Monday, September 07, 2009

Shlomo's Ark

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In (largely plagiarized) Jewish mythology, the hateful Jewish god destroyed the World with a deluge that lasted for forty days. The Jewish god did this to cleanse the World, but failed to do so, in that the seed of the Serpent lingered in the human race in the descendants of Noah, and was only cleansed from the Jews when Moses accepted the law on Sinai. The Jewish god promises to never ruin the World again with a flood, but also pledged to destroy the Earth and the heavens and leave only the "elect", the righteous Jews, eternally alive.

In order to replenish the Earth, the Jewish god had Noah build an ark and gather two of every type of animal. Since we know that the Jews are today attempting to destroy the World, we can assume that they have built some form of "ark", and have plans for how they will create a new earth after they have destroyed the old one and exterminated the Goyim.

The Jews planned genetically modified plants as a food source long ago in the Talmud (Shabbath 30b, Kethuboth 111b). The Jews believe women will give birth without pain (think of the Jewish inspired overuse of Caesarean section and epidurals, which often cause numerous unnecessary problems), and will simultaneously conceive and bear children (Isaiah 66:7, Shabbath 30b and related Talmudic passages). The Jews also planned for a tall, beautiful and healthy Jewish race to emerge in the "new earth" (Isaiah 61:9. Ezekiel 37. Berakoth 43b).

What will the Jews use as genetic stock for this new race? I suspect they plan to populate the earth with a single male and his bloodline, that of their king. I believe the Jews plan to murder or sterilize every other family, Jews included. I base this speculation on the fact that Jewish religious myth holds that creation begins with a single man, Adam whose blood contained every human being, and was followed by a single line in Noah after the flood. Therefore, I suspect that the Jews believe that the new earth must begin with a single perfect man, their messiah.

The Jews have promoted genetically modified foods, research into artificial births, etc. I suspect they are experimenting and exploiting the genius of the Gentiles in preparation to fulfill their prophetic myths. I suspect they plan to kill off all human beings save the bloodline of their king. Jews who are helping World Jewry to destroy the human race should keep in mind the Talmudic opinion that only 2 of every 600,000 Jews will be left alive in the end times (Sanhedrin 111a). It probably does not mean you, if you are a Jew.