Saturday, May 02, 2009

Why Secession Is at Present a Bad Idea

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jews, including Murray Rothbard, and Jewish agents, including Ron Paul, have been attempting to build a secessionist movement in America. Recall also that it was the Jews who created the American Civil War.

At the present time, secession would be a very bad idea for Americans. We enjoy many advantages due to the immense territory of our nation, many of which are yet to be fully exploited.

America has two long coasts, plus the Alaskan coast and the Hawaiian Islands. These provide us with access to the World, as well as facilitating travel within our borders. The oceans have yet to be properly exploited as a source of food, year round, for our people. We would be very foolish to give up our access to these waters, which also serve as highly defensible boundaries to invasion. Water makes a far more stable neighbor than bordering countries. Our goal should be Autarky, and our coastlines facilitate Autarky.

Our many States provide us with varied climates. This may become a tremendous advantage as the climate changes. Our populations can transfer from one region to another within our borders. The varied climates which exist within our borders are also essential to our internal agricultural production of food, ensuring us food independence, a vital aspect of Autarky.

Our varied States offer us vast natural resources, which again promotes Autarky. While one region engages in agriculture, another region can provide our needs through heavy industry, while a third provides us with minerals. This is an advantage we would be most unwise to surrender.

Subdividing our nation would create potential conflicts and perpetual wars. Where would our subdivisions end? Would each State have natural rights to access to the seas? If so, how would those be guaranteed? How would each new nation ensure its independent means to provide itself with food and resources, should war erupt between these new nations?

One tell tale sign that the Jews are behind these secessionist movements, is the fact that they are meant to appeal to white Americans, who represent the majority population in America, and therefore stand the most to lose from a secessionist movement. It is usually the minority who seeks secession, since the majority has the ability to disadvantage the minority and drive it out without surrendering any territory.

The Jews are instead disadvantaging the majority white population, and then advising the majority to further destroy itself with secession and revolution. The Jews want white Americans, like white Europeans, to disappear from the human family. The Jews want to destroy the European, and his descendants, and especially the Northern European, because the Jew views the Northern European as the strongest challenge to Jewish hegemony. The Jew also views the Northern European as the most noble and creative branch of the human family, and the Jew wants to elevate himself by dragging down European man.

I hope that I can convince a majority of Americans that Ron Paul and his Jewish backers are out to destroy you in the name of saving you. Do not be so childish and consider the necessary consequences of the actions Ron Paul is trying to persuade you to take. Look at what you will lose, and what the Jews will gain, if you institute Ron Paul's Jewish policies.

Rather than bemoaning the fact that we own a wonderful territory, we should take advantage of it. Rather than handing over our wealth to the modern Jewish robber barons behind Ron Paul, we should achieve national independence in the form of Autarky. If anything, we should expand our national territory to include regions south of the equator, which would further our goal of Autarky. Instead of cutting up our country so that the Jews can pit us against one another in perpetual war for their profit, we should be strengthening our national identity and re-Americanizing our population. Instead of blaming Mexicans for our woes, we should help Mexico become a place where Mexicans want to stay and to which they will happily return. America should not allow itself to lose our culture, our language or our customs to any foreign invasion.

We should be strengthening and expanding America, not destroying it. It is only the Jews who want us to weaken ourselves--the Jews and their well paid fifth column, that is. How much is it that Ron Paul received in donations, thanks to the Jewish "Ron Paul Revolution"? The whole movement was hype created around him. Ron Paul did nothing to merit the adulation he received as a result of Jewish propaganda and the work of others.

Instead of destroying America on the advice of Jewish puppets like Ron Paul and the Jewish revolutionaries on both the left and the right, we should eliminate the tiny Jewish minority, so that the vast majority of Americans can strengthen America and prosper.

Beware, the Jews are driving you to the point of despair so that they can then misadvise you to express your frustration through the destruction of your own society. Do not become discouraged or self destructive. Consider instead the potential we have to build a glorious civilization after we have removed Jewish influence from the World. Express your anxieties in ways which will benefit our society, instead of falling into the trap of Jewish nihilism. Do not burn down the barn in order to kill the rats. Just get rid of the rats.

