Saturday, June 13, 2009

Note the Media Hype After the Iranian Elections, As Opposed to the Media Silence Leading Up to the Iranian Elections

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Now that Ahmadinejad has won, the Jews are calling attention to the Iranian elections and using them as a weapon with which to defame Persians. However, the Jews were largely silent leading up to the elections so as to help guarantee Ahmadinejad's victory.

There is even a descendant of Marrano Jews who supported Obama, who now tries to take credit for my insights about Ahmadinejad, Russia and the Jews' celebration of Ahmadinejad's victory which they helped create. He has been trying to sell us on an Israeli attack on Iran, as if that were in our interests. In reality, it is only in the interests of his Jewish friends.

Note how such Jews claim to be free of Jewish bias because they are not religious Jews, but scratch the surface and you discover that their wives are or were Jews, and that a far larger percentage than 2% of their friends, colleagues and supporters are or were Jews, despite the fact that Jews represent at most 2% of the general population. This is further proof that Jewish tribalism survives Jewish atheism, and that most of the Jews who are pretending to be unbiased are instead feeding you Jewish propaganda on an anti-Zionist plate.

The media, which did nothing to prevent an Ahmadinejad victory, now complains about it. The Israelis are celebrating as they near war.

Chinese Checkers and the Star of David

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The board for the game of Chinese checkers takes the form of a Mogen David. So, too, do the games the Communist Chinese and the North Koreans are playing with South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and America bear a Jewish trademark.

The North Koreans are agents of the Jews through Communist China. The Jews do not want America to grow strong, and so will resist protectionism which would rebuild American industry. Like "Chinese" checkers itself, these games do not originate in China, but the political deceptions originate in World Jewry.

The Jews, through the Communist Chinese, through the North Koreans are posing the threat to South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and America, that if Americans default on their debt to China and fail to surrender land and other resources to the Chinese, and/or engage in any form of protectionism, including protection from Chinese protectionism, then the Communist Chinese will supply North Korea with nuclear bombs, falsely claiming that they were domestically produced in North Korea, and China will have North Korea bomb and attack South Korea and Japan. The Communist Chinese will then move on Taiwan.

The Jews are blackmailing Americans and Japanese into destroying themselves.

It would be better for the Asians to unite with real Americans against the Jews. As I stated long ago, in, among other places, my blog of December, 2007:

Pawning Off America, December 14, 2007

which has since been plagiarized by a CIA agent who often parrots my work without any attribution (one of several such government scumbags who try to take credit for my insights), the Chinese will increasingly internalize their economy, which is good for them and good for the World. We Americans must also internalize our economy and strive for Autarky. It is the Jews who stand in the way of this process. Rather than slaughtering one another, we should join with the Chinese in fighting back the aggressive Jewish enemy of our peoples.

Jewish Puppet Barack Obama and the Jewish Controlled Press Helped World Jewry to Re-Elect Ahmadinejad: Top Jews Celebrate the Prospects of a New War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish controlled press was largely silent about the then approaching elections in Iran. Had the Jews wanted Ahmadinejad to lose, they would have lambasted him through each of their countless venues for attack. Comedians, journalists and politicians around the World would have raised a stink about Ahmadinejad and attempted to interject their views into Iranian internal politics, but this did not happen because the Jews wanted Ahmadinejad to win so as to afford themselves with false pretexts to aggressively attack Iran.

I explained this process, and the reasoning behind Obama's war friendly policy in the Middle East in the following blog:

Primary Reasons for Obama's Approach to the Middle East, June 07, 2009

The media was silent on Ahmadinejad and the elections to help re-elect him. Obama helped re-elect Ahmadinejad by appearing to take a more moderate stance on the Middle East. In fact, Obama was, at the Jews' behest, creating the conditions the Jews require for a Jewish attack on Iran.

Now, Ahmadinejad, like Bush, can claim a mandate and declare before the People of Iran that his policies put Obama in power and Obama has favored Islam because of the wise actions of Ahmadinejad. Now, the Israelis will lie and claim that Ahmadinejad's second term will provide Iran with the time needed to manufacture an atomic bomb. The Jews will claim that Ahmadinejad's re-election proves that Persians are intrinsically evil for wanting such a man to lead them after he has demonstrated his "antiSemitism", and thereby attempt to justify their genocidal Jewish desire to drop nuclear bombs on millions of Persians as an act of collective punishment. Israeli leaders will demand that the Israeli People support an attack on Iran. Israelis, through their Jewish puppet agents in leadership roles in the Arab World, will form a Jewish–Sunni-Arab alliance against Iran, the Kurds and the Shia.

