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The False Opinions of Dr. Steven Leonard Jacobs Versus the Demonstrable Facts: The Jewish Belief that Christians Are Idolaters the Jews Must Murder

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In a hateful attack against me and my work, Dr. Steven Leonard Jacobs took issue with my factual assessment of Jewish beliefs regarding Christians, and the Jewish mandate to murder all Christians. Jacobs writes,

"Without evidence, he argues that there were six reasons why the Jews of Turkey were 'motivated' to murder Assyrians [sic]: [***] 2. The Hebrew Bible, Jewish Talmud and Jewish Cabalistic writings instruct Jews to murder Christians and to impose the 'Noahide Laws' in the 'End Times,' which laws forbid Christianity on pain of death, because Jews consider Jesus to be an idol, and the Noahide Laws forbid idol worship.[xxiv] [***] [xxiv] Jews do not consider Jesus an idol, but, historically, a false or failed messianic pretender. The laws themselves, according to Talmudic tradition, were given by God to Noah to re-establish human communities after the Great Flood. They included prohibitions against idolatry, murder, theft, blasphemy, dietary restrictions (specifically eating flesh taken from a living animal), and the establishment of a judicial system."

Jacobs' assertion that I provided no evidence for my claims is false. In my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, at page 39, the following text appears and it provides exact references to the Jewish Old Testament and the Jewish Babylonian Talmud which prove my assertions,

"The Jewish Talmud, in the book of Sanhedrin folios 56a-60b, sets forth seven laws which it insists non-Jews must follow on pain of death (see also: Sanhedrin 20b; 88b; 97a-99b; 105a). These are called the 'Noahide Laws'. Rabbinical scholars fabricated these laws, in part, as a response to Christianity. Jewish leaders have already introduced these laws into the laws of the United States of America. [House Joint Resolution 104-102-14 enacted 20 March 1991.] Christians, Hindus, Moslems, Buddhists, etc. who refuse to abandon their religious beliefs and become slaves of the Jews will all be killed. Anyone who questions Judaism will be killed. Anyone who disobeys the commands of the Jews will be killed. Jewish leaders are attempting to persuade Gentiles to adopt the 'Noahide Laws'. These laws forbid Gentiles to worship idols. Jews view Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and all other religions as forbidden religions (Zechariah 14:9)."

Hypocritically, Jacobs does not provide any sources for his empty assertions, let alone any sources which would tend to refute my fully substantiated claims, which are essentially three: 1. The Jews believe that idolaters must be killed. 2. The Jews believe that Christians are idolaters. 3. The Jews openly plan to murder all Christians.

As was stated in my book, the Jews believe that all people must obey their seven Jewish Noahide Laws, one of which forbids idol worship, a fact which Jacobs has already conceded. As I stated in my book, and contrary to Jacobs' false claim that I provided no evidence, these laws, the Jewish belief that Christians are in violation of these laws, and the Jewish call to murder all Christians due to their alleged idol worship, are found in The Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin, folios 20b, 56a-60b, 88b, 97a-99b, and 105a. In note 6 of my book, I also cited I. B. Pranaitis' book, as follows:

"I. B. Pranaitis (also: J. B. Pranaitis), Christianus in Talmude Judaeorum sive rabbinicae doctrinae de christianis secreta, Academia caesarea scientiarum, Petropoli, (1892); English: The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians, Sanctuary, E. N., New York, (1939); German: Das Christenthum im Talmud der Juden oder die Geheimnisse der rabbinischen Lehre über die Christen, enthüllt, Verlag des 'Sendboten des hl. Joseph', Wien, (1894); Russian: Khristianin v Talmudie Evreiskom ili tainy ravvinskago ucheniia o khristianakh, Tip. M.A. Aleksandrova, St. Petersburg, (1911); Polish: Chrzescijanin w Talmudzie zydowskim = Christianus in Talmude Iudaeorum, Instytut Wydawniczy 'Pro Fide', Warszawa, (1937); Spanish: El Talmud desenmascarado!: las enseñanzas rabinicas secretas sobre los cristianos, La Verdad, Buenos Aires, (1981)."

This note, which also contains numerous other sources not reproduced here, appears at the conclusion of the following text:

"The New Testament makes numerous charges of the Jewish persecution of Christians and the murder of Jesus and of Christians (Matthew 10:16-18; 21:43-45; 23:31-39; 27:25. John 7:1, 13; 8:37-40, 44-45; 10:19-38; 19:38; 20:19. Acts 1:6-7; 12; 23:12-35. Philippians 3:2-3. I Thessalonians 2:14-16). Jewish religious literature, including the Talmud and numerous Cabalistic works, calls for the extermination of all Christians.6"

At pages 9-14, I documented through quotations of authoritative sources, numerous instances of Jewish genocidal murder of Eastern Christians.

Returning to Pranaitis, whom I cited in my book, I will next quote his survey of Jewish literature proving that Jews view Christians as if idol worshipers whom the Jews must execute:

"Article III. -- Christians Are to Be Avoided -- Because They Are Idolaters

1. Lest a Jew be the occasion of sin to the idolatrous Christians, according to the precept in Levit. XIX, 14: Do not put a stumbling-block before the blind--he must avoid all contact with them on the days when they worship their gods. In Abhodah Zarah (2a) it says:

'For three days before their idolatrous festivals it is not permitted to buy or sell them anything. It is also forbidden to give or take any help from them, to change any money with them, to pay them back any debts or allow them to pay back debts.'