Rights, Citizenship and Statehood: Piercing the Achilles' Heel of Jewry

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In nations where the Jews had not the means to brainwash the citizenry with whatever form of Holocaust propaganda was then current--the Jews have always created lies with which to paint themselves as victims and justify the Jewish genocide of Gentiles, from the Jewish myth of Egyptian slavery, to the Jewish myths of Assyrian and Babylonian captivity, to the Jewish myths of the Amalekites and Haman, to the Jewish myths of persecution by Antiochus IV and Caligula, down through to the present day myths of Jewish victimhood--in countries where the citizens had self-respect and a healthy and natural (unperverted) will to survive, the Gentile citizenry freely thought about, discussed and implemented rational means to defend themselves from the aggression of World Jewry. In places where normal human beings did not allow the Jews to mold their minds into Jewish serving mush, people took action to protect themselves from the murderous Jew.

The Jew considers himself to be a member of the Jewish nation, of which the nation of Israel is only a part, the sovereignty of the Jew exists in his personal being and the existence of his fellows who have traveled to the ends of the Earth to conquer it for the Jews. The World is the Jews' territory, in his beliefs and practices.

The Jew considers himself to be a citizen of the Jewish nation and believes it is his duty to destroy every other national identity. The stated mission of the Jews is to make the World a Jewish World. The Jew is determined to spread the "light" of Lucifer to the entire globe and "illuminate" all to practice Jewish devil worship.

The Jew believes that only Jews have rights and that Gentiles are not human and must be eradicated. The Jew believes that it is "moral" to use immoral tactics and strategies to destroy the Gentile and everything that the Gentile owns and represents.

The Jews, therefore, have no loyalty other than to fellow Jews and to their devil god. They do what they can to destroy everything good and natural in the World. The only land they revere is Canaan, the homeland of the devil. The only nation in which they are faithful citizens is the Jewish people. The only right the non-Jew has, is to serve, and die serving, the divine master race of the Jews. As such, the Jews deliberately destroy every other human endeavor.

Back when normal human beings respected themselves and their own peoples, they fought back against the Jew. Normal human beings used to view the Jew honestly and rationally, and the rational and natural response to the Jew is to refuse the aggressive Jew any rights to destroy you, to refuse the Jew citizenship which enables the Jew to infiltrate and subvert your nation, and to deny the Jew the ability to genocide the native peoples of Canaan, steal their land, their wealth and their lives, and establish a formal State in Canaan to be ruled by a Jewish King in league with the Jewish devil from the Jewish Temple of Satan.

It does not require any intense effort to conclude that it is reckless, dangerous, indeed suicidal, to allow a declared enemy, the Jew, rights, citizenship and a State by which to murder you, destroy your nation, culture, religion and genetic heritage. The intense effort is exhausted by the Jews, who pollute the minds of the Gentiles to have them hating themselves and worshiping the Jews and the Jewish devil.

In order to counter-attack the Jew who is attacking us and has been for 2,500+ years, we must take away the Jews' ability to subvert public opinion and influence religion. Only then will the normal human instinct to survive restore itself and function normally and healthfully. At present, the Jews are able to misdirect the will to survive of the Gentile into self-destructive reactionary behaviors which favor the Jews.

At present, the Jews torment and frustrate the Gentiles and prod them to kill one another. A normal and healthy reaction against the Jew is instead to unite against the common enemy of mankind, the Jew, and to use the State and the Church to remove the Jew from influence in any form, to quarantine the virus and prevent it from ever reinfecting the nations.

At present, the Jews divert the energy of the Gentiles into a desire to destroy their own States, rather than use the power of their own States to defend them from the aggressive Jews. The Jews confuse and frustrate the Gentiles and covertly advise them to use nihilistic self-destructive means to combat the Jews, which only strengthens the Jews as the Gentiles turn on themselves.

We require a healthy, normal, natural and powerful State to defend ourselves against the Jew. We need to take rational and productive actions which increase our collective power and gain us allies against the Jew. We need to strengthen our societies and have them serve our own interests.

