of a Christian,' were to be abolished for the Jews, while the anti-Jacobite and anti-Papal clauses were to be cancelled in favor of the Roman Catholics. This was, no doubt, looked on by Lord JOHN RUSSELL as a skillful combination, by which his bill would secure a double support. The Irish members, from association or actual interest, would vote for a bill abolishing an oath by which every Roman Catholic entering the House was required to declare himself no traitor, while those members who on other occasions passed the previous Jewish bills through the Lower House, only in order to have them assassinated in the House of Lords, would doubtless sweep this through with an overwhelming majority. Lord JOHN, however, miscalculated. His double blossomed liberality was nipped in the bud, and the bill was rejected by a small majority. This is curious and significant. Heretofore the House of Commons has passed the Jew bills triumphantly, while the Upper House butchered them one after another with dogged determination. The moment, however, that license to the Jews was coupled with license to the Roman Catholics, that instant the Lower House was alarmed, and not daring to trust the insidious bill even to the tender mercies of the Peers, strangled it in its infancy on the spot.

It was a singular sight to see the leader of the despised Hebrew race, disdainfully rejecting constitutional rights for his party, because the same hand held out the same gifts to the Roman Catholics. Mr. D'ISRAELI displayed, however, considerable astuteness in this opposition. It is his policy to disconnect the Jewish question from all possible odium, whether religious or political. At some future, and more favorable period, he calculates that the untiring animosity of the House of Lords will be exhausted, and Baron ROTHSCHILD, and Mr. SOLOMONS will be legally elected members of the House. To mix up the Jewish interests, therefore, with those of the Roman Catholics, and let the bill appear before the Lords with this duplicated offensiveness, would be to sustain another defeat, and strengthen still more the enmity entertained against the original bill, Mr. D'ISRAELI, therefore, used his influence to have the bill crushed before it could go before the Lords, and so bides his time until he can present the claims of the Jews at a more favorable opportunity, and unclogged by the weight of an obnoxious addition.

That the Jew will eventually conquer opposition, and enter the British Parliament, no one can have a shadow of a doubt who looks at all closely into his claims and the course of events in England. There is nothing in the Jewish character to alarm the supporters of the Established Church. The Hebrew makes no proselytes, for the Jewish faith is as much a matter of race and blood as it is of religion. It is physical as well as moral, and like the Poet, the Jew must be born, not made. There is little fear then of the Jews using political influence to subvert the established religion, and as to the disbelief in Christianity, they are surely as well qualified to hold a place in the English Senate as Lord BOLINGBROKE was, who made no concealment of his Atheism. They represent large commercial and political interests. They sway the destinies of many nations, and the issue of more than one great European question is dependent on their word. The basis of this power to be sure is a monetary one, but English gold is represented in the Commons by Mr. BARING; why not Jewish capital by Baron ROTHSCHILD?

That the House of Commons holds these opinions is evident by the alacrity with which they passed every Jew bill up to the last; but they seem to hesitate about extending the favor to the Roman Catholics. The Jew is virtually obliged to recant his faith, if he wishes to enter the House at present, which is of course a complete barrier, while the Roman Catholic is merely forced to forswear any designed or secret allegiance to the House of STUART, and promise to keep his fingers out of the pie of the Established Church.

After the anti-papal feeling exhibited by the House of Commons on this question, it is probable that the Jewish Disabilities bill will take another shape when it next appears before the Senate. Meantime, Mr. D'ISRAELI and his sister will write novels in which it is proved that the world owes everything, from the mariner's compass up to the steam engine, to the Hebrew race. Baron ROTHSCHILD will be again elected, perhaps, and again martyred for his faith, until that incapable congregation of old women in the House of Lords think fit to admit a little of the liberal light of the nineteenth century into their chamber, darkened with worm-eaten prejudices. [Colored emphasis added.]"

Note that the Jews saw themselves as Jews, not as British, and did what they believed was "good for the Jews" and would never consider doing what was good for humanity other than as a means of somehow profiting the Jews. Note that the Jews saw themselves as international lords over Europe, not as loyal citizens of any given nation in Europe. The Rothschild family, who held government posts in several different and often hostile nations, were loyal to none but themselves and the Jews whom they ruled.

