Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Stupidity of Religion: The Jews Had the Opportunity to Redeem Themselves, But Deliberately Failed to Do So

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The ancient Jews were rebellious and aggressive subversives. If their own accounts are to be believed, the Jews ruined the Egyptian, Greek and Roman empires, and countless other nations. They were the scum of the Earth and brought misery and ruin wherever they appeared.

After WW II, the Jews had a chance to redeem themselves. The Jews always sensed that it would take a worldwide calamity of their making to shake up Jewry enough to cause it to question itself, but the Jews insanely believed that redemption would come from their mythical and evil god and would empower them to exterminate humanity, rather than benefit it.

Rather than redeem themselves and become normal human beings, the Jews stole the Palestinians' territory shortly after the war, through terror and aggressive war, and by subverting the governments of the World. The Jews insanely attributed their success to their evil god, the Devil, rather than their own evil, and in this sense again failed to redeem themselves by seeing themselves for what they are and always were, evil in semi-human form; and instead of trying to change this their evil nature, the Jews instead sought to glorify and deify it.

The Jews of America would have had an especially easy time of redeeming themselves and the entire Jewish People following the Second World War. While liberating the blacks from discriminatory laws, they could have liberated America from undo Jewish influence. They could have promoted nationalism instead of internationalism. They could have rejected Zionism instead of empowering it. They could have ceased their usury and ended their economic and financial attack on the World. They could have ceased to corrupt the press and academia. They could have stopped ginning up wars of aggression. Instead of redeeming themselves, the Jews remained themselves.

Being Jewish is an irredeemable state of evil, and the Jews acknowledge this; in that the Jews define redemption as Jewish World rule and the extermination of humanity. The Jews never even begin to consider true redemption, because it would mean that they would no longer be Jews, they would no longer be privileged evil parasites consuming the human race, which is what they have always been and what they always long to be until such time as they have murdered us all.

Alas, the Jews, who invented the scapegoat as a religious exercise, at least for themselves, scapegoat their religion for their own evil and thereby grant themselves license to persist in their obscene war on the human race, and demand their religious freedom to do so. Nature never granted any person the natural right to war on innocents, and we need not oblige the Jews' war on mankind based on natural law. Instead, nature requires that we fight back, or die.