A very good first step, and one which many nations whose spirit had not been destroyed by the Jew took, is to strip the Jews of rights, citizenship and their illegal and genocidal nation in Canaan. But we must also quarantine, though not concentrate, the virus. This will be a costly endeavor, one for which we must take the wealth of the Jews to pay the burden they have imposed on us, but it will only require one generation to solve the problem forever.

We must respond rationally to the Jewish problem and solve it in a scientific and healthy way. We must restore the human race and its natural processes to health. We have thousands of years of precedent to examine, and when we do we discover that the normal reaction to the Jew is take away his means of attack, which are rights, citizenship and Statehood.

The Jews have no right to betray us, and the Jew always views all of his granted rights and citizenship in a Goy nation as an opportunity, a right and a means to betray the host nation to its death. The Jews have no right to destroy our democracy and subvert our press with anti-American lies and propaganda. The Jews have no right to use their press, which they misrepresent as if our press, to force our enemies, the Jews' agents, into our political offices. The Jews no have right to convert our nation into a lumbering slave serving Jerusalem. The Jews have no right to pretend to be Americans so that they can destroy us from within, subvert our nation and have us as slaves of Jewry. The Jews have no right to genocide the native peoples of Canaan and steal their land.

It is only through a suicidal mass psychosis the Jews have imposed on the American People by pretending to themselves be Americans and therefore gaining the ability to mislead Americans, which blinds Americans to these simple truths which were evident and obvious to those nations which preceded us and dealt realistically with the Jewish problem. It is the Jews who force us to solve the problems they create and we are not to blame for fighting for our survival. We are instead to be blamed for slaving for the Jews and destroying ourselves and others at the Jews' behest.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Jews Are Above the Law in America: "Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews have succeeded in preventing justice against the accused AIPAC lobbyists. The Jews believe that God commands them to obey 613 divine commandments, or Mitzvot. Numbers 13, 15 and 569 of these commandments instruct the Jews to place other Jews above any Goy criminal justice system. The Jews base these three commandments on the Torah at Leviticus 19:14, 17-18:

"14 Thou shalt not curse the deaf, nor put a stumblingblock before the blind, but shalt fear thy God: I am the LORD. [***] 17 Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thine heart: thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him. 18 Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people, but thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself: I am the LORD."

The Goyim are supposed to obey the seven Noahide laws (Sanhedrin 56-60, 99), but have no right to impose justice on Jews, who are to subvert every effort the Goyim make to impose justice on the Jews (Baba Kamma 113). Of course, the Jews are primarily concerned with the prevention of the exposure of their complete control over the American legislative process, and I am only pointing out the facts of the perverse Jewish religion to clarify the abnormal Jewish mindset which has produced the treacherous, disloyal and subversive modern Jew and the means by which he justifies his inhuman behavior and the basis for his expectation that all other Jews will defend his indefensible actions.

Where is the Jewish controlled press decrying the injustice of freeing the accused Jewish criminals, this same Jewish press which hounds anyone accused of Nazi crimes against the Jews allegedly committed long ago? Where is the Jewish press condemning the disloyalty of Jews? Where is the Jewish press placing the interests of Americans above Jewish/Israeli interests? The Jewish press is nowhere to be found when it comes to defending America from subversive Jews.

If we want justice, we should seize control over the powers of the State through the POWER PARTY. The Jews will then be removed from the press, and their influence over the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive branches of our government will be eliminated by the full force of the State and for all time. Not only that, but we will serve justice upon the Jews and recover as much as they have stolen from us as is possible.

We will also shut down the Jewish State, so there will be no Jewish State of Israel subverting our country or deliberately provoking wars, though there will still be Jews attacking us from abroad.

But the Jews are a cowardly and weak bully that has no punch and a glass jaw. We need only stand up to them to crush them forever. We have 2,500 years of legal precedent to serve us as justification when we counter-attack the Jews who have been attacking us. We also have our human will to survive and fundamental rights to self-defense.

