Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Absurdity of the Charges Against Brendon O'Connell

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I can easily demonstrate the absurdity and illegality of the charges against Brendon O'Connell with a simple analogy.

Assume that a person X is charged with plotting to commit "battery" against another person Y, because X was recorded saying to a third person Z,

"Let's give Y a battery for the flashlight he took from me."

Assume that the government then charged X with conspiring to beat Y, in retaliation for the fact that Y took X's flashlight, and the prosecution then asked the court to determine that the definition of "battery" is the statutory definition,

"To beat violently and with intent to cause pain and harm."

Imagine then that the prosecuting officials rejected the fact that "battery" can also mean,

"An electrical device to store charge."

And that the government charged X even though the plain meaning of X's statement depends upon the definition that "battery" mean "an electrical device to store charge" and X always maintained that is what he meant by the word "battery".

Can you imagine what would happen to X if the court ruled that "battery" cannot be a term used to describe an electrical device for storing charge, and barred X from employing that definition at trial, limiting all parties and the jury to defining "battery" as if exclusively, "to beat violently and with intent to cause pain and harm"? Such would be plain error, and a gross abuse of X's due process rights to raise a legitimate defense and argue his case.

Proof that the Australian Government Is Mirroring Nazi Racism, Which in Turn Has Its Roots in Judaism

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Proof that the Australian Government is mirroring Nazi racism, and that the Jews are racists as a religious group, comes from the Nuremberg trials, where Julius Streicher affirmed that the Nuremberg Laws of 1935 were patterned after racist religious Jewish Law which is the basis of Nazism,

"Yes, I believe I had a part in it insofar as for years I have written that any further mixture of German blood with Jewish blood must be avoided. I have written such articles again and again; and in my articles I have repeatedly emphasized the fact that the Jews should serve as an example to every race, for they created a racial law for themselves—the law of Moses, which says, 'If you come into a foreign land you shall not take unto yourself foreign women.' And that, Gentlemen, is of tremendous importance in judging the Nuremberg Laws. These laws of the Jews were taken as a model for these laws. When, after centuries, the Jewish lawgiver Ezra discovered that notwithstanding many Jews had married non-Jewish women, these marriages were dissolved. That was the beginning of Jewry which, because it introduced these racial laws, has survived throughout the centuries, while all other races and civilizations have perished."--Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 14 November 1945 — 1 October 1946, Volume 12, Secretariat of the Tribunal, Nuremberg, Germany, p. 315.

Dr. Marx asked Julius Streicher,

"Were you of the opinion that the 1935 legislation represented the final solution of the Jewish question by the State?"--Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 14 November 1945 — 1 October 1946, Volume 12, Secretariat of the Tribunal, Nuremberg, Germany, p. 316.

Streicher responded that Zionism was the final solution of the Jewish question,

"With reservations, yes. I was convinced that if the Party program was carried out, the Jewish question would be solved. The Jews became German citizens in 1848. Their rights as citizens were taken from them by these laws. Sexual intercourse was prohibited. For me, this represented the solution of the Jewish problem in Germany. But I believed that another international solution would still be found, and that some day discussions would take place between the various states with regard to the demands made by Zionism. These demands aimed at a Jewish state."--Trial of the Major War Criminals Before the International Military Tribunal, Nuremberg, 14 November 1945 — 1 October 1946, Volume 12, Secretariat of the Tribunal, Nuremberg, Germany, p. 316.

The full text is available on many reputable websites, including:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Racist Australian Government's Selective and Arbitrary Definition of "Jew" in the Brendon O'Connell Case to Match the Statute Without Prior Notice

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Even if the courts in Australia arbitrarily and in plain error rule that the term "Jew" can be applied to a "race" and/or an "ethnicity"; the courts must also rule that the term "Jew" can be applied to a religious community, a group of persons which anyone can enter by way of conversion to the faith without changing one's genetics or ethnic status. This places the burden of establishing the defendant's mental state on the prosecution, and one of the elements of the alleged "offense" must be that the government prove that the defendant believed and meant to say that "Jews" are a race or ethnicity, as opposed to a religious group.

