Saturday, April 25, 2009

How the Jews Are Converting the Facts of History into "He Said, She Said" Nonsense

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Judaism has sponsored a perverse Jewish mentality, which promotes deceit and injustice. Obviously, this Jewish mindset of murder and deceit predates Judaism, since Judaism is a product of the perverse Jewish mentality.

A prime example of the perverse Jewish mentality is found in The Babylonian Talmud, in Tractate Baba Kamma, folio 113, which states that the Jews are to use the laws of non-Jews to subvert the courts when it favors the Jews, but to appeal to Jewish laws when that works against the Goyim and favors the Jews (note that the Jews are not concerned with truth, justice or fairness),

"'Where a suit arises between an Israelite and a heathen, if you can justify the former according to the laws of Israel, justify him and say: 'This is our law'; so also if you can justify him by the laws of the heathens justify him and say [to the other party:] 'This is your law'; but if this can not be done, we use subterfuges to circumvent him."--Here quoted from the Soncino edition,

The Jews believe that their satanic god offered his evil law to the entire World, but the Gentiles rejected it, while Moses accepted it on Sinai. The Jews claim on the basis of this superstitious nonsense that the Jews have no legal obligations to Gentiles and can steal all Gentile wealth and murder Gentiles with impunity. The Jews also believe that their satanic god has declared that only Jews are human, are divine and have the power and the duty to cheat the Goyim and take their lives because Goyim are not only mere animals with cockroach souls, but also carry the seed of the Devil (never expect the opportunistic and deceitful Jews to be consistent or rational in their hateful and racist beliefs). The Jews justify their racist god's commandments to them to steal all the wealth of the Goyim and genocide the human race, on this basis.

Obviously, the Jews first planned to steal the wealth of the World and murder off the human race, then crafted their crafty god in such a way as to justify their evil intentions.

One such Jewish attack on the human race occurred in the period from 1894-1923, when the Jews attempted to exterminate the Armenians under their control. The Jews want to deny this atrocity, when it favors their interests to do so, while demanding that it be acknowledged when that incomplete acknowledgment, which ignores the Jewish role, favors the Jewish agenda to pit Christians against Muslims and Muslims against Christians. The Jews never worry about such irrelevant issues as justice, truth or fairness, unless invoking those concepts favors their ancient agenda to rule the World, steal all the wealth of humanity, and kill off the human race.

The Jewish press is increasingly attempting to turn the issue of the Armenian Genocide into a matter of "he said, she said", again pitting the Turks (who are still under Jewish control) against the Armenians (who are also still under Jewish control). The Jews are using their control over the press to pretend that there is great doubt over which claims are correct and that scholars have not arrived at a consensus opinion regarding the fact that the genocide occurred. Instead of recognizing the significance of the historical fact to all of humanity, the Jews are attempting to frame the debate as if a political question, rather than a historical and criminal question, while at the same time stating that the issue is historical rather than political, based upon which assessment favors Jewish interests, rather than the truth, justice and fundamental fairness.

The Jews want the World to believe that the Armenians and the Turks are engaged in a skunk spraying contest, rather than look into the facts and understand the overwhelming significance of the genocidal Jewish attack on the human race to us all. The Jews employ similar tactics with regard to their genocide of the Palestinians. They claim, when it suits their purposes, that they own the land which they were always forced to steal, given that it was never originally theirs, because their genocidal satanic god has promised it to them and has commanded them to exterminate the native residents. The Jews concurrently claim, when it suits their interests, that their genocide of the Palestinians is a purely political, and not religious matter, and is the product of a need for self-defense--that they are entitled to genocide the Palestinians because the possibility exists that someone might attempt to genocide the Jews.

In both instances of Jewish genocide, The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians and the Jewish genocide of the Palestinians, the Jews disregard the truth and selectively force public opinion to focus on the lies the Jews generate to keep the public bewildered and on the side of Jewish interests.

This is one of the reasons why the POWER PARTY will introduce legislation to bar the Jews from government, the press and the educational system. Jews must not be permitted to corrupt public opinion.

The Armenians now face a situation where they are asked to justify historical fact which the public is falsely being led to believe is merely an Armenian opinion and political agenda. The press is increasingly stating that the Armenian Genocide is a matter of "he said, she said" between Armenians and Turks, rather than a historical fact recognized by a consensus of modern scholars. Again, this lie, which is not based on new facts or arguments, but rather on Jewish butt-shielding, horrifically diminishes the significance of this event to all of humanity.

