Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Staged Conflict Between Peres and Erdogan: Jews Pit Erdogan Against Ahmadinejad as if Rival "Saviors" of the Palestinians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The Jews are pitting the Prime Minister of Turkey, Erdogan, against Iran's Ahmadinejad, as if they were rival "saviors" of the Palestinians, in order to instigate World War Three on behalf of Israel and the Jews, and in the process destroy Turkey and Iran. On 31 January 2009, I appeared live on Rev. Bedros Hajian's television show and advanced the theory that the Prime Minister of Turkey, Erdogan, made a staged reaction to a staged performance by Israeli President Shimon Peres in Davos, Switzerland, at the World Economic Forum. Erdogan has been supporting the Palestinians and denouncing the Israeli aggression against them in Gaza. Peres scolded him for it, and Erdogan again denounced Israeli aggression, but was not allowed adequate time to respond to Peres' attack, and left the stage. I believe this event was entirely preplanned.

On 31 January 2009, I set forth the theory that, while everything Erdogan stated is correct and Shimon Peres is a liar, Erdogan is being set up by the Jews as the new replacement "Ahmadinejad" of the Arab World, in covert alliance with Israel, thereby stealing Ahmadinejad's thunder as the defender of the Palestinians and giving it a Sunni face. The Jews are doing this in order to unite the Arabs behind the Turks, as opposed to the Iranians, and to pit the Sunni Arabs and Turks against the Shia Arabs and Persians in a coming conflict, which will commence when the US begins to withdraw troops from Iraq, as Barack Obama has pledged to do.

This gives the Arab controlled opposition to Israel a far more Jew-friendly face and is intended to drive a wedge between the Arab "street" and Iran in order to substitute Turkey, a NATO power, for Iran. If the Jews can manage to bring Turkey and Saudi Arabia into war with Iran, despite my warnings and revelations, NATO would join with NATO member Turkey and with Israel against Iran and Syria.

Should the US withdraw forces from Iraq it will leave behind a power vacuum in Iraq. The Kurds in the North will gain power and the oil fields of Kirkuk and come into conflict with the Turks, Arab Sunni and the Shia. The Shia in the South will gain the oil fields there, as well as Iranian support, and come into conflict the Kurds, Turks and Sunni Arabs. The Sunni Arabs of the West will be left high and dry--of oil profits, and will come into conflict with the Kurds, Shia, and will be supported by the Turks and Saudis. I have long predicted that the withdraw of US forces sets the stage for a conflict between the Kurds and the Turks--the Kurds have been assassinating Turkmen leaders in Iraq and agitating the Turks with cross-border operations; and a conflict between the Shia and the Sunni in which the Iranians will support the Shia and the Saudis will support the Sunnis. I have also long predicted that Turkey will be a part of this war, and perhaps even instigate it after Mossad directed PKK attacks inside Turkey.

The Jews are making Erdogan the hero of the Arabs in order to subvert the Iranians' influence over the Arabs, and to unite the Turks and the Saudi, Jordanian, and Egyptian Sunni Arabs together against the Persians, Shia and Syrian Arabs. The leaders of all of these nations are crypto-Jews, and/or agents of Israel and the CIA.

In order for there to be a war, there must be at least two opposing factions, and the Jews have made Erdogan the new "Ahmadinejad" of Arab resentment against Israel, thereby controlling Arab dissent and channeling it against Iran and Syria; just as the Jews used the old and true Ahmadinejad and Jewish aggression to unite the Syrians and Persians against Arab traitor states. By controlling anger at the Israelis over the Palestinian issue, the Jews have managed by design to pit Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan against Syria and Iran. Erdogan and Ahmadinejad are the human faces of this staged conflict.

As I predicted, Erdogan is stepping forward to forge alliances with the Saudis against Iran. It is clear that Erdogan and the Saudis are agents of the Israelis who are using the Israeli aggression against the Palestinians as a pretext to forge an alliance to attack Iran, on behalf of the Jews who are slaughtering Palestinians. See the following news reports which appeared days after I predicted these events:

Saudis hope Turks will help stem Shi'ite influence

Turkish president expects his visit to boost ties with Saudi Arabia

I have been reporting for years that Ahmadinejad is a crypto-Jew and that the theocratic leaders of Iran are also crypto-Jews. There are now other reports appearing in the press questioning Ahmadinejad's ancestry:

Charge: Ahmadinejad Rants to Hide His Jewish Roots

Among scores of other articles and interviews I presented in 2006 and 2007 declaring that Ahmadinejad is a Jew working for Israel, see my blog:

Ahmadinejad Is a Crypto-Jewish Pied Piper, January 27, 2007

Perhaps others are now picking up on this story as part of an attempt to harm Ahmadinejad's reputation among Arabs and replace him with Erdogan.

Rather than fighting one another, the Turks, Shia, Sunni, Arabs, Persians, etc. should unite against their, and our, common enemy, Israel. Israel should pay a price for burning alive the children of Gaza.

Muslims, please do not allow the Jews to use their agents in your governments to lead you into destroying one another for the benefit of the genocidal Jews in the name of the Palestinians, whom the Jews are mass murdering. Instead, turn all of your guns towards Israel, and prosecute Israel in your own newly created and united courts of law.