Sunday, January 04, 2009

Why Israel Is Attacking Gaza: The Israeli Orchestrated Imminent Revolutions in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As I have been stating on this blog and in interviews for years now, the leaders of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Jordan are allies of the Israelis against the Iranians and the Palestinians. The American Government tolerated outrageous oil prices so that the oil rich Arab nations could build up their armaments for a fight against Iran and Syria, while Iran barely remained afloat amid crippling sanctions, and today oil prices are comparatively low in order to severely weaken Iran in preparation for war.

The Israelis are attacking Gaza in order to provoke revolutions in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Jordan; and a war with Iran and Syria; as I long ago predicted would happen. As I predicted, the Israelis will use the chaos they provoke as a mad theater in which to stage the extermination of the Palestinians. This is the price the Arabs will pay for allying with the Jews. But the genocide of the Palestinians is only the beginning. They intend to wipe out all Muslims, and then all of humanity.

Israel has nuclear weapons and the nuclear arsenal of the United States at its disposal. Certain Arab leaders feel their best option is to side with Israel. The Jews are telling the leaders of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Jordan that their only hope to maintain power is to engage in a war with Iran, which will allegedly unite their peoples behind their governments.

We have tolerated the Jews' war on humanity for too long. Now the World will pay the ultimate price for blessing the Jews with a homeland. It is the curse of death.

The Freemasons and agents of the Mossad are very active right now whipping up revolutions throughout the Arab World. Israel is attacking Gaza to stir up this revolutionary sentiment. Israel will provide the replacement regimes and the wars. This is why I continue to urge Americans to not let the Jews do to us what they are doing to the Arabs. Resist the temptations of nihilistic Jewish revolution echoing from crypto-Jewish megaphones across the "alternative media". We need a counter-media to combat both the mainstream and alternative media. We need political candidates, organization and money.

If we fail our people, we will end up just like the Palestinians, and it will only take a couple of years for their fate to become ours, and that is if the genocidal Jews have not by then started their nuclear war on the human race.

Consider the scenarios presented in the following article:

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