The Arabs (crypto-Jews and Jewish funded traitors) will now join with the Israelis in calling upon the US to attack Iran, and will join with, and support an Israeli attack on Iran. The Israeli People will also be whipped into a frenzy, fearing the withdrawal of US support and a second term for Ahmadinejad, to make an illegal, aggressive attack on Iran.

It will be interesting and telling to watch how Netanyahu plays the game in the coming days. Syria's silence is also quite telling. Syria has a great deal at stake in this Jewish game to draw Syria and Iran into war. I do not envy honest Syrians who are caught between Iraq and a hard place coming up their rear.

It is truly fascinating how successfully the Jews have misled the public to believe that Obama is working for peace, when he is creating the needed conditions for war; and to believe that the Jews are opposed to Ahmadinejad when the Jews in fact love Ahmadinejad and use him to satisfy their desire to genocide the Persians. It is the Jews who want to attack Iran, not Iranians who want war with the Jews. Obama is a war monger, not a messenger of peace. But, alas, many human beings are far too stupid to comprehend these facts and processes even when they are explained to them.

Friday, June 12, 2009

KILL THE BEST GENTILES by James W. von Brunn

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Someone has emailed me a link to a book by James Wenneker von Brunn:

KILL THE BEST GENTILES by James W. von Brunn

I have briefly looked at it, as well as some of von Brunn's writings on a website which once belonged to him, as recorded in Google's cache. Some are questioning whether or not von Brunn was working for the Jews as part of a false flag operation. After perusing his writings, I am doubtful that this is case, unless some major change occurred since the composition of those writings.

There are some tells of an agent of the Jews by means of outside support from a close friend, and the nature of the alleged crimes themselves, but the nature of his writings weigh heavily against this inconclusive evidence. My gut feeling is that he determined that life did not hold much more for him and that he would sacrifice what little time he had left, before senility or disease claimed his mind, to act.

I do not condone his actions. I find his much earlier actions of greater interest than his recent actions, but do not condone those either especially in the form they took. I will perhaps write more about this later.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

POWER PARTY Economic Policy: What We Value

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The common perception of what is valuable and what is not has tremendous impact on the nature and survivability of a people and its social mechanisms. Do we value housing, and if so, for whom, of what type and for what purposes? These are questions which frame our decision making processes and the common sense perception of the answers and indoctrinated responses to these questions, and whether or not they are even being asked, define a people and are defined for a people by its ruling class, as well as by its circumstances and its history. What we believe to be common sense is often mental manipulation by a hostile party against the interests of the majority.

If we value housing, and we in America do, then what type do we value? Can we measure value only through its dollar price, as if market forces do not depend upon manipulation and perception? Cannot value be a measure of use, or of labor and resources not calculated in dollars trading hands, but measured with logic and facts? Can our decisions as to what has value, and how much value it has, depend upon our minds or must they be measured in dollars and thereby be equatated to all other things and abstractions through this one abstraction which robs everything of its identity and importance as being separate from everything else?

In America, we place far greater emphasis and importance on the square footage and superficial appearance of a house, than on quality of materials, quality of construction and efficiency of the house. Housing is largely a matter of vanity for Americans. This has had a tremendous impact on our economy and the long term effect of the decisions we have made to date will be negative.

The Jews have wanted us to buy on credit, and build beyond our means. The Jews want us to waste money and resources on vanity items which do not improve our lives or our society, but instead contribute poisons to our environment and waste resources which would be better devoted to more sustainable products, systems and lifestyles. Since the Jews take a large cut of everything we produce, they encourage and manipulate us to produce disposable items. Since the Jews make enormous sums from our debts, they want us to go deeply into debt. Since the Jews make money from credit, they want us to spend rather than save, and to base credit on Ponzi schemes and other illusions which will eventually collapse, leaving them with all the wealth and the rest of us with all the debts from which they will continue to profit.