In the Abhodah Zarah, 78c (the Perusch of Maimonides, fol. 8) it says:

'All the festivals of the followers of Jesus are forbidden, and we must conduct ourselves towards them as we would towards idolators. The first day of the week is their principal feast, and it is therefore forbidden to do any business whatsoever with those who believe in Jesus on their Sabbath. We must observe the same rules on their Sabbath as we do on the feastdays of idolators, as the Talmud teaches.'


In Iore Dea (139, 1) it says:

'It is forbidden to have anything to do with idols and everything that is used in their form of worship, whether they are made by the Akum or by Jews.'


The Abhodah Zarah (14b, Toseph) says:

'It is always forbidden to sell incense to an idolatrous priest, for it is evident that when he asks for it he wants it for no other purpose but to offer it before his idol. Anyone, therefore, who would sell it to him sins against the precept which forbids us to place a stumbling-block before the blind. It is also forbidden to sell candles to gentiles for their Feat of Candles. Candles however may be sold to them on other days. Neither is it permitted to sell a chalice to a gentile which a Jew has bought after a Goi has broken it and thrown it away. It may only be sold again to a gentile after it has been completely made over. For after it has been broken just once it can be used still to hold the wine which is offered in honor of their idol.' Then follows the prohibition as to the selling of books to Christian priests, as we have seen above. Even the work of binding such books is forbidden to a Jew. In Iore Dea (139, 15) it says:

'It is forbidden to bind the books of the Akum, with the exception of law books. It may be done, however, if refusal to do so should cause enmity, but only after every effort has been made to refuse such work.'

Likewise in Iore Dea (151, 1, Hagah):

'It is not permitted to sell water to an Akum if it is known that it will be made into Baptismal water.'

Mention is also made of many other things which it is forbidden to sell to Christians, such as: cloth from which priestly vestments and banners may be made; paper and ink which may be used for writing books pertaining to their divine worship. It is forbidden to sell, or even to rent, houses to Christians which will be used by them as a place of worship. Nowadays, however, Jews trade with Christians, especially on Christian feast days, and also sell them houses knowing full well that certain Sacraments will be administered therein, such as Baptism, Holy Communion and Extreme Unction. The Talmud can give no reason for this, and in the Abhodah Zarah (2a, Toseph) it says:

'It is difficult to say by what right Jews nowadays trade with the Goim on their (evil) feast days. For although many of them commit all kinds of licentious acts and perversions on their feast days in honor of saints which they do not look upon as gods, yet every week they celebrate the Day of the Nazarene [Sunday] which has always been forbidden to us.'

Bartenora, however, in his commentary on Abhodah Zarah (I, 2, fol. 7b) it says:

'Since, while we are in captivity, we cannot live without trading with them, and we depend upon them for our food and we must fear them, it is only forbidden to trade with them on their feast days.8 Furthermore, it is permitted nowadays to trade with them on the actual day of their feasts, because the Rabbis are convinced that they do not worship their idols just because they trade with us. And what is forbidden in this book must be taken as applying directly to idolatry.'

Rabbi Tam,9 however, contends that the Mischnah only forbids the selling of things to idolaters which will be used by them in the worship of idols, since they rejoice and worship their idols because they obtain the things necessary for that worship. He explains it thus (in Abhodah Zarah, 2a, Toseph):

'No one should wonder at this custom of ours. For, although we look upon them as idolaters, they can only offer up what they buy for money. Hence, our gain and their joy is not the reason for this prohibition, for they have enough money for these things, even if we did not trade with them.'"

This text is also reproduced here:

Pranaitis continues:

"Article II. - Christians are to be Killed

Lastly, the Talmud commands that Christians are to be killed without mercy. In the Abhodah Zarah (26b) it says:

'Heretics, traitors and apostates are to be thrown into a well and not rescued.'

And in Choschen Hammischpat (388, 10) it says:

'A spy is to be killed, even in our days, wherever he is found. He may be killed even before he confesses. And even if he admits that he only intended to do harm to somebody, and if the harm which he intended is not very great, it is sufficient to have him condemned to death. He must be warned, however, not to confess to this. But if he impudently says 'No, I will confess it!' then he must be killed, and the sooner the better. If there is no time to warn him, it is not necessary to do so. There are some who say that a traitor is to be put to death only when it is impossible to get rid of him by mutilating him, that is, by cutting out his tongue or his eyes, but if this can be done he must not be killed, since he is not any worse than others who persecute us.'

And in Choschen Hamm. again (388, 15) it says:

'If it can be proved that someone has betrayed Israel three times, or has given the money of Israelites to the Akum, a way must be found after prudent consideration to wipe him off the face of the earth.'

Even a Christian who is found studying the Law of Israel merits death. In Sanhedrin (59a) it says:

'Rabbi Jochanan says: A Goi who pries into the Law is guilty of death.'

II. Baptized Jews are to be Put to Death

In Hilkhoth Akum (X, 2) it says:

'These things [supra] are intended for idolaters. But Israelites also, who lapse from their religion and become epicureans, are to be killed, and we must persecute them to the end. For they afflict Israel and turn the people from God.'

And in Iore Dea (158, 2 Hagah) it says:

'Renegades who turn to the pleasures of the Akum, and who become contaminated with them by worshipping stars and planets as they do, are to be killed.'

Likewise in Choschen Hamm. (425, 5) it says:

'Jews who become epicureans, who take to the worship of stars and planets and sin maliciously; also those who eat the flesh of wounded animals, or who dress in vain clothes, deserve the name of epicureans; likewise those who deny the Torah and the Prophets of Israel--the law is that all those should be killed; and those who have the power of life and death should have them killed; and if this cannot be done, they should be led to their death by deceptive methods.'

