Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Problems We Face at the Moment Are Political, NOT Military

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

At the moment, the American public does not face a military challenge, but rather a political challenge. We have to win over the minds of Americans, and pointing guns at the enemy will not change the mentality nor the beliefs of the Jewish controlled American slave population.

It is unwise and ineffective to attempt to solve political problems with military means. The POWER PARTY faces an American populace whose minds have been forged in the dies of Jewish lies. This is a political problem.

When the blacks were freed by military force after the Civil War, they still suffered from a slavish mindset. Sadly, it is still our task to teach all of our citizens to be free, especially the blacks. The climate to be free is there, but the mindset enslaves the masses. That is a political challenge, not a military challenge.

The government could disappear tomorrow, and that would not of itself change the mentality and beliefs of majority America. If we changed the mentality and beliefs of majority Americans, and the government resisted this change, then we would enter into a situation in which military force became necessary and desirable, but such is not the case at present.

On such issues as immigration and the Jewish banker bailouts, the government is openly opposed to the will of the electorate, but the harm military action would cause would outweigh any gain of simply halting the bailout and closing the borders and the common wisdom is at least great enough to come to this conclusion.

We need to teach the American People that they face far greater threats than just these, and we must teach the American People who is attacking them, why they face the problems they face, and what actions need to be taken to remedy the situation and create a sustainable and glorious future for our People. Obviously, this a political task at the moment, not a military objective.

We do not need to destroy or capture anything militarily to gain access to the American public. We are unbound though we constrain ourselves through our lack of understanding and our collective cowardice. Rather than employing physical force against the enemy at this time, we need to improve ourselves intellectually and spiritually so that we can persuade the American public to follow our political agenda.

If we are smart and deserving of success, the fact that the Jews are tearing down majority America can be made to work in our favor, because it is easier to sell sandwiches for food in the political marketplace, when the only alternative the competition is offering the public is shinola on a shingle. For example Barack Obama was an easy candidate to beat. He is an empty headed slogan spewing actor who reads his scripts poorly and melodramatically. He is a phoney and a fraud and as such easily exposed and easily defeated.

Consider now the rise of the Japanese economy and the Wirtschaftswunderzeit in Germany following WW II. America had every natural advantage over both Japan and Germany, yet these nations grew from literal ruins to challenge America and exceed Great Britain. They did it by starting off with new capital as the Americans, Brits and French used old production capital. But also, the American automobile industry produced comparatively poor and inefficient cars as the Japanese and German auto industries in particular emphasized quality and economy. It did not take long for the Japanese and Germans to make headway into the American automobile market because the domestic competition was poor.

The Jews dominate the Democrat and Republican Parties and have made them one garbage party which is deliberately bringing America down. Our POWER PARTY will face only this miserable competition, because the Jews who control the other parties want America to fail and therefore offer Americans nothing but more garbage to heap on the rot they have already piled on top of us. We will shine ever brighter by comparison to the Republican and Democrat's rusty old Jewish Communist rhetoric which emphasizes government control and welfare, instead of offering investment capital for private production and protectionist tax policies, which is what the POWER PARTY will do. The Jewish Bolshevists are only offering to borrow money from Americans to hand it back to them and then demand it be paid back to the Jews with interest. Since the Jews concurrently promote imports over domestic production, they have deliberately created an unsustainable and self-destructive system in America and it is failing by design and the Jews will only encourage more failure.

The Jews are destroying America politically and they are able to do so because they face no political competition. Instead, they have a controlled opposition which proposes infantile military solutions to these political problems, and does so on such a small scale that any such attempts provoked by the Jews only lead to sympathy for the Jews. If the same effort and funds which the "Patriot Community" is wasting on supposed military solutions to our political problems were instead put into the POWER PARTY we could offer the American public an authentic resolution to the crisis the Jews have brought upon us, without destroying anything of value to Americans.

The "Tom Sawyer" effect can be made to work in our favor, but we must do much more than simply provide an example. We have to create incentives for POWER PARTY membership. We should create schools and learning materials, and offer scholarships, especially at the graduate school level. We need our people in a position to claim power in effective ways, so that we do not tear down America, but rather build up America. We need to organize organic food production and distribution. This can become a means for financing our efforts, as can our counter-media and our schools. Not only will we make money for our cause, but we will concurrently and concomitantly improve the lot of our members and our country, and spread our doctrines to the public. Midwifery and other more natural and healthy alternatives to Jewish medicine can also become a specialty of ours, which will curry us favor with the public and generate needed funds, while demonstrating the advantages of our ways.

We must of course also prepare for our defense and the defense of America from the Jews, but since we will be working primarily politically, every step the Jews take to stop us will be seen by the American People as an encroachment on our political rights, rather than as the government defending the American People from domestic terrorism, which the Jews would love to have as a weapon to use against our movement.

Let the Jews pose the violent threats. Let our POWER PARTY demonstrate positive political change, not hollow Marxist rhetoric, which is all the Jews have to offer.

Americans are fed up, but at the moment they are looking for political answers and the "Patriot Community" is only offering them war and fear. The Jews have small numbers. It is only media and a lack of organized competition which enables the Jews to shape the public mind and that gives them the effect of having large numbers.

The Jews' Achilles heel is the fact that they are working against the best interests of the American public, which ought to be their death politically because no one wants the enemy to rule over them. The Jews are only successful because we fail to offer a superior political alternative. Ron Paul or Pat Buchanan, is that really the best that we can do? Surely not!