It is important that the court not only determine whether or not "Jews" can be categorized as a race or an ethnicity, but more importantly whether or not the term "Jews" can accurately be applied to a religious group. This applies not only to the trial, but also to the indictment itself, which, to be sufficient to claim an offense, must allege that the defendant meant to state that "Jews" are a race or ethnicity, an allegation which must first be made in the indictment, then proven at trial, which it cannot be.

If the indictment fails to allege that the defendant believed the "Jews" to be a race or ethnicity, and that the defendant used the term "Jew" to intentionally categorize and vilify a race or ethnicity, then the indictment does not allege an offense and must be dismissed. Should the court ever hold hearings to determine whether or not "Jews" can be accurately categorized as if a race or ethnicity, without concurrently holding hearings to determine whether or not "Jews" can be accurately categorized as a religious group, then the court will have violated the defendant's due process rights to argue his defense and to not be prosecuted under an indictment which fails to allege that a crime has been committed.

If the government is allowed to prosecute the defendant without alleging an offense and all of its elements, if the government is allowed to indict the defendant without alleging that the defendant believed that the "Jews" are a race or ethnicity, then the government will not have to prove what was not alleged, and an innocent man will face the loss of his liberty for a charge that fails to allege that a crime has been committed.

On the Racist Australian Government's Attempts to Define the "Jews" as If a "Race" or "Ethnicity"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On 25 July 1963, on page 8, the Times of London quoted Israeli Supreme Court Justice Haim Cohn's statement that,

"It is one of the bitterest ironies of fate that the same biological or racist approach which was propagated by the Nazis and characterized the infamous Nuremberg laws should, because of an allegedly sacrosanct Jewish tradition, become the basis for the official determination or rejection of Jewishness in the state of Israel." [See also: J. Badi, Fundamental Laws of the State of Israel, Twayne Publishers, New York, (1961), p. 156.]

The racist Australian Government is claiming that "Jews" are a "race" under a statutory definition which incorporates "ethnicities" as if "races". Inevitably, Brendon O'Connell will be asked to explain why he believes that "Jews" are a religious community and not a "race" or "ethnicity" when there are so-called "secular Jews".

Brendon O'Connell is an "O'Connell" by virtue of his birth, but that does not mean that the O'Connells are so homogenous and unique as to constitute a "race" or an "ethnicity". The Australian O'Connells may call themselves "Irish", but they cannot vote in Ireland and probably bear the characteristics of Australians, not the Irish. If we were to trace back O'Connell's ancestors, we would discover that many were not called "O'Connell" and if we were to go back far enough in time we would discover that beyond a certain point in the past none were called "O'Connell". The first "O'Connell" did not change either genetically or ethnically when he or she adopted the name "O'Connell". The O'Connell women who married and took on different names did not change genetically or ethnically when they converted from "O'Connells" to some other name.

"Secular Jews" do not share the prominent ethnicity of any given sect of ultra-orthodox Jews. The only reason they call themselves "Jews" is that if we trace their ancestry back far enough we will discover that their ancestors were members of the Jewish faith. If we go back far enough, we will discover that the ancestors of their "Jewish" ancestors were not "Jews". The first "Jew" in their line did not change genetically or ethnically from his or her brother, or sister, or cousin who did not adopt Judaism.

The so-called "secular Jew" is merely continuing the mythologically-based religious racial prejudice of his religious ancestors and is therefore religiously Jewish, not genetically nor ethnically Jewish; or is merely acknowledging, without intending any prejudice, that some of his ancestors believed in Judaism. That makes the "secular Jew" a religious racist, or a non-Jew with Jewish ancestors, not a member of an unique and homogenous Jewish "race" nor an unique or homogenous Jewish "ethnicity". The nomenclature of "secular Jew" is therefore misleading to some. If O'Connell has a daughter and she marries an O'Toole, her descendants named O'Toole may claim to be O'Connells even though they are not. They may carry on some of the same blood as persons who called themselves O'Connells, but that does not render them a distinct race nor ethnicity.

