Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eric Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith Still at It

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Eric Hufschmid, who openly worked with Daryl Bradford Smith for years, has presented a recording of an alleged conversation he had with Daryl Bradford Smith "in August of 2009". A transcript of this dramatic conversation appears on Hufschmid's website here and one need only search the webpage for the keyword "Daryl" to locate the relevant passages:

The audio recording of the purported conversation appears on Hufschmid's website here:

Has Smith addressed the statements presented in his voice in which he purportedly states that the brothers of his good friend are "Mossad"? Why would Smith, who has called Hufschmid a Zionist Jew, call Hufschmid in August of 2009?

Noel Ryan, aka "Ognir", has been confronted with the issue, but as of this writing has not substantively responded:

Though I requested that "Ognir" ask "Muhammad Rafeeq" for his birth name and the birth names of his, "Muhammad Rafeeq's", grandparents, and though Noel Ryan has had ample opportunity to do so, I have not yet received a response to my inquiry of Ryan and "Rafeeq" as to those names. Nor have I heard "Muhammad Rafeeq" tell us whether or not he has any Jewish blood, or whether or not any of his relatives have been or are involved in the banking industry.

David Pidcock has referred to "Muhammad Rafeeq" as "Rupert", and it is known that his, "Muhammad Rafeeq's" first name is Paul, a fact not denied by "Muhammad Rafeeq" to my knowledge, and recorded in his nonsensical and thoroughly discredited apology for convicted criminal Bernard Madoff, and which has been confirmed by a friend of "Muhammad Rafeeq's". Daryl Bradford Smith and "Ognir" pretend that there is no basis for my enquiries, but it is Smith who first told me that "Muhammad Rafeeq" is a Jew from a banking family, and "Ognir" need only pose the question directly to "Muhammad Rafeeq", or is it "Mohammad Rafiq"? Or is it some other name containing "Paul" and "Rupert"?

Since "Muhammad Rafeeq", Daryl Bradford Smith and Noel Ryan have not responded to my requests for "Muhammad Rafeeq's" birth name, a very simple and straightforward request requiring less time to answer than to dodge, I pose the question also to David Pidcock.

I have recently received an e-mail pointing out to me an article entitled "Forum to examine future of interest free finance United Arab Emirates: Monday, April 01 - 2002". This article names "PAUL RUPERT DeBEER. Monetary and Ethical Investment Specialist." as a speaker at the forum and states "Chairing the sessions will be David M. Pidcock". Dear Mr. Pidcock, kind sir and honest Muslim, would you please tell us who this "Paul Rupert DeBeer" is, what he had written or accomplished which recommended him to the forum which you chaired, and what was "Muhammad Rafeeq's" birth name?

Has "Muhammad Rafeeq" ever retracted his nonsensical and thoroughly discredited article in which he claimed that Madoff is innocent?

It is interesting that Daryl Bradford Smith has told Eric Hufschmid and me that he, Smith, is good friends with prominent Jews in the gold and jewelry business. It is further interesting, as my correspondent has pointed out to me, that Smith had a radio program which broadcast from South Africa, the center of much of the diamond and gold trades. Smith also had programs on RBN and GCN, both of which are involved in the gold trade.

Why has none of this piqued the interest of Noel Ryan, our would be anti-Zionist champion? Why does so dignified and well connected a man as David Pidcock lend his support to Daryl Bradford Smith, a man who makes a point of loudly claiming that the moon landings were a hoax?

On Jews, Venison, Pigeon Meat and Metempsychosis: It Just Keeps Getting Weirder

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

One of my original tutors on the Jewish Question was a German man, who believed in Metempsychosis (reincarnation) and advocated a careful diet without most meats. I thought he was simply following in the footsteps of Schopenhauer, Wagner and Nietzsche, who were in turn influenced by the Hindus. But then I conducted my own studies into the Cabalah and its affinity to cults I suspected were of gnostic Jewish origin, such as the Christians, Cathars and Shabbataians. The Lurian Cabalah lays particular emphasis on the doctrine of Metempsychosis.