Wealthy Jews prevented the emancipation of the Jews of England, though as Jews so often do, they scapegoated Christians for their heinous actions. The famous American Zionist Jew, Mordecai Manuel Noah, noted in 1818, that it was wealthy Jews who had opposed the emancipation of English Jews,

"Great Britain,(7) by an act of parliament, passed in the year 1753, granted to the Jews the rights of citizens; the clamours of the people, and, indeed, the discontent of a large portion of the Jews themselves, caused this honourable law to be revoked; and from the organization of the government, there exists no hope at present of its revival. [***](7) Great Britain. The act of Parliament alluded to produced a considerable clamour among the wealthy Jews, who were fearful that giving rights to a vast body of their nation who were ignorant of their value, would have a tendency to create a stronger current of prejudice against the nation. This objection, joined to the indignation of an ignorant populace, induced its repeal. The Jews in England have almost forgot the cruelties formerly practised towards their nation during several reigns; particularly the third Henry, and John; however, these things had better be forgotten, and are compensated by the liberality of the present times."--M. M. Noah, Discourse Delivered at the Consecration of the Synagogue of [K. K. She`erit Yisra'el] in the City of New-York on Friday, the 10th of Nisan, 5578, Corresponding with the 17th of April, 1818, Printed by C.S. Van Winkle, New-York, (1818), pp. 13, 38.

During the Holocaust, it was the Jews, not the Gentiles, who kept the Jews of Continental Europe from migrating to England and America, and they offered up the same excuse that the presence of the Eastern Jew would lead to "anti-Semitism" in England and America.

Again, I must emphasize the fact that this documented Jewish attack on Catholics and on Catholicism was hardly the first or last such attack. The Rothschilds ran the Papacy into bankruptcy and took over the Vatican through its debts. The Jews pitted the Muslims against the Catholics and created the various reformation movements to pit fellow Christians against Catholics. The Jews created the Kulturkampf to pit Protestants against Catholics, and used it as an opportunity to smear Catholics and the Catholic clergy in the Jewish controlled press. Etc. Etc. Etc. Vatican II was a Jewish orchestrated subversion. Today, the Jews are scapegoating the Catholics for Jewish crimes past and present.

The Dearborn Independent on the International Jewish Power Structure

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



As I noted in previous articles, the Jews were already dispersed among the nations prior to the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. In fact, the intellectual and commercial center of Jewry was in Alexandria, not Jerusalem, when the Jews wrote the Septuagint beginning in the 3rd Century B.C. The Jews had then an international government which siphoned off the gold, silver and jewels of other nations and transported them to the Temple.

The Dearborn Independent published an article which detailed the then contemporary workings of the International Jewish Power Structure in New York, which article is preserved in The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem, volume 2, on page 137 according to the printed pagination of the book, and page 146 of the pdf file:

Rule of the Jewish Kehilla Grips New York

Further information appears in "CAHILLA UNMASKED, by Col. Edwin Marshall Hadley, 1934", at pages 42-51 of the newspaper CONTACT:

Cahilla Unmasked

There is much more to the International Jewish Power Structure than Zionists, Israelis and Sayanim. Though my grandfather was at least half Jewish, he died before I was born. I have never had a close Jewish friend, if for no other reason than the fact that there were not many Jews around me during my life. I have never had a Jewish girlfriend, or a Jewish confidant. To the best of my recollection the closest I came to a Jewish friend was my father's friend when I was a young child. Beyond that, I have only had Jewish acquaintances and those have been few, but among them, I have noticed that they surround themselves with a grossly disproportionate number of Jews. Their conversations often center around the fact that they are Jewish, and how different they believe themselves to be compared to the Goyim.

The Jews do not merely view themselves as a different nation, not merely as a different race, but as alien beings at war with the Goyim. As such, they feel justified in showing absolutely no compassion towards the enemy. They steal and murder without remorse and with a distinct pleasure. They deceive believing their cunning and the Goyim's gullibility and trust to be signs of their divine and superior nature, for do not the gods rule over the Goyim and are not the Jews gods among beasts?

The Jews are united to an extent I did not before comprehend. They view the Goyim as farm animals, the nations as vast ranches, and governments as plantation estates by means of which they control their animals and arrange for harvests and slaughters. The many Jewish organizations are not like Goy quilting clubs. They are instead branches of the International Jewish Power Structure. Our educational systems are indoctrination centers to keep us at war with one another, subverted, subservient and headed for destruction. Our governments are the Jews', not ours. If you want to identify Jewish rule, look for rule anywhere and trace out its ultimate source, there you are likely to find a Jew or an agent of the Jews, and a Jewish political philosophy.