Rabbi Maimonides, in Hilkhoth Teschubhah (III, 8) gives the list of those who are considered as denying the Law:

'There are three classes of people who deny the Law of the Torah: (1) Those who say that the Torah was not given by God, at least one verse or one word of it, and who say that it was all the work of Moses; (2) Those who reject the explanation of the Torah, namely, the Oral Law of the Mischnah, and do not recognize the authority of the Doctors of the Law, like the followers of Tsadok (Sadducees) and Baithos; (3) Those who say that God changed the Law for another New Law, and that the Torah no longer has any value, although they do not deny that it was given by God, as the Christians and the Turks believe. All of these deny the Law of the Torah.'

III. Christians are to be Killed because They are Tyrants

In Zohar (I, 25a) it says:

'The People of the Earth are idolaters, and it has been written about them: Let them be wiped off the face of the earth. Destroy the memory of the Amalekites. They are with us still in this Fourth Captivity, namely, the Princes [of Rome] . . . who are really Amalakites.'


For if they are allowed to live, the hope of the liberation of the Jews is in vain, and their prayers for release from this Fourth Captivity are of no avail. In Zohar (I, 219B) it says:

'It is certain that our captivity will last until the princes of the gentiles who worship idols are destroyed.'

And again in Zohar (II, 19a) it says:

'Rabbi Jehuda said: Come and see how it is; how the princes have assumed power over Israel and the Israelites make no outcry. But their rejoicing is heard when the prince falls. It is written that: the King of the Egyptians died and soon the children of Israel were released from captivity; they cried out and their voice ascended to God.'


They call it the Kingdom of Esau, and of the Edomites, the Kingdom of Pride, the Wicked Kingdom, Impious Rome. The Turkish Empire is called the Kingdom of the Ismaelites which they do not wish to destroy. The Kingdom of Rome, however, must be exterminated, because when corrupt Rome is destroyed, salvation and freedom will come to God's Chosen People.5

Rabbi David Kimchi writes as follows in Obadiam:

'What the Prophets foretold about the destruction of Edom in the last days was intended for Rome, as Isaiah explains (ch. 34, 1): Come near, ye nations, to hear . . . For when Rome is destroyed, Israel shall be redeemed.'

Rabbi Abraham also, in his book Tseror Hammor, section Schoftim, says the same:

'Immediately after Rome is destroyed we shall be redeemed.'

IV. Lastly, all Christians, including the Best of Them, are to be Killed

In Abhodah Zarah (26b, Tosephoth) it says:'Even the best of the Goim should be killed'

The Schulchan Arukh, after the words of Iore Dea (158, 1) that those of the Akum who do no harm to Jews are not to be killed, namely those who do not wage war against Israel, thus explains the word Milchamah - war:

'But in time of war the Akum are to be killed, for it is written: 'The good among the Akum deserve to be killed, etc.''


In Sepher Or Israel (177b) it says:

'Take the life of the Kliphoth and kill them, and you will please God the same as one who offers incense to Him.'

And in Ialkut Simoni (245c. n. 772) it says:

'Everyone who sheds the blood of the impious is as acceptable to God as he who offers a sacrifice to God.'


In Zohar (III, 227b) the Good Pastor says:

'The only sacrifice required is that we remove the unclean from amongst us.'

Zohar (II, 43a), explaining the precept of Moses about the redemption of the first born of an ass by offering a lamb, says:

'The ass means the non-Jew, who is to be redeemed by the offering of a lamb, which is the dispersed sheep of Israel. But if he refuses to be redeemed, then break his skull....They should be taken out of the book of the living, for it is said about them: He who sins against me, I shall take out of the book of life.'


In Zohar (I, 28b, and 39a) it says:

'In the palaces of the fourth heaven are those who lamented over Sion and Jerusalem, and all those who destroyed idolatrous nations...and those who killed off people who worship idols are clothed in purple garments so that they may be recognized and honored.'


In Hilhoth Akum (X, 1) it says:

'Do not eat with idolaters, nor permit them to worship their idols; for it is written: Make no covenant with them, nor show mercy unto them (Deuter. ch. 7, 2). Either turn away from their idols or kill them.'

Ibidem (X, 7):

'In places where Jews are strong, no idolater must be allowed to remain...'


In Choschen Hamm. (338, 16) it says:

'All the inhabitants of a city are obliged to contribute to the expense of killing a traitor, even those who have to pay other taxes.'


In Pesachim (49b) it says:

'Rabbi Eliezer said: It is permitted to cut off the head of an 'idiot' [one of the people of the Earth] on the feast of the Atonement when it falls on the Sabbath.6 His disciples said to him: Rabbi, you should rather say to sacrifice. But he replied: By no means, for it is necessary to pray while sacrificing, and there is no need of prayers when you behead someone.'


Thus the Jews picture their Messiah and Liberator whom they expect, as a persecutor who will inflict great calamities upon non-Jews. The Talmud lists three great evils which will come upon the world when the Messiah comes. In Schabbath (118a) it says:

'Whoever eats three meals on the Sabbath shall be saved from the three evils: from the punishments of the Messiah, from the pain of hell and from the war of Magog; for it is written: Behold, I shall send you Elias the Prophet before the coming of the 'Day' of the Lord, etc.'


