Thursday, April 15, 2010

Old Before Our Time

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews have always held us back. They don't steal from us merely to enrich themselves, but also to prevent us from reaching our potential or ever posing a threat to them.

Consider the history of America or Russia. Both nations contain vast territories which encompass numerous resources both natural and in terms of human talent. Yet, these, our much loved nations forever struggle to reach their potential to provide every citizen with a decent, healthy and happy place in which to live and rear and raise children. But why is this so? Have we surrendered even the right to ask what has happened, the right to look back at our path and wonder how we have arrived at where we now stand?

The raw materials and manpower exist to build a home for each American, his to own outright and to pass on to his offspring. The manpower is here for us to build all that we need and more, to feed each of us beyond our capacity to consume, and to educate our people to their limits to learn. But instead of simply doing what must be done for our mutual benefit, we yell at each other as we watch our cities and infrastructure crumble, and taxes increase to pay unpayable bills which only finance unpayable debts, debts to the Jews.

Who is to blame for this tragedy which darkens, embattles and embitters the otherwise rich lives of our People and which threatens to destroy our nation?

Many of our people know who is to blame, though few dare say it. Cowardice is evidently as common as wisdom in modern America. The Jews hold us back. The reins of power are firmly snared in their fanged teeth. The Jews fill our universities only to fill our governments and factories with Jews and dogmatic and uncreative slaves who seek only to survive by sucking on the rotten tap that lags behind the Jews. The Jews deliberately prevent America and Russia from putting their people and other resources to work to produce all that is needed. Instead, the Jewish usurers increase our debts and our inability to pay them, so that the Jews can steal all that we have and all that we can ever produce. Instead of teaching our children the principles of engineering, or the value of our national unity and the need for strong families; the Jews teach our children Spanish, to be cruel and violent to one another as if doing so is funny, and to hate their heritage.

Yes, the Jews have made America an old, broken man, feeble and unable to plant the fields, or harvest the crops, left us staring in blurry eyed confusion at our arthritic and useless hands. But despair not. The Jews have not yet salted the fields. We can still plant and the harvest that will fill every belly is only one season away, but only if we stop listening to the ill advice of the Jews to hate ourselves and love the Jewish enemy and to irrationally hate all those whom they pit against us, and to forever see ourselves as weak and hopeless blame-filled dying dogs.

We do not have to forgive or tolerate the Jews and their relentless attack on our very lives. We do not have to follow their ill advice to ruin each other and our nation as if that were the only means to undo the ruin the Jews are deliberately bringing upon us.

We have the manpower, and we have the children and natural resources to fulfill our dreams as a People. We as a People lack only the will, the will to survive, the will to fight the true enemy and the will to come together against a common enemy who endlessly fights against all humanity. We have become an old miserable man mumbling in a decrepit church, thanking a Jewish god who hates us, for all the manifold misery the Jews have deliberately brought upon us. It is a recipe only for death written in a witch's book we read out of slavish obedience, not human dignity, when all about us is all that we need, begging us to live and take life from what is already ours.

Tell the Jewish usurer that you are not a slave. Prove that you will fight for your life and did not build a nation only to have the Jews bend its strong iron gates into prickly bayonets pointing back at you in an ever smaller circle closing in on your racing fearful heart and the tender throats of your children, who turn their loving eyes to you looking for you to save them from the genocidal Jews as you cower and whine and wait. For once in your cowardly and otherwise meaningless life, stand firm and fight back.

The enemy is the Jew. To placate this absolute enemy is absolute death. To hide from speaking his name is to declare him god over you with a coward's silent tongue, which you yourself have torn out and slipped in the dry dirt.

The enemy of man is not the mythological Devil or faceless evil. It has long been the Jew.

The Jew killed ancient Egypt. The Jew killed glorious Greece. The Jew killed rugged Rome. The Jew killed progress and freedom for more than a thousand years of yearning in Europe. The Jew killed old Russia and slew new Germany. Now the Jew is killing you, young America, by turning you old and decrepit.

In the name of all that is decent and human, do not let happen this final time, this final death, for there will be none left once you are gone, America, and the happy echoes of your childrens' songs fade on the moldy bloodstained basement walls of Jewish inhumanity, the crypt of the Jew, songs bouncing unheard off the callous and vampirish outstretched mousy bat wings of Jewish ears, their bloody vessels, black strings in their cobweb ears, black like roadmaps of hell, straining to be full of your blood, catching the backlit sun as they close upon day to drink it away and descend upon your neck with a last crunching bite.