The IRS does not serve the American People. It is instead a revenue pump for the Jews and for Jewish wars. The same was true of the ancient Jewish tax collectors who sucked up the wealth of Rome. It is no coincidence that the Jew Jesus' and the Jew Saul/Paul's (the Jews changed names even then) advice was to give to the tax collector what was "his", because the tax collectors were Jews, and those funds found their way to the Jews and paid the salaries of the Jews. Jew lawyers milk the tax system both inside and outside the IRS. Jew accountants earn their livings from the system, etc. etc. etc. The ever growing bureaucracy is a parasitic system of Jewish rule and Goy obedience.

The structure of our society is built around the Jewish Kehilla and serves their interest in controlling and exploiting their animal herd. You are taught to value and defend the very things which destroy you and enrich the Jews. Your religion is Jewish. Your Christian names are most often Jewish. You are taught that the values of your nations are Jewish. Even your pornography and organized crime and your frivolous entertainments are Jewish. The Jews not only rule over you, they teach you how and what to think, prod you when you venture off their course to the slaughterhouse, and pit your family and friends against you should you point out that they are in control. Should you fall ill, you will likely find your doctor is Jewish and can easily kill you should the Kehilla order it. The International Jewish Power Structure can dry up your pasture and see to it that you are fired from your job. Merely pointing out its existence can land you in jail around the globe.

Slaves at least have the dignity of knowing that they are slaves and who is their master. Goyim are less than slaves. They are animals and the Jews put out their eyes at birth. And how is sight restored, by faith in the Jewish god that calls for the extermination of the Goyim and the end of the World (Mark 10:47-52)? Not only do the Jews blind you, but they then hand you a rubber stick for a cane and mock you when you stumble and fall over the many stones they have quietly placed on your path.

The Jews are turning our young men into young women and our young women into whores and lesbians. The Jews are taking away even your power to be human and are doing so in the name of "freedom" and "tolerance". You are constantly encouraged to let others define your nature for you. You are told what to buy and what to do. Most often you are told to obey. Your options are restricted to the various branches of the secret Jewish government, the Jewish ranchers and shepherds, yes your Jewish god is a shepherd and you to him a stupid sheep.

What do you do to oppose the secret Jewish government, the International Jewish Power Structure? You follow your local Jewish revolutionary's advice and tear down everything that makes your ranch function, you burn the grass, poison the well and topple the barn. Then you look around for your Jewish shepherd to fleece you and lead you into the slaughterhouse.

The Jews want you to "revolt". They tell you how, give you money to do it, and supply your leaders. Then they exploit the crisis they have created as an opportunity to kill you off.

That "Great" French Revolution was a Jewish plot to kill off two-thirds of the French and destroy the power of the Catholic Church. The Jews crowned their puppet as the new Jewish god for the Goyim, the chief sheepdog to bite the heels of the Goyim as the Jews chopped off their heads in fulfilment of the Noahide Laws. At pages 46-52 of the book, pages 63-69 of the pdf file, Nesta Webster recorded many testimonials that the "Revolution" was instead a genocide campaign to cream off the top 2/3's of the sheep and that the rulers of the "revolution" were either Jews or agents of the Jews, those rabid Goy and crypto-Jewish sheepdogs:

World Revolution: The Plot Against Civilization By Nesta Helen Webster

The "French" Terror was nothing compared to the Jewish butchery of the Goyim that took place in the "Red" ("red" as in Rothschild, "red" as in "Adam", "red" as in Esau, Edom and Judas, "red" as in the cloak of the Jewish messiah) Terror. And yet, the Goyim are being herded towards another Jewish "revolution". The Jews have their documentaries prepared to teach the Goyim their new opinions about heinous "Capitalism" and how it has exploited them. The Jews have prepared their grand inquisitors to investigate the banking system and lead the Goyim into the next Jewish laid trap. The Jews have their anti-Jewish controlled opposition to teach the Goyim the preferred method of hating the Jews, which will lead to the extinction of the Goyim, not the Jew.

All this has been planned for thousands of years. All this is being carried out by the International Jewish Power Structure which paints the walls of your barns with Plato's shadow world, a plasma screen of shadows cast by Jewish puppets and sheepdogs on Jewish strings and Jewish leashes, all of which fills your minds with their thoughts, and your dreams with their nightmares. It is a nightmare you cannot escape. Instead you fall deeper into sleep, one more layer down into the abyss to a lower hell the Jews have carved out in your imagination, a cave with a stage upon which their puppets and sheepdogs perform and you remain chained and seated applauding the next play they have cast for your entertainment until the curtain closes on the human race.

