Friday, September 04, 2009

An Open Attempt to Incorporate the Talmudic "Jewish Year 6000" into Christianity

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A British-Israelism website has published at least two articles which contend that Christianity may hold to the Talmudic notion of the Jewish Year 6000. In the following article the author contends that Jesus may have been an Hillelite Pharisee, and that Jesus perhaps referred to the Talmudic belief in the Jewish Year 6000:

Was Jesus a Hillelite Pharisee?

Under the heading "Did Jesus Obey The Talmud?" the article states:

"When Jesus said 'The LAW and the prophets were UNTIL John; since then the good news of the KINGDOM of GOD is preached' (Luke 16:16), he may have been paraphrasing Sanhedrin 97a which says: 'The world is 6000 years. Two thousand are confusion, two thousand TORAH, two thousand days of the MESSIAH.'"

In a later "lesson":

Mankind's 6000-Year Chronology?

the author states:

"Just as God physically created the earth in six literal days, and rested on the seventh day, so also he is creating spiritual character in man for 6000 years before the Millenium when man will have a chance to rest. [***] A week is therefore 7000 years. Let's prove whether or not mankind is 6000 years old using Bible chronology: [***] Yes, mankind is almost 6000 years old and in need of a rest."