All we need do is take direct aim at the elephant in the room and our message will be so clear, so true and so necessary that the public cannot ignore it or reject it. The elephant is really just a balloon filled with hot gas. A pin prick is all that is needed to deflate it.

Though the majority American will rightly reject terrorism, they will eagerly embrace viable and positive political options. The POWER PARTY is such an option.

Military problems require military solutions. Political problems require political solutions. We presently face a political problem and the POWER PARTY is the solution.

The Will of the People and the Principles of the POWER PARTY Must Become, and Remain, the Same

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews control the media and with it American public opinion and our elections. Adolf Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf:

"The Marxists will march with democracy until they succeed in indirectly obtaining for the criminal aims the support of even the national intellectual world, destined by them for extermination."-- A. Hitler, Mein Kampf, Houghton Mifflin, Boston, New York, (1971), p. 376.

Hitler correctly stated that "Western democracy" had been subverted by the Jews and that the politicians of his day were lazy puppets serving the Jews, who only sought election and reelection for selfish reasons. Hitler did not live in American society, where we face an even worse challenge than the Germanic Peoples of Hitler's era. America has failed to produce enough citizens who are even capable of serving in a democratic Constitutional Republic as statesmen.

The Jews have corrupted our root stock and produced a self-hating, defeatist, ignorant, weak and cowardly "leader" class who are too frightened and too fattened to battle back against the Jew. The Jews pick among those unfit to lead for a special breed of sycophant who will obey their orders, but they have so poisoned the minds and spirits of Americans that they could simply allow the voting process to occur unimpeded and the stupid American public, which has failed itself to produce natural leaders who serve the nation, would choose politicians who worked against the nation's best interests by default, if not by deliberate intention.

Our People and our "leaders" have no sense of what it means to be American and to serve our national interest. The Jews have deprived us of our survival instincts and our survival education. The POWER PARTY will remedy that deficiency in the American public.

The Jews have come to dominate and define what Hitler called the "national intellectual world".

The Jews control the universities, the presses, the Freemasons, the politicians, etc. Indeed, just as the Jews mass murdered the intellectuals of the Ottoman Empire, the Armenian People; and just as the Jews mass murdered the intellectuals of the Slavic Peoples, the Ukrainian Kulaks and Russian Intelligentsia; the Jews have set up the American intellectual class to put the Marxist Jews in power and the Marxist Jews will soon commence to mass murder the American intellectual class. We can attempt to use this fact, this very real threat the Jews pose to their lives, to persuade a portion of the wealthy to aid our cause in the same way that the National Socialists obtained financing by promising the industrialists war and the profits to be made from it, though of course we will seek peace and promise the profits of peace.

George Orwell, Yuri Bezmenov and supposedly Christian Rakovsky each declared that the Marxists would mass murder the intellectuals who helped to put them into power. The words attributed to Rakovsky express the situation quite well:

"Rakovsky--They were and are such. Masons had learned nothing from that first lesson which, for them, had been the Great Revolution, in which they played a colossal revolutionary role; it consumed the majority of masons, beginning with the Grand Master of the Orleans Lodge, more correctly the freemason Louis XVI, in order then to continue to destroy the Girondistes, the Hebertistes, the Jacobins etc., and if some survived it was due to the month of Brumaire.

G.--Do you want to say that the freemasons have to die at the hands of the revolution which has been brought about with their cooperation?

Rakovsky--Exactly so. You have formulated a truth which is veiled by a great secret. I am a mason, you already knew about that. Is that not so? Well, I shall tell you this great secret, which they promise to disclose to a mason in one of the higher degrees, but which is not disclosed to him either in the 25th, nor the 33rd, nor the 93rd, nor any other high level of any ritual. It is clear that I know of this not as a freemason, but as one who belongs to 'Them'...

G.--And what is it?

Rakovsky--Every masonic organization tries to attain and to create all the required prerequisites for the triumph of the Communist revolution; this is the obvious aim of freemasonry; it is clear that all this is done under various pretexts; but they always conceal themselves behind their well-known treble slogan. (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity--Transl.) You understand? But since the Communist revolution has in mind the liquidation, as a class, of the whole bourgeoisie, the physical destruction of all bourgeois political rulers, it follows that the real secret of masonry is the suicide of freemasonry as an organization, and the physical suicide of every more important mason. You can, of course, understand that such an end, which is being prepared for every mason, fully deserves the secrecy, decorativeness and the inclusion of yet another whole series of secrets, with a view to concealing the real one. If one day you were to be present at some future revolution then do not miss the opportunity of observing the gestures of surprise and the expression of stupidity on the face of some freemason at the moment when he realises that he must die at the hands of the revolutionaries. How he screams and wants that one should value his services to the revolution? It is a sight at which one can die ... but of laughter."--The purported transcript of the Rakovsky interrogation found in J. Landowsky, translated by George Knupffer, The Red Symphony, p. 19.

We face a bit of a dilemma, in that the non-Jews who are helping the Jews to destroy American are some of our best educated and most talented people. Many are beyond breeding age, so the loss of their lives won't necessarily result in the dysgenic mutilation of our gene pool, but we will have to decide whether to class them as traitors together with the Jews they support and eliminate them from our society, or to attempt to win them over to our cause. This will likely have to be decided by trial and experimentation, so I will leave it an open question, for now, and an issue we must eventually face and for which we must formulate appropriate plans and policies.