Just as the Poles fell into Jewish holes at Katyn, your childrens' blood will pour down into the dark sewers of Jewish throats, a feast for Jewish rats and Jewish worms; and just as the Armenians dried into shrunken corpses in the Syrian desert chased there by Jewish bats, you will embrace your failure to defend yourself in a tortured clutch the withered flesh that once was yours wrapped around itself like a ripped flower torn from its roots, you will grab frantically in a last shrunken and horrific cry at the dust to which you have returned covered with Jewish spit; and just as the Russians and Chinese sprayed their own brothers' dung-filled brains across basement Jewish walls covered with meaningless Jewish slogans, the gruesome graffiti of the mad and stupid, the dead eyes shot out from empty skulls never to be human again, the purple jelly of tens of millions of bright brains that once impossibly formed from a billion human struggles into the sparkling life of smiling dreamers who dreamt of freedom and of love, of a home filled with laughing grandchildren who carried their dreams in glittering brains, now again a dripping garbled gook of coagulated death licked from the vampirish fingers of genocidal eternal Jews, the sulfur stinking guns in their fetid rat paws now pointing at you sighted along the smug eye of a hate filled Jew.

The rabid rat of the eternal Jew does not dream of life or of love, it knows no light, but instead occupies its sick brain by rubbing its trembling clawed neurotic hands across its drool-soaked whiskers like a psychotic fiddler on the tomb, and then winds his slimy tongue on the shrill tune to taste the remnants of the weary blood of a hundred millions' dead and in its dry pool of ancient gathered hatred, swims alone in a welcome memory of the swirling dust of inhuman horror, feels with its clawed fingers the sharp splinters of its own Jewish hewn coffin buried before the sun of the second day of its death in the night which it embraces with a sick sore covered mouth offering rotten a kiss as a fleur du mal to its ancient black oiled lover its lonely dreams of death given voice in perverse squeals and freakish fantasies rattled in its rat throat, as it busily feeds upon your dead flesh to end forever the sunlight and love that lives in your human dreams.

Hear him in the sewers screaming to the night. The Jew waits for you, waits to pass all that is good through his wormy Jewish gut, a diseased rat that sharpens his chisler teeth on your death and feeds on your rot, who coyly pleads with all the Goyim to humbly bow for a Jewish bullet in the back of the head.

Amazing it is to consider, the tens of millions who already answered the rats' call to enter the gate of the grave. Frightening, the billions who seek it out in the modern darkness the Jews drape over us all. It is not a Greek's Siren singing and cooing to lure in the happy and lustful. Instead, the modern Jew is the euthanasiast, who first brings unbearable pain, and then offers up the Jewish cure of death, rubbing salt on the stringy dead meat to keep it in the Jewish cellar as winter fodder for the ever hungry rats.

If only I could hold a mirror up to time and show you the weeping face of the future looking back at you who were so afraid, her bloody hands on her hollow cheeks, crying out to you to save yourself and with you all that will be. . . instead of speaking to you in riddles and rhymes which would baffle even babbling Cassandra as she runs madly through the streets tripping over the feet of the blind.

All I can offer is that you look backwards to see your future. Look at the dead Russians whom the Jews murdered in the tens of millions. Look at the shattered skulls of Palestinian babies and see yourself and your children wading through the madness of waiting tomorrow. Then welcome yourself to the Jewish Utopia if you are too afraid to fight it back.

"Every Revolution Is Betrayed": The Jewish Ron Paul "Revolution" Is Instead a Jewish Counter-Revolution Against America and Its Foundational Values

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The great American Revolution was an European revolt against the Jews, which ironically had to take place across the pond from Jewish occupied Europe. Yes, the Jew Haym Solomon provided funds for the revolt, but he did so only for the purposes of spilling Goy blood in the Americas, as the Jews had done in Europe for centuries, and for the purposes of making the Jews wealthy in their shady dealings whereby the bamboozled British and Hessian Germans shed Goy blood, their own inclusive, to the ultimate gain of the genocidal Jews.

See the three articles from The Dearborn Independent, "The Jewish Associates of Benedict Arnold", "Benedict Arnold and Jewish Aid in Shady Deal", and "Arnold and His Jewish Aids at West Point" reprinted in The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem, Volume 4, The Dearborn Independent, Dearborn, Michigan, (May, 1922), pp. 67-108.

The Jews are planning their final counter-revolution, with Ron Paul, Sarah Palin and their ilk, at its head. In the name of the Boston Tea Party, the Jews are planning to finally strip us of the liberties so hard won in the revolution which freed us somewhat from Jewish slavery. The Jews incite violence in order to pit the People against its government, and the government against the People and our liberties.

