Saturday, September 12, 2009

Those Poor Jews?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The wealthiest persons in the World are Jews, and their names do not appear in mainstream publications which purport to list the wealthiest men and women in our World. Those poor, oppressed Jews are often also the wealthiest residents on average of the host nations in which they reside, often by a wide margin, as was the case in Weimar Germany.

The Talmud teaches the Jews to conceal their wealth, lest the Gentiles become envious (In addition to the Talmudic glosses, see also: Rabbi Ephraim Lunshitz , Kli Yakar). The Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin, folio 29b, quotes the common Jewish expression,

"A man is wont to disclaim abundance [of wealth]."

The Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Ta'anith, folio 10b, provides the Judaic Oral Law exegesis of the Torah at Genesis 42:1,

"If he forgot that the day was a fast-day, and ate and drank, he should not at least make it apparent to others, and should also not participate in any pleasures on that day, as it is written [Gen. xlii. 1]: 'Why do ye look at one another?' which signifies, that Jacob said to his sons: Why do ye make it appear that ye are satisfied when the other races of Esau and Ishmael around you are starving?"

The Jews have also sought to avoid taxes by concealing their wealth. The Jews view themselves as a separate nation and lend at interest to the Goyim. Jews feel no obligation to contribute to the nations they instead exploit. Jews have always worked as tax collectors, which not only allowed them to bleed the Goyim, it enabled them to avoid taxes. Mayer Amschel Rothschild was noted for dodging the tax man, and the Jews of America produced a film to demonstrate their habits, which was incorporated into the Nazi propaganda film Der ewige Jude at 21 minutes into the following video rendition:

The Eternal Jew

The Rothschilds were the messiah dynasty of the Jews, their kings. By ginning up wars between nations and financing all sides of the conflicts they artificially created, by converting all production value to speculation and then manipulating the markets, by corrupting governments to finance private civil works projects through the issuance of interest bearing bonds, and through countless other subversions and genocides, the Rothschilds, the king of the Jews, came to own a majority of the World's wealth. The New York (Daily) Times reported on 27 October 1855, on page 4, that the Rothschilds were worth more than one billion dollars, which was more than the whole worth of New York City:

"The ROTHSCHILDs, according to their own estimate, possess $700,000,000 in personal property, exclusive of real estate, seignories, mines, &c., which amount to at least half as much more, making the enormous sum of over $1,000,000,000, or an amount much higher than the entire valuation of New-York City."

The New York Times reported on 10 December 1868, on page 4, that upon his recent death, Baron (James?) Rothschild had left an estate worth $400,000,000 dollars:

"Concentration of Wealth.

Baron ROTHSCHILD is reported to have died worth four hundred millions of dollars, and greatly regretted by the poor of the neighborhood where he lived.

The first fact is an overwhelming proof of the tendencies of modern civilization toward concentration; for if we mistake not, this enormous fortune is the growth of but three generations. This tendency to concentration is evident in the alarming growth of our great cities both in this country and in Europe. London increased in the decade from 1851 to 1861 some half a million souls, (440,000)—equal to a city like Philadelphia. The great increase of our cities is not accounted for by the increase of the whole country, but is caused by the same tendencies which are at work in the Old World.

Not only is this tendency evident in these great cities, but it is found in all departments of manufacture and trade. To-day and with us it is strikingly apparent in such bazaars as STEWART's and CLAFLIN's. Already under these two roofs, which cover one to two acres each, are gathered all that pertains to the dress of men and women, all fabrics for household uses and many other articles. Thus a retail dealer may here select a complete stock, may have it packed and shipped without wetting the soles of his shoes.

There is no reason why this class of merchants shall not or do not undersell all smaller ones. They buy larger quantities, they control mills, they do their business with one set of experienced men, and they can undersell others even if they do not.

Now all mankind will buy where they can buy cheapest, and there is no reason to doubt but that such establishments as these, in another generation of thirty years, will swallow up all the smaller ones. It is inevitable. And why not? Because the great end and aim of life is not to buy cheap and sell dear, but is to so organize society that it shall perfect the bodily and spiritual welfare of the race, and insure comfort and happiness to men. Will this vast aggregation of business and wealth in few hands secure this? It is evident that it will not, unless along with the rights of wealth go the duties of wealth.