The American Ashkenazi "secular Jew" is of a different ethnicity and race than the Yemeni Mizrahi "secular Jew" and the only common link between them is that both had ancestors who were religiously Jewish. That religious link does not bind them ethnically nor does it unite them genetically, but it has produced their racist religious prejudice that they are "Jews".

There were many persons in Germany under the NSDAP whose ancestors believed in Judaism and who were surprised and shocked to discover that the German Government had classed them as if a member of the "Jewish race". These persons had assimilated and had not adopted the racist mythology that they were a member of an unique and homogenous "race" or "ethnicity" of "Jews".

The racist Australian Government mirrors the racism of the NSDAP by artificially and with malicious and illegal intent creating a class of person it claims are members of the "Jewish race" and/or "Jewish ethnicity". The NSDAP had made the same artificial distinctions with regard to "Jews" and "Germans" and used this mythology as a basis to invade Czechoslovakia, Austria, Poland, etc. and discriminate against "non-Germans" even in foreign lands. The Jews of Israel use these same artificial and mythological claims to illegally discriminate against all non-Jews.

The negative impact of the racism of the Australian Government is already being felt both in its harassment of its own citizens who are defending the nation from foreign aggression, with illegal prosecutions of those citizens, and in the illegal privileges the Government is granting sworn enemies of the State.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jewish Vampirism and the "Sweet Savour" of Goy Organs

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In my blog articles, I have explained that Jesus offered the sacraments of drinking his blood and eating his flesh as a means for his followers to consume the Jewish god and thereby become the Jewish god and obtain immortality. A reader of my blog suggested that Jews in turn drink Christian blood to obtain this sacrament by proxy. I know of no better explanation for "blood libel".

Jews are forbidden to consume blood because they believe the soul of the animal transfers to those who drink its blood, which beliefs explain why Jesus offered up his blood as the means to salvation. Soon after the Jews murdered Jesus, the Temple was destroyed, thereby bringing to an end the Jewish ritual sacrifice of most animals, as described and prescribed in the Old Testament, in the Book of Leviticus, chapters 1-7, where we learn that the Jews drip the blood of their sacrificed animals on the alter of their Jewish god, and that they preserve the organs of the animals as an offering to the Jewish god, one of "sweet savour" to be burned. Note that the Jews are reluctant to burn money.

Though the Jews are not permitted to perform most animal sacrifices, because the Temple was destroyed and because the Kohanim, the priests supposedly descended from Moses' brother Aaron, are now gone; the Jews do encourage the sacrifice of Goy animals to their Jewish god, a fact which Pranaitis documented:


In Sepher Or Israel (177b) it says:

'Take the life of the Kliphoth and kill them, and you will please God the same as one who offers incense to Him.'

And in Ialkut Simoni (245c. n. 772) it says:

'Everyone who sheds the blood of the impious is as acceptable to God as he who offers a sacrifice to God.'


In Zohar (III, 227b) the Good Pastor says:

'The only sacrifice required is that we remove the unclean from amongst us.'

Zohar (II, 43a), explaining the precept of Moses about the redemption of the first born of an ass by offering a lamb, says:

'The ass means the non-Jew, who is to be redeemed by the offering of a lamb, which is the dispersed sheep of Israel. But if he refuses to be redeemed, then break his skull....They should be taken out of the book of the living, for it is said about them: He who sins against me, I shall take out of the book of life.'"--I. B. Pranaitis, The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians, Sanctuary, E. N., New York, (1939), pp. 82-83.