The Jews are trying to kill us. We need not apologize for crushing this poisonous snake, the Jew, that spits in our eyes. It is we who are blind in cloud of Jewish venom, not justice under the Jews. There can be no justice where the Jews are free to practice their ancient arts of subversion, treason and mass murder.

Look to the fact that the Jews are free to commit treason in the traitorous American courts the Jews have subverted, to know that you are a slave to the Jews and that there can be no freedom nor justice where there are Jews. Look to the fact that the press does not even begin to defend us from this obvious attack against us, to know that the press is in Jewish hands and is a flank of the Jewish attack on the American People.

If you have no will to survive, no will to fight back against the Jews who are destroying you, your families and your country, nature will forget you as it has forgotten the stupid and weak dodo bird, as it has forgotten the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, and the Romans. Had the Egyptians, Greeks or Romans done what was necessary to solve this recurring problem, we would not be dying at the hands of Jews today. If the Jews succeed in killing us off, there will be no one left to fight them and their ancient plans will have been fulfilled.

In the News:

U.S. to Drop Spy Case Against Pro-Israel Lobbyists

Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Let my people go": The Jewish Origin of the Plagues Striking America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jewish leaders are concerned that the Jews in America have it too good, and that Americans love the Jews too much. The Jews in America are beginning to assimilate and the Israelis want them to move to Israel. The Jews want there to be the prophesied "ingathering" of the Jews of the World to the stolen lands of Canaan.

The Jews tell a fictitious story and pretend that they once lived in Egypt as slaves of the Pharaoh. In this story, the satanic Jewish god instructs the fictitious character "Moses" to demand that the Pharaoh let the Hebrews leave Egypt so that they can worship this devil in the land of Canaan. The devil promises to help the Hebrews commit genocide against the native people of Canaan/Palestine and steal their land. The Jews claim to be descended from Babylonians from Ur, Babylonians who have no Earthly right to live in Canaan/Palestine.

The satanic Jewish god visits ten plagues upon the Egyptians in an act of collective punishment, though this devil has himself hardened Pharaoh's heart, the devil thereby causing that which the devil condemns. When the Jews do go, they steal the wealth of their Egyptian neighbors who so love the Hebrews, that they loan them their gold and silver, which the Jews gladly steal.

This is the nature of the perverse Jewish religion, which is fabricated from lies, and from the plagiarism and perversion of other religions. The satanic Jewish god gives the Jews land which belongs instead to the indigenous peoples, and the devil god of the Jews instructs the Jews to exterminate the native peoples so that the Jews can worship the devil in a Temple of Satan built on lands taken through genocide. The evil Jewish god also visits murderous plagues on the Egyptians and enables the Jews to steal the Egyptians' wealth through an act of betrayal.

The Jews themselves claim to have spread disease, famine and genocidal war throughout the ancient World, just as they do today. Their religion is a plan to genocide the human race.

The Jews of today are no less perverse and evil than the ancient Jews who fabricated Judaism from lies and through plagiarism. The Jews of today are visiting plagues on America and the World, in part to provoke an artificial "ingathering" of the Jews to the stolen lands of Canaan/Palestine.

The Jews are poisoning our waters, spreading disease, destroying the brains of children with poisons, poisoning American soldiers with radioactive substances in wars the Jews manufacture, ruining the living environment of the United States, sponsoring foreign invasions, etc. in the Jews' war on the American People. The American People respond to the war the Jews are waging on us, by handing over all of our wealth to the Jews.

The Jews are planning an Exodus. They will leave our body like the leeches they are, sucked dry of all of our blood. It is amazing to witness the American People actually help the Jews, and praise the Jews, as the Jews wage a war of extermination on Americans--300 million "useful idiots" who have outlived their usefulness.

Our future generations of children, if any there are, will suffer terrible birth defects, because of the Jews. Our waters and lands are poisoned forever, because of the Jews. Our agriculture is being converted into unnatural poison, because of the Jews. Our liberty is disappearing, because of the Jews. Our lives are filled with stress and horror, because of the Jews. The whole World has come to hate us, because of the Jews.