As Hitler correctly noted, the Jews bring the weight of the proletariat masses against the bourgeoisie to exterminate it, after the Jews have used the bourgeoisie to betray the host nation to the Jews. We must face this reality which works against our natural rights to democratic process.

One method which we can employ is to win the masses over to our cause as the economy deteriorates and the Jewish wars escalate. Another method we can employ is to better our people, or even simply maintain our people, as the rest of nation sinks into poverty. This will show our fellow citizens the benefits of POWER PARTY membership, but the Jews will attempt to pit the poor against us.

In America, however, we will have an easy time countering the Jews' propaganda by demonstrating that the Jews are growing ever fatter as they destroy the American economy and send our people to fight their wars.

We must plan for this conflict and from the beginning make our positions very clear, so that as we win the masses to our side, they hold to our values and pursue our policies as if the only natural course. We must not be shy, or apologetic, nor should we beg for crumbs or applaud half-measures and drool over the bones the Jews toss us to pacify and stall us.

Many of us were astonished and delighted by the books of Jimmy Carter, and Mearsheimer and Walt; but these books contained apologetics that weakened them, and were dilute and imperfect from the outset. We need to be very clear and state that the Jews are the problem and we need to eliminate the Jews to end the problems of poverty and war.

We must demand strong action from the beginning, so that those who join us will never comprise to the Marxist fifth column intelligentsia the Jews have planted on our soil, nor cower before the poor the Jews will likely succeed in turning against us as we gain strength of numbers. We must frame our Party so that even if the masses meet us in the middle, they will have moved far enough over towards reality that the Jew is doomed.

We must continually pull the American public in our direction and convince them of the correctness of our path. We must teach them that our way is the natural and successful way to build America. They must come to think like us so that they will understand our message and work with us without hesitation nor susceptibility to Jewish propaganda.

We must shape the mentality of the American People at the most fundamental level. In this way, the Catholic Church survived for almost two thousand years against a continual Jewish onslaught.

Our POWER PARTY will not win every election, and perhaps may not win any election, especially in the beginning. However, our Party will create more than an agenda and a set of candidates. Win or lose elections, we have real power in our beliefs and in our members. We do not need the government to follow our way for us to seize control over our fate.

For example, win or lose elections, we will educate our own children and teach them to be the leaders that are so lacking in our society today. Though the POWER PARTY has an Education Policy, we will not wait for Americans to arise to the wisdom of our ways and elect us, in order implement our plans. We can take immediate action to implement our Education Policy among our own members.

This is the major advantage we have over the other parties. Win or lose elections, we will work to undermine the measures the other parties take which harm American, and we will implement those measures which will improve America. Our POWER PARTY will excise power both within and without the governmental structure. We will create our own textbooks, whether we win or lose elections. We will create our own schools and home schooling materials, whether we win or lose elections. Our Party will change America for the better and will not depend on the will of the electorate to effect these changes.

But oh what a rapid difference we can make if we can change the mindset of the American People to agree with our policies and put us in office! We must be straightforward and uncompromising in our public statements from the beginning. Our message must initially welcome those who already are in agreement with our mentality, if not our core beliefs. We must from the beginning build a base that is cut from our cloth so that the fabric of our movement is strong and bullet proof. In the process, we will win the majority of Americans to our side and they will turn to us as we succeed while they fail, but we must let them understand why we are succeeding and who is making them fail, so that the Jews' Bolshevik lies will not turn them against us.

With this message, we will also be able to win business leaders and other wealthy individuals to our side, who ought to fear the Bolsheviks now in power who intend to strip them of their wealth and influence and leave their necks naked on the guillotines the Jews have prepared for all those who have helped to put the Jews in power. We must also teach the poor why they are poor, how much money flows to the Jews, which would immediately end their poverty, and that the Jews' promises of "liberty, equality and fraternity" are a trap, which when sprung wraps them in ever tighter chains which are winding around the globe.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Beware Hillary Clinton, Part 2

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back on 15 January 2009, in an article which I reproduce below in red, I predicted that since the Jews would try to paint Obama as if our savior, they would use Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to attack Iran and thereby spare Obama's image as if a "peacemaker" from this blatant and illegal Israeli-inspired aggression:


The World Will Turn on America in 2009: Beware Hillary Clinton, January 15, 2009

In November of 2006, I predicted that the World would quietly counter-attack the United States and destroy our economy:

The Quiet Counter-Attack, November 29, 2006

This article appears below.

On 29 November 2006, I was referring to governments and business leaders. The People of the World have been amazingly patient with America, but their patience is about to run out.

As America defaults on its debts, and ceases to fuel the massive economic engine of the World by consuming as if there were no limits; and as America continues to sponsor illegal Israeli aggression and fight new wars for the Jews, the People of the World will call for their governments to attack America. The UN will take the lead, and there will be boycotts of American goods. Americans will be murdered abroad. The tourism industry in America will die. Americans will be thought of as the scum of the Earth. Comedians and politicians around the globe will deride America and Americans. The international press will scorn us.