The POWER PARTY places great value on housing, so housing will play a very important part in the American economy under the POWER PARTY. But we also very much value the health of the American People, the employment of the American People, and the freedom of the American People from debt and disenfranchisement. We will not build a bubble economy destined to collapse. We will not run the nation into debt. And we will not ruin the living environment of the Earth to create unnecessary and mismanaged living spaces which destroy the common environment of humankind.

It is important to understand how these perceptions of what is valuable impact the nature of our World and general economy. When we build higher quality, healthier and debt free housing, housing markets will be far more stable. We will not base the construction industry on the whims of vanity and the means to feed vanity which depend on the illusory wealth of debt.

Instead we will build wealth, not debt. We will build homes which last and which conserve energy in various ways, including new zoning laws. Our People will come to value these homes in ways in which that value will remain and will not depend upon vanity over other more important considerations. As a result, our monetary system will benefit our People by being the force for creating real wealth, rather as a store of value as a means to purloin the wealth of others. Real wealth stores value in clean land, clean air, clean water, sound genes, healthy food, good international relations, normal and healthy human moral values, strong and prosperous families, well organized and productive communities, etc. Money should not be what we consider stored value. Rather, money should be the means to produce that which is of value and the means to preserve the value we have already created and which is our blessing as a People on a territory we commonly defend.

Why do we let foreigners buy with currency land which we defend with our blood and our lives? Why do we let foreigners profit from our labor and obtain the means to steal our stored value and destroy it with pollution and corrupt our politics and thought processes through ownership of the means and production of mass communications? It is because we have been tricked into believing that money stores value, when it stores nothing and should only be used as a motivation to produce real value. Money under the Jews is often used to destroy real value and to transfer real wealth into Jewish hands and away from the People. We foolish Americans allow the Jews to internationalize our nation because we dream that this allows us to steal from other nations, but it is only the very richest who grow richer from this process and they do so by lowering the value of our labor as they profit from our protection to rob other nations as well as our own. We, as a people, do not profit from surrendering our sovereignty in hopes of stealing from other nations. The POWER PARTY will end this destructive process.

A sound and sustainable economy must first and foremost value its people. Health, vitality, family, community, these must be things for which we will sacrifice and labor, the things we most prize, not wasteful housing, wasteful cars, wasteful jewelry, etc. What in a thousand years will become of our wasted wants? Will our future children in a thousand years be healthier, happier and stronger because we doted on our vain wants rather than valuing our future children?

The Jews want us to value money so that we accumulate it for them to steal so that they can then steal everything else we have in our pursuit to recover what we had before they stole it. We do not just chase good money after bad through usury, we give away everything we truly need to recover what they have stolen by making us believe that money is an end rather than a means to real wealth.

There is real wealth in political power, which is why the Jews dump so much money into politics and ensure that politics depends not upon that which is good for the People, but rather who devotes the most money to politics. Such a corruption would not work in a society which valued its own health more than other people's money. If we valued, truly valued, a healthy society, we would not surrender our labor to the money the Jews have accumulated as a means for them to subvert our political culture with money. Instead, we would refuse to accept the money they offer and devote our labor and resources to bettering our political systems. We should value our political systems not our currency. We should ensure that labor and resources chase after those things which better our World, rather than those things which corrupt and destroy our World.

The Jews are manipulating our needs and wants with abstractions that work against our best interests. Psychologist have thoroughly studied human processes of risk assessment and decision making, and we often make poor choices. We have far more to fear from toxic chemicals than from weeds and bugs, and yet we poison ourselves to vainly ensure green lawns. We risk our lives in poorly designed automobiles and by smoking tobacco, but run scared at the possibility of a new disease that has not yet killed anyone.

Consider the risk of not joining the POWER PARTY or some like-minded political effort. The Jews have stolen trillions upon trillions of dollars worth of real wealth and perceived wealth from our economy in lost value. By making us base our perceptions of wealth on the vanity of owing poorly conceived housing, the Jews have our job market depending on construction and automobile production, which they have deliberately subverted and have had an easy time doing so because they have also subverted our natural sense of that which is of true value. The Jews raise us up like genetically modified corn, to decapitate and harvest us, and all that is left of us is depleted soil of no value.