'Pour out thy anger upon nations that know thee not, and upon the kingdoms which do not invoke thy name; Pour out thy indignation upon them, and let thy wrathful anger take hold of them; Persecute and destroy them in anger from under the heavens of the Lord.'7

They also pray as follows:

'How long will thy strength remain captive and thy beauty lie under the hand of the oppressor? O God! Show forth thy strength and thy zeal against our enemies; break their strength and let them be confounded...'

And again:

'Cut off the hope of the unjust; let all heretics perish at once; root out, break up and destroy the Proud Kingdom; hasten to make all peoples subject in our days.'

At that very same time, on Good Friday, that 'Prince of the Proud Empire' of Rome, the Pope, prays, and orders everyone in the world to pray for all 'heretics' and those who are 'lost,' as follows:

'Let us pray for the perfidious Jews: that the Lord our God may take away the veil from their hearts, that they may acknowledge Jesus Christ our Lord.

'Omnipotent and Eternal God, who does not even exclude Jewish perfidy from thy mercy: hear our prayers which we offer for the blindness of that people, that, having recognized the light of thy truth, which is Christ, they may come out of their darkness, Through Jesus Christ our Lord . . .'"

This text is also reproduced here:

As for Jacobs' depiction of the Jews' view of Jesus Christ, it is false by its failure to disclose the Jewish beliefs that Jesus was himself an idolater and a magician, that Jesus is boiling in excrement in Hell, that Jesus is the son of a whore, that the Jews murdered Jesus several times, etc. These facts were recently iterated in Peter Schafer's book Jesus in the Talmud, which was published by Princeton University Press. Before Schafer's book appeared, I documented these facts and demonstrated the Jews' intentions to exterminate Christians and eliminate all other religions through violence in my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians at, among other places, pages 35-49. If he has read my book, Jacobs could not have missed my long and thoroughly documented exposition. You can read some of the Talmud quotes in my article on Christian Zionism, where you will also find direct quotations from the New Testament accounts that the Jews murdered Jesus Christ and sought to slay his followers, here:

Jacobs grossly misrepresented the contents of my book by falsely claiming that I did not offer evidence in support of my statements. Jacobs hypocritically failed to provide references for his empty and false assertions. Jacobs misrepresented by omission Jewish views of Jesus Christ. Jacobs misrepresented by omission the Jewish desire to exterminate Christians.

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Denial Is the Eighth Stage of Genocide: Dr. Steven Leonard Jacobs' Fatally Flawed Apology for the Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Unable to refute the facts and reasoned arguments presented in my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, but nevertheless determined to attack me and my work, Dr. Steven Leonard Jacobs has set about to defame me with falsehoods and innuendo and has found an outlet for his hateful venom in The Armenian Weekly; which published Jacobs' invective and error ridden attack without ever having spoken to me, and apparently did so without checking Jacobs' claims against the facts. Evidently, no form of name calling is too base, too childish, nor inappropriate, in Jacobs' mind.

Jacobs' carelessness as a scholar, or more correctly, as a smearmonger, is evident even in the title of his ad hominem attack, where he misspells my name as if "Bjerkness" [sic], a practice he continues throughout his article. Jacobs then adds insult to injury and shamelessly and childishly attacks my Norwegian heritage by stating that he deliberately mispronounces my name to insult me and my heritage,

"One such site—— is that run by Christopher Jon Bjerkness [sic should be "Bjerknes"] (b. 1967) [sic should be "1965"] ('B'yerk-ness,' though I personally prefer to pronounce it with a 'j')"

Such is the nature of Jacobs' personal attack: childish, riddled with obvious errors of fact, and obnoxious.

Not content merely to insult my Norwegian name, Jacobs feels obliged to attack my Jewish heritage, as well, when Jacobs writes,

"Bjerkness, [sic] who claims pride in his Norwegian and Jewish heritage attempts to legitimate himself somewhat in the eyes of his readers by arguing that he has a 'Jewish connection' because his maternal grandfather, a famous Norwegian [sic] musician, was Jewish. Having such a relative, however, does not do so either in the eyes of the organized Jewish community or among the network of haters."

Note Jacobs' phrase "organized Jewish community". So, such a thing does exist!

Jacobs again erred when he incorrectly stated,

"Additionally, again without attribution, [Bjerknes] references, for example, 'well-intentioned people' (pg. 14), 'many people' [sic] (ibid.), 'many persons' (pg. 15). He also employs such rhetorical devices 'it is a well-known fact that' (pg. 16), 'it appears unquestionable that' (pg. 17) without any source citation whatsoever. "

It is clear in my book that my statement "well intentioned people", on page 14 of my book, refers to the London Times articles found below it in my book. Likewise, it is clear in my book that my statement "many persons" on page 15 refers to the London Times articles which appear directly below the reference. Jacobs' many errors are gross and obvious. Yet, he cannot legitimately point to a single error in my long treatise.

The statements "it is a well-known fact that", on page 16 of my book, and, "it appears unquestionable that", on page 17 of my book, which Jacobs falsely attributes to me, were not made by me; but rather, as is crystal clear from the text, are quotations from the Vienna Correspondent of the London Times. Jacobs makes an ass of himself with his many blatant errors and horrendous misrepresentations. Will Jacobs and The Armenian Weekly retract Jacobs' falsehoods, and in as prominent a fashion as they are made? I doubt it. The truth does not appear to be a priority for them.

Jacobs' failures as a scholar and as a human being are also evident in his lengthy citations from the thoroughly discredited smearmonger Eric Hufschmid's dishonest personal attacks against me. Jacobs dubs Hufschmid a "hater" and "conspiracist", and then eventually agrees with him.

