Friday, March 05, 2010

Taking "9/11 Truth" to the Next Level

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

There have been numerous viral videos which have exposed the fact that the attacks of 11 September 2001 were false flag operations. Some have exposed the fact that the real flag behind the attacks has a Star of David and the rivers Nile and Euphrates upon it.

That said, there is yet to be a documentary exposing the real nature of the attack in the full context of Jewish messianic prophecy. No one has yet revealed, in the medium of video, the actual meaning of the events of 9/11 to those who instigated them.

I have proven that the Jews believe human history is composed of three two thousand year periods, to be followed by a third 1,000 year age in which only Jews will be left alive. I have proven that the Jews believe that the end times arrived in September of 2001.

A documentary which explained these facts and their terrible significance to humanity would reveal the true danger the Jew poses to the human race. The Jews did not simply intend to draw Americans into fighting wars against Middle Eastern nations, so that Israel would emerge as the hegemonist superpower in the region, by instigating the false flag attacks of 9/11 and blaming them on "Arab hijackers".

The true nature of the attack, to those who perpetrated it, was instead a deliberate slaughter of Gentiles meant to begin the final period of human history, the Jewish Messianic Age, at the inception of which millennium, the Jews must exterminate all non-Jews, leaving the Jews as the only power left on earth, and hence initiating a period of peace, given that the Jews will have killed off their enemies, the human race. Since the Jews are comparatively few in number, but disproportionately large in influence, they must deceive the non-Jews into killing one another off. The hidden meaning of 9/11, to those who orchestrated it, was to begin the final World War in which the Goyim will exterminate one another and leave only the undead Jews alive to live in peace amongst their own unkind.

Not only are these facts easily proven, I have already proven them. What is needed is a proven videographer to assist me in putting together a documentary that will inform the public of the hidden agenda behind 9/11--no less than the elimination of the human race for the benefit of the Jews as part of their 2,500 year old plan for World conquest.