Friday, September 04, 2009

"The Jews" By Hilaire Belloc

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Google books has a free, full version of an historically important book:

The Jews By Hilaire Belloc

I will be updating my books page, but until then, I provide my readers with the above link.

Belloc's book stirred quite a controversy. It addressed the disloyalty of the Jews and the effects of Zionism, which would complicate inherent Jewish disloyalty. I do not find Belloc overly insightful. I find him unduly biased and apologetic in favor of Jewry. The Jews are clearly the aggressor, the genocidal winner-takes-all aggressor in the Jewish problem. Nevertheless, Belloc's book became a lightening rod for controversy and sparked the discussion of the Jewish question in the highest circles of power and was very influential in that discussion. Belloc continued to write on the subject into the 1930's in G. K.'s Weekly and he published biographies of the Jewish puppets Oliver Cromwell and Napoleon Bonaparte.

Another important book is Houston Stewart Chamberlain's Die Grundlagen des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts, F. A. Bruckmann, München, (1899); and/or the English translation by J. Lees, Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, in two volumes, and I am still looking for volume 1:

Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, Volume 2