We hear a rumor that some of our great capitalists propose to erect, near their wonderful establishments, perfect and complete houses for their clerks and workmen, supplied with every convenience, to be furnished at the smallest cost. There will be reading rooms, rooms for games and for exercise, a good public table, a coöperative laundry, bath-houses, &c.

We venture to hope that this is true, and that our millionaires propose to use their money as well as to get it, and thus to mark the civilization of the New World by a beneficent use of wealth, and not by its vulgar display."

The New York Times reported on 18 August 1874, on page 2, that upon his death, Baron Anselm De Rothschild left an estate worth more than one billion francs:


Baron Anselm De Rothschild, who died recently at his country seat at Dobling, near Vienna, was a man of extreme simplicity of character, in spite of his immense wealth. By his express desire, recorded in his will, his funeral was celebrated without any pomp. A hearse drawn by two horses, followed only be a few servants, conveyed the body to the North-eastern station, whence it was taken to the domain in which the family vault is situated. The fortune of the Baron is estimated at more than a thousand millions of francs."

The Rothschilds made so much money from spreading war around the world, that by 1875 their wealth had eclipsed that of most nations, amounting to almost 3.5 billion American dollars, as The Chicago Tribune reported on 27 December 1875, on page 8,and recall that those were 1875 dollars:

"The Rothschilds.

New York Sun.

The combined capital of the Rothschilds is stated by Emile Burnouf, the well-known publicist, to have attained in the present year to the almost incalculable sum of seventeen billions of francs, or $3,400,000,000. The significance of these stupendous figures may be rudely conceived by comparison, but there is nothing in the history of private wealth with which they can be compared. The capital of the Barings, the estates of Lord Dudley, the Marquis of Bute, and the head of the family of Grosvenor, belong relatively to a humble category, to which the City of New York has contributed the fortunes of Astor, Vanderbilt, and Stewart. The financial resources attributed to the Rothschilds can best be measured by contrasting them with the funded debts of the richest countries on the globe. The capital of this house, as estimated by M. Burnouf, is about equal to the whole funded debt of Great Britain, or that of France, and considerably exceeds the National debt of the United States. A single century, or the possible span of one man's life, has sufficed for the accumulation of this fortune, and the rise of its authors from a shabby rookery in Frankfort to the financial domination of Europe. At the period of Rothschild's first decisive triumph on the London Exchange--the day after Waterloo, just sixty years ago--John Jacob Astor was already a rich man. The great fortune which the latter bequeathed is not believed to exceed $50,000,000, while the inheritance of his Hebrew contemporary has been swollen to more than sixty times that sum. Although its territories are not to be found on any map, and the names of its representatives are set off with no princely dignities, nevertheless the House of Rothschild must be reckoned among the foremost war-sustaining and world-compelling powers of the earth."

The Old Testament teaches the Jews to pool their wealth and use it to ruin other nations. Proverbs 1:13-14 states:

"13 We shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil: 14 Cast in thy lot among us; let us all have one purse:"

The Jews are successful in their subversion of other nations because there is a complex and highly organized hierarchy to the International Jewish Power Structure. The apex of the pyramid is the Jewish king and this is why the Jews love the symbolism of the pyramid. The Jews concentrate wealth at the top in the hands of the Jewish king, which enables the Jews to overwhelm all competitors and squeeze them out of the competition. It also renders the Jews loansharks to entire nations and empires, thereby controlling their destinies, and enabling the Jews to manufacture and finance wars. The Jews also have been successful at using their concentrated wealth to buy up the media and have it serve their interests as if from different non-Jewish perspectives, creating the illusion of a lack of bias while ensuring a common Jewish cause is always served and becomes the popular opinion.

Even in nations which appear to have multiple party systems, the Jews often monopolize all parties and effectively convert the systems into totalitarian systems ruled by Jews and agents of the Jews.

In order to establish a government willing to defend the United States from the Jewish war on our nation, we must establish and elect an authentically anti-Jewish political party, the POWER PARTY. Totalitarianism can only prosper through a cowardly lack of competition.

To defeat this Jewish subversion of our nation, we must officially declare, through the State, war on the wealthiest Jews in the World, those Jews who are waging war on us and who constitute the aristocracy of World Jewry. We must go after them with our military might and destroy them if they refuse to unconditionally surrender to us. This is one of the planks of the POWER PARTY platform. We must also eliminate the presence of the International Jewish Power Structure in America, another of the planks of the POWER PARTY platform.