Yet, we fear burglars and taxes more than the Jews and Jewish systems which have stolen trillions from our nation and millions from individual families. We invest in a shotgun to protect our homes from intruders, and lock our doors so that we do not lose a few thousand dollars worth of goods to a random thief, but we are not vigilant to defend our economic system from the Jews who regularly steal from us through usury on the home we occupy as debt slaves, the taxes the Jews take from us to pay debts on the currency they needlessly loan to us, and to pay for debts they create against our interests through wars, the loss of international good will towards us, and by manipulating our psychology to waste our wealth on things we don't need and which harm us.

If we valued living in a debt free society, if we valued health and family, and if we measured that value pragmatically rather than with the illusory weights and scales of Jewish currency, then we could build our wealth in ways which benefit our People and measure that wealth in the happiness and health of our nation, rather than in the size of our debts as individuals, families and as a nation. For when we use money to measure our wealth, rather than our real holdings and the value of our bodies and of our souls, the Jews have entered our abode and will pick it clean leaving us wasted corpses in the river of history.

Money is only of use if it increases the value of our land, the value of our health, the value of our education and culture, the value of our children for all generations to come. Where money is itself value, all else will fail, because it cannot compete with a universal caustic agent that consumes through ubiquitous greed to the detriment of all but the Jew who thrives on greed. The greedy who love money take from themselves and from the People and give to the Jew. If greedy you must be, lust after freedom, it has real value; desire love and healthy children, they are a real future; preserve and increase clean land, air and water, they are to become our bodies and our childrens' bodies and the bricks of our souls.

To manage this new economy which encourages a change of perception of that which has value, we must eliminate Jewish influence. This will be a major priority of the POWER PARTY. Then we will be able to convince our People that their labor and resources are best preserved in the assets of our nation, and it will restore human nature to value real cleanliness instead of the many poisons packaged in Jewish illusion.

How can a dollar bill, or golden bar, compare as a store of value to our healthy chromosomes? Why do we poison our genes in hopes of increasing our dollars? And tragically, the costs of all our waste and foolish vanity, which only ultimately benefits the Jewish usurer, far outweigh any short term gain to us. . . . The money we have given the Jewish bankers, which is to say the money they have stolen from us, and the value of houses which we have lost, could more effectively have been spent by paying off all our debts. Instead we have lost value and increased our debts. Such is the curse of blessing the Jews and it is a worm that eats our vanity as we value that which destroys us, instead of valuing ourselves.

When we give up our land to foreigners or poison our water, we are not just losing dollars, we are losing our lives and our nation. Dollars trading hands is not good measure of value, nor does the abstraction which facilitates trade ensure benefit to the People. A house is not a car, which is not a healthy child, and yet we foolishly try to define each as if a value in dollars. Instead, dollars should be used to build, not steal, and a dollar should never be prized over our health as a People.

Monday, June 08, 2009

With Obama Constantly in the Spotlight, It Is Important Not to Lose Sight of the Treachery of the Congress

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We have a tendency to use most of our resources exposing the criminal treachery of the President, while largely ignoring the treachery of the Congress, especially on the level of individual members. This is a mistake for several reasons.

The Congress will have the power to declare war on Iran and oblige the President to fight that war. The Congress will also assume the power to delegate that authority to the President and short circuit the Constitution and thereby deny the rights of the American People to representation. Members of the Congress are more frequently elected in the election cycle and therefore it is easier to change the complexion of Congress as a whole and send signals to Congress than to the President, thereby making the Congress more easily influenced than the Presidency. Congress has the power of impeachment and can hamstring or remove the President with this power. Congress is more easily and effectively reached and more effective to lobby than the Presidency. Individual members of Congress are easier to defeat in elections with pooled resources than is a Presidential candidate. Etc. Etc. Etc.

It will be the Congress that will hold hearings on the banks. It was the Congress that enabled the President to steal trillions of dollars from the American taxpayer and hand it over to the Jews. It was the Congress that together with the President helped the Jews to destroy the American automobile industry. It is the Congress that has passed legislation meant to strip of us of our fundamental rights, which the Jewish controlled President will eagerly sign.

