Friday, May 15, 2009

A Few Words for the Liars, Cowards and Other Jews Who Want You to Call Jews, "Zionists"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

News From the West has posted a series of links to interesting articles by Edwin M. Wright , including one entitled, "Torah, Zionism and Palestine", which states, inter alia,

"Whether or not Herzl recognized it, his ideas were expressed in secular language but were thinly veiled interpretations of Torah dogmas. The Torah divides humankind into the Holy Community of the Covenant and the unclean, uncircumcised goyim. Herzl uses the same sweeping division of mankind into Zionists and anti-Semites."--E. M. Wright, Torah, Zionism and Palestine, AMERICANS FOR MIDDLES EAST PEACE, INC., Houston, Texas, (1983),,%20ZIONISM%20AND%20PALESTINE.htm"

Wright explains that Zionism is an even less radical expression of Judaism than the Torah itself, which Torah explicitly demands that Jews commit absolute murderous genocide against the natives of the lands the Jews wish to steal by force. Herzl was a lightweight genocidal maniac compared to Moses, Joshua and Ezra–but the Jews have not forgotten their original spiritual guides.

News From the West has also published links to videos by Brendan O'Connell which will be of great interest to my readers:

Thursday, May 14, 2009

In Answer to an Inquiry


Bloodthirsty Religious Jews Who Sought to Steal "Greater Israel" From the Natives, But Who Were NOT "Political Zionists"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The story of the Jewish desire to steal the land from the Nile to the Euphrates and conquer the World begins with the grandfather of the Jews, Abram/Abraham. Abraham was a Babylonian from Ur, not a Canaanite. He sought to conquer the land where he and his following were strangers, which is to say, the Jews were always genocidal foreign invaders, not natives of what is today the nation of "Israel"–itself a religious name for Jacob.

The genocidal Old Testament Jew Moses sought to mass murder the natives of "Greater Israel" and steal their land. The murderous slaver Moses wanted to conquer the World with usury and enslave the human race for the benefit of the Jews.

The genocidal Jew Joshua also sought to kill off the natives of "Greater Israel" and steal their land. Among scores of other such bloodthirsty racist Jews we find the Jews' personal favorite mass murderer, King David, a treacherous snake who was so venomously evil the Jewish devil chastised David for his wretched treachery, but the Jews to this day love their King David.

Skipping over centuries of Jewish genocide and slave taking, we have the Maccabees, another favorite of modern Jews, who slaughtered Greeks and assimilated Jews in pursuit of Jewish racial purity and the conquest of lands in which the Jews were strangers. Nero's Jewish wife burned Rome and blamed it on the Christians. Jews led the "Roman" persecutions of Christians, as the early Christians thoroughly recorded. The murderous Jew Bar Kochba also sought to take the land of "Greater Israel" and chase out all others. Mind you, these were highly religious Jews who lived thousands of years before Theodor Herzl.

Again fast forwarding through the centuries of highly religious genocidal Jews who sought to steal "Greater Israel" from the natives and to conquer the World, we have Isaac Luria, Shabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank. The Rothschilds were and are highly religious Jews, as were the Schiffs, Warburgs (Del Bancos), and the other prominent and interrelated Jewish bankers who created Zionism and Communism.

Moses Hess and Karl Marx were religious Jews. Marx loved his Talmud which is the pinnacle of Jewish religious literature. The Chabad Lubavitch are highly religious Jews. Watch for yarmulkes at ADL and AIPAC meetings.

Clearly, the Jews and crypto-Jews who are attempting to mislead you to believe that Judaism has nothing to do with Zionism are liars who are attempting to camouflage their fellow Jews as the Jewish People wage war on the human race. Zionism is the fulfillment of Jewish religious myth. Political Zionism is but one branch of Zionism. There are millions of Jewish Religious Zionists, and tens of millions of religious Christian Zionists–which itself proves that the vast majority of "Zionists" are highly religious persons. However, if the Jews are removed from influence, Christian Zionism will almost immediately fade away.

