Sunday, June 07, 2009

Primary Reasons for Obama's Approach to the Middle East

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Obama is working for the Jews to achieve an Arab and Turkish alliance with Israel against Iran and the Kurds, to reelect Ahmadinejad, and to generate unease in Israel which will increase domestic support for an Israeli attack on Iran.

Jewish leaders want to up domestic support for an Israeli attack on Iran, so they have instructed Obama to cater to Arab leaders and to court Palestinians. This accomplishes two things at the same time for Jewish leaders. It increases anxiety in Israel that Iran will continue its nuclear program without a threat of American attack, because Obama is deliberately appearing to be softer on Iran than was Bush. It wins the Arabs as allies of the Israelis for an Israeli attack on Iran.

The Jews are lying and promising Arab leaders that if they help to destroy the Iranians on the premise that Iranians are a threat to Arabs, then the Jews will grant the Palestinians a semi-autonomous State. In order to give the appearance that this is about to happen, Jewish leaders must have the Jews in Israel anxious that their best option is to talk as if a Palestinian State is imminent, on the pretext that it will help maintain the racial integrity of the Jews, and that it will win Arab support for an attack on Iran. Therefore, the Jews of Israel must be made anxious that the US is starting to look after its own interests and is just beginning to recognize the injustice and inhumanity of the Jewish genocide of the Palestinians.

Jewish leaders accomplish this goal with Obama's lectures to the Muslims. This also gives the Arab street false hope that a Palestinian State is soon to arrive, and that the Jewish grip on American politicians is loosening. In turn, this allows traitorous Arab leaders to plan for an attack on Iran in collaboration with Israel.

By talking peace with Arabs, Obama is instead deliberately leading them into unnecessary and self-destructive war. By challenging Israel's hegemony over the Palestinians, Obama is tricking the Palestinians into surrendering their fate entirely to the lying Jews and making the Palestinians the allies of the Israelis in their own demise and the destruction of Islam.

The Jews want to see Ahmadinejad reelected, so they are instructing Obama to make it appear that Ahmadinejad has succeeded in changing the Jewish controlled American attitude and posture towards Iran, and thereby garner support for Ahmadinejad. Note that the Jewish controlled media is not talking up the benefits of an Ahmadinejad loss to the extent they would if they actually wanted him to lose. The Jews are the aggressors against Iran and they want a pretext to attack. Ahmadinejad affords them that opportunity, at least with the Israeli public. It is Israel which seeks to attack Iran, not Iran which seeks to attack Israel.

So do not be mislead by Obama's games. The American public is not eager to attack Iran, so the Jews are making the Israelis and Arabs rabid with hate towards the Persians, and fearful the Americans will do nothing to kill the bogey man. Wait to see what happens after the election in Iran. I suspect Obama will rediscover Israel and suddenly come the conclusion that Iran must be stopped at all costs. Why else would the Jews' puppet in North Korea begin to tap dance at this time, if not to provide a pretext for the Jewish controlled media and Jewish controlled politicians to gin up hatred towards Iran and Pakistan?

Note that Obama's lies have the opposite impact they appear to have. Whereas Obama makes it appear that he is appeasing the Arabs and working towards peace with Iran, he is in fact creating the conditions the Jews need to exterminate the Palestinians and attack Iran. Whereas Obama makes it appear that he is moving away from the Israelis, he is instead deliberately conditioning them for a domestic attack on Iran which will of course be supported by an American and Arab alliance. Whereas Obama makes it appear that he is working towards peace with Iran, he is in fact creating the needed conditions for an aggressive attack on Iran.

Obama is a genocidal liar, working for the Jews to destroy America and to bring the World into war.