Friday, September 11, 2009

The Dearborn Independent on the International Jewish Power Structure

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As I noted in previous articles, the Jews were already dispersed among the nations prior to the destruction of the Temple in 70 A.D. In fact, the intellectual and commercial center of Jewry was in Alexandria, not Jerusalem, when the Jews wrote the Septuagint beginning in the 3rd Century B.C. The Jews had then an international government which siphoned off the gold, silver and jewels of other nations and transported them to the Temple.

The Dearborn Independent published an article which detailed the then contemporary workings of the International Jewish Power Structure in New York, which article is preserved in The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem, volume 2, on page 137 according to the printed pagination of the book, and page 146 of the pdf file:

Rule of the Jewish Kehilla Grips New York

Further information appears in "CAHILLA UNMASKED, by Col. Edwin Marshall Hadley, 1934", at pages 42-51 of the newspaper CONTACT:

Cahilla Unmasked

There is much more to the International Jewish Power Structure than Zionists, Israelis and Sayanim. Though my grandfather was at least half Jewish, he died before I was born. I have never had a close Jewish friend, if for no other reason than the fact that there were not many Jews around me during my life. I have never had a Jewish girlfriend, or a Jewish confidant. To the best of my recollection the closest I came to a Jewish friend was my father's friend when I was a young child. Beyond that, I have only had Jewish acquaintances and those have been few, but among them, I have noticed that they surround themselves with a grossly disproportionate number of Jews. Their conversations often center around the fact that they are Jewish, and how different they believe themselves to be compared to the Goyim.

The Jews do not merely view themselves as a different nation, not merely as a different race, but as alien beings at war with the Goyim. As such, they feel justified in showing absolutely no compassion towards the enemy. They steal and murder without remorse and with a distinct pleasure. They deceive believing their cunning and the Goyim's gullibility and trust to be signs of their divine and superior nature, for do not the gods rule over the Goyim and are not the Jews gods among beasts?

The Jews are united to an extent I did not before comprehend. They view the Goyim as farm animals, the nations as vast ranches, and governments as plantation estates by means of which they control their animals and arrange for harvests and slaughters. The many Jewish organizations are not like Goy quilting clubs. They are instead branches of the International Jewish Power Structure. Our educational systems are indoctrination centers to keep us at war with one another, subverted, subservient and headed for destruction. Our governments are the Jews', not ours. If you want to identify Jewish rule, look for rule anywhere and trace out its ultimate source, there you are likely to find a Jew or an agent of the Jews, and a Jewish political philosophy.

The IRS does not serve the American People. It is instead a revenue pump for the Jews and for Jewish wars. The same was true of the ancient Jewish tax collectors who sucked up the wealth of Rome. It is no coincidence that the Jew Jesus' and the Jew Saul/Paul's (the Jews changed names even then) advice was to give to the tax collector what was "his", because the tax collectors were Jews, and those funds found their way to the Jews and paid the salaries of the Jews. Jew lawyers milk the tax system both inside and outside the IRS. Jew accountants earn their livings from the system, etc. etc. etc. The ever growing bureaucracy is a parasitic system of Jewish rule and Goy obedience.

The structure of our society is built around the Jewish Kehilla and serves their interest in controlling and exploiting their animal herd. You are taught to value and defend the very things which destroy you and enrich the Jews. Your religion is Jewish. Your Christian names are most often Jewish. You are taught that the values of your nations are Jewish. Even your pornography and organized crime and your frivolous entertainments are Jewish. The Jews not only rule over you, they teach you how and what to think, prod you when you venture off their course to the slaughterhouse, and pit your family and friends against you should you point out that they are in control. Should you fall ill, you will likely find your doctor is Jewish and can easily kill you should the Kehilla order it. The International Jewish Power Structure can dry up your pasture and see to it that you are fired from your job. Merely pointing out its existence can land you in jail around the globe.

Slaves at least have the dignity of knowing that they are slaves and who is their master. Goyim are less than slaves. They are animals and the Jews put out their eyes at birth. And how is sight restored, by faith in the Jewish god that calls for the extermination of the Goyim and the end of the World (Mark 10:47-52)? Not only do the Jews blind you, but they then hand you a rubber stick for a cane and mock you when you stumble and fall over the many stones they have quietly placed on your path.

The Jews are turning our young men into young women and our young women into whores and lesbians. The Jews are taking away even your power to be human and are doing so in the name of "freedom" and "tolerance". You are constantly encouraged to let others define your nature for you. You are told what to buy and what to do. Most often you are told to obey. Your options are restricted to the various branches of the secret Jewish government, the Jewish ranchers and shepherds, yes your Jewish god is a shepherd and you to him a stupid sheep.

What do you do to oppose the secret Jewish government, the International Jewish Power Structure? You follow your local Jewish revolutionary's advice and tear down everything that makes your ranch function, you burn the grass, poison the well and topple the barn. Then you look around for your Jewish shepherd to fleece you and lead you into the slaughterhouse.

The Jews want you to "revolt". They tell you how, give you money to do it, and supply your leaders. Then they exploit the crisis they have created as an opportunity to kill you off.