And what do we do about it? Just like the fictitious Egyptian of Jewish myth, we praise the Jews and give them more money and power as they screw us into the grave.

Turning the other "cheek" while bent over is the surest way to get stuck. It is instead time to turn and face the enemy that is prodding us, and destroy it forever.

The plagues will worsen as Americans grow weaker under the constant Jewish attack on our health, spirit, society and government. If we do not start fighting back now, the Jews will soon start to mass murder millions of us in a matter of months. Those left behind, if any there are, will face perpetual war, omnipresent poisons, mutant foods, freakish children, and especially degrading forms of slavery.

Have the American People no memory of what the Jews did to the Slavs in the Soviet Union? The plagues the Jews will bring to America will be exponentially worse, just as each new Jewish attack grows ever worse through history, as the Jews gain more and more power and the technology to control and destroy humanity becomes ever more destructive.

The Jews are out to kill you. They always have been and this fact has been acknowledged by some of mankind's greatest minds.

There is little left to fear, other than dying in cowardice. Prudent action now can save us, but don't wait for the Jews to hold your trembling hands and start a protest movement against these same Jews. Don't relegate your power to defend yourselves to the Jews who are out to kill you.

The Jews have specialized in dissent, and you have let them, and left yourselves vulnerable to their clenching teeth which gnaw at you from above and below. You must learn to lead from above and dissent from the masses, without allowing the Jews to subvert you from both ends, leaving you stuffed in both sets of cheeks.

Time is short and the Jews are growing relatively stronger as we grow increasingly weaker. The Jewish angel of death has risen from his ancient tomb, stretched out his gangrenous limbs, and is flying towards us, swooping down and stirring up disease, famine, and death in the dry and barren soil the Jews leave behind wherever they travel. The tenth Jewish plague will number the dead in the hundreds of millions, if not in the billions. America will be forgotten if we do not fight back against the Jews.

The Jews have painted their doorposts with the blood of the lamb. Let their segregationism and greed be their undoing. They are easy to spot. They are the ones who are always blaming others for the murders and theft they themselves commit.

New E-Mail Address

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have created a new yahoo e-mail account christopherbjerknes . Please do NOT add me to any lists, discussion groups or any other form of mass mailings. Please do NOT contact me if you have supported Eric Hufschmid or Daryl Bradford Smith, or any of their extended crew, since July of 2006. Thank you in advance for honoring my requests.

Please note that I have not monitored my older mail accounts for some time and will not monitor them in the future.

Jewish Totalitarianism Comes to America: Barack Obama, a "Jewish Democrat"?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have been warning my audience for a very long time that the Jews, through Obama, would bring us their Bolshevist totalitarianism:

Beating Barack, January 08, 2008

Jewish Bolshevik Totalitarianism in the Name of "Unity", November 25, 2008

A New "Peoplescar": The Implications of Government Equity in the Auto Industry, November 11, 2008

Let's Forget About the Jewish "Ron Paul Revolution" and Find an Authentic Anti-Zionist Candidate, January 14, 2008

Is Bolshevist Oppression Coming to America? July 15, 2007

Dubbing Barack Obama a "Jewish Democrat", Bryan Schwartzman of the Jewish Exponent writes of Arlen Specter's change of political parties, inter alia,

"Specter has long enjoyed strong support in the local and national Jewish community, reaching across party lines for financial support as well as for votes.

Moderates have long hailed him as a reliably pro-Israel lawmaker not beholden to any party. Opponents, particularly on the right, have assailed his failure to articulate and adhere to a political philosophy.

Many Jewish Democrats, even liberals who have disagreed with him on some key issues, lauded his defection -- from President Barack Obama on down."--Bryan Schwartzman, "Specter Surprises All With Move to the Left", Jewish Exponent, Volume 226, Issue 5 (30 April 2009),

Arlen Specter has no loyalty to the United States of America, let alone the Republican Party or its principles. Specter's loyalty is to the Jews. He is an agent of our worst enemy. Specter is a member of the Israeli fifth column that is destroying America, stealing away our rights, our wealth and our future.

