Saturday, September 05, 2009

An Addendum to "The International Jewish Power Structure"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In isolating and understanding the "how" of Jewish international power, we need to recognize the fact that the government and leading institutions of American power are not American, but are Jewish. A significant portion of the Jewish hierarchy in the World is the hierarchy of America.

From the American President on down to the local paper, the hierarchy of American power is theirs, not ours. When describing the Jewish enemy, we see its presence in the leaders of American power. These persons and posts are the middle management positions of The International Jewish Power Structure, and so it goes for most, if not all, nations.

In addition to this overt exercise of power, the Jews employ an even more vast hierarchy, which is composed of the majority of the Jewish People. They follow orders, are loyal only to each other, and collectively bring on the destruction of the human race.