As far as I know, the Jewish rites to be performed in the sacrifice of Goyim are not openly known. The Kohanim are now gone, and Rabbis and Rebbes have largely taken their place, though strictly speaking Rabbis are not entitled to do the work of the Kohanim. I suspect that the Rabbis would feel a special privilege to claim the Lord's share of the harvest of sacrificed Goy animals, the internal organs, the blood, the fat. Goyim are unclean animals, so there would be no gain in burning up these valuable vitals. I suspect the Rabbis would instead opt to sell the Goy meat on the open market to non-Jews, as they are instructed to do with nonkosher meat in Deuteronomy 14:21:

"Ye shall not eat of any thing that dieth of itself: thou shalt give it unto the stranger that is in thy gates, that he may eat it; or thou mayest sell it unto an alien: for thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God. Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother's milk."

After all, isn't that what the Rabbis are doing?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heads Up, Armenians! The Mirror and Smear Operation at "The French Connection"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Two of the tell tale hallmarks of a Cointell-Pro style intelligence operation is that the operatives mirror the work of authentic researchers, such as myself, then smear the persons they parrot while subtly, and sometimes not so subtly, corrupting the authentic message. Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters & Co. are now promoting the proven falsehoods of Dr. Steven Leonard Jacobs without mention of my refutations of those false claims. At the same time, they are mirroring many of the things I have said before them, and are mirroring and expanding upon the books page I created on my website before they created theirs.

As a current example of countless examples to be had, almost one year ago, on 19 March 2009, I wrote the following text in my blog article:

The World's Worst Were and Are Jews, March 19, 2009

"We know that when specific traits are selected for in animals, such as 'tameness', other unexpected traits appear, such as variegation of pelts and barking behavior in foxes, which makes them similar to dogs. I suspect that the Jewish religion places a breeding pressure on Jews and encourages inbreeding that has affected them in many ways, most of them negative. These forces work together to drive the Jews away from normal human behavior towards dishonest, murderous, selfish, clannish, racist and hateful behavior."

At about 57 minutes into the following interview, Smith/Setters parrots these same insights, which is, to say the least, an amazing "coincidence":

I would also like to give the Armenian Community another heads up about Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters & Co. At about 1 hour and 5 minutes into the interview, "Ognir", aka "Ringo", aka Noel Ryan states (I've tried to clean up his stammering and babbling a bit, so forgive me if this is not exact to the last "Uh. . . Uh"),

"You mentioned a couple of things, there Daryl. That it reminds me. I know a couple of Armenians and they're exactly like Jews. Uh, businessmen, as far as I've met a couple of them. And I have to wonder if the Jews tried to get rid of them in 1915. . . 1916. If you've followed the Armenians from my limited study of the topic that these people have always been under the radar, as well, followed the Jews around in many, many places where the Jews got kicked out of. . . I mean I think it's up to. . . if you go to in Australia, they have a list of. . . since 2,050 BC of all the places. Kicked out of Switzerland in 1368, you know different places in France, the UK 1290. Never been actually allowed back in, but there still doing business up to today, you know, 2010. That they actually tried to get rid of the Armenians and that there's no other criminal network around."

"Ognir", aka "Ringo", aka Noel Ryan is demeaning the Armenian dead by blaming them for their deaths for allegedly engaging in the same criminal conduct as Jews, and Noel effectively called the Armenian community a criminal organization.

In their latest interview with Cynthia McKinney, Smith/Setters &Co. embarrassed themselves and McKinney in the disgusting post-interview discussion they had. Other matters which discredit Smith is that he is now claiming that he was the first person to put Ben Freedman's Willard Hotel speech on the internet at about 1 hour, 3 minutes and 30 seconds into the following file:

Both the full version of the Freedman speech, and the redacted version of the speech were widely disseminated on the web for years before Smith/Setters reposted these old files on his site without an attribution to those who sent him these files. Smith/Setters--after telling us for years about the good Jews of his neighborhood, and of his patron Jewess who fed him when he was down and out and whose brothers are Mossad agents according to Smith/Setters--Daryl now claims that there were never any Jews in his life, at about 32 minutes and 15 seconds into the recording.