We are foolish to neglect the crimes of the Congress and to miss the opportunity to seize control of the State by criticizing and replacing the current Congress. We are more likely to elect at least one person to Congress than to win the White House, and one voice in the Congress can stir the American People to action.

There ought to be at least one sophisticated web site that records the votes, speeches and actions of the individual members of Congress as they relate to the Jews and the fifth column of traitors who sponsor Jewish crimes against America and the World. The Jews never neglect to focus on the Congress, and neither should we. We can put tremendous pressure on these politicians by focusing attention directly at them both individually and collectively and we can replace them in the election cycle.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

How to Spot a Jewish Political Philosophy by Means of Its Personality

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jewish politics features two distinguishing characteristics: The "cult of personality" which substitutes emotion for reason and follows the Jewish messiah model, and the concept of the State as Volk (People) which enables destructive Jewish dogmatism to stand against the People's instincts of self-preservation and which promotes the illusion of the divine right of the pop star messiah to rule.

The Jews love to advertise. They promote themselves as if superior and noble. They exclusively promote Jewish interests. They exclude all dissenting voices and never praise the Goy unless doing so creates an even greater love of the Jew.

In a normal, healthy human society, the State is a mere organ of the entire body which is the Volk, one of many separate and distinct organs which keep the body of the Volk alive and productive. The brain reasons and reacts, the heart pumps blood, the intestines digest food, the muscles contract and relax, etc. but never in a healthy society does the State presume to be the entire body, and the Volk a mere organ of the body of the State.

However, you can detect a Jewish political philosophy by its personality. The Jews promote the myth that the State is the supreme body and greater than the Volk who are a mere organ which exists to serve it and the other organs of the State, because the State is the Jews. In a Jewish dominated society, the Volk are a mere subservient organ serving the Jewish body, the State.

In a Jewish system of governance, the State controls not only the organ of the Volk, but also creates new categories of citizens through charter, law and convention, which also serve the State as organs of the body of the Jewish People. The Jewish State converts abstractions into persons who work for the interest of the Jews, the State. Money, land, debt, corporations, stocks, bonds, contracts, treaties, religion, education, media, press, etc. become organs of even greater importance to the body of the State than the Volk itself. The Volk is sacrificed to the interests of these other bodily functions. The People are sacrificed to the Jews.

The State under the Jews is an abstract inorganic body of greater proportions than reality. It is a dogma which cannot be challenged, a mind set of slavery, the deliberate destruction of the Volk.

In the healthy, normal society the POWER PARTY seeks to build, the State will not be greater than the People, but will instead be a minor organ serving the other healthy and fully functional organic tissues of society which are made up of families. The State will not consider the business sector of society to be its function, nor will it arbitrarily define education, nor religion, nor family, nor any of the other parts of the body of the Volk which function best as interdependent structures, not submissive structures serving a Jewish abstraction which is held to be greater than the People itself. The abstract will not through illusion and sophistry become real and meta-human, nor will mandated chimeras or occult principles throw shackles on the human being or his mind.

Thomas Paine declared, "That government is best which governs least." This discounts the fact that the private sector often obtains powers equal to or greater than the government. We need to view society as an organic whole and not succumb to the illusions of words which blur the reality of the mechanisms of society, power and control. We need systems which benefit and serve the Volk. Official government is but one part, and it is usually the Jews who want us to pretend that government is of its nature a beneficent and infallible body that should rule over the Volk rather than serve us, or, alternatively, that government is the enemy of the Volk.

The Jews often promote rule by personality cult, be it absolute monarchy or other forms of dictatorship. Only rarely do truly good absolute leaders appear, and it is even rarer that a succession of good leaders emerges and resists corruption. It is better to have several functioning organs of society serving the interests of the Volk than to have the Volk become a collective slave of a dictator. The brain of a healthy body contains many regions which serve different functions. Many brains working together are needed to regulate a society. Dictators tend to rule through fear and war, rather than serving the organic interests of the Volk. The Jews even attempt to blur and obliterate the separate organs of society and combine all power unto themselves with the myth of the dictatorship of the proletariat, which is of course in practice the dictatorship of the Jews, free reign of the parasite to eat away the healthy organs of the Volk. Alternatively, the Jews make everything of value abstract through currency, which enables them to practice usury and seize the assets and public debate of the Volk, thereby once again subsuming the Volk with an absolute, abstract and inorganic State which serves as a front for Jewish dominance.