The body of Jacobs' article contains approximately 4,500 words, of which almost 900 words are quotations from Eric Hufschmid and Henry Makow, neither of whom represents my views, nor speaks for me. Jacobs offers up his, Jacobs', conspiracy theories, which he states agree with those of Eric Hufschmid, whom Jacobs calls a "hater" and "conspiracist", when Jacobs states,

"For someone interested in the preposterousness of his claims, one can only assume that his intent is to inform his readers of his vast erudition and his intellectual and analytical prowess, especially those far less informed. Perhaps his fellow conspiracist Eric Hufschmid is correct after all, 'I suspect that he is exposing Einstein and the Armenian genocide only to lure you over to his site and put himself into the position of 'Einstein expert' and 'Armenian genocide expert.'' And other than Henry Makow’s reference to his Norwegian [sic] Jewish maternal grandfather, it is almost impossible to fine [sic] solid biographic data about him other than his Chicago (unlisted) residence. He appears in neither the databases of the Anti-Defamation League nor the American Jewish Committee. Who is he and why does he do what he does remain open-ended questions. Additionally, his website has no counter of 'hits,' nor do either of his two downloadable PDF books. Thus, we have no way of knowing how many may have read all or part of these texts. Nor do we know in what circles he travels."

So we see that it is Jacobs, not I, who has a common understanding and purpose with "hater" and "conspiracist" Eric Hufschmid. But Jacobs' blatant hypocrisy and gross distortions of fact do not end with his love of, and reliance upon, the deceitful smearmongering of Eric Hufschmid, nor do his errors of fact end with his misstatements of the spelling of my name, the date of my birth, the national origins of my maternal grandfather, or the statements found in my book which Jacobs falsely attributes to me in order to criticize them and me.

Jacobs falsely claims that John Wilkes Booth was not Jewish, when Jacobs writes,

"However, Bjerkness' true goal in this lengthy third chapter is to show his readers the overwhelming power of the Rothschild banking family, their 'desire to divide America up between Britain and France' (pg. 241), their employment of a 'Jewish actor (not true!) named John Wilkes Booth' to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln (14 April 1865) because of Lincoln’s opposition to their plans (pg. 242), their ownership of both 'the Pope and Rome' (pg. 257), and other such calumnies."

Jacobs hypocritically fails to cite any source for his false claim that Booth was not Jewish, while elsewhere falsely claiming that I have failed to provide evidence in support of my contentions when I have in fact provided voluminous proof of The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians. In point of fact, John Wilkes Booth was a Jewish actor. As but one source of countless to be had, I will quote a contemporary biographical account of the man found in The Life, Crime and Capture of John Wilkes Booth by George Alfred Townsend, at page 21, where John Wilkes Booth's father is described,

"The elder Booth in every land was a sojourner, as all his fathers were. Of Hebrew descent, and by a line of actors, he united in himself that strong Jewish physiognomy which, in its nobler phases, makes all that is dark and beautiful, and the combined vagrancy of all men of genius and all men of stage."

Jacobs falsely claims that I do not cite Jewish interpretations of the Hebrew Bible, when citing the Old Testament itself. Jacobs writes,

"Throughout this volume, there are many places where Bjerkness [sic] piles on passages from both the Hebrew Bible and New Testament as supposed supportive evidence for his claims. In doing so, however, he shows nothing of their historical contexts, nor how such material was understood either historically or contemporarily by their religious communities."

Contrary to Jacobs' misrepresentations, I do cite the Talmud and several other Jewish commentaries on the Old Testament. Taking as but one example of the failure of Jacobs' scholarship on this point, he falsely claims that I have provided no evidence to support my contention that Jews viewed the Armenians as Amalekites at the time of the Armenian Genocide and that the Jews are compelled by the Jewish God to exterminate the Amalekites. Jacobs writes,

"Without evidence, [Bjerknes] argues that there were six reasons why the Jews of Turkey were 'motivated' to murder Assyrians:

1. Jews consider the Armenians to be the Amalekites of the Hebrew Bible, and in Jewish mythology, the Jewish God (sic) commands the Jews to utterly exterminate the Amalekites down to the last man, woman and child."

In fact, and contrary to Jacobs' falsehoods, in my book and elsewhere, I have cited numerous Jewish commentaries on the racist Jewish Old Testament doctrine that the Jews are duty bound to commit genocide against the Amalekites, and the fact that contemporary Jews, as well as their predecessors, believed that the Armenians were the Amalekites. For example, I quote the following Jewish sources in my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, from pages 169-179, as well as discussing such Jewish rites as the holiday of Purim:

"In its article entitled 'ARMENIA', The Encyclopedia Judaica, Volume 3, The Macmillan Company, Jerusalem, (1971), cols. 472-476, at 473; states,

'Armenia is also sometimes called Amalek in some sources, and Jews often referred to Armenians as Amalekites. This is the Byzantine term for the Armenians.'

In its article entitled 'ARMENIA', by Isaak Markon, The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Volume 1, The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Inc., New York, (1939), pp. 482-483, at 483; states:

'Since the Armenians are considered descendants of the Amalekites, they are called among the Jews of the Orient also Timheh ('Thou shalt blot out,' Deut. 25:19, referring to the Amalekites).'"