Another common theme I found in many of these groups and persons was the strong emphasis on the notion that the Talmud and oral tradition of the Rabbis were false and that the Torah had to be reinterpreted, even to the point of doing the exact opposite of the standard interpretation of the text. I believe I have found a missing link in this chain from the gnostics to the Cathars and Shabbataians in one Anan Ben David. In researching this Jew, I find many striking parallels between his life, or at least the standard story of his life and his beliefs and cult, with that of the much later Shabbatai Zevi and the cult he originated. Both Zevi and Ben David were placed on trial. Both then adopted aspects of Islam and were spared. Both called for the reinterpretation of the Torah, the Shabbataians calling for their followers to do the exact opposite of the standard Rabbinical interpretation of the Torah and the rejection of the majority of the Talmud as spurious. The Frankists who were born of the Shabbataians made it a practice to whip up anti-Jewish sentiments by quoting the Talmud and legitimizing accusations of blood libel against fellow Jews.

The weird gets weirder and I have come to suspect that the Germans I have met and those who preceeded them were the (spiritual? biological?) descendants of the cult of Anan Ben David, and not followers of the Hindus. I suspect Theosophy under Blavatsky merely used Hinduism as a guise for this particular strain of viral Judaism. And so the story takes an even odder turn.

One of the famous Germans/Austrians who fit the mold is no less a famous "anti-Semite" than Adolf Hitler. His reputed vegetarianism and the love of Wagner and others who advocated a belief in Cabalistic Metempsychosis, raised my suspicions. But there is more. Hitler did eat meat, in fact he loved pigeon, one of the very few meats which Anan Ben David stated could be eaten while the Jews remained in exile, which should be properly interpreted to mean until such time as the Temple is rebuilt and proper animal sacrifices resumed. The other meat in which Hitler indulged himself was wild game. Venison and turtle dove were the only other two meats which could be eaten. I had once thought that Hitler might have used his famous alleged vegetarianism as a cover to maintain a kosher diet, as I suspected of many other vegetarians who practice a belief in Metempsychosis, state that the Torah has been misunderstood and that the Talmud has led Jews astray from the true meaning of the Torah. And indeed, I still believe they feign vegetarianism on moral or health reasons to cover up their Judaism, but I now suspect that many or all of these persons, some of them quite famous historical figures, were followers of the cult of Anan Ben David.

I am betting that the chain in no way ends with Ben David, and that he was copying a much older cryptic form of Judaism which winds it way back to Ur and back again and again to Mesopotamia and what is today Turkey. It is truly amazing how often the Jews follow a set pattern and repeat it again and again. I am now pursuing the theory that Zevi was deliberately copying the life of Anan Ben David, or at least taking his example as a method of preserving himself and developing his cult. Christianity certainly contains elements of this belief system which predate Ben David. The "resurrection" of Jesus Christ, Christ's "second coming", being "born again" and the doctrine of a second eternal life in a "new heaven" and "new earth" are all forms of the mythology of Metempsychosis. Semi-vegetarianism apparently only became an issue after the destruction of the Temple which occurred after Christ had died, but already in his lifetime, Christ instructs his followers to eat his flesh and drink his blood in order to become God. The Jews believe that if you consume an animal's blood, you transform into the soul of that animal, and so since Christ believed he was God, to eat Jesus would make you God by virtue of the Jewish dietary laws. And what animal did Christ symbolize in the form of the Holy Ghost, the dove. Christ reinterpreted, and more than once reversed, the Torah, and condemned the traditions of the scribes and pharisees, as would Ben David and Jacob Frank.

For years now I have looked with great suspicion upon those who seek to ingratiate themselves to me, then reveal to me that they are vegetarians and ask me what I think of reincarnation (Metempsychosis). As odd as it must appear, I have encountered more than a few such persons, and often discover that they have close ties to the Jewish community.