The Jews will attempt to portray Barack Obama as if a messiah, as I predicted would happen, long ago. And as I predicted back on 13 October 2008, the Jews will have Obama borrow from the taxpayer to give the taxpayer cash with which to consume:

To Where Will the Money Flow? October 13, 2008

Barack Obama: A Psychological Profile, November 05, 2008

The Israeli Snake Barack Obama Bites America in the Back and Injects the Candy Coated Venom of Jewish Usury into Our Financial Veins, November 08, 2008

Today, the press reports that Obama is pledging to borrow 825 billion dollars from the taxpayers to "give" to the taxpayers to keep them appeased and to fulfill his contract with the Jewish bankers who put him in power:

House Democrats propose $825 billion stimulus bill

This "gift", together with the Jewish theft of 8 trillion dollars, and the trillions in expenses for the Jewish wars America has been fighting, will finally bury the American economy and the US dollar, and turn the People of the World sharply against us. In such a hostile and turbulent environment, the Secretary of State will wield a tremendous amount of power. Madeleine Albright's crypto-Jewish father, Josef Korbel, gave us two female Secretaries of State, his daughter and his pupil Condoleezza Rice. See my blog:

The Judaization of American Politics and Universities, the Jewish Controlled Opposition to Jewish Communism, and the Jewish Use of Black Traitors, November 28, 2008

The Jews have long used the position of Secretary of State to warmonger. Recently we have witnessed Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice promote bloodshed. Hillary Clinton was made Secretary of State for a reason.

Clinton will petition the US Congress, which is dominated by her fellow Democrats, the American People, and the World for war against Iran. She will run around the World declaring that Iran plans to destroy America and that America must defend itself from Iran. Hillary Clinton will attempt to keep Obama's image strong as she takes the lead to bring America into war for the Jews.

If I can find a candidate to run for president, then we will be able to thwart the Jewish campaign to destroy America. We can expose Obama and Clinton as the warmongering Jewish puppets that they are, but much more than this, we can offer Americans a new future of prosperity and peace.

Keep an eye on Hillary Clinton. She will spill venom on Iran, Syria and Russia as no one else yet has, while puppet Obama plays "statesman" and drives American into the gutter.

My blog The Quiet Counter-Attack, November 29, 2006:

"The Zionist Bush regime has blackened the image of America around the world. At the behest of Israel and Jewish leaders, the United States of America has committed genocide in Iraq and has sponsored the Israeli genocide in Lebanon. The world cannot but take notice of these events. The pro-Jewish, anti-everyone else racist bias among Jewish controlled American politicians and the Jewish controlled media in America is strikingly apparent. Iran and its leaders cannot be mentioned in the American media without the obligatory mantra of holocaust denial and threats against Israel's existence, as well as the fictional charge of an imminent nuclear threat, also being mentioned.

However, Israel is forever praised, with no mention of its unprovoked and barbaric aggression against defenseless Lebanon, without calling attention to its hundreds of nuclear weapons and open threat to use them, without any condemnation of its repeated threats to wage war on Iran and Syria, or Israel's dehumanization and genocide of the Palestinian People. The American media does not present unbiased reporting of the news of the world. It is instead a forum for Israeli warmongering propaganda and for racist and groundless attacks against innocent, peace loving Moslems. The American media deliberately promotes hatred and cries out for war.

The fact that the American media has not embraced the historic peace initiatives beginning in Iran, Iraq and Syria, but instead ridicules them, demonstrates for the world to see that the fascistic American media/government combine fully intends to complete its deliberate destruction and balkanization of Iraq and Lebanon, at the behest of racist Jews; and they will fight any and all attempts to bring about peace and establish stability in the region. It could not be more clear that the Jewish controlled media and Jewish controlled American Government are deliberately destroying the region. It is not incompetence which has kept the Zionist Bush regime from engaging in diplomacy and negotiations to stabilize the Iraqi nation America has destroyed. Rather it is obedience to the Israelis who want perpetual war and revolution in the Middle East which has deliberately kept the American Government from solving the problems the Zionists have deliberately caused the innocent nations of the region.

Under the Zionists, the American Government has alienated the United States from the rest of the world and threatened the major powers of the world with world war. The other nations of the world know that the American military machine must be fed with dollars. Its appetite is enormous, and the war profiteers' corruption makes the pig of war even more gluttonous. Racist, traitorous, Zionist Jews have isolated America and given the rest of the world, not only the incentive, but the urgent imperative to destroy the American economy and thereby cut off the flow of funds to the American military beast. In turn, this puts a time pressure on the racist Jews, who have taken over American politics, to attack now, while America can still afford to wage war. We must resist them with all our might. Our economy cannot endure the pressure of another war. Moreover, if we do not begin to engage in honest diplomacy, the world will subtly and deliberately sink our economy.

China, Pakistan, India and Russia are uniting for self defense. They will discover that they do not need America as a mill through which to produce their wealth, as was the case in the past. Their banking reserves are growing and they can loan their own people the monies needed to grow their own economies. American debt will reach a breaking point very quickly if we engage in more war and continue to push other nations to ruin us economically. Deals are quietly being made by heads of state, and business leaders around the world. They are finally figuring out how to shut down Imperial America without pressuring America into war.

We can thank Jewish financiers and racist Zionists for our decline, but we must also take general responsibility for our own failure to rein in the disloyal Jews who are deliberately destroying us. The information is freely and widely available. If Americans continue to be brutal to the world, complacent with our Zionist puppet government, and consume beyond our means, we will fall hard and fast; and the world will watch with delight as we slide into the abyss of Bolshevik America.

Many nations are presently sawing away the underpinnings of our economy. Racist Jewish bankers are well aware that they are driving America towards the precipice of a sharp decline. If they do not achieve their world war today, they will try to make war appear to be an economic necessity for America, and will exploit the opportunity of a depression to install a brutal dictator and steal our wealth. They are forming the alliances of great armies in preparation for the insane battle of Armageddon, which Jews have planned for thousands of years.