"The Jewish Talmud, in the book of Sanhedrin, folio 20b, states,

'It has been taught: R. Jose12 said: Three commandments were given to Israel when they entered the land; [i] to appoint a king; [ii] to cut off the seed of Amalek; [iii] and to build themselves the chosen house [i.e. the Temple] and I do not know which of them has priority. But, when it is said: The hand upon the throne of the Lord, the Lord will have war with Amalek from generation to generation,13 we must infer that they had first to set up a king, for 'throne' implies a king, as it is written, Then Solomon sat on the throne of the Lord as king.14 Yet I still do not know which [of the other two] comes first, the building of the chosen Temple or the cutting off of the seed of Amalek. Hence, when it is written, And when He giveth you rest from all your enemies round about etc., and then [Scripture proceeds], Then it shall come to pass that the place which the Lord your God shall choose,15 it is to be inferred that the extermination of Amalek is first. And so it is written of David, And it came to pass when the king dwelt in his house, and the Lord had given him rest from his enemies round about, and the passage continues; that the king said unto Nathan the Prophet: See now, I dwell in a house of cedars etc.'[ I. Epstein, Editor, Sanhedrin 20b, The Babylonian Talmud, Volume 27, The Soncino Press, London, (1935), pp. 107-111, at 109.]

The Jewish Cabalistic book the Zohar, Volume I, 25a-25b, states that peoples other than the Jews will be exterminated when the Jews form a state in Palestine,

'But as 'tohu and bohu' gave place to light, so when God reveals Himself they will be wiped off the earth. But withal redemption will not be complete until Amalek will be exterminated, for against Amalek the oath was taken that 'the Lord will have war against Amalek from generation to generation' (Ex. xvii, 16).'[H. Sperling and M. Simon, The Zohar, Volume 1, The Soncino Press, New York, (1933), p. 100.]

The Jewish Zohar, Volume I, 28b-29a, states,

'At that time the mixed multitude shall pass away from the world [***] The mixed multitude are the impurity which the serpent injected into Eve. From this impurity came forth Cain, who killed Abel. [***] for they are the seed of Amalek, of whom it is said, 'thou shalt blot out the memory of Amalek' [***] Various impurities are mingled in the composition of Israel, like animals among men. One kind is from the side of the serpent; another from the side of the Gentiles, who are compared to the beasts of the field; another from the mazikin (goblins), for the souls [29a] of the wicked are literally the mazikin (goblins) of the world; and there is an impurity from the side of the demons and evil spirits; and there is none so cursed among them as Amalek, who is the evil serpent, the 'strange god'. He is the cause of all unchastity and murder, and his twin-soul is the poison of idolatry, the two together being called Samael (lit. poison-god). There is more than one Samael, and they are not all equal, but this side of the serpent is accursed above all of them.'[H. Sperling and M. Simon, The Zohar, Volume 1, The Soncino Press, New York, (1933), pp. 108-110.]

Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki's (Rashi's) Commentary on the Pentateuch, Exodus 17:14-16, states,

'14. Write this (for) a memorial that Amalek came to battle against Israel prior to all the (other) nations. And rehearse (it) in the ears of Joshua who will bring into the land, that he should command Israel to recompense him (Amalek) for his deed. Here it was hinted to Moses that Joshua would bring in Israel to the land. For I will utterly blot out Therefore I admonish you thus, for I desire to blot them out. 15. And he called the name of it (I. e.,) of the altar. Adonai-nissi (lit., the Lord is my banner (or miracle). The Holy One Blessed Be He wrought for us here a 'miracle'. It is not that the altar was called 'Lord' but (that) he who mentioned the name of the altar would recall the miracle which the Omnipresent wrought: 'The Lord He is our miracle.' 16. And he said (I. e.,) Moses, The hand upon the throne of the Lord The hand of the Holy One Blessed Be He was raised to swear by His throne that there would be for Him war and hatred against Amalek forever. And why is (it written) (throne) and not stated [***]? Is then the (Divine) Name also divided in half (i. e.: [***] instead of the full name)? The Holy One Blessed Be He swore that His name will not be whole (i. e., [***] instead of the full name) nor His throne whole (i. e. [***]) instead of [***] until there will be blotted out the name of Amalek utterly. And when his (Amalek's) name will be blotted out (then) will the (Divine) Name be whole, and it is stated (Ps. 9.7): 'O thou enemy, the waste places are come to an end forever' this refers to Amalek, regarding whom it is written Amos 1.11): 'And his anger he kept forever,' 'And the cities which thou didst uproot Their very memorial is perished' (Ps., ibid. 7). What does (Scripture) state after this? 'But the Lord is enthroned forever' (verse 8)—behold the (Divine) Name is whole (expressed in full); 'He hath established His throne for judgment' (ibid.)—behold his throne is whole [***].'[A. Ben Isaiah, et al., The Pentateuch and Rashi's Commentary: A Linear Translation into English, S. S. & R. Publishing Company, Brooklyn, New York, (1949), pp. 187-188.]

Jewish historian Louis Ginzberg stated in his The Legend of the Jews,

'Although Amalek had now received the merited punishment from the hands of Joshua, still his enterprise against Israel had not been entirely unavailing. The miraculous exodus of Israel out of Egypt, and especially the cleaving of the sea, had created such alarm among the heathens, that none among them had dared to approach Israel. But this fear vanished as soon as Amalek attempted to compete in battle with Israel. Although he was terribly beaten, still the fear of the inaccessibility of Israel was gone. It was with Amalek as with that foolhardy wight who plunged into a scalding-hot tub. He scalded himself terribly, yet the tub became a little cooled through his plunge into it. Hence God was not content with the punishment Amalek received in the time of Moses, but swore by His throne and by His right hand that He would never forget Amalek's misdeeds, that in this world as well as in the time of the Messiah He would visit punishment upon him, and would completely exterminate him in the future world. So long as the seed of Amalek exists, the face of God is, as it were, covered, and will only then come to view, when the seed of Amalek shall have been entirely exterminated.