Since the Armenians pinned their hopes on the professional liar and Jewish puppet Barack Hussein Obama, they face a situation in which the tables have turned on them and the deceitful leadership of Turkey can claim that the Turks would have been asked to continue to pursue proper relations with Armenia even if Obama had recognized the genocide as he has promised to do, so the Armenians must now submit to the new standard of "he said, she said" and let Turkish liars with Jewish backing obfuscate the issue and deny reality. Armenians will now be asked to do as they would have asked the Turks to do, and leave out the Armenian Genocide issue from territorial claims, and leave open to questions recognized historical facts. The Jews have played the Armenians, doubtless with the assistance of traitors in the Armenian government, the Armenian press, and Armenian academia.

So what to do now? My suggestion remains that the Armenians produce a professional video, which discloses all of the facts surrounding the Armenian Genocide, including the demonstrable facts that the Jews are the leading genocide deniers in the Western World, and that the "Young Turks" were Jews and Freemasons. I would also continue to suggest that the Armenians sponsor politicians who will defend America from the Jews, and run ads against politicians and others who deny the genocide. The Armenians must also combat the traitors in their midst who defend and praise the Jews and help the Jews hide the facts from the public. The Armenians must produce a new generation of scholars, journalists and politicians who favor truth, justice and fairness.

But I also strongly suggest that the Armenians not act like the Jews, and take a consistent and entirely honest stance from this point forward, which takes into account the Jews' murderous actions against them during the genocide and today, instead of playing around with the Jews in the hopes that they can use the Jews to make gains against the Turks and Azeris. If the Armenians continue to dance with the Devil, instead of taking matters into their own hands, if the Armenians act in an opportunistic way, I suspect that this will continue to work against their interests in the long run, and ultimately they will look like fools when it comes time to expose the Jews with all the resources available to the Armenian community; because the Jews will be able to point out how the Armenians have been praising the Jews and building up Morgenthau as if a hero to the Armenians.

Siding with the Jews, who take all sides in order to subvert all sides but their own, will ultimately backfire on the Armenians as it did in the period from 1894-1923, and the end result will be another Jewish genocide of Armenian Christians and the disappearance of Armenians from all of ancient Armenia. The Armenian diaspora will not last for another three generations, in the age of television and universal Jewish Bolshevism. With Armenia gone forever, Armenians will also be gone forever.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Professional Liar and Jewish Puppet Barack Hussein Obama Again Breaks His Word and Spits on the Truth

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For a very long time now, long before others, I have been warning my audience that Barack Hussein Obama is a psychopathic liar and a puppet of the Jews. Today, despite his campaign promises to the contrary, Obama refused to call the Armenian Genocide a genocide.

This slap in the face to humanity, this insult to the Armenian dead, comes on the heels of Obama's commemoration of the Jewish Holocaust, in which he called the Jews the "chosen people" and pledged himself to combat genocide denial. Well, in short order Obama has himself denied an actual genocide, by deliberate and self-admittedly calculated omission of the needed term. Forever lying through his deceptively smiling teeth, Obama stated in a press release which he issued today,

"My interest remains the achievement of a full, frank and just acknowledgment of the facts."--President Obama, press release as quoted by Ben Smith, in his article, "Obama avoids calling Armenian slaughter 'genocide'",

Obama was neither full, nor frank nor just. He instead lied by omission about the history and existence of The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, and broke his promise to acknowledge that a genocide took place. Obama lied when he stated that he would combat genocide denial, by himself denying, through omission, the Armenian Genocide.

This comes as no surprise to me given the cadre of Armenian Genocide denying Jews and Zionists who control Obama, including Rahm Emanuel. Obama also lies about the Jewish genocides of the Palestinians, Iraqis, Afghanistanis, etc.

We Americans will soon taste our own blood as the Jews genocide us. Obama is their agent. He will bring us their death with a broad smile on his lying face.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Corrupt Jewish Clannishness: The Jewish Press Lines Up to Defend the Jewish Traitor Jane Harman

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews yet again exhibit their corrupt clannishness. The Jew Andrea Mitchell, who is married to the Jewish former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan, defended Harman and allowed her to spit out her deceptive talking points without challenge:

Andrea Mitchell Interviews Jerusalem Jane Harman

The Jew Wolf Blitzer, a radical Zionist who worked for the Jerusalem Post and other Israeli publications and who was a lobbyist for AIPAC, gave Harman a platform from which to confuse the issues and the public:

Wolf Blitzer Interviews Jerusalem Jane Harman

Note that Harman, the Armenian Genocide denying Jew who has herself introduced legislation stripping Americans of our fundamental rights, plays the victim and declares her rights as an American have been violated, in order to obfuscate the fact that she is a traitor to America, a disloyal Jew, who like Trotsky wants to legalize Jewish Bloshevism and its denial of human rights. There it is, right before your eyes, many supposed "anti-Semitic" canards manifested as fact in the actions of these Jews.

We see that Jewish politicians are disloyal. We see that the Jews control the press and support one another. We see that the cabal of Jews defending the Jewish traitor Harman in the press are directly tied to Israel and the Jewish bankers. We see that Jews are loyal to each other even when it conflicts with their duties to their fellow American citizens and their professional duties as journalists. Etc. Etc. Etc.