I note in this context that Smith/Setters told me that John Kaminski is a Jew, but he failed to then also mention the fact that Kaminski was his childhood friend. Smith/Setters waged a long and vicious smear campaign against Kaminski, but I do not ever recall Smith/Setters, or Kaminski, for that matter, ever mentioning the fact that their families were friends going back to Smith/Setters' childhood, until fairly recently. Kaminski is now not Jewish according Smith/Setters. What happened between then and now which rendered him so? Why did Smith/Setters claim that Kaminski is a Jew, and why did not Smith/Setters, or Kaminski, ever discuss their very old friendship while Smith/Setters was attacking Kaminski?

Smith/Setters again contradicts himself when he states that he never had any Jews in his life, while concurrently claiming that Eric Hufschmid is a Jew. Hufschmid was a very big part of Daryl's life for years and Smith/Setters called Eric as recently as August of 2009 asking for his help. Smith/Setters told me that his friend and collaborator "Rupert the Bear 'Muhammad Rafeeq'" is a Jewish banker, which again contradicts Daryl's bogus claim that there were never any Jews in his life. Beyond all of this, Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters told me that he had numerous close Jewish friends while at school at NYU and while living in New York, New York, and that he still has tight Jewish friends in the gold and jewelry business, specializing in imports from Italy.

Smith/Setters often asks us to contemplate the value of "his" work, but I do not see anything of value originating from Daryl. He tends to mirror and smear the work of others, most often without crediting his sources. He seems to think parroting the work of others constitutes "research", because he concurrently smears his sources without crediting their work.

Esther ("that which is hidden" aka Ishtar), Judith ("Jewess") and the Mirror and Smear Crew

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews have been ensnaring the Goyim with the charms of their treacherous women for thousands of years. The Jews have devoted entire books of their religious mythology to telling tales of how they send beautiful women among the Gentiles in order to subvert their nations.

Ishtar was a Babylonian goddess, a prostitute who smote her lovers after enticing them with sex, the ultimate blackwidow. The Jews corrupted her legend with their mythology of the crypto-Jewess Hadassah who used the pseudonym "Esther" ("that which is hidden"). In the story, "Esther"/Ishtar seduced the mythological King Ahasuerus and wormed her way into power by marrying him. She then committed genocide against the mythological "Amalekites" by claiming that they were out to destroy the Jews. The Jews celebrate this legendary genocide every year on their favorite holiday, the gruesome festival of Purim, thereby ingraining the story and the practice in the psyche of every Jew. publishes the entire text of the Book of Esther, together with Rashi's commentary, here:

The Jews also tell a mythological story of the crypto-Jewess "Judith". So ubiqutous is the practice of subverting the Goyim with attractive Jewish women, that the Jews name their treacherous heroine literally "Jewess", the proper translation of "Judith". In its article, "Judith, book of", The Catholic Encyclopedia states, among other things,

"Nabuchodonosor, King of Nineveh, sends his general Holofernes to subdue the Jews. The latter besieges them in Bethulia, a city on the southern verge of the Plain of Esdrelon. Achior, the Ammonite, who speaks in defense of the Jews, is maltreated by him and sent into the besieged city to await his punishment when Holofernes shall have taken it. Famine undermines the courage of the besieged and they contemplate surrender, but Judith, a widow, upbraids them and says that she will deliver the city. She goes into the camp of the Assyrians and captivates Holofernes by her beauty, and finally takes advantage of the general's intoxication to cut off his head. She returns inviolate to the city with his head as a trophy, and a sally on the part of the Jews results in the rout of the Assyrians. The book closes with a hymn to the Almighty by Judith to celebrate her victory."

Cristofano Allori painted a telling portrait of his vision of the "Jewess":

I seem to recall that Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters was once pushing a young blond Jewish woman, what was her name? It seems history is repeating itself all over again over at Daryl Bradford Smith & Co.