God had at first left the war against Amalek in the hands of His people, therefore He bade Joshua, the future leader of the people, never to forget the war against Amalek; and if Moses had listened intently, he would have perceived from this command of God that Joshua was destined to lead the people into the promised land. But later, when Amalek took part in the destruction of Jerusalem, God Himself took up the war against Amalek, saying, 'By My throne I vow not to leave a single descendant of Amalek under the heavens, yea, no one shall even be able to say that this sheep or that wether belonged to an Amalekite.'

God bade Moses impress upon the Jews to repulse no heathen should he desire conversion, but never to accept an Amalekite as a proselyte. It was in consideration of this word of God that David slew the Amalekite, who announced to him the death of Saul and Jonathan; for he saw in him only a heathen, although he appeared in the guise of a Jew.

Part of the blame for the destruction of Amalek falls upon his father, Eliphaz. He used to say to Amalek: 'My son, dost thou indeed know who will possess this world and the future world?' Amalek paid no attention to this allusion to the future fortune of Israel, and his father urged it no more strongly upon him, although it would have been his duty to instruct his son clearly and fully. He should have said to him: 'My son, Israel will possess this world as well as the future world; dig wells then for their use and build roads for them, so that thou mayest be judged worthy to share in the future world.' But as Amalek had not been sufficiently instructed by his father, in his wantonness he undertook to destroy the whole world. God, who tries the reins and the heart, said to him: 'O thou fool, I created thee after all the seventy nations, but for thy sins thou shalt be the first to descend into hell.'

To glorify the victory over Amalek, Moses built an altar, which God called 'My Miracle,' for the miracle God wrought against Amalek in the war of Israel was, as it were, a miracle for God. For so long as the Israelites dwell in sorrow, God feels with them, and a joy for Israel is a joy for God, hence, too, the miraculous victory over Israel's foe was a victory for God.'[L. Ginzberg, The Legend of the Jews, Volume 3, The Jewish Publication Society of America, Philadelphia, (1911/1954), pp. 61-63.]

The Judaic religious doctrine of the genocide of the seed of Amalek is alive today. Yehoshafat Harkabi wrote in his book Israel's Fateful Hour,

'Some nationalistic religious extremists frequently identify the Arabs with Amalek, whom the Jews are commanded to annihilate totally (Deuteronomy 25:17-19). As children, we were taught that this was a relic of a bygone and primitive era, a commandment that had lapsed because Sennacherib the Assyrian king had mixed up all the nations so it was no longer possible to know who comes of the seed of Amalek. Yet some rabbis insist on injecting a contemporary significance into the commandment to blot out Amalek.'[Y. Harkabi, Israel's Fateful Hour, Harper & Row, New York, (1988), p. 149.]"


"The Jewish hatred of the Armenian 'Amalekites' during the period of the Jewish genocide of Armenian Christians is well documented. Jews in general turned a blind eye to the slaughter of Armenians, which was conducted under the leadership of Dönmeh Jews, as the Hebrew language newspaper Hatzvi noted on 16 May 1909, while mocking Jewish prejudice,

'A slight grimace on their lips, a short heartfelt sigh, and nothing more. The Armenians are not Jews, and according to folk tradition the Armenians are nothing more than Amaleks! Amaleks? We would give them help? To whom? To Amaleks? Heaven forbid!'[Quoted in English translation in Y. Auron, Zionism and the Armenian Genocide: The Banality of Indifference, Transaction Publishers, London, (2002), p. 126.]

In his book Reckless Rites: Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence, Elliott Horowitz wrote of the Jewish stigmatization of the Armenians as if 'Amalekites',

'In the nineteenth century the term 'Amalekite' was almost always used negatively with regard to Armenians, possibly as a result of the economic competition that often prevailed between them and the Jews, both of whom were known for their sly business practices. [***] In 1839, as mentioned in the introduction, the British missionary Joseph Wolff found it 'remarkable that the Armenians, who are detested by the Jews as the supposed descendants of the Amalekites, are the only Christian church who have interested themselves for the protection and conversion of the Jews.' Three years later, as also mentioned there, the Scottish missionaries Bonar and McCheyne suggested that 'the peculiar hatred which the Jews bear to the Armenians may arise from a charge often brought against them, namely that Haman was an Armenian, and that the Armenians are the Amalekites of the Bible.'58 Late in the nineteenth century Joseph Judah Chorny reported hearing from the Jews of Georgia, among whom he had traveled, of their ancestral tradition that the Armenians were descendants of the Amalekites, and another Jewish traveler reported a bizarre practice in eastern Galicia, whereby the Armenians who did business with the local Jews would mourn Haman’s death every Purim, and light candles in his memory.59 If there was any truth to the latter report, it is likely that Armenians were paid to do so by the local Jews, as a form of Purim entertainment, just as elsewhere in Eastern Europe Jews would often hire Christians to play the role of Haman in their Purimshpiel. During the final decade of the nineteenth century the Latvian-born scholar and polemicist Ephraim Deinard published a (privately printed) pamphlet against the use on the holiday of Sukkot of etrogim (citrons) from Greece, especially those grown on the island of Corfu, where, in 1891, a blood libel had caused most of the seven thousand local Jews to flee for their lives. The etrogim of Corfu had been a controversial subject throughout the nineteenth century, primarily because of problematic rabbinic supervision, and the controversy had been rekindled in 1875 after dealers raised their prices. Deinard's pamphlet, which carried the provocative title Milhama la-Shem be-'Amalek (God’s War with Amalek), was perhaps the most rabid contribution to the renewed debate. Among the reasons he gave for boycotting the etrogim of Greece was that its denizens were descendants of Amalek.60 His strange confidence in making this assertion would seem to have drawn on the tradition maintained for centuries that the Armenians (including members of their large Diaspora) were Amalekites. Both the Armenians and the Greeks were minorities within the world of Christendom with a prominence nonetheless in the holy city of Jerusalem. The venerable tradition of regarding the former as Amalekites evidently allowed Deinard to extend the category to the latter as well.'[E. Horowitz, Reckless Rites: Purim and the Legacy of Jewish Violence (Jews, Christians, and Muslims from the Ancient to the Modern World), Princeton University Press, (2006), pp. 124-125, see also 10-11, 122-123.]"

