Monday, March 16, 2009

The Dangerous Delusion that American "Fiat Money" Is Just Printed Up

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have long been a critic of the "Ron Paul Revolution" and other forms of gold buggery. There is a related issue to which I would like to draw my readers' attention.

Gold bugs have a tendency to falsely claim that our money is just printed up from nowhere. Most, if not all, of them know better and realize that the manufacture of our currency concurrently manufactures an interest bearing debt obligation to the taxpayer. But I do not think enough emphasis is placed upon this creation of debt.

It appears to me that a delusion is being created by many, in the minds of most, that the government just prints up money from nowhere and that the only cost to us is possible inflation. The price we ultimately pay is far worse than mere inflation. We also face the likely loss of our currency as the reserve currency of the World, and the cost to us of the interest bearing debt that is created as the money is created and spent.

It is not a necessity that such a debt be created in order to create our money. Our government could in fact just print money without creating any debt, but that is not what presently takes place. I think, therefore, it is irresponsible to mislead people to believe that the only problem we face from unnecessary government spending and reckless Treasury practices is that there might be inflation down the road.

We cannot simply inflate our way out of debt, because we create more debt as we create more inflation, and we raise the interest rate we must pay back on that debt at a greater rate than the inflation itself rises, which inflation rate usually lags behind the debt creation, making it impossible for us to refinance our national debt at better rates, such that the debt is forever growing, especially so when the Jews force needless taxpayer spending which spending generates no sustainable growth in the economy.

It would be wiser to advise people that the government, under the misdirection of the Jews, is running up our debts faster than the devaluation of our dollar, without giving us any benefit from the spending; rather than to claim that the government is just printing money with no consequence to us other than potential inflation.

The government is not "just turning up the printing presses" when it creates money. The government is taking our money without our permission, and giving it to the usurious Jews, and with it our future, our childrens' future, and their childrens' future. The government is running us into debt without our consent. The government is mortgaging away our lives against our will.

When a private individual spends on a credit card, he does not just print money to pay off that debt, nor does the government just print money to pay off the debts the government accrues, debts which we as citizens and taxpayers are obliged to pay, because the "full faith and credit" of the United States are the assets, private and public, of the American citizen and our money is created as debt backed by our assets. The Jews are forcing our government to mortgage everything we have just to pay the Jews' "vigorish" on the debts the Jews have already forced us into, and the Jews are openly stealing more money from us, which also bears interest as our debt.

Not only can we not pay down the principal, we will soon not be able to pay the Jews their vigorish (interest) on that principal. The Jewish loan sharks are taking everything we have, because the loan sharks have rigged the system so that we cannot pay back the debts they themselves have deliberately caused us. So how do the Jews plan to "break our knee caps" when we default?

The Jew have walked into our house, stolen our wallet, then demanded that we borrow money from the Jews at interest to pay the Jew the same amount the Jew has just stolen from us, plus interest. All this is done under the color of the "Law" by a government the Jews have subverted. Not only do we not have the benefit of the monies stolen from us, which could otherwise be spent on schools, financing production, healthcare, retirement benefits, paying down debt, etc. but we must borrow the money to make the money they have stolen, and pay ever increasing interest rates on it, because it is an interest bearing debt.

Eventually, there will be no one left willing to buy the debt obligations of the United States, and then the government will loan us money directly from the Jews without any markets involved, and the Jews will demand ever increasing interest rates, to cover the ever increasing risks they are deliberately creating, only they will bear no risk, because they will simply "print the money" they are forcing us to borrow from them at interest. But bear in mind that this creates debts for us as it creates money to pay the interest on our debts, it is not just "printing money" from our perspective, but rather the Jews are loaning us money they do not have and demanding that we pay it back plus interest. Since markets will not be involved, the Jews will charge us usurious rates that no one would voluntarily accept, and we will not be able to refuse the loans. The Jews will pretend that this usury is justified based on the inflation they create. When we default, as we must, the Jews, and their surrogate governments including Communist China, will claim title to everything we have based on loans we never had a need to take, to which we never consented, and from which we never benefitted.