The Jews always engage in the process of rendering that which is real, abstract, so that everything of value to the People, including their own lives, are open to the market and can be stolen by the Jews through corrupt means. We can build better systems than those of the Jews. We can safeguard ourselves from Jewish influence by learning to recognize its trademark features and shun them.

We must empower the People without allowing money manipulation to enable a hostile minority to define the mind of the common man. This is one area in which the Party itself will serve a greater function than the State it defines.

Primary Reasons for Obama's Approach to the Middle East

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Obama is working for the Jews to achieve an Arab and Turkish alliance with Israel against Iran and the Kurds, to reelect Ahmadinejad, and to generate unease in Israel which will increase domestic support for an Israeli attack on Iran.

Jewish leaders want to up domestic support for an Israeli attack on Iran, so they have instructed Obama to cater to Arab leaders and to court Palestinians. This accomplishes two things at the same time for Jewish leaders. It increases anxiety in Israel that Iran will continue its nuclear program without a threat of American attack, because Obama is deliberately appearing to be softer on Iran than was Bush. It wins the Arabs as allies of the Israelis for an Israeli attack on Iran.

The Jews are lying and promising Arab leaders that if they help to destroy the Iranians on the premise that Iranians are a threat to Arabs, then the Jews will grant the Palestinians a semi-autonomous State. In order to give the appearance that this is about to happen, Jewish leaders must have the Jews in Israel anxious that their best option is to talk as if a Palestinian State is imminent, on the pretext that it will help maintain the racial integrity of the Jews, and that it will win Arab support for an attack on Iran. Therefore, the Jews of Israel must be made anxious that the US is starting to look after its own interests and is just beginning to recognize the injustice and inhumanity of the Jewish genocide of the Palestinians.

Jewish leaders accomplish this goal with Obama's lectures to the Muslims. This also gives the Arab street false hope that a Palestinian State is soon to arrive, and that the Jewish grip on American politicians is loosening. In turn, this allows traitorous Arab leaders to plan for an attack on Iran in collaboration with Israel.

By talking peace with Arabs, Obama is instead deliberately leading them into unnecessary and self-destructive war. By challenging Israel's hegemony over the Palestinians, Obama is tricking the Palestinians into surrendering their fate entirely to the lying Jews and making the Palestinians the allies of the Israelis in their own demise and the destruction of Islam.

The Jews want to see Ahmadinejad reelected, so they are instructing Obama to make it appear that Ahmadinejad has succeeded in changing the Jewish controlled American attitude and posture towards Iran, and thereby garner support for Ahmadinejad. Note that the Jewish controlled media is not talking up the benefits of an Ahmadinejad loss to the extent they would if they actually wanted him to lose. The Jews are the aggressors against Iran and they want a pretext to attack. Ahmadinejad affords them that opportunity, at least with the Israeli public. It is Israel which seeks to attack Iran, not Iran which seeks to attack Israel.

So do not be mislead by Obama's games. The American public is not eager to attack Iran, so the Jews are making the Israelis and Arabs rabid with hate towards the Persians, and fearful the Americans will do nothing to kill the bogey man. Wait to see what happens after the election in Iran. I suspect Obama will rediscover Israel and suddenly come the conclusion that Iran must be stopped at all costs. Why else would the Jews' puppet in North Korea begin to tap dance at this time, if not to provide a pretext for the Jewish controlled media and Jewish controlled politicians to gin up hatred towards Iran and Pakistan?

Note that Obama's lies have the opposite impact they appear to have. Whereas Obama makes it appear that he is appeasing the Arabs and working towards peace with Iran, he is in fact creating the conditions the Jews need to exterminate the Palestinians and attack Iran. Whereas Obama makes it appear that he is moving away from the Israelis, he is instead deliberately conditioning them for a domestic attack on Iran which will of course be supported by an American and Arab alliance. Whereas Obama makes it appear that he is working towards peace with Iran, he is in fact creating the needed conditions for an aggressive attack on Iran.

Obama is a genocidal liar, working for the Jews to destroy America and to bring the World into war.