The vast majority of the worst of the Jews and mass murdering agents of the Jews were either not Political Zionists, or were religious Jews pursuing Judaism and/or the perverse Jewish mentality in their insane quest to conquer the World. To this long list we should add as a good example Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein). Communist Jews led the anti-Zionists of the World, but were still infected with the Jewish, not merely "Political Zionist", desire for the Jews to conquer the World, murder off the best of the Gentiles, and enslave all non-Jews. Many Jews who were not Political Zionists, and/or who were religious Jews, were the worst enemies the human race has ever faced. The vast majority of the expulsions of the Jews took place before Theodor Herzl was born.

"Political Zionism" is effectively dead, a fulfilled relic of a bygone era. The Jewish State exists. We live in a post-Zionistic era. It is the Jewish People, and their "Christian" slaves who foolishly call themselves "Christian Zionists", who are attacking us. It is the Jewish People who are ruling over us and directing their "Christian" slaves to attack us. It is the Jewish People whom we must defeat. It is the Jewish People who are demanding that we call Jews, "Zionists", as one of their endless series of deceptions to buy themselves more time in which to destroy us.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Survival Training: Are You Prepared to Face the Enemy?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have created a new video:

Survival Training: Are You Prepared to Face the Enemy?

Censored Again: Yet Another Instance Where the Jews Have Attacked My Rights to Speak, and Your Rights to Hear What I Have to Say

Christopher Jon Bjerknes has censored my video:

The Jews Killed Jesus

The Jews Killed Jesus

This latest attack on my rights of freedom of speech is another reminder that Jews must be removed from influence in the World. None of us will be free to speak the truth as long as Jews are allowed to attack our rights and control the means of expression in our societies. The Jews have always been intolerant of the rights of others and have always been censors, because the Jews have always been murderers with countless crimes to hide.

The self-proclaimed Jewish murder of the prophets, including Jesus Christ, Muhammed and several others, is itself proof that the Jews always sought to silence anyone who held different views from them. The Jews desire to murder any person who speaks the truth. Jewish censorship is a deliberate part of the Jewish plan to kill off the human race.

It is easier for the Jews to murder compliant and ignorant slaves, than to ever attempt a fair fight. The Jews are cowards and have always been mass murderers. The Jews seek to silence these facts, and in so doing provide more proof of what they are and what a danger they pose to the human race.

It is not irony that the Jews have silenced my voice telling of how the Jews silenced Jesus and poisoned Muhammed. It is rather proof of the timeless consistency of the anti-human nature of the Jew and the threat that the Jews pose to us all with their never ending attack on our rights, our freedoms and our very lives. The Jews have always acted in this way and will continue to act in this disgusting and aggressive manner as long as they are permitted to share the Earth with normal human beings.

We are engaged in a struggle to the death with World Jewry. The Jews are determined to kill us. We must defend ourselves or perish. I hope you heed my words before my voice is silenced forever. There is no one else revealing to you the truths I am telling you.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Our Rights Must Be Enforced Against the "Private Sector"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The reason why we have traditionally framed our rights in terms of a defense against the tyranny of the State, is that the State has far greater power than the average individual. We ask the State not to trample on the freedom of speech of the individual, because the State, with its vast resources, is not fair competition to the common man.

However, wealthy and/or famous individuals and corrupt coalitions wield more power than the State, which they corruptly control. We must, therefore, view these corrupt powers as an even greater enemy of our liberty than the State, and must enforce our rights against those who have far more power than do we. There is no right to free speech where the means of communicating in politically effective ways are controlled by private individuals who are hostile to the interests of the State and the People.

Government is just as human an enterprise as is the private sector. If we can enforce our rights against what we call "government", we must also enforce them against individuals and coalitions which deny our rights. Freedom of speech comprises both my right to speak in ways which enable me to be heard and your right to hear what I have to say. Private enemies of the American People, and the enemy nation of Israel, are denying my right to broadcast my voice, and your right to hear me. This is an even greater infringement of my rights than those of the government, because I can not vote out private individuals.