The Jews want us to flirt with a gold standard so that they can harvest the gold, because interest accrued to a hard asset cannot be inflated away even under a change of government, or government policies, which otherwise could just print up money to inflate away the debt without creating more debt. The Jews want to loan us gold (which they do not have) as electronic credits, to be paid back with interest, because we will immediately be forced to pay the interest, the vigorish, diminishing the gold supply we have borrowed to use as money (which is an illusion), thereby forcing us to borrow ever more illusory gold, until we cannot pay the interest, and must surrender all we have, house, land, the gold from our teeth, our sovereignty, etc. to the Jews.

When it comes time to reap the harvest, the Jews will contract credit as never before and deflate the currency, exposing nearly everything to the marketplace at bargain basement prices, and forcing nearly everyone to sell off their assets, or surrender them for taxes, and enabling the Jews to steal our entire nation out from under our feet because we tolerate the Jewish thieves. This is what Jefferson was warning us about when he said,

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

In order to end this Jewish process of destroying America, we must organize politically. If the POWER PARTY takes over the reins of government of the United States, we will seize all of the assets of the loan sharking Jews, and officially name them all as military targets of opportunity. We will confiscate our stolen wealth and imprison and/or execute the thieves who have stolen it from us. We will in fact print our own money and regulate its supply to match the needs and best interests of the American People. We will declare all of our national debts as obligations owed by the Jews, not the American People; because the Jews created these debts and are obliged to pay them.

To the Chinese, Japanese, and other nations which have purchased our debts, we will offer American goods and services in exchange for debts not recoverable from the Jews, but which can be proven to be valid obligations to us, in that the American People have accepted goods and services in good faith from these nations, and must make good on those debts; but we will also tack on a retroactive tax for the military and other spending we have made to create and maintain the corrupt World Empire the Jews have built on our backs, and from which the nations of China and Japan have profited without sharing in the expense, including the expense to the American worker and the Chinese worker. Unlike the Jews, it will be our policy to help the World to prosper, though we will never sacrifice the best interests of the American People for any foreign interests. We will not cheapen the value of American labor, nor make our nation dependent on others for the stock in our stores, or for the employment of our own people. And we will not buy nor trade for the products of slave labor, nor allow our citizens to profit from foreign labor without sharing those profits with the American People generally, the American People who enforce their power and provide their opportunities.

We have indeed received goods from China and Japan. We are not thieves, but neither are we fools. We will pay for what we have received, but we will also tax for the exploitation of our people through the connivance, knowing or by mere opportunity, of those nations which the Jews and which the wealthiest class of the World have stolen from us; i.e. the wealth, prosperity, opportunities and future of the masses of American citizens and the "Third World".

If the POWER PARTY succeeds, no more will the super-rich in collusion with the Jews steal from the majority of Americans, exploit the Third World for profits which never come home to middle and under class America, or benefit from the government of the United States and the blood and treasure of the American People, without giving back anything in return but more theft and degradation. We Americans will make for ourselves the vast majority of what we Americans consume. We will produce in abundance and pay off our debts with profits from production, not by increasing our debts to loan sharking Jews, who use usury to steal everything we have and who loan us our money then harvest it with interest and harvest everything else we produce and accumulate.

We have the resources in America to provide every American with a debt free home and a high standard of living. The resources are here. The talent is here. The knowledge is here. Why do our politicians never make clear this fact? Why do our politicians never enable us to make every American family a home owner without debts, but instead with ever increasing assets? The potential is there. We need only tap into it, and it is the Jew usurer who prevents this from happening.

The only obstacle we face to complete financial freedom for every American family is the Jew money lender, who never lets us rise above debt to build without owing what we have built to World Jewry. We have freed ourselves of the monarchs. Now let us free ourselves of the bloodsucking Jews.

If ever there must be a second "revolution" let it be that necessary step over the bloodsucking Jew, unshackling ourselves from the Jews, and let it be political rather than military if at all possible, though the possibilities for peaceful political change are rapidly disappearing as we waste more and more time arguing over the definition and appellation of the problem, even though the nature of the problem is obvious and is staring us in the face with bloodthirsty Jewish eyes.