After providing these extensive post-Biblical sources on the Jewish belief that Armenians are Amalekites, I then provided several quotations from crypto-Jewish "Young Turks" demanding the annihilation of the Armenians, which mirror the Biblical commandment on the Jews to exterminate the Amalekites. Jacobs' misrepresentation of my book is grossly inaccurate. One need only read the first page of my book to encounter the many and varied sources I quote as proof of my arguments, not one of which has Jacobs refuted in any way other than by smear and innuendo.

Jacobs again errs and demonstrates the weakness of his scholarship when he falsely claims that the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are a purported account of conversations of Rabbis in a graveyard. Jacobs confuses the Protocols with Hermann Goedsche's book Biarritz of 1868, which contained a chapter, "The Jewish Cemetery in Prague and the Council of Representatives of the Twelve Tribes of Israel". Jacobs incorrectly writes,

"This has been very much in evidence since the beginning of the 19th century with the publication of the notorious Russian forgery The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, a totally spurious and fraudulent document supposedly telling the story of a secret midnight cemetery meeting of a group of rabbis at which their leader spells out their plans in twenty-four 'protocols' for world take-over."

Jacobs seeks to attack me for pointing out the indisputable facts that, as I wrote in my book,

"In conformity with the Jewish plans revealed in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in 1905, Jewish leaders met in Masonic lodges in Salonika, Italy, Paris and Vienna, and plotted a coup d'état against the Sultan of Turkey Abdul Hamid II. Jews and crypto-Jewish Dönmeh of the Committee for Union and Progress took over complete control of the Turkish Empire in 1909. They had several goals. Their primary objective was to establish a segregated 'Jewish State' in Palestine. They also sought to instigate World War I, to slaughter entire Christian populations, and to destroy the Turkish Empire and supplant Islamic religion and culture with a soulless and cultureless society engineered by Jewish positivists in Vienna, Paris, Italy and Salonika."

Jacobs has not shown a single error of fact or logic in my statements, though he has himself grossly erred.

Contrary to Jacobs' false claims, I made clear in my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, on page 227, that my arguments regarding Hitler's Zionism are presented in detail in my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein, when I wrote,

"When the Jews discovered that emancipation led to assimilation, they imprisoned Napoleon. Napoleon served as the Messianic model for another Zionist dictator, the next pseudo-Messiah to attempt to 'restore the Jews to Palestine', Adolf Hitler. This is explained in detail in my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein."

Jacobs falsely claimed that,

"Early on, he makes the following claim (without any supportive evidence) which appears throughout the text:

Jewish leaders then placed Adolf Hitler in power in the hopes that he would chase the Jews of Europe into Palestine. (pg. 20)[xxiii]"

In addition to my book on Einstein, those interested in the subject of Hitler's Zionism are encouraged to listen to my interview of Jim Condit, Jr.:

Hour 1 (6.86 MB)

Hour 2 (6.86 MB)

Hour 3 (7.79 MB)

Full Interview (21.5 MB)

Jim Condit, Jr.'s excellent lecture on the subject can be viewed on Google Video for free:

"The Final Solution to Adolf Hitler"

Jacobs' absurd and utterly false claims that my book does not provide any evidence that the Jews are responsible for the Armenian Genocide is best refuted by a reading of my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians.

To refute every error and falsehood in Jacobs' article would be a tiresome and unproductive chore, so many and so obvious are his blunders. What I have said will suffice for now. Let us see if he retracts his nonsense and apologizes for it. While he is at it, he should apologize to the Armenian dead for the crimes the Jews perpetrated against them.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Land Down Under Has Things Upside Down

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Imagine if you accused a thief of stealing, then the State tried to suppress your accusation by charging you with thievery of the thief's reputation, while letting the thief go free to continue his stealing. It would be obvious that the Government is a criminal organization, which protects thieves, and which discourages, obstructs and suppresses the rights of honest citizens who are fighting crime. It would be obvious that the Government encouraged thievery and discouraged honesty and the rule of law. It would be obvious that the State obstructs justice and persecutes those who seek it.

The Australian Government has charged an innocent man with racism because that innocent man accused a guilty group of being racist. Instead of pursuing that innocent man's accusations of racism, as the State is compelled to do by law, the State instead charged the innocent man with racism for making an accusation of racism, and the courts have muzzled him. It is therefore obvious that the Australian Government is a criminal organization, which protects racists, and which discourages, obstructs and suppresses the rights of honest citizens who are fighting racism. It is obvious that the Australian Government encourages racism and discourages honesty and the rule of law. It is obvious that the Australian Government obstructs justice and persecutes those who seek it.