That "Great" French Revolution was a Jewish plot to kill off two-thirds of the French and destroy the power of the Catholic Church. The Jews crowned their puppet as the new Jewish god for the Goyim, the chief sheepdog to bite the heels of the Goyim as the Jews chopped off their heads in fulfilment of the Noahide Laws. At pages 46-52 of the book, pages 63-69 of the pdf file, Nesta Webster recorded many testimonials that the "Revolution" was instead a genocide campaign to cream off the top 2/3's of the sheep and that the rulers of the "revolution" were either Jews or agents of the Jews, those rabid Goy and crypto-Jewish sheepdogs:

World Revolution: The Plot Against Civilization By Nesta Helen Webster

The "French" Terror was nothing compared to the Jewish butchery of the Goyim that took place in the "Red" ("red" as in Rothschild, "red" as in "Adam", "red" as in Esau, Edom and Judas, "red" as in the cloak of the Jewish messiah) Terror. And yet, the Goyim are being herded towards another Jewish "revolution". The Jews have their documentaries prepared to teach the Goyim their new opinions about heinous "Capitalism" and how it has exploited them. The Jews have prepared their grand inquisitors to investigate the banking system and lead the Goyim into the next Jewish laid trap. The Jews have their anti-Jewish controlled opposition to teach the Goyim the preferred method of hating the Jews, which will lead to the extinction of the Goyim, not the Jew.

All this has been planned for thousands of years. All this is being carried out by the International Jewish Power Structure which paints the walls of your barns with Plato's shadow world, a plasma screen of shadows cast by Jewish puppets and sheepdogs on Jewish strings and Jewish leashes, all of which fills your minds with their thoughts, and your dreams with their nightmares. It is a nightmare you cannot escape. Instead you fall deeper into sleep, one more layer down into the abyss to a lower hell the Jews have carved out in your imagination, a cave with a stage upon which their puppets and sheepdogs perform and you remain chained and seated applauding the next play they have cast for your entertainment until the curtain closes on the human race.

The Jews have total control because they control the opposition movements. Communism, Zionism, the Democrats, the Republicans, the Libertarians, the Greens, are all branches of the Jewish military and they are all waging war on you. You do not raise an army to fight them, because they have not taught you how and never will. Instead, they will seek to join whatever force you start, so that they can spill some of their venom onto your tongue, define your thoughts for you, and stink up the atmosphere with infighting and arguments. The Goyim had better evolve quickly to gain an immunity to Jewish parasitism, or perish.

Ron Paul and Michael Moore are sheepdogs. Barack Obama is a sheepdog. Have you ever noticed that the best sheepdogs look like sheep, supposedly to fool the wolves, but instead are wolves in sheep's clothing. Remember, it is not the wolves who fleece the sheep, nor do the wolves own the slaughterhouses. Your shepherds are your enemies, too.

The power of the herd exists in its obedience to a consensus mindset. In chaos, they are easily killed as individuals. Misdirected, they are easily led off a cliff or into a slaughterhouse. United with horns facing outwards, they can fend off wolves and lions and other herds.

The answer to Capitalist abuse is not Communist abuse. A practical and effective answer to the Jewish problem, whichever branch of the Jewish military is attacking us, be it Jewish Capitalism or Jewish Communism, must include the removal of hostile Jewish influence and the construction of a culture of self preservation. Even the most meek organism preserves itself. Are we less able to craft for ourselves a survival prone mentality than is a shapeless amoeba?

Our world has become a Jewish labyrinth with a Jewish Minotaur, in the form of secretly Jewish advice and secretly Jewish leaders, a hooked nose Minotaur who chases us from one dead end to the next, but never will it show us the way out to freedom. I have prepared a map of the maze, beginning with the Torah and following the course of mankind under Jewish rule throughout the wicked windings and terrible turns of the increasingly bloody centuries leading to the Jewish apocalypse in the main hall of Armageddon, the feasting hall of the Jewish vampires that stands prepared to receive us today. But we cannot escape this maze of images and ideals by changing channels from one Jewish program to the next. We cannot escape by waking from one Jewish nightmare to a worse Jewish nightmare.

Instead we must dream awake in the light with the map of the maze before us on the wall. We must pin the enemy to the board, track its movements, unveil its many masks and uniforms, and understand its intentions. Only then can we expose and escape the maze of Jewish illusion, the International Jewish Power Structure whose Jews stand as torch bearing beacons on the walls of the maze illuminating the Jewish fortress and pointing the way towards Hell.

The Jews, the entire Jewish People, are the enemy. They rule by guiding us as our sheepdogs, directing us with nips at our heels when we step out of line, and beckoning barks and whelps towards doom through a barbed wire maze, but the wire is wound of illusion and only cuts and keeps those who fear it, and fail to understood that it is made of the vanishing vapor of Jewish lies. Look at the map of history, not the walls of Jewish illusion, and you will find your way out.

Study history and you will see the Jews and how they are misdirecting you. Study society and you will see that it is theirs, not yours. It serves them, not you. Instead you are a tender cooked chicken torn in the teeth of the Jewish dog that sits over you, watching you and barking at you to keep quiet and stay still.