We must establish the POWER PARTY as a viable alternative to the American People to the subversive Jewish parties that are ruining us.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another Example of the Perverse Jewish Mentality and How It Perverts World Politics and Spills Human Blood Around the Globe

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish Old Testament states in Haggai 2:22:

"And I will overthrow the throne of kingdoms, and I will destroy the strength of the kingdoms of the heathen; and I will overthrow the chariots, and those that ride in them; and the horses and their riders shall come down, every one by the sword of his brother."

For several years now, I have been warning that the Jews are pitting Arab Muslims against Iranian Muslims, despite the fact that Islam compels all Muslims to unite against a threat to the Muslim community. I have also been warning for years that "Arab" leaders, many of whom are crypto-Jews, and "Iranian" leaders, many of whom are crypto-Jews, are working with the Jews to create a war which will divide Islam and pit Muslims against Muslims and Christians against Muslims, which war will leave the Jews standing in all of "Greater Israel" after Muslims and Christians annihilate one another for the benefit of the Jews.

The Jews have perverted the reality of the situation in the Middle East to make it appear to the World public that the solution for the Jewish genocide of the Palestinians is for Arabs to attack Persians. The Jews are making allies out of the Arabs, so that the Arabs and Persians will weaken one another to the point where the Jews can exterminate both communities of Muslims. The Jews are using the Palestinian crisis the Jews create, to coerce Muslims into murdering other Muslims, and the Jews will then themselves exterminate the Palestinians as the satanic Jewish god commands the Jews to do in the Jewish Torah and throughout the Jewish Old Testament (Genesis 15:18-21; 17:8. Exodus 34:11-17. Leviticus 20:22-26. Numbers 33:50-56. Deuteronomy 6:10-11; 7:1-6; 11:24-28. Joshua 1:3-4; 23. Isaiah 52:1. Ezra 1:5; 9).

Of course, the "Arab" leaders and Hillary Clinton are traitorous agents of the Jews, modern Esthers, who are subverting the nations they are duty bound to protect, on behalf of the genocidal Jews. The Jewish press reports on the latest incarnation of the Jewish plan to pit Arabs as direct allies of the Israelis, against the Persians who are deliberately stepping into this trap, the plan I have been exposing for several years now, and which dates back at least some 2,500 years, and which has seen the Jews allied to the Persians in one phase, allied to the Arabs in the next, forever murdering and maiming these peoples for the benefit of the Jews so that the Jews can steal Palestine from the indigenous peoples--the Jews, by their own accounts, were never the native people of Palestine:

Jerusalem, U.S. Hint Israel-PA Talks will Enable Action vs. Iran

Note that the perverse Jewish mentality seeks war, not peace, despite the fact that a normal human being would prefer to live in peace. Instead of the Muslims uniting in defense of the Palestinians against the Jews who are the sole aggressors against the Palestinians, the Jews have perverted the Muslims to kill one another off and bring war to the region, in the bogus name of preserving the Palestinians and instituting peace. The Persians are trying to help the Palestinians, yet the Jews have perverted this reality into the Jewish manufactured illusion that the Arabs must kill the Persians in order to preserve the Palestinians. The reality is that the Muslims, and humanity at large, must fight back against the Jews who are genociding the Palestinians and the best way for this to happen is for Arabs, Persians, and the rest of normal humanity to join forces to combat and counter-attack the Jews who are attacking us, the Jews who plan to exterminate the human race and who have been waging war on us for at least 2,500 years.

The Jews spread war, famine and disease wherever they go, by their own accounts, from ancient times until today--consider their own boasts of how the Jews spread disease, death, famine and war in Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Greece and Rome in the ancient World. They are a plague on the human race and have been from the beginning. We will either fight them back, or die at their hands through our brothers' hands.

If you don't believe it, ask the tortured ghosts of the Armenian dead, betrayed by their Armenian brothers who worked with the Jews. Ask the bloodless ghosts of the Slavs who butchered tens of millions of the best of their fellow Slavs at the behest of the Jews.

The Jewish Death is coming to us, America. We are infected with one of the World's largest Jewish populations. Fight them now, or share the fate of the dead.