The Jews have total control because they control the opposition movements. Communism, Zionism, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Libertarians, the Greens, are all branches of the Jewish military and they are all waging war on you. You do not raise an army to fight them, because they have not taught you how and never will. Instead, they will seek to join whatever force you start, so that they can spill some of their venom onto your tongue, define your thoughts for you, and stink up the atmosphere with infighting and arguments. The Goyim had better evolve quickly to gain an immunity to Jewish parasitism, or perish.

Ron Paul and Michael Moore are sheepdogs. Barack Obama is a sheepdog. Have you ever noticed that the best sheepdogs look like sheep, supposedly to fool the wolves, but instead are wolves in sheep's clothing. Remember, it is not the wolves who fleece the sheep, nor do the wolves own the slaughterhouses. Your shepherds are your enemies, too.

The power of the herd exists in its obedience to a consensus mindset. In chaos, they are easily killed as individuals. Misdirected, they are easily led off a cliff or into a slaughterhouse. United with horns facing outwards, they can fend off wolves and lions and other herds.

The answer to Capitalist abuse is not Communist abuse. A practical and effective answer to the Jewish problem, whichever branch of the Jewish military is attacking us, be it Jewish Capitalism or Jewish Communism, must include the removal of hostile Jewish influence and the construction of a culture of self preservation. Even the most meek organism preserves itself. Are we less able to craft for ourselves a survival prone mentality than is a shapeless amoeba?

Our world has become a Jewish labyrinth with a Jewish Minotaur, in the form of secretly Jewish advice and secretly Jewish leaders, a hooked nose Minotaur who chases us from one dead end to the next, but never will it show us the way out to freedom. I have prepared a map of the maze, beginning with the Torah and following the course of mankind under Jewish rule throughout the wicked windings and terrible turns of the increasingly bloody centuries leading to the Jewish apocalypse in the main hall of Armageddon, the feasting hall of the Jewish vampires that stands prepared to receive us today. But we cannot escape this maze of images and ideals by changing channels from one Jewish program to the next. We cannot escape by waking from one Jewish nightmare to a worse Jewish nightmare.

Instead we must dream awake in the light with the map of the maze before us on the wall. We must pin the enemy to the board, track its movements, unveil its many masks and uniforms, and understand its intentions. Only then can we expose and escape the maze of Jewish illusion, the International Jewish Power Structure whose Jews stand as torch bearing beacons on the walls of the maze illuminating the Jewish fortress and pointing the way towards Hell.

The Jews, the entire Jewish People, are the enemy. They rule by guiding us as our sheepdogs, directing us with nips at our heels when we step out of line, and beckoning barks and whelps towards doom through a barbed wire maze, but the wire is wound of illusion and only cuts and keeps those who fear it, and fail to understood that it is made of the vanishing vapor of Jewish lies. Look at the map of history, not the walls of Jewish illusion, and you will find your way out.

Study history and you will see the Jews and how they are misdirecting you. Study society and you will see that it is theirs, not yours. It serves them, not you. Instead you are a tender cooked chicken torn in the teeth of the Jewish dog that sits over you, watching you and barking at you to keep quiet and stay still.

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On Bogus and Subversive Jewish Apologetics Referring to the "Synagogue of Satan" and the Khazarian Origins of the Ashkenazim

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Jewish apologists often tout the Torah as if it were a beautiful and humane religious work, when it clearly is not, instead placing full blame on the Talmud as if the first source of the known horrors of Judaism; and they often attempt to convince us that modern Jews are descendants of the Khazars, and therefore not the Jews of the Bible, specifically not the Jews who murdered Jesus Christ and are therefore not to blame for Christ's murder. Both of these lies originate in Karaite Jewish sources, who attempted to subvert the Czars of Russia and trick them into believing that there were good Jews they could trust, the Jews of the Crimea.

Relying upon well known passages in the Old Testament, which state that only the Jewish god makes Jewish law, and that no one is entitled to add to that law or subtract from it, the Karaites rejected the Rabbinical claims that the Talmud and Maimonides could add to and subtract from Jewish law. This is similar to the position of the ancient Sadducees who, like Jesus Christ, combated the "Scribes and Pharisees" whose traditions adding to and subtracting from the law became the Talmud based upon the mythology of the "Oral Law of Moses".

The Torah states in Deuteronomy 4:1-2 that the Jewish god forbids additions to, or subtractions from the law:

"1 Now therefore hearken, O Israel, unto the statutes and unto the judgments, which I teach you, for to do them, that ye may live, and go in and possess the land which the LORD God of your fathers giveth you. 2 Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you."

