Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ron Paul and the Rothschild Agenda

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



Ron Paul is now asking us to consider the prospect of States seceding from the Union. He once again evinces that he is an agent of the bankers whom he pretends to oppose.

Ron Paul Secession

The Rothschilds created the Civil War, which was about dividing America into opposing camps between the Latin nations of Europe and the Anglo-Saxon nations of Europe, so as to impede American progress, prevent the rise of American opposition to the Jews, and provide the Jews with a means to create perpetual war on the North American continent as they had successfully done to the European continent. The Jews hoped that America would split into Mexican and Canadian factions, which would enable the Jews to profit from the strife which they deliberately created by pitting brother against brother as the Jewish Old Testament instructs the Jews to do in Judges 7:22 and Haggai 2:22.

Ron Paul represents Jewish revolution and the destruction of America. Ron Paul represents the aspirations of the Jewish bankers to do to America what they have long done to Europe, to pit us against one another and have us fight each other for their profit, to have us weaken one another as they grow comparatively stronger through our increasing weakness.

Ron Paul is a snake nipping at our ankles, whispering in our ears to gnaw on the apple and know of our deaths.

The Union is strong, disunion is weakness. Ron Paul advocates American weakness, and he himself is a wimpish twit, slavishly calling for Jewish "economics" which he together with his Jewish advisors calls "Austrian", professional coward that he is.

Ron Paul should be pointing his old finger at the Jews and decrying their ruin of America. Instead, he advocates the ruin of America as if a defense from the bankers.

We should be counter-attacking the Jews with our military might. We should be fighting back against Israel and the Jewish bankers. That is what Ron Paul ought to be trumpeting. Instead he asks us to trust the Jewish bankers and let them issue golden money which does not exist other than in Jewish electronic lies.

Americans, love yourself and one another! Stand strong together and listen not to the Jewish lies that the destruction of America is the salvation of America. Stamp out the Jewish gold merchants. Stand by your brothers and crush the Jewish usurper.

Unite against the ancient devil which snakes its way into the swamps of power. Hold strong to our lands and our common purpose to remain free and help one another in our defense against tyranny. The Jew is our foe and Ron Paul will NEVER tell you so. Follow him not, but follow the fifty States to crush the Jew and free ourselves of the yoke of Jacob, forever.

All we need do is help each other in our fight against the Jews. Never lose this focus. Never abandon our nation. Fight the Jew who has attacked us from the beginning. The Jew brought the British against us. The Jew divided us and pitted brother against brother. And it is the Jew who today is ruining us. Defeat the Jew and you defend America!