If it is my right to speak in ways in which I can be heard, then no human being or institution, be it private or public, should have the ability to silence me, where they allow my enemies to be heard, most especially in forums which offer themselves up as a means to mold public opinion.

We live in a nation where only the Jews and allies of the Jews against the American People have the right (which right incorporates ability to speak and to be heard--for where there is no ability to speak and to be heard there is no right) to speak and be heard. Those who defend America against the Jewish attack are routinely censored, which is a violation of their rights to speak, and everyone's right to hear what they have to say. This fact is not only egregious when the censorship occurs with the force of the State, but also when the still more powerful private sector closes off the venues of speech to the most loyal of Americans.

Down through history, the Jews, and those who believe in the Jewish god including Christians and Muslims, have closed off free speech in the name of tolerance for Jewish beliefs. From the proclamation of tolerance of Cyrus (Ezra 1:1-4) which enabled the Jews to attack the Canaanites and steal Jerusalem from the natives, and to proscribe all other religions in places where Jews lived, to the edict of Claudius, which enabled the Jews to continue to enslave the Egyptians and practice intolerance of the Roman authority, to the "emancipation" of the Jews by Napoleon which led directly to the Jewish instigated World Wars and Jewish instigated Communist genocides.

Tolerance of the Jew is the tolerance of the Jewish attack on humanity. Tolerance of the Jew is intolerance of the majority, whom the Jew seeks to oppress.

Though enemies of the people do not have the right to engage in a war of aggression against the nation, as the Jews always do, loyal citizens of the nation do have the right to express themselves in all venues of public debate, and this is a right that the State must enforce if it is to abide by the social contract. Otherwise, as was the case when the Jews, by their own accounts, subverted the governments of Cyrus, Claudius and Napoleon, the majority people become the slaves of the Jews in the name of "tolerance".

The Jews do not have the right to create or own private enterprises which mold the public mind, and to concurrently exclude voices which oppose the Jewish war on humanity; any more than the government has the right to silence its citizens. Where private individuals and entities acquire powers vastly greater than those of the average citizen, they are a danger to liberty at least as great as the State, and they must be forced to honor the rights of all citizens, or surrender those advantages which enable them to quash the rights of others. If a Jew complains that he should not be obliged to honor my right to criticize Jews and Judaism, then let the Jew be unburdened of the opportunities about which he complains. Let the Jew surrender his wealth, ownership of the means of communication, and his abilities to engage in the public debate, which he has declared are a burden on his liberty to subvert the nation.

We need not live under Jewish tyranny, but we will as long as we pretend that the private sector is not bound to honor our freedoms and our rights. We are currently the oppressed subjects of rich Jews, and the revolution that is needed is not to overturn the State, but rather to unseat the real power, the Jews. The State has become a mere expression of Jewish power. We cannot acquire those powers without taking them from the Jews who presently hold them and disenfranchising the enemy among us whose stated mission is to destroy us.

For Cowards and Liars, "Zionism" Is the New "Communism"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It used to be that cowards who were afraid to call Jews, "Jews", would speak in couched terms and euphemisms for Judaism and Jews, often referring to Jews instead as "Communists" and "Bolsheviks". Not all Jews were Communists or Bolsheviks, but most all Jews had the perverse Jewish mentality which the cowards meant to describe with the euphemisms of "Communist" and "Bolshevik". Many of the worst Jews then, as now, pretended in public to be something they were not, making it difficult, if not impossible, to defend against Jewry without directly identifying the Jews as the proclaimed enemy of humanity that they are.

The most ardent truly communistic Jews were the most ardent anti-Zionists, but they remained Jews, loyal to the tribe, disloyal to the host nations, and hateful of the human race. The most ardent truly Zionistic Jews were anti-Communist, but they remained Jews, loyal to the tribe, disloyal to the host nations, and hateful of the human race.