Maimonides was at first rejected for such attempts to broaden the law. Joshua stated that all that Moses had known had been written down and could be read, thereby excluding the possibility of the authenticity of the "Oral Law" which forms the basis of the Talmud and much of the Cabalah. Joshua 8:34-35:

"34 And afterward he read all the words of the law, the blessings and cursings, according to all that is written in the book of the law. 35 There was not a word of all that Moses commanded, which Joshua read not before all the congregation of Israel, with the women, and the little ones, and the strangers that were conversant among them."

Far from being a trustworthy Jew, notorius forger and fabricator, the Karaite Jew Avraham Firkovich traveled the World collecting and fabricating Jewish writings and artifacts, which he used to convince the Czar that Karaite Jews were the good Jews and could be trusted because they rejected the Talmud and because they descended from Khazarians and were not descended from the Jews who murdered Jesus Christ, and therefore were not cursed to wear Christ's blood (Matthew 27:25). Modern agents of the Jews, posing as if "anti-Semites" repeat Avraham Firkovich's dogma both to excuse the Ashkenazim for deicide, and to confuse and render pointless opposition to World Jewry, and further to apologize for the ancient Jews in order to keep Christians on the Jewish hook.

The Czars paid with their lives for allowing these Jews to influence Russian life. We today suffer from the arguments over semantics which Firkovich's spiritual descendants deliberately introduce in order to subvert the organization and empowerment of those who would defend themselves from Jewry. It is beyond dispute that their dogma comes from the subversive and deceitful Jewish liar Avraham Firkovich.

Firkovich also railed against the Talmud so as to excuse the horrific Old Testament and so as to ingratiate himself to the Gentiles. Shabbataian successor Jacob Frank had done exactly the same thing to the Roman Catholic Church, causing his fellow Jews much grief, but ultimately and in a short time infiltrating and subverting both the Catholic Church and Polish aristocracy thereby breaking apart and destroying the once great Polish Empire. The Slavs paid dearly for believing in Jews who promoted a "True Torah" system and complained about the Talmud.

The same Jewish apologists who seek to confuse the issue of the Jewish attack on humanity by provoking us to debate semantics also falsely claim that Jesus Christ (John of Patmos, see: Revelation 1:9) was referring to Khazarian Jews when he stated in Revelation 2:9:

"I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan."

and Revelation 3:9:

"Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee."

The Khazarian Kingdom did not yet exist when John of Patmos wrote down those words. Therefore, the phrase "synagogue of Satan" could not possibly have referred to the Khazarian conversion to Judaism promoted by the Karaite Jew Avraham Firkovich as if an excuse to trust his faction of Jewry.

Though the possibility that John of Patmos was referring to Khazarian Jews can be absolutely excluded, his true intentions are a matter upon which much disagreement can logically and legitimately take place. There were many divisions in Judaism in Christ's time, including the struggles between the Sadducees and the Pharisees, and even among Hillel and Shammai Pharisees which spilled over into the Talmud. There were also the Essenes and others. Christ opposed the Sadducees who opposed his "blasphemous" proclamations. Christ also opposed the Pharisees who sought to add to, and subtract from the law with their traditions that became the Talmud, which, as shown above, was a violation of the Torah and precluded by the accounts of Joshua. Therefore, it is likely that John of Patmos was referring to either the Scribes and Pharisees, whom Jesus condemned and against whose modification of the law he spoke, in among other places, Matthew 5:17-20:

"17 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil. 18 For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. 19 Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven. 20 For I say unto you, That except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven."

Or, John of Patmos was referring to the Sadducees who condemned Jesus to death, or perhaps both power centers.

The Jewish apologists of today, who seek to infiltrate and subvert anti-Jewish movements, spread the same lies as their predecessors and are leading you down the path not to the garden, but to the graveyard where the Poles and Russian lie buried in those same lies and heaps of dung. The Torah is even worse than the Talmud. The Jews of old acted exactly like the Jews of today. The Ashkenazim are the spiritual descendants of the terrible Judeans, which makes them infinitely worse than the genetic descendants of the Judeans who are dispersed around the World and most of whom know nothing of their partial Jewish descent.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Shlomo's Ark

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



In (largely plagiarized) Jewish mythology, the hateful Jewish god destroyed the World with a deluge that lasted for forty days. The Jewish god did this to cleanse the World, but failed to do so, in that the seed of the Serpent lingered in the human race in the descendants of Noah, and was only cleansed from the Jews when Moses accepted the law on Sinai. The Jewish god promises to never ruin the World again with a flood, but also pledged to destroy the Earth and the heavens and leave only the "elect", the righteous Jews, eternally alive.