If so few evil persons armed with money and an evil plan can accomplish so much destruction, one would think that the good people of the human race could band together to oppose them. Is there no collective will to survive among the human race as a whole? Are we so trapped by the inertia of our mundane habits that we cannot act in new ways to save our human race? Are we so easily divided and by our natures so opposed to each other that such a vile plan as Judaic Messianic prophecy can divide and overtake us and destroy our lives?

Indeed, human beings are banding together to oppose this evil which has infected America. It is a strange, unnerving and sickening experience to settle upon the reality that criminal Zionist Jews have converted America into a poisoned well of hatred, war and bigotry, just as they turned magnificent Germany into a force for evil. We had better cure ourselves of this sickness quickly, or the world will be forced to quietly quarantine us and then burn or bury us to keep the infection from spreading. Know that there are at this hour powerful persons and coalitions organizing to put an end to American aggression and hubris. We had better clean our own house, before others burn it down."


It did not take long for my predictions to come true. Hillary Clinton has already declared war on Iran. See:

Hillary, Tzipi to stop Iran enrichment

Olmert to Clinton: Israel will do all it can to prevent Gaza smuggling

Obama: We will aggressively seek lasting Middle East peace

As I noted on 15 January 2009, the Jews often use the Office of the Secretary of State as a pulpit for Jewish warmongering. One need only witness the actions of Henry Kissinger, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, and Condoleezza Rice to understand how the Jews have used the position of Secretary of State as one of their key roles for their fifth column in America.

We must counter the Jews' strategy by pointing out to the American People and the World, that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are agents of our enemy, Israel. We cannot allow the Jews to draw a distinction between Obama and Clinton. We must make it widely known that Clinton's actions are Obama's actions, for he is her boss, and that their policies are dictated to them by Israel.

It is very important to point out the Obama has two faces. On the one hand, he pretends that he is opposed to war by proposing an end to the Iraq War and Gitmo. On the other hand, Obama's Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is no sooner confirmed than she is declaring war on Iran together with the heads of the Jewish State, Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni.

The Jews do not want peace in Iraq, rather they want Iraq in pieces. It is obvious that the Jews want Iraq to fall further apart, while rendering our troops available to fight Israel's aggressive, unprovoked and illegal war on Iran. The stupid soldiers who voted for Obama are going to jump from the frying pan of Iraq into the nuclear fires of Iran, courtesy our Israeli puppet President, Barack "the First Jewish President" Obama.

Do let the Jews confuse the American public. Point out Obama's hypocrisy, cowardice in hiding behind Clinton, and his duplicity and deceit in attempting to deceive the American People into another war for Israel while concurrently and deceptively pretending to be a "peacemaker" in the Middle East.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

How Can Israel Claim to Be a "Democracy" When It Has No Constitution Nor Borders?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish State of Israel has no constitution, nor does it name its borders. Israel's hidden constitution is Judaism. Israel's undeclared borders range from the Nile to the Euphrates rivers. Israel's desired jurisdiction extends over the entire Earth.

It could not be more clear that the Jewish State follows a foreign policy which obeys Jewish Law as iterated in the Hebrew Bible, the Talmud, Maimonedes, the Cabalah, and the many commentaries and refinements of same. The Jews are genociding the native inhabitants of Palestine, just as their religion advises, and because their religion teaches them to do so. They treat non-Jews as if non-humans, just as their religion requires them to do. They make perpetual war on every nation on Earth, just as their genocidal Jewish God has instructed.

The Jews of Israel are simply being Jews. Jews are an existential threat to the human race.

Israel contains one third of the Jews of the World. It is not some aberration of the Jewish spirit, but the condensation and concentration of the perverse Jewish mentality, which malady also pervades the remaining two thirds of Jewry, who almost unanimously support the Jewish State, and who certainly do unanimously support the Jewish People and its consistent and constant crimes against the human race. Israel is Jewry and the danger of Israel is the danger of the Jewish People to all others, as the Jews have demonstrated each and every day of their existence.

The Jews, the entire Jewish People of 15 million, will not relent until they have wiped out all non-Jews in "Greater Israel". They will not stop destroying all other cultures, nations, religions, ethnicities, races, competition, etc. until they are either stopped, or succeed in their ancient quest to destroy the human race.

What Israel is doing is not some reaction to outside forces, nor was the formation of Israel a response to the Holocaust. Israel is simply following the plan laid out in the Jews' religious texts. The Jews have openly planned to take Palestine and genocide the native population of Palestine for some 2,500 years before the Holocaust. The Jews have openly complained that "anti-Semitism" is a threat that gives them the right to genocide the Palestinians, not merely since the advent of Nazism, but for some 2,500 years.

The Jewish religion is the Constitution of the Jewish State of Israel, and, to a greater or lesser extent, the constitution of the nature of every Jew alive. The borders of Israel are the range the Jew roams over the entire World. The perverse Jewish mentality is inbred by a Jew's exposure to his parents and to his community. Judaism passes in the spit and slobber of Jewish mother telling her Jewish child that he is a "Jew", as much as Judaism passes in the poison and pain of a Talmudic tractate. The secular Jews did not suddenly come to life after the Enlightenment and the Jewish Reformation a body of vampires that appeared ex nihilo, in vacuo, mostly atheistical and undetached from formally practiced Judaism. Judaism is the Jew. It is a mindset that transcends and supercedes religion. It is a belief set, a way of life, a perception of one's self and one's relation to the World that makes a Jew, a Jew, and a danger to all of humanity.

