Sunday, March 08, 2009

Wagner, Jolson and Dylan

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Richard Wagner published an essay in 1850, which was critical of Jewish influence in opera:

Judaism in Music (html)

Judaism in Music (pdf)

It is interesting that the Jews did much the same thing to black American music, that they did to European opera. The Jew Asa Yoelson a. k. a. "Al Jolson" became famous by imitating a black man. The Jew Robert Allen Zimmerman a. k. a. "Bob Dylan" provides us with an example of a Jew singing the music of another ethnicity:

Bob Dylan - Baby Please Don't Go

Big Joe Williams originally recorded this, his song in 1935, and a 1941 version is up on YouTube:

Big Joe Williams Baby Please Don't Go

The Jews took over the motion picture and recording industries in America. The blacks suffered as a result. The Jews who owned recording studios worked in collusion to squeeze out black recording labels. They mocked black artists, while profiting from cheapened versions of black culture. Is it just a coincidence that Wagner's complaints are also valid against the Jews of America? It appears that people of European and African descent have a common enemy.