In order to replenish the Earth, the Jewish god had Noah build an ark and gather two of every type of animal. Since we know that the Jews are today attempting to destroy the World, we can assume that they have built some form of "ark", and have plans for how they will create a new earth after they have destroyed the old one and exterminated the Goyim.

The Jews planned genetically modified plants as a food source long ago in the Talmud (Shabbath 30b, Kethuboth 111b). The Jews believe women will give birth without pain (think of the Jewish inspired overuse of Caesarean section and epidurals, which often cause numerous unnecessary problems), and will simultaneously conceive and bear children (Isaiah 66:7, Shabbath 30b and related Talmudic passages). The Jews also planned for a tall, beautiful and healthy Jewish race to emerge in the "new earth" (Isaiah 61:9. Ezekiel 37. Berakoth 43b).

What will the Jews use as genetic stock for this new race? I suspect they plan to populate the earth with a single male and his bloodline, that of their king. I believe the Jews plan to murder or sterilize every other family, Jews included. I base this speculation on the fact that Jewish religious myth holds that creation begins with a single man, Adam whose blood contained every human being, and was followed by a single line in Noah after the flood. Therefore, I suspect that the Jews believe that the new earth must begin with a single perfect man, their messiah.

The Jews have promoted genetically modified foods, research into artificial births, etc. I suspect they are experimenting and exploiting the genius of the Gentiles in preparation to fulfill their prophetic myths. I suspect they plan to kill off all human beings save the bloodline of their king. Jews who are helping World Jewry to destroy the human race should keep in mind the Talmudic opinion that only 2 of every 600,000 Jews will be left alive in the end times (Sanhedrin 111a). It probably does not mean you, if you are a Jew.

Jews Controlling the Christian Opposition to the Jewish Anti-Christ

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The Jews have known for a very long time that Christians would oppose a Jewish takeover of Palestine as the prophesied manifestation of the Anti-Christ. For 2,500 years, the Jews have been planning a war of extermination against the World, in which they will attack and exterminate "Gog and Magog".

Jews Francisco Ribera and Emmanuel Lacunza, and agent of the Jews, John Nelson Darby, crafted the mythology of the "Rapture" in order to control Christians. The Jews established this mythology in order to have Christians help the Jews to steal Palestine, on the sophistical basis that this artificial and calculated human act would hasten the divine arrival of the second coming of Christ. Classical Christian theology held that the Christians are supposed to oppose the Jewish takeover of Palestine, and instead use Rome, Jerusalem and Constantinople as the seats of power of the Christian faith.

The Jews also created the mythology of the Rapture so that Christians would be passive, or aggressively help the Jews, during the planned Jewish attack on "Gog and Magog". The Jews taught the Christians to believe that they would be spared any misery if only the Christians would help the Jews to provoke a conflict which would destroy the Earth. Whereas Christ taught Christians that peacemakers are blessed, the Jews taught Christians to become warmongers in hopes that world war would hasten the end of the World and the second coming of Christ.

Knowing that Christians tend to be selfish (Christians selfishly celebrate the murder of Christ because they believe that it brought them redemption and eternal life, and morbidly worship the cross as a symbol of another's suffering as if a sacrifice for their salvation and forgiveness of their sins--ask yourselves how many Christians would suffer on the cross to spare Christ his suffering?) the Jews taught the Christians to selfishly provoke the mass murder of the human race, so that Christians could wait out the horrors and then live with Jesus in a new world under new heavens. The Jews taught the Christians to be genocidal warmakers and worldwreckers, to bring pain, misery and death to their fellow man and to the human race as a whole, in hopes that they themselves would be spared the misery they had deliberately created and would thereby get to meet Jesus.