In fact, the religious shell of Judaism is like the stretched and infected skin of a lycanthropic pustule. When you lance it to cure the infection, the virus only becomes more contagious and spills directly on the non-Jew.

The secular Jew is a deliberate product of the hyper-religious Jew, a monster created out of the hewed corpses of the fanatically religious Jew, a Golem which is conjured up to enter the World of the non-Jew and poison its blood, and boil its brain with a rabid lunacy that bites and spreads, until the infected community feeds on itself and fills the fields with rotting bloating bodies, where once human beings tilled the soil and tended to their families. The religious Jew created the secular Jew as an army of Esthers who seduce with open thighs, broad smiles, and a Siren call that lures in the non-Jew to cast his skull upon the jagged rocks and color the seas with his blood, sickened and blinded by the venereal disease of Judaism in secular form.

Israel is not a secular democracy. It is a religious mockery. It is a rabid bat flying to the ends of the Earth, to end the Earth. No one will be free nor safe until the disease is quarantined and dies out.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When Will Israel Take Revenge on Egypt?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews are the most vengeful and vindictive people on the face of the Earth. Though the Romans and then the Christian Church found a special place in the Jews' bowels for their visceral hatred of humanity, the Egyptians have always been hated by the Jews. In addition to the Old Testament, the writings of Philo the Jew and Josephus swell with Jewish venom against the Egyptians.

The Jews pitted the Romans against the Egyptians, and exploited Egyptian wealth from the city of Alexandria. The Jews' puppet Napoleon attacked Egypt. The Jews attacked the USS Liberty in an attempt to pit the Americans against the Egyptians.

I suspect that the Jews are eager to devastate Egypt as never before. They will relish feeding the Egyptians to their dogs, as they claim to have done in the past.

The Jews know that their well paid ally Hosni Mubarak sits on a shaky throne, is old, and by Jewish design is losing favor with the Egyptians. They want to pick their replacement. The Jews want war with Egypt.

It is not a question of "if", but of "when". "When" will Egypt sink into chaos? When will revolution strike Egypt? When will war devastate Egypt?

The POWER PARTY has the solution to the Jews' war on humanity. We need only recognize that the Jews are attacking us, and begin to fight back. A US declaration of war against Israel in recognition of Israel's war on the US will put an end to the Jews' plans to exterminate the Egyptians, the Saudis, the Lebanese, the Jordanians, the Iranians, the Palestinians, etc. It will win us, the US, the support of 1.5 billion Muslims and deflate the six million strong Jewish fifth column in America. By merely recognizing that the 15 million Jews alive today are pursuing our demise, we will win an army of 1.5 billion to our side against this enemy.

Where Will the World's Oil Come From When the Jews Pit the Saudis, Egyptians, Jordanians, Lebanese and Americans Against the Iranians and Syrians?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews have been playing games with the Armenian Community for years, toying with them over the issue of recognition of the Armenian Genocide. The Jews rule Turkey and Azerbaijan, and created and actively promote the mythologies of Pan-Turanism and Pan-Turkism. The Jews perpetrated The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians.

Barack Obama has pledged himself to support an Armenian Genocide recognition Bill. The Jews have always scapegoated the Turks for the Jewish genocide of the Armenians. Indeed, the Turks were the foot soldiers of the Jews, together with the Kurds, in the Jewish campaign to exterminate the Armenians. The Turks have kept a large swath of historic Armenian lands as their reward for killing Armenians for the Jews. The Jews gave the Turks and Kurds all the wealth they could steal from the Armenians after mass murdering them. The Jews let Turkish murderers free from prisons to serve the Jews as barbaric butchers of Armenian women and children.

The Jews will again attempt to pit the Turks against the Armenians. The Jews will also attempt to pit the Azeris against the Armenians. The Turks and Azeris largely live on the ancestral homelands of the Armenian People. The ancestral homelands of the Armenian People sit atop a vast oil reserve, one that could replace the oil that will be lost during the coming war between the US, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Lebanon against Syria and Iran.

The oil of Baku can fill the tanks and heat the homes, supply the plastics and fertilizers to the World. The Soviets left it largely untouched, but why? The Turks and Azeris have yet to exploit it. The Armenians belong to it as it belongs to them. But who is it that will ultimately claim it?

It appears that the Jews want the Turks, Azeris, Iranians, Russians, Armenians, Georgians, Kurds, etc. to consume each other in Jewish manufactured wars, as the Jews sink their fangs into the land and draw out the oil of ancient Armenia. World War One and World War Two gave them the oil of the Arabs and Persians. Baku awaits exploitation in World War Three.

The Jews are spreading lies to deny the Armenians their rights and their history. There is nothing new about this. Some believe the Hyksos were Armenians, and that the Hebrews learned monotheism from the Armenians while both peoples dwelled in Egypt. If true, the Jews stole their plagiarized "Hebrew" (Apiru?) history from the Armenians. There can be no doubt that they built the modern nation of Israel on a foundation of Armenian corpses.

The Jews' next move will be to have the Turks and Azeris again act as their foot soldiers and attack the Armenians with the promise that the Jews will pit the Arabs against one another and the Persians, as the Jews have so often done in the past, and so recently as the Iraq-Iran War, and cut off Arab-Iranian oil, thereby making oil under the control of the "Turanian People" much sought after and highly valuable. The Turks, Arabs, and Persians, though each mostly Muslim, have no love lost for one another. While they should be uniting against the common Jewish enemy, the Jews are using crypto-Jewish leadership to pit them against one another.