"The Jews Killed Jesus" and "The Jewish Year 6000" Again Online

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Obviously unable to counter the facts I have presented with any sort of counter-argument, yet unwilling to ever allow the truth to be told, the Jews censored my YouTube account and with it the following two videos:

The Jews Killed Jesus

The Jews Killed Jesus

The Jewish Year 6000

The Jewish Year 6000

If the Jews are a noble people, why do they censor the truth?

I will be posting higher quality renditions of my videos, which will be much clearer files, in the near future. I plan to make a DVD image of Protocols of the Old Testament when I have produced an hour's worth of video or more.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ron Paul and the Rothschild Agenda

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ron Paul is now asking us to consider the prospect of States seceding from the Union. He once again evinces that he is an agent of the bankers whom he pretends to oppose.

Ron Paul Secession

The Rothschilds created the Civil War, which was about dividing America into opposing camps between the Latin nations of Europe and the Anglo-Saxon nations of Europe, so as to impede American progress, prevent the rise of American opposition to the Jews, and provide the Jews with a means to create perpetual war on the North American continent as they had successfully done to the European continent. The Jews hoped that America would split into Mexican and Canadian factions, which would enable the Jews to profit from the strife which they deliberately created by pitting brother against brother as the Jewish Old Testament instructs the Jews to do in Judges 7:22 and Haggai 2:22.

Ron Paul represents Jewish revolution and the destruction of America. Ron Paul represents the aspirations of the Jewish bankers to do to America what they have long done to Europe, to pit us against one another and have us fight each other for their profit, to have us weaken one another as they grow comparatively stronger through our increasing weakness.

Ron Paul is a snake nipping at our ankles, whispering in our ears to gnaw on the apple and know of our deaths.

The Union is strong, disunion is weakness. Ron Paul advocates American weakness, and he himself is a wimpish twit, slavishly calling for Jewish "economics" which he together with his Jewish advisors calls "Austrian", professional coward that he is.

Ron Paul should be pointing his old finger at the Jews and decrying their ruin of America. Instead, he advocates the ruin of America as if a defense from the bankers.

We should be counter-attacking the Jews with our military might. We should be fighting back against Israel and the Jewish bankers. That is what Ron Paul ought to be trumpeting. Instead he asks us to trust the Jewish bankers and let them issue golden money which does not exist other than in Jewish electronic lies.

Americans, love yourself and one another! Stand strong together and listen not to the Jewish lies that the destruction of America is the salvation of America. Stamp out the Jewish gold merchants. Stand by your brothers and crush the Jewish usurper.

Unite against the ancient devil which snakes its way into the swamps of power. Hold strong to our lands and our common purpose to remain free and help one another in our defense against tyranny. The Jew is our foe and Ron Paul will NEVER tell you so. Follow him not, but follow the fifty States to crush the Jew and free ourselves of the yoke of Jacob, forever.

All we need do is help each other in our fight against the Jews. Never lose this focus. Never abandon our nation. Fight the Jew who has attacked us from the beginning. The Jew brought the British against us. The Jew divided us and pitted brother against brother. And it is the Jew who today is ruining us. Defeat the Jew and you defend America!

Jewish Traitor Jane Harman Again in the News

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For quite some time now, I have been warning my readers about the disloyal and dangerous Zionist Jew in Congress, Jane Harman. She has lived up to my expectations. I wrote the following blogs about her, her traitorous behavior against the US, for Israel, and her efforts to steal away our liberty:

Jewish Zionist Jane Harman Convenes a Sanhedrin in Congress in Order to Trick Americans into Clamoring for the Loss of Their Liberty, December 13, 2007

Mockingbirds, When Politicians / Intelligence Officials Write the News Israel's Voice Mysteriously Sounds, December 10, 2007

Should Armenians Grovel and Lick Jewish Boots, or Should Jewry Apologize to the Armenians, Stop Obstructing Genocide Recognition and Make Reparations? December 06, 2007

"The 8 Stages of Genocide" and Jewish Laws Which Stereotype Moslems as If Enemies of the State, October 25, 2007

11th Hour Attempt by Jewry to Sabotage the Armenian Genocide Resolution, October 08, 2007

"Jerusalem Jane", the Armenian Genocide denying Jew, is again making news for her disgusting betrayals of the American People in favor of "what is good for the Jews"--herself included. She is a prime example of why the POWER PARTY will introduce legislation to bar Jews from public life, as so many other nations have done in the past as a reasonable measure of self-defense.

In the News

Lawmaker Is Said to Have Agreed to Aid Lobbyists

Hill Holds Fire on Harman: House Leaders Quiet on Allegations of Wrongdoing

Major scandal erupts involving Rep. Jane Harman, Alberto Gonzales and AIPAC

Monday, April 20, 2009

Like Vampires Running from the Rising Sun. . .