Through the power of Jewish advertising and Jewish subversion, the Jews have managed to win tens of millions of Christian converts to their Jewish plan to exterminate humanity in our lifetimes, which they would have become our exterminationtimes. As Hayim Nahman Bialik stated on 11 May 1933, Christianity is itself an ongoing Jewish subversion of the Gentiles,

"The argument is that Judaism, by penetrating among the Gentiles (in its Christian guise or otherwise), has gradually undermined the remnants of paganism. Such penetration has not been without deliberate Jewish conniving in the shape of assistance bestowed in a thousand ways, devices and disguises. It has been effected in great measure by crypto-Jews (secret Jews), who have permeated Christianity and spoken through the mouth of Christianity. By these devices, through Jewish will and through the power of their Jewish blood (I, too, like Hitler, believe in blood and the power of blood); and owing to an instinct for 'requital,' they have gradually induced Christianity to shed what was left in it of pagan elements; and it is they who, in principle (even though they are called by great Gentile names), are the creators of the Renaissance, of Liberalism, of Democracy, or Socialism, and of Communism. All this achievement [***] has come about chiefly through unknown and anonymous Jews, Jews in secret, either crypto-Jews who mingled among the Gentiles and nurtured great thinkers from among them; or, through the influence of Jews, who, in the great crises of liberty and freedom, have stood behind the scenes; or through Jewish teachers who headed the Protestant movements."--H. N. Bialik, in an address to the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 11 May 1933, as quoted in R. E. Edmondson, I Testify Against the Jews, Third Edition, Sons of Liberty, Metairie, Louisiana, (1985), pp. 151-152.

Having created both the Jesuits and the Protestant movements, the Jews have subverted the power of the Roman Catholic Church, and pitted Christians against themselves, provoking Gentiles to kill each other and insult and degrade each other in their Jewish churches.

The Racist Double Standard of Jewish Apologists

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



There are many apologists for the Jews who falsely claim that Zionism has nothing to do with Judaism and is strictly political. This group of Jewish apologists assert that Goy Christian Zionists are glassy-eyed lunatics who sincerely believe their Jewish religious mythologies, but that the Jews are too smart and sophisticated to believe such obvious nonsense as the Jewish faith.

As but one example of the religious fanaticism of the common Jew, consider the fact that the Jews have inbred for thousands of years in hopes that their messiah would some day arrive and kill off the Gentiles. Another good example of the bizarre and morbid nature of Jewish religious fanaticism exists in the Jewish belief that when the "end times" arrive, the Jews will be resurrected and their skeletons will arise in Jerusalem to enter into everlasting life. This is why Jews are so touchy about their cemeteries and do not want the bones of their ancestors disturbed, other than to rebury them in Jerusalem.

The Jews fear that when the end times arrive, Jews buried around the World will have to crawl through the earth to Jerusalem so that they can arise there to eternal life. The Jewish belief in subterranean Zombies rolling through the earth is stated in the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Kethuboth, folio 111a-b; and in the Yerushalmi Kilayim 9, 3. These beliefs originate in the Old Testament prophecy of the dry bones found in Ezekiel, chapter 37, and also in the Torah itself, in Genesis 50:25.

When word spread of the appearance of the Jewish messiah in the Seventeenth Century, the Jews shipped their ancestors' bones to Jaffa harbor by the boatload. In more recent times, elderly Jews constituted a large proportion of the Jews who migrated to Palestine in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries. In the days before jet aircraft, it was difficult to transport bodies for burial within the narrow time frame in which Jews must be buried.

The Jews do not have some genetic barrier which precludes religious fanaticism nor are they of a genetic makeup which prevents them from believing absurd and asinine religious beliefs. On the contrary, the Jews have demonstrated for thousands of years that they are morbid, mentally troubled fanatics who seek to end the World and exterminate the human race, this despite the incessant lies of their many apologists down through those same thousands of years.

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An Addendum to "The International Jewish Power Structure"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



In isolating and understanding the "how" of Jewish international power, we need to recognize the fact that the government and leading institutions of American power are not American, but are Jewish. A significant portion of the Jewish hierarchy in the World is the hierarchy of America.

From the American President on down to the local paper, the hierarchy of American power is theirs, not ours. When describing the Jewish enemy, we see its presence in the leaders of American power. These persons and posts are the middle management positions of The International Jewish Power Structure, and so it goes for most, if not all, nations.

In addition to this overt exercise of power, the Jews employ an even more vast hierarchy, which is composed of the majority of the Jewish People. They follow orders, are loyal only to each other, and collectively bring on the destruction of the human race.

The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004 Is Unconstitutional

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004 is unconstitutional in that it violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, which states,

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

The expressed purpose and effect of The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004 is to intimidate would be critics of the Jews and Judaism, and thereby chill any and all critical discussion of the Jewish faith and the Jewish fifth column that is subverting our nation, thereby destroying through the power and resources of the State, "Anti-Semitism", which is defined as criticism of the Jews and/or Judaism.