The Jews will again try to pit the Muslims against the Armenian Christians and the Russians. They followed this model in the Crimean War, the Russo-Turkish War, and World War One. The Jews often follow the same pattern unless and until it ceases to work for them.

The Jews are eager to turn Arab and Persian cities into nuclear wastelands. They don't need the oil there, because they hope to tap the oil of Baku.

War and chaos are what the Jews want. They already have the money. I hope all the players in the Middle East come to learn who is behind their problems and unite to squash the vampire bats that are fluttering around in the halls of their governments.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Making the Most of Jewish Propaganda, Part 2: How Much Royal Rump-Armor Can 1 Billion Dollars Buy?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As I predicted, the Arab World is waking up to the fact that Saudi, Egyptian, Jordanian and Lebanese leaders are in bed with the Israelis. The Israelis attacked Gaza in order to split the Arab World and drive a wedge between Muslims, pitting Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon against the Palestinians, Syrians and Iranians. They attacked Gaza to weaken the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon and threaten them with revolution if they fail to sign on to an attack on Iran and Syria.

The Israelis' plan has had some success, but we can thwart it and turn their actions and their propaganda against them. Already, the Saudis' are trying to cover their rumps with a billion dollar gift (bribe?) to the Palestinians to forgive the Saudis' sins, sort of a Papal Indulgence to prevent the hellish punishment of revolution. Diana Elias of the Associated Press writes:

"The Arab world has struggled to come up with a unified response to the Gaza crisis — with strong Hamas supporters like Iran and Syria facing off against U.S. allies like Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia."--Diana Elias, Associated Press Writer, "Saudi Arabia to donate $1 billion to rebuild Gaza",

For many years now, I have predicted that Gaza would become a death camp and that the Jews would exterminate the Palestinians at their first viable opportunity:

The Israeli Nazis and the Gaza Ghetto, February 21, 2007

The President of Iran, Ahmadinejad, is calling for the criminal prosecution of Israeli leaders. Taieb Mahjoub of the AFP writes:

"Israel's arch foes condemned the Gaza onslaught at a summit in Qatar on Friday, with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calling for the prosecution of Israeli leaders by an international court.

Also at the summit, Qatar and Mauritania decided to suspended their relations with Israel, a Mauritanian diplomat said."--Taieb Mahjoub of the AFP, "Ahmadinejad demands prosecution of Israel's leaders",

For years now, I have been pleading with Ahmadinejad to initiate criminal charges against the Israelis and Americans, in, among many other places, the following blogs:

On Whom Will It Backfire? March 14, 2007

Tortuous Interference, March 08, 2007

Olmert Details Criminal Israeli Plan to Wage Illegal Aggressive War on Lebanon: Lebanese Should Sue Israel for Israel's Planned Destruction, March 08, 2007

A War Plan Waiting for a Pretext: Israel's Illegal Aggressive War on Lebanon, March 07, 2007

Zionist Crimes Against Iran, March 07, 2007

"La verite est en marche et rien ne l'arretera."—Emile Zola, March 01, 2007

Gunboat Diplomacy Is a Crime Against Peace, February 27, 2007

Iran Should Draft and Distribute a Brief to Members of the UN, February 26, 2007

Congress Must Intervene and Iran Must Make a Criminal Complaint, February 24, 2007

Iranians and Sanctions, February 20, 2007

Why Doesn't Rice Demand that the Israelis Abide by International Law and United Nations Resolutions? February 17, 2007

Establish an International Islamic Coalition Court, February 15, 2007

Can American Soldiers and Victim Nations File Civil Suits Against Those Who Instigate and Conduct Illegal Aggressive War? February 09, 2007

Zionist Crimes Against Peace, February 07, 2007

Since the Arab governments are thoroughly corrupt, the Arab and Iranian peoples can place pressure on their leaders and put the expensive Jewish propaganda to use for themselves. The Jews have long called for the prosecution of Muslims and the overthrow of Muslim governments in order to "spread democracy" under the euphemism "regime change". The Jews have been propagandizing us to fight a war against "Terror".

As I suggested in April of 2007, Ahmadinejad should use his fame to Muslims' and Iran's advantage and star in a video documentary demonstrating that the Israelis are undemocratic terrorists who perpetually wage illegal aggressive war against the World. Just as the Israelis try to unite Americans with them against the Iranians, the Iranians should unite Americans with the Iranians against the genocidal Israelis by showing in this documentary how the Israelis have created a fifth column and fourth estate in America which has subverted our Democracy.

I wrote almost two years ago:

"I would suggest that the Iranians put Ahmadinejad's fame to work convincing World public opinion that much of human suffering over the last century has resulted from the Zionists and their international organizations. Take an historico-critical approach and document the facts in video documentaries. Then apply commonly accepted standards of human morality and offer just solutions to the problems the Zionists have created. World public opinion will favor this approach, and the Zionists will further alienate themselves as warmongers and troublemakers, while the Iranians will become increasingly seen as a nation under unjust, inhuman and racist attack. People will soon tire of the Zionist vampires crying out for more Moslem blood, and will turn to the positive and progressive solutions offered by the Iranians, most especially so if the Iranians and others succeed in uniting Islam for the cause of peace and prosperity. The contrast between Zionist warmongers and Islamic messengers of peace is becoming increasingly strong, and needs only a multimedia PR campaign to hasten the end of Zionist domination of World public opinion.