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Like vampires running from the rising sun, they turned their backs to the truth and scampered away, hobbling along like rabid wet rats to suck spittle and lick up the syrupy blood the Jews spill onto their stolen boots for "our leaders" to clean with filthy tongues and dirty deeds. The World is going to Hell and I am unlucky enough to live amongst the foaming and fuming scum who collect their moldy bread from the murderous Jews to betray the human race to the satanic snake that has slithered onto every shore and spit in every cup that carries a word of truth, hissed on every true tone that should resonate with all human beings who have the will to survive, a conscience that demands justice, and the self respect to reject Jewish lies and embrace reality.

Instead of celebrating the truth, the glory and healing properties of a moment's clarity in the ugly face of a global charade orchestrated by unholy World Jewry to honor the Jewish genocide of the Palestinians, a parade of cowards, liars and sycophantic psychopaths betrayed the truth, betrayed the human race, and collaborated with the genocidal Israelis to silence any and all expressions of the horror that is the Jewish People, as the Jews actively and aggressively genocide the Palestinians, destroy America, murder millions of Iraqis and Afghanistanis, starve hundred of millions of the most vulnerable of our human race, and plot and connive to instigate a nuclear World War III by attacking the innocent Iranian People. This fallen faction of the "United Nations" is a tribe of Jews who are united to destroy all nations.

To say that these leprous vermin are deserving of shame is to count them among the human race, which they are not. Rather, they are the venom of the snake that blackens the blood of humanity and quiets the heart with the poisonous reassurance that the mortal enemy carries candied treats and monied sweets in its warty hands, which truly bear death and destruction, a sack of human heads gathered up until that last flash of light is seen as the eyes of the last human being roll up into the hard shell of a skull shattered by a Jewish scepter of iron ringing in the bell blast of a nuclear bomb, the pledge of the Jews to their demon god to kill us all, at last fulfilled, the covenant kept and the human race dead, forever dead, as if we had never lived completely dead.

And I must ask myself how it is that our blood could become so polluted with Jewish cash and Jewish selfishness and Jewish lies, that it has congealed into these pernicious traitors in our midst who pretend to righteousness as they condemn us all to death with their deadly aid and comfort for our genocidal enemy, the Jew--the Jew who murders the Palestinians, the Jew who steals from the taxpayer, the Jew who celebrates himself in his press as he kills and cuts and maims women and children.

How is that one born of us can succumb to support such evil as would kill us all? What is the power of this diseased Jewish People that crawled out of the underworld of Babylon to cut us off from life, that among us, born from us, are such as the scum that applaud the Jews and ridicule the truth? Nothing is so dangerous as this community of Jews and their virulent impact on normal life. They are so vile as to teach brother to slay brother, mother to kill child, and mankind to destroy itself. Where does it come from, this infectious murderous Jewish love of death? The Devil himself cannot pretend to such evil as the Jew, because the Devil himself does not pretend to be human so that he kill off the human race through betrayal, or does he?

There will no peace, no justice and no respect for the truth until the Jewish People cease to have any influence whatsoever, anywhere. The Jews are a concentrated poison that turns the leadership of nations into the enemies of those very nations. The Jews are a confusing poison that turns lies into truth, and truth into shame.

The Jews are death. They stink of it and rotting death follows wherever the wandering Jew goes to the ends of the Earth until, as is their ultimate aim, the living Earth weary of their vile presence, ends and death begins.

Death was with the Jews, as they murdered 1.5 million Armenians. Death was with the Jews, as the Jews brought humanity the First World War. Death was the way of the Jews as they slaughtered hundred of millions of men, women and children who fell under total Jewish control in the Communist Jewish World. Death fed well when the Jews gave us the Second World War.

Americans are again dining with death, mass murdering Muslims. We send death abroad at the Jews' request, but death has not forgotten us, for we are rotten with Jewish influence and are therefore rotten and bloated with death. Death is in our bellies now, snaking through our guts. We can puke it out, rid ourselves of Jewish influence, or we can writhe in pain and die a cowardly death as the Jewish worm inside us eats us alive.

Due to the Jews, we kill cowardly. Will we die cowardly, as well?

How hard is it to kill a snake? All it requires is the will to crush its head, which is why the Jews scream out in pain in a shrill chorus when the truth is told, for no human being will bear the sight of them when their monstrous form is unveiled for all to see.

Censored Again! YouTube Has Deleted My Account

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

YouTube has removed my videos. I look forward to the day when the Jews will not so easily be able to censor the truth. I have begun to upload my videos to other online services and will post the url's on this blog as they accrue:

Protocols of the Old Testament: Part 1

Protocols of the Old Testament: Part 2

Obama and the Bankers

Obama and the Bankers: Part 2