The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004 recognizes a religion, Judaism, and creates, without a substantial basis, a protected class of persons based upon their belief in that religion, as well as a persecuted class of persons who criticize that faith as part of their free exercise of religious rights and who criticize Jews as a matter of self defense and the defense of the nation; which act therefore violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, and the free exercise of religion and speech, as well as the Fourteenth Amendment.

The Jews are and have always been chiefly a religious community whose beliefs originate in the Torah. The Global Anti-Semitism Review Act of 2004 embraces this definition of "Jew" and "Judaism". By seeking to intimidate critics of Judaism and its adherents, the government has thrown a net over the heads of such critics stigmitizing them as hated "anti-Semites" and placing them on lists. The process of intimidation is compounded by the historical fact, known to critics of the Jews, that when the Jews have subverted governments the Jews have often persecuted their critics with prison and death sentences, as has occurred in the Soviet Union and elsewhere. The fact that the State is officially taking notice of such actions and words, and is condemning them with the intent of controlling them, sends a powerful signal to the citizenry that it should not engage in such activities and that there are now, and will be in the future, negative repercussions for anyone who dares to flaunt the intent of the act and engage in such discouraged criticism of the Jews and/or of Judaism.

For example, the Report on Global Anti-Semitism, January 5, 2005, states, inter alia:

"In recent years, incidents have been more targeted in nature with perpetrators appearing to have the specific intent to attack Jews and Judaism. [***] For the purposes of this report, anti-Semitism is considered to be hatred toward Jews--individually and as a group--that can be attributed to the Jewish religion and/or ethnicity. An important issue is the distinction between legitimate criticism of policies and practices of the State of Israel, and commentary that assumes an anti-Semitic character. The demonization of Israel, or vilification of Israeli leaders, sometimes through comparisons with Nazi leaders, and through the use of Nazi symbols to caricature them, indicates an anti-Semitic bias rather than a valid criticism of policy concerning a controversial issue."

The government has thereby created an established and uniquely protected religion, Judaism, dissent against which the government discourages with intimidation, stigmata, and its own governmental criticism. By recognizing and creating a protected class of religion and the religious, the government thereby inhibits the free exercise of the religious views of critics of Jews and Judaism, by discouraging their religious views which are the critic's free exercise of his or her religious views. The free exercise of religious views often takes the form of criticism. There have been but a few critics of the Jews so harsh in their criticism of the Jews as Jesus Christ.

The Nation of Israel is the expression of a religious objective of Jewry. The government of the United States is barred from stigmatizing and otherwise intimidating its citizens in order to discourage them from exercising their rights to criticize the Jews' religious and political expressions. Beyond this, the government is barred from preventing its citizens from defending the nation from foreign and domestic attack. The Jews have a religious duty to engage in war on the United States, and their religiously founded State has been engaged in war upon America from its inception, and the Jews have engaged in a war on America from the beginnings of the Revolution, when the Rothschilds financed the British to hire on the Hessians as mercinaries against the Americans, and the Rothschilds wielded their influence to bring this attack on us about.

The government is engaging in misprison of treason and is engaging in its own acts of treason, and of aiding and abetting an enemy, by deliberately attacking those who defend America from our enemies foreign and domestic, that enemy being the Jews; and by seeking to suppress through intimidation and other means any criticism of the doctrines of the Jews which serve as the basis of the Jewish attack upon America, Americans, and the rest of non-Jewish humanity; and by seeking suppress criticism of the enemy nation of Israel and by seeking to suppress knowledge of the attack Israel is waging upon the United States.

Beyond this, the government is involved in recognizing, establishing and prohibiting disbelief in the Jewish religion and its most recent addition, the official dogma of the Holocaust, the foundation of which is metaphysical and religious, not scientific or historical. By mandating a religious dogma based upon suppositon, not verifiable and testable alleged facts, and by discouraging and proscribing disbelief or the contest of those untestable and metaphysical religious beliefs, the government has established Judaism and its Holocaust dogma as the State religion and has outlawed disbelief and/or criticism of that religion. Not only that, the State has created an agency tasked with intimidating and documenting critics of its official religion, Judaism.

We also find that Judaism is the official religion of the United States, in that the government has openly declared it so by means of official resolution:

House Joint Resolution 104 recognizing and endorsing the Jewish Noahide Laws, which call for the beheading of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.

In unconstiutionally adopting the Noahide Laws as its official State religion, the government has unconstitutionally proscribed Christianity, Hinduism and all other forms of "idolatry".