Show the carnage and injustice the Zionists have committed. Show what a shameful thing it is to be a racist, warmongering Zionist. Document the Zionist attack on humanity with irrefutable evidence. The truth favors the cause of Islam. Trust in the truth. Share the truth with the World.

Use the power the Jewish controlled media has given President Ahmadinejad. Produce a documentary of his career and interject the facts of Zionist corruption. Westerners are very curious about him. A documentary about him would be widely seen. Once you have the eyes and ears of the West, you can persuade Western minds with the facts."-->Use Ahmadinejad's Fame to Maximum Advantage, April 04, 2007

Since the Jews have made such a star out of Ahmadinejad, his video would immediately become an international sensation. It would strengthen his hand against the traitors in the Arab World. It would make him a hero of the Muslim World and win the World's sympathies for the Muslims. It would alienate and isolate the Israelis and turn the World against the Zionists by demonstrating their crimes, their hypocrisy and the danger they pose to the US, the Arabs, and the World.

Surely there is enough video footage of Jews slaughtering Muslims to show the World who that the Jews are the real terrorists. Surely there is enough evidence of Jews corrupting the press, government and churches of America, to show that the Israelis are warmongering subverters of democracy.

The Poisonous Nature of Jewish International Economics and What the POWER PARTY Will Do Instead

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Consider a highly simplified model of an international economy. In this most basic model, we have only production and purchasing power.

Think of America as the only money producer. Think of China as the only goods producer.

Americans will pay themselves high wages for wasteful bureaucracies and unproductive professions, and produce lots of currency, so that they have a great deal of purchasing power with which to buy Chinese produced goods. The Chinese will produce lots of goods in an effort to gain dollars and they will funnel those dollars back into increased production, thereby reducing their own profits and lowering their own wages.

In this most basic economic structure, those who produce the most have the least purchasing power, and those who produce the least have most purchasing power. This is an unjust and terribly inefficient system. It is a Jewish system. It is the twin-headed hydra of Jewish Capitalism coupled to Jewish Communism. It is the international Jewish economic system of the global economy and it is about to collapse.

In this system it is really the Jewish bankers who literally make the money, and the American and Chinese slaves who produce the goods and consume them in ways that increase the profits of the Jews. The Jews want the poorest human beings to produce the most, and have those goods purchased by the human beings with the most purchasing power and the worst debts. The poor produce goods cheaply, and the comparatively rich pay high prices for them compounded by usurious interest rates and perpetual debt. Such a system maximizes profits for the Jews, but it is unjust, unsustainable, inefficient and highly destructive.

A Communist system will fail because the purchasing power of the individual does not increase with his or her productivity, and therefore eliminates any incentive to be efficient and productive. The profits on an international level increase as the cost of labor is reduced all the way down to slave labor. That is one of many reasons why the Capitalists created and financed the Communist revolutions and "Marxist" economic philosophy. Through their internationalism, they pit countries against one another and drain them all dry.

The country which produces currency and provides its citizens with purchasing power improves the standard of living of those citizens, but only temporarily. The Jews always attach unnecessary usury to the production of currency, and encourage colonialism; thereby increasing unemployment and debt. The Empire they create inevitably collapses as the debts accrue to unsustainable levels and unemployment skyrockets, and as the colonies are driven into ruin through exploitation. The Jewish parasite kills both the Capitalistic and the Communistic hosts it corrupts. Hence we have the ruined "Third World" and the collapsing "First World".

The Jews are producing dollars out of American debt slavery, and goods out of Chinese labor slavery. The balance must either reverse itself, or both countries must fail and fall into famine and death. The balance cannot reverse itself, because the manufacturing capital and talent is under a different sovereignty from the loan capital. So, unless something is quickly done, both nations are doomed, by design.

Now, let us change our most basic model to one in which the party who produces the most has the most purchasing power, and both nations strive for Autarky. We will forbid the generation of profits through speculation in both stock and commodities markets. We will pay wages based on productivity and contribution to the general welfare of society. None will starve, but those who contribute the most will have the most purchasing power and be rewarded for their labor, skill and talent.

We will ensure that each nation is independent of the other and there will be no Jewish World economy, so that we can neither be exploited by Jewish Capitalists nor Jewish Communists. We will mostly produce for ourselves, and the excess we will barter to other nations.

But we will guard our currency from speculation, debt, and excessive supply or unduly contracted supply. We will maintain a proper amount of currency in each nation to provide purchasing power for the goods we produce, and we will encourage that production by rewarding it and by not allowing the theft of profits taken without work or value added, nor will we allow currency producers to exploit goods producers. Usury and speculation will not exist in our system.

Americans would have to produce their own goods to stock their shelves. The Americans would have to lift their people out of debt slavery. The treasury would provide loan capital to Americans for this end, and attach a time penalty to currency to promote the velocity of money. A proper balance would be struck between the supply of money and the supply of goods and services. The money would be distributed in such a way as to favor efficient production and just consumption.

The Chinese would have to provide their own people with purchasing power and loan capital. The Chinese would have to lift their own people out of labor slavery.

There is an easy way out this mess which I have called the "international Jewish economic system"; but we will have to step over the Jews' lies and eliminate them from public life, because they have demonstrated time after time that they will ruin any people which adopts their philosophies or which allows them access to the media, government, finance, business, or educational systems of the nation.

We must strike a reasonable and fair balance between production and purchasing power. We must strike a reasonable balance between money supply and production. We must strive for national independence and Autarky.