It is a cowardly mistake to call Jews simply Communists or Zionists. It is an admission of fear and defeat. It is a proclamation that the Jew is your master and you dare not speak the name of your lord and master. When you call a Jew, a "Zionist" when it would be more appropriate to call that same Jew simply a "Jew", you are groveling, demonstrating your fear and supplication, and defeating your cause before you have even begun to fight back against World Jewry. You are letting the Jew know that you are afraid and will not fight back, as the Jew knocks you down and picks your pocket. You are lowering your tail and whimpering as the Jew trots by, head held high, crown untoppled, and pockets stuffed to overflowing with your wealth.

The Jews and crypto-Jews who advise you to defeat yourselves by camouflaging Jewry with euphemisms like "Communist" and "Zionist" are on the same team as the Jews who advise you to defeat yourselves with euphemisms like "Illuminist" or "Luciferian". Indeed, many of these same Jews and crypto-Jews deliberately distract you and destroy your cohesion by prompting you to fight with comparatively unimportant Jews who use such terms, while discouraging you from taking on the big players, World Jewry as an entity, and from becoming politically active and organized. They waste your time with petty infighting, which they stage amongst themselves, as World Jewry lays waste to the human race.

Call the Jews, "Jews". If they are ashamed of what they are, there are good reasons why. If you are too cowardly to call them what they are, then you are on their side and share in their shame.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The American People Are Shameful, Suicidal, Silent Cowards: How Can You Fight an Enemy You Are Too Frightened of to Even Name?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A recent poll by the Boston Review proves that at least one third of the American People know that the Jews are to blame for the financial crisis:

State of the Nation: Anti-Semitism and the economic crisis

The financial crisis the Jews have caused is destroying our nation and has already cost the average American dearly. Home values have plummeted. Americans, that is money stolen straight out of your pocket and you know who is to blame, so why are you vile cowards too afraid to ever publicly point your finger at the guilty Jews and demand justice?

Are you shameful, spineless, gutless, murderous fools just going to ignore the fact that the Jews are stealing millions of dollars from your family and are ruining your country? Are you such wretched stinking cowards that you would never put a sign in your yard warning against the Jews, or tack a bumpersticker on your car with a website that told the truth about the Jews?

The Jews have already pounded your sick brains into pulp if you know that they have ruined your lives, and yet you are too scared to ever publicly state the truth. You have no chance to effectively fight back against them if you are too cowardly to even speak their name. And this is one of the reasons why the crypto-Jews want you to never blame the Jews for what you know the Jews have done, but rather to hide in your wet trousers and parrot the line that it is the "Zionists" not the Jews. Frightened little scum, and you think you can battle back the Jews when you cannot even utter the word "Jew"?

Yet you send money and arms to Israel and mass murder Iraqis and Afghanistanis who have done you no harm, but you are too gutless to say the word Jew and speak the truth you believe. It is disgusting what self-defeating cowards Americans have become.

A poll reveals that one third of Americans know the truth about the Jews, so why do we hear nothing from them? Where are the banners hanging from windows condemning the Jewish thieves? Where are the billboards warning against the disloyal Jews? Where are the journalists, academicians and politicians who not only cannot NOT know what Americans in general know, but are even more likely to know the truth about the Jews?

Our nation is under an intense attack. People are dying. The Jews are deliberately destroying the World economy and billions will die. Why are you cowards who know this remaining silent? How much longer will you hide in quiet as the Jews rape you and our nation, as the Jews slaughter billions?

Since one third of Americans know this truth, why is it not heard often in public? Where are the mainstream protests against the Jews?

Every time you chastise someone for honestly uttering the name of the Jew to instead lie and claim it is the "Zionists" who are destroying us, you are fighting this war on the side of the Jews and are betraying and destroying the American People and the rest of humanity. You are a coward and a liar and a soldier fighting for the Jews against the innocent. You are demanding that others become the same type of lying coward that you are and you are preventing the first necessary phase of counterattack, identifying the enemy. You are demanding that honest and courageous people fear the Jews so much that they are afraid to ever tell the truth again, afraid even of cowards like you who are there to defame them for speaking the truth.