The American Revolution was not fought to prevent British taxation, which taxation was deliberately engineered to favor the Rothschild interests in the East India Tea Company, but was instead a defensive act instigated as a result of the Jews' attack on Colonial Scrip, as Ezra Pound proved:

"The cardinal fact of the American Revolution of 1776 was the suppression, in 1750, of the paper-money issue in Pennsylvania and other colonies, but history as taught in the U.S.A. speaks of more picturesque matters, such as the Boston Tea Party. [***] What constitutes a sound basis of credit was already known and affirmed at the beginning of the seventeenth century by the founders of the Monte dei Paschi of Siena. It was, and is, the abundance, or the productive capacity, of nature taken together with the responsibility of the whole people. [***] My ignorance, and yours, and that of the surrounding public is not to-day a natural phenomenon. Above and beyond natural ignorance, an artificial ignorance is diffused, artificially created by the usurocratic press, by several kinds of organizations striving to preserve their monopolies and privileges. The basic fact of the history of the U.S.A. is the suppression (aforementioned) of the colonial paper-money, fifty-six years after the foundation of the (private) Bank 'of England' (so-called). [***] In a certain sense Brooks Adams had written it, but not in 'popular' form. The kernel of his exposition is contained in the following paragraph.

Perhaps no financier has ever lived abler than Samuel Loyd. Certainly he understood as few men, even of later generations, have understood, the mighty engine of the single standard. He comprehended that, with expanding trade, an inelastic currency must rise in value; he saw that, with sufficient resources at command, his class might be able to establish such a rise, almost at pleasure; certainly that they could manipulate it when it came, by taking advantage of foreign exchange. He perceived moreover that, once established, a contraction of the currency might be forced to an extreme, and that when money rose beyond price, as in 1825, debtors would have to surrender their property on such terms as creditors might dictate.[2]

This is the kernel. The modern revelation of the usurocratic mechanism remained at this point until Arthur Kitson gave his evidence before the Macmillan Committee, when he traced the curve showing the relationships between debt and credit after the Napoleonic wars, after the American Civil War, and their bearing on the post-Versailles period. (Notice to-day the American propaganda in favour of a 'return to gold'.) Aristotle mentions the olive-press monopoly practiced by Thales just to prove that a philosopher could easily outwit other people if he had nothing better to do, or if he did not find the exercise of his cerebral facilities more interesting. The monopoly of money, or the restriction of its circulation, is merely a variation of this simple form of monopoly. That is all. The stupid fall into the trap. Wars are provoked in succession, deliberately, by the great usurers, in order to create debts, to create scarcity, so that they can extort the interest on these debts, so that they can raise the price of money (i.e., the price of the various monetary units controlled by, or in the possession of, the same usurocrats), altering the prices of the various monetary units when it suits them, raising and lowering the prices of the various foodstuffs when it suits them, completely indifferent to the human victim, to the accumulated treasures of civilization, to the cultural heritage. In Two Continents Every revolution is betrayed."--Ezra Pound, "America, Roosevelt and the causes of the present war"

"Every revolution is betrayed", indeed! And the American Revolution is today betrayed by agents of the Jews who want to put us under the yoke of the gold standard, contract our money supply, and divide us against ourselves.

Rev. Ted Pike
has recently proven that the modern would-be revolutionaries are Jews in patriots' clothing, sewing the seeds of government repression of our fundamental rights. These Jews are not revolutionaries, but instead counter-revolutionaries who seek to destroy the American Revolution, and with it human freedom; by providing the Jews with a false pretext to banish freedom from the face of the Earth.

We do not need another Tea Party. We need to fight back against the Jewish war on the human race and toss the money changers out of the temple of human freedom, take from them any influence over our nation, our destiny and over the human race.

The Jews exploit our freedoms to do us harm, and then decry freedom itself as if the cause of the woes they deliberately cause us by betraying our good faith towards them. The Jews kidnap our children and then demand our freedom as ransom, then claim that our love of family is to blame for their ability to manipulate us into surrendering our freedom so as to recover our children from them. But it is our love of our family, including our national family, which renders us in opposition to Jewish World rule, and so it is our love of ourselves which the Jews must destroy in order to more easily consume us, or better yet for them, to have us consume ourselves. Do not let the Jews deceive you into believing that the remedy for their extortion is to give in to the extortionists and abandon all that gives life meaning. The cure to the Jewish disease is to remove the pathogen and celebrate health, family and nation. We can and will act in good faith towards one another, once we remove the enemy from our midsts.

The recent wave of "Tea Parties" are Jewish orgies in which they piss on the American Revolution, seeking yet again to shackle us to gold which does not exist and sink us in the bottemless bay of our Jewish manufactured discontent with a jagged hole the Jews reamed deeply in our deep bottomed bow[el].