In an amazing "coincidence", the mirror and smear crew parroted my insights on foxes and breeding pressures on Jews:

The World's Worst Were and Are Jews, March 19, 2009

They are again pushing foxes of a more kosher variety.

In another amazing "coincidence", they also parrot what I wrote about Ezra Pound, on a tip from a reader of this blog who noticed similarities between Pound's work and my POWER PARTY platform:

Ezra Pound, Eustace Mullins and the Byzantine Empire, December 25, 2008

While at the same time promoting kosher foxes.

Has Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters met my challenges to him and his friend "Musa"? Has Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters publicly discussed his Mossad buddies and told us their names (by the way, Daryl also told me years ago and stone cold sober that the alleged Mossad agents were brothers of his patron Jewess)? Has Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters told us the real name of his friend "Rupert the Bear 'Mohammad Rafiq'"? Why is Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters so camera shy? And what of his friend "Ognir"? Or is it "Ringo"? Or is it Noel Ryan? Are there any unobscured photographs on the web of Daryl Bradford Smith/Setters, or Noel Ryan, or what's his real name "Rafeeq"? If so, where? If not, why not?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Jews Are Obviously Feeling the Heat: Oh How We Miss Hrant Dink and George Apelian!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In part of an ongoing campaign to defame anyone who tells the truth about The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, The Armenian Weekly again demonstrated its Jewish agenda by publishing the following article by Jewish apologist Rifat Bali:

A Recent Anti-Semitic Theme: The Sabbatean Role in the Armenian Genocide

Bali errs when he asserts that I am arguing that only Shabbataian Dönmeh Jews were the primary planners, orchestrators, financiers and leaders of The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians. Bali further errs when he claims that the Turks, or for that matter the Kurds, are supposedly meant to be exonerated by the fact that the Jews designed, paid for and led the massacres in which the Turks and Kurds heavily participated, and by means of which the Turks and Kurds profited in the short term.

Just as America has to atone for the crimes we have committed at the instigation of Jewry, so too must the Turks and Kurds atone for their gross sins against the Armenians.

Emmanuel Carasso, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Israel Lazarevich Gelfand (Alexander Parvus), the Rothschild clan, the Sassoons, etc. were not Dönmeh, though they were Jews prominently behind the CUP. Far more such Jews are named in my book. As proven by the London Times articles which are reproduced in my book The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, World Jewry was aware of the actions of the Jews in the Ottoman Empire to destroy Christian civilization in the Middle East and to genocide Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Christians. World Jewry's response, then as today, was to scapegoat Muslims for their Jewish crimes, and deny what the Jews were and are doing. World Jewry's response, then as now, was to defame those who told the demonstrated truth, by deceitfully calling them "antisemites!" Herein lies the danger of the horrific, smearmongering and deceptive Jewish apologetics coming from Khatchig Mouradian and The Armenian Weekly.

Armenia is still under genocidal attack from World Jewry. The Jews are playing both sides of the conflict against one another, just as they did during the Armenian Genocide. It is Jews who lead the campaign to deny the Armenian Genocide and it is Jews who lead the campaign to scapegoat the Turks for their Jewish crimes. In both instances, the Jews are careful to cover up their leadership role in the genocide, while yet again pitting Muslims against Christians and Christians against Muslims.

The Jews are decimating and demoralizing the Armenian Nation. The Jewish campaign to exterminate the Armenian "Amalekites" has not yet succeeded and will continue until the Jews are stopped, or until they succeed.

Had the Jews, and humanity in general, heeded the warnings issued in the London Times in 1911, the Armenian Genocide of 1915, the Balkan Wars and the First World War would not have taken place. Had the Jews not screamed "antisemite!" at those telling the truth in 1911, and again in 1919, tens of millions of lives could have been saved.

