Monday, August 24, 2009

Recruiting Talent

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A new team in the Major Leagues won't get very far if it fails to recruit top players, managers and coaches. Fortunately for the POWER PARTY, the Jews recycle the same type of mediocre hacks in the political parties they have bought, that they employ in their media.

The Jews do not want innovative, creative and willful politicians. The Jews instead seek out obedient, meanspirited, comparatively stupid egomaniacs with piles of bones in their closets.

We are introducing a new franchise and we need to attract crowds to our arena. Just as many of the World's finest poets, painters, musicians and writers are rejected by the Jews and remain unknown to us, the best politicians are bound to be those whom the Jews have rejected, which makes them available to us if we can recruit them. We need to find these people who have too much integrity to work for the Jews, are too creative to work for the Jews, and who bow to noone, for our party.

We must start scouting for this talent. Just one big name will attract many more.

As the Jews scream and whine that we are persecuting them, we need only point out that the Jews gut children and steal their organs. As the Jews scream "hater!" we need only point out that the Jews consider the rest of the human race to be sub-human. We are loyal to America and to the truth, so we will always have home field advantage over the disloyal and traitorous Jews. The crowd will be with us.

Americans need to overcome the mental barriers the Jews have instilled in them. The Jews' war on the human race includes a powerful psychological component. The Jews have convinced us to surrender our fate to them.

The American People, once the real competition begins, will be honest referees and the Jews' will no longer be able to cheat if we enter the sport of politics. It is easy for the Jews to control elections now, because thus far they have controlled all of the candidates, and therefore all of the debate. A new and honest voice will expose the Jews' trickery and cheating. Since the Jews do not, and cannot, play by the rules, they will be expelled from the competition in a very short time.

The only way for the Jewish minority to control the Gentile majority is through the power of the State. Restore the power of the State to the Gentile majority, and the majority will quash the Jewish enemy which is deliberately ruining our nation. The Jews were only able to mass murder the Russians, the Armenians, the Chinese, the Cambodians, etc. because the Jews owned the State. We must take that power away from them and then reduce the power of the State, so that the majority cannot be encumbered and destroyed by the State.

To gain this power, we need to field the best players in the political game. We need to tap our natural talent and to draw out our human will to survive and our human dignity. We need rallies and uniforms. Nothing will so quickly destroy the fear of criticizing the Jew as millions of us marching in uniforms through the streets of our major cities. Imagine holidays where hundreds of millions of Americans place signs in their yards, where t-shirts, display flags, etc. with our message. No one will fear to fight the Jews once this process is begun. Instead they will fear ostracization and expulsion should they apologize for, or collude with the Jews against American interests.