The Jew is the enemy, and the Jew's declaration of war on humanity is written for all to read in the Torah and every other major Jewish work written since the Old Testament first put voice to the murderous curse on the human race that is World Jewry.

When the Jews Will Begin to Naked Short Sell Our Currency, and Why We Should Consider it an Act of War When They do

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews want to bleed America as they bled Germany after the First World War. One of the reasons why the Jews want to destroy the American dollar as the reserve currency of the World, is so that they can increase speculation in dollar trading and effectively naked short sell the dollar, thereby dramatically increasing the apparent money supply of dollars and artificially prompting run away hyperinflation through market manipulation.

When the Jews begin to make trades in dollars which do not exist, these ghost dollars will supplement the large numbers of extra dollars the Jews must also pump into the system to "ease credit", which cannot be eased by this speculation, and to pay the interest on the debts the Jews have deliberately dumped on our heads. While these pseudo-dollars created through naked shorting the dollar will have the effect of reducing the value of real dollars, they will not serve to stimulate growth as would the proper creation and circulation of real dollars into the economy. Instead, the ghost dollars will have the opposite effect and will reduce growth.

This is the same effect that the naked short selling of stocks has on corporations. The value of the naked shorted stock decreases as the apparent supply of stocks increases, but there is no capital injection into the corporation by these ghost stocks to provide for growth.

So it will be with the naked shorted American dollar. The Jews will decrease the value of real dollars by increasing the supply of ghost dollars which do not exist and do not provide capital for the growth of the economy.

This is one of the ways the Jews will soon bury us. Another is the Jews will want to barter off our land and seat our enemies on our soil. Imagine what will happen to us when the Communist Chinese acquire Hawaii, California and Latin America? This is one of the reasons why Jewish agents like Ron Paul are trying to condition us psychologically to accept the disintegration of America as if a good thing for patriots. Once we begin to clamor for the break up of our nation, it will be a small thing for the Jews to transfer the titles to our States to the Chinese. And what will they care in Texas and Montana if the Chinese take over California in exchange for excusing the Jewish created debt?

Imagine a 100 million man Chinese army on our soil, and Chinese supply lines all through Latin America, with China having cut off our Pacific coast and Russia having taken Alaska from us? We will not last long, and the Jews care not if we kill tens of millions, or hundreds of millions, or billions of Chinese. The Jews will delight to force us to kill each other off. It is the Jewish religious duty for the Jews to undermine our countries, pit us against one another and weaken us, so that the Jews can easily control us and kill us off.

As soon as the dollar hits the tipping point and some other currency system emerges whereby the Jews can shuffle the deck and trade dollars for something else, they will begin to naked short sell dollars which do not exist, hyperinflate our currency, and bury our economy as never before. There is hope and an easy cure. We need only to fight back against the aggressive Jews and take control over our currency. We should declare currency speculation an act of war. We should declare that the Jews who created our debts are responsible to pay them. We should engage in international barter and promote our own Autarky.

Recall that Nazi Germany did not recover from the hyperinflation by merely taking over control of its currency. The Nazis also engaged in trade, including trade with the Jews. And most importantly, the Nazis declared that the debts under the Jewish Versailles Treaty were invalid. The Nazis also purged the Jews from public influence.

We, too, must pass off the debts the Jews have created, back to the Jews. We, too, must purge the Jews from public influence. We, too, must take control over our currency. We, too, must promote domestic production and Autarky through engaging in real trade which benefits our American economy, instead of International Jews.

There is much more that we must also do, but it will be infinitely more difficult to do these things if we wait until the Jews force us into hyperinflation and give away our land to our enemies. We must toss the Jewish money changers out of the temple of liberty which is America and we must do it now.