Monday, September 07, 2009

Jews Controlling the Christian Opposition to the Jewish Anti-Christ

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews have known for a very long time that Christians would oppose a Jewish takeover of Palestine as the prophesied manifestation of the Anti-Christ. For 2,500 years, the Jews have been planning a war of extermination against the World, in which they will attack and exterminate "Gog and Magog".

Jews Francisco Ribera and Emmanuel Lacunza, and agent of the Jews, John Nelson Darby, crafted the mythology of the "Rapture" in order to control Christians. The Jews established this mythology in order to have Christians help the Jews to steal Palestine, on the sophistical basis that this artificial and calculated human act would hasten the divine arrival of the second coming of Christ. Classical Christian theology held that the Christians are supposed to oppose the Jewish takeover of Palestine, and instead use Rome, Jerusalem and Constantinople as the seats of power of the Christian faith.

The Jews also created the mythology of the Rapture so that Christians would be passive, or aggressively help the Jews, during the planned Jewish attack on "Gog and Magog". The Jews taught the Christians to believe that they would be spared any misery if only the Christians would help the Jews to provoke a conflict which would destroy the Earth. Whereas Christ taught Christians that peacemakers are blessed, the Jews taught Christians to become warmongers in hopes that world war would hasten the end of the World and the second coming of Christ.

Knowing that Christians tend to be selfish (Christians selfishly celebrate the murder of Christ because they believe that it brought them redemption and eternal life, and morbidly worship the cross as a symbol of another's suffering as if a sacrifice for their salvation and forgiveness of their sins--ask yourselves how many Christians would suffer on the cross to spare Christ his suffering?) the Jews taught the Christians to selfishly provoke the mass murder of the human race, so that Christians could wait out the horrors and then live with Jesus in a new world under new heavens. The Jews taught the Christians to be genocidal warmakers and worldwreckers, to bring pain, misery and death to their fellow man and to the human race as a whole, in hopes that they themselves would be spared the misery they had deliberately created and would thereby get to meet Jesus.

Through the power of Jewish advertising and Jewish subversion, the Jews have managed to win tens of millions of Christian converts to their Jewish plan to exterminate humanity in our lifetimes, which they would have become our exterminationtimes. As Hayim Nahman Bialik stated on 11 May 1933, Christianity is itself an ongoing Jewish subversion of the Gentiles,

"The argument is that Judaism, by penetrating among the Gentiles (in its Christian guise or otherwise), has gradually undermined the remnants of paganism. Such penetration has not been without deliberate Jewish conniving in the shape of assistance bestowed in a thousand ways, devices and disguises. It has been effected in great measure by crypto-Jews (secret Jews), who have permeated Christianity and spoken through the mouth of Christianity. By these devices, through Jewish will and through the power of their Jewish blood (I, too, like Hitler, believe in blood and the power of blood); and owing to an instinct for 'requital,' they have gradually induced Christianity to shed what was left in it of pagan elements; and it is they who, in principle (even though they are called by great Gentile names), are the creators of the Renaissance, of Liberalism, of Democracy, or Socialism, and of Communism. All this achievement [***] has come about chiefly through unknown and anonymous Jews, Jews in secret, either crypto-Jews who mingled among the Gentiles and nurtured great thinkers from among them; or, through the influence of Jews, who, in the great crises of liberty and freedom, have stood behind the scenes; or through Jewish teachers who headed the Protestant movements."--H. N. Bialik, in an address to the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 11 May 1933, as quoted in R. E. Edmondson, I Testify Against the Jews, Third Edition, Sons of Liberty, Metairie, Louisiana, (1985), pp. 151-152.

Having created both the Jesuits and the Protestant movements, the Jews have subverted the power of the Roman Catholic Church, and pitted Christians against themselves, provoking Gentiles to kill each other and insult and degrade each other in their Jewish churches.