Thursday, July 08, 2010

Our "Jewish" President Wants Turkey in the EU

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For those who doubt that the Turks are working with, and for the Israelis, consider the fact that the Jews' puppet, Barack Obama, is calling on Europeans to admit Turkey into the EU:

Obama sees Turkey turning eastward if snubbed by EU

Why are the Jews rewarding Erdogan and the AKP if Erdogan and the AKP are opposed to the Jews? Why does not Israel cut off ties with Turkey, if Israel feels threatened by the Turks, and bear in mind that the Jews feel threatened by anything they do not absolutely control?

Why does Turkey want to join the failing EU? The US is not a part of the EU, why would Turkey feel compelled to turn away from the West merely because the EU does not agree to admit Turkey? Why would Turkey voluntarily seek to hamstring itself with EU bureaucracies?

What role does the proposed Nabucco Pipeline play in the reemergence of the Jewish manufactured myth of Pan-Turkism? And what new wars are planned between Russia and Turkey. . . and Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan. . . and Kyrgyzstan. . . and Iraq. . . etc? And what of the se[a]-saw of the Caspian and Black Seas?

Why does not Erdogan state that the Ergenekon is a Jewish institution and that Israel is waging war on Turkey through the PKK? Why are so many Jewish puppets and Jews helping Erdogan, while slamming Ahmadinejad?