Today, the Jews have nuclear and biological weapons at their disposal which are capable of exterminating the human race. The Jews view it as their religious duty to kill off humanity. Smearmongering Jews and their sycophants will not stop us from warning the world of the Jewish peril. Perhaps we can avert the Third World War the Jews are manufacturing at this very moment. Perhaps we can bring Christians and Muslims together by demonstrating their common enemy, an enemy who is yet again provoking Muslims and Christians to destroy one another for the benefit of the Jews.

We have lost Hrant Dink to an assassin working for the Dönmeh. We have lost George Apelian. George told me that Hrant Dink knew that the Jews were behind the Armenian Genocide. The Jews murdered Hrant Dink to eliminate any possibility that he would expose them to a vast audience and to end his campaign to reconcile Armenians and Turks.

Rifat Bali's smears are mixed with important quotations he fails to refute. One such quotation gives Hrant Dink's own voice to what George told me:

"Question: There was an article by Mehmet Kamis in yesterday's Zaman. Ibrahim Karagül also published an article in Yeni Safak. There is such a theory [stating that] a group known today as the Sabbateans was to a large extent in control of the leadership of the Committee of Union and Progress. Another analysis has claimed that there was Jewish capital behind the [actions of] the German Army. What do you say [to these claims]?

Answer: It is not a new thesis. I also wrote on this matter a few times. You can also add to that the Baghdad Railway project. I could mention some things from Armenian sources or about the way that Armenians see the[ir] history, but there might be persons who will interpret our conversation as a kind of antisemitism. Let me say right here and now that that would be unfair. If you look to the account generally accepted by the Armenians you will indeed see that behind the Committee of Union and Progress there was German military power, and along side German military power there was the Jewish capital of Germany. This is a topic yet to be researched. If there are any documents or information [on this subject] it will [eventually] come out. In the end the German archives will be the most important testimony, and the Germans themselves have begun to question their own history. In the future we will have a much clearer view [of what happened]. I do not want to go too far into this Sabbateanism thing because, yes, in fact, there are views that claim that among the Committee of Union and Progress leaders that you listed there were indeed certain leaders, such as Dr. Nâzim, who were Dönmes.

I don't wish to say that the Jews were the enemies of the Armenians. It's true, such things can exist, [but] it doesn't make any difference. Let me state that here. An Armenian could also have been a member of the Committee of Union and Progress (…) You know that there was the problem [of competition over influence] in the Palace between the Jews and the Armenians during the Ottoman period. The question of who would economically dominate the Palace was a crucial matter. Sometimes, it was the Jews who would dominate, at other times, the Sultan would grow angry at the Armenians and would decree that from that moment on Armenians would be prohibited from participating in tenders [for contracts]. It is a fact that such a competition existed between the Armenians and the Jews over who would dominate commerce.

The economists will discover [the truth about this matter]. Anyway, it is not my task to find out how this competition has or has not affected what happened [in 1915]. But, when speaking openly, the Armenians do say such things as that 'it was in fact the Jews that had a hand behind what happened to us'.[43] [Note 43 states, "Aydogan Vatandas, Asala Operasyonlari Aslinda Ne Oldu?, (Istanbul: Alfa Yayinlari), 2005, pp. 110-111."] "

As the Jews, and their sycophantic opportunists, try to defame those of us telling the truth, remember that Hrant Dink paid with his life for telling this truth. Do not let his death to have been in vain. Do not let the Jews lie to you and deceive you into believing that the exposure of the Jewish involvement in the Armenian Genocide exonerates the Turks and Kurds. On the contrary, these facts offer further proof of the genocide and give the Armenians a cause of action to sue Jewry and Israel, as well as Turkey and the Kurds, for reparations and other damages.

Watch out, Armenians! The last time the Jews and their sycophants so loudly protested the exposure of Jewish crimes against Armenians, the Jews soon thereafter slaughtered another 1.5 million Armenians. Read my book and you will see the hauntingly familiar Jewish denials which shrilly echo to this day.