Thursday, July 29, 2010

One of the Many Faces of the Jew Who Calls Himself "Muhammad Rafeeq"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A friend has emailed me a link to a video of the Jew whose real name begins with "Paul Rupert", but who calls himself "Muhammad Rafeeq", in which he shows his face. Why does he show his face, but does not tell us his name? Note that his roots in the "City" of London, the Rothschild dominated banking district of England, are again revealed in the description of the videos:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

"Muhammad" wants to destroy the American dollar as the reserve currency for international settlements, and substitute another currency to be created by his "new super power" and its partners in this endeavor. This will destroy America, that America "Muhammad's" partner Daryl Bradford Smith wants to see fall to revolution. "Muhammad" reveals that he is involved in high level talks with China, and we must ask him what country it is that he would make the new world ruler, to the detriment and inevitable destruction of the US? I note that many of "Muhammad's" supporters on the internet are British (Jews?) and expressly despise the US and want to see it ruined.

Not only is "Muhammad" instituting international policies which will inevitably ruin us, and the West including of all of Europe and all Whites, he claims the preposterous panacea of basing international currency exchange rates on mandated minimum wages for each nation will improve the lot of humanity. He uses as a pretext the very real destructive effects of floating exchange rates on currencies to propose the even more devastating proposal, which would ruin our dollar and our way of life, of fixing the value of our dollar and our goods on the poorest of the poor so as to drag us down to their level in the name of providing equal purchasing power at a minimum to every person on the globe. This is internationalism at its worst in the form of the lowest common denominator destroying the highest living standard. This is worse still than communism!

Imagine the downward spiral of poor countries inflating their currency to swap it for dollars at an unrealistic and bandit rate, whereby the poorest worker on Earth obtains the most value for his labor–but it is the governments in debt who would most benefit, together with the rich who could float between swaps running up their wealth exponentially to buy up everything just before the ponzi scheme collapsed. What better way to pave the road to the Jews' international currency, and universal poverty? No wonder "Muhammad" is so fond of Madoff!

If you are an American, European, or any member of the former British Empire, "Muhammad's" plans, if they succeed, will doom you to fourth world status in very short order. Does the Jew who calls himself "Muhammad", but won't tell us his real name, gather his "wisdom" from the house of Rothschild, whom he defended against my claims?