Friday, April 30, 2010

Educate Your Children About the Dangers of Drug Abuse

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews have long been the primary purveyors of the addictive drugs alcohol and tobacco. They used to poison the Slavs they so hate by having their puppets in Slav government mandate laws which required the Slavs to buy vodka from the Jews and drink it whenever passing a Jewish tavern or liquor store.

In the name of "freedom", the Jews are probably planning to grossly increase the problem of drug abuse in America. It is telling that Ron Paul wants to implement plans to spread drugs throughout our communities.

The Jews tend to promote the combination of mind altering drugs and occultism so as to absolutely destroy the moral foundations and mental health of our nation. In the name of "freedom of expression" expect that the Jews will grossly increase their use of commercial media and their advertising skills to promote drug abuse and occultism as America slides into another Jewish manufactured depression.

Ism's and Ishes: "Don't Blame the Jews for What They Do!"???

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We all know that the real ism behind Communism is Judaism, but Jews like the extended Rothschild clan pretended that the Communist Jews they put in power in Russia were not Jews, but instead were atheists diametrically opposed to Judaism. Strange thing was, these "atheists" protected synagogues and rabbis, while mass murdering and humiliating Christian clergy and turning Christian churches into ashes, or pig barns. Marx was a devout student of the Talmud, and Judaism holds that Jews are the Jewish god on Earth, such that the Jewish people are taught to worship themselves, as above so below. Just as the Jewish god rules the lesser Goy gods in the heavens, so the Jews rule the Goyim on Earth. Just as the Jewish god and his puppet Sammael scapegoat the Goyim for Jewish crimes against humanity, so the Jews scapegoat the Goyim and blame "atheism" for their Jewish crimes against humanity.

But Jewish "atheism" is but a disguise for Judaism. It is a process of destruction of the Goyim and empowerment of the Jew, which is Judaism in its purest form. It is the dismissal of Gentile life, not the dismissal of Gentile gods, per se. The Jews do not seek to destroy all religion, only to deprive the Goyim of their supernatural protection while increasing the might of their Jewish god, and the Jews call this process, "atheism".

The Jews, through clown troops like Daryl Bradford Smith & Co., as well as through Talmudic Jews like Neturei Karta, also deny that Zionism is Judaism and ridiculously claim that Zionism is diametrically opposed to Judaism. A rather odd claim given that the objectives of Zionism mirror those of Judaism and are the fulfillment of Jewish prophecy, are fulfilled by Jews, and benefit only Jews to the detriment of all others. The underlying message being, "Don't blame the Jews for what they do!"

We are now facing a Jewish onslaught in America calling itself "Libertarianism". Yet again, the Jews hide their face by claiming to be "anti-Communists", changing their names, calling their Jewish economics instead, "Austrian", and demanding that we not blame the Jews for what the Jews are doing. The goals of "Libertarianism" are the same old Jewish goals of opening the door to ruinous unregulated usury, gold coins minted in the Jewish Temple, the destruction of Goy culture through the promotion of selfishness, disunity, mutual hatred, and counter-revolution against the American Revolution which will divide us against ourselves. The Jews swarm around this hive and constructed its nest inviting us in to sample their golden honey, so that they can sting us to death. But "Libertarianism" is but another disguise for Judaism masquerading as a primarily secular movement, in that it corrodes the Goyim while providing the Jews the opportunity for absolute rule.

It is easy to recognize these Jewish pseudo-political movements as Judaism. They always seek to render the Jews as a nation blameless, deny that Judaism seeks World conquest, and offer up self destructive "solutions" to the Goyim for the problems the Jews are deliberately causing, without punishing the Jews for their actions. "Libertarianism", and its Jewish grandmother "Objectivism", are engineered to produce chaos followed by iron fisted Jewish rule, as were Communism and Zionism. They are pure Judaism, and we should recognize the JewISH in the Ism's.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Revisiting Two Prominent Gold Bug Lies

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Jews like to promote two lies in order to dupe us into demanding a gold standard, or some combination of metals as currency. One, the Jews falsely claim that gold is immune to inflation. Two, the Jews falsely claim that gold prevents fractional reserve banking.

It is easy to inflate gold currency. The coinage can be debased, such that one dollar represents a lesser amount of gold than it did the day before. Another method of inflating gold currency is fractional reserve banking, whereby the Jews pretend that they have gold in reserve which they do not have, thereby increasing the money supply and lessening the value of the currency as compared to what it would otherwise have been. Yet another method is to effectively naked short currencies, especially on the international market, effectively increasing the money supply so as to drive down the value of money as opposed to the value of goods and services. These are but a few of the many ways to inflate a gold currency. The Jews can also deflate its value by holding gold and/or cutting back on credit, among seemingly countless other methods.

All of which leads us to debunk the second Jewish myth, that the gold standard prevents fractional reserve banking. Fractional reserve banking flourishes under a gold standard for the very reason that gold is a hard commodity which it is cumbersome and risky to transport. To ease transactions and increase security, people tend to store gold in secure environments offering the Jews the opportunity to pretend they hold gold which they do not. Nothing better serves the purposes of fractional reserve banking, than a gold standard.

As an important aside, credit is far more expensive to an economy where neither interest free, or low interest credit is available through government or other mechanisms to provide it, or where fractional reserve banking is banned. Cut off government, or other intervention in the credit markets, while banning fractional reserve banking, and old Shylock will suck all the wealth out of your nation within a matter of months. As my challenge to my Jewish detractors, let's see if some crypto-Jewish Libertarian can explain why.

Soft Peddling Jewish Supremacism: Is America Now Russia 1905. . . or 1917?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jewish subversive Ayn Rand was a part of "The Trust" and an agent of the Rothschilds. She pretended to be anti-Communist so as to infiltrate and control any authentic opposition to the Communists (read "Jews") and turn it pro-Communist (read "pro-Jew") by means of deception and subversion. Her influence is felt strongly in the Jewish "Libertarian Party" which is as great a threat to our liberty as were the Jews of 1905 and 1917 Russia, who promised the Russians freedom and prosperity if they helped the Jews murder the ruling class.

Knowing that ruse would not work in America the Jews created what is called "Cultural Marxism" to soft peddle Jewish supremacism to America and Libertarianism is of this same class of deception.

The "Tea Party" movement would be useful to us if we could find a celebrity to speak for us and coopt this movement for our POWER PARTY. As things stand, the Jews have their representatives Ron Paul, Jon Voight and Sarah Palin, among others, seeking to dominate and define this movement. Recall that Ron Paul wants to put us on a gold standard so that his Jewish banker sponsors can sell us electronic gold credits for gold that does not exist and reinvigorate and reinvent their old fractional reserve banking scam with modern technology, and privately control the money supply of each region of the globe. Jon Voight is as pro-Israel as John Hagee and Sarah Palin put the Jewish bankers' puppet Barack Obama in the White House.

The Von Mises and Libertarian agenda is clear. Make it as easy as possible for the Jews to rule by the advantage of their wealth. Destroy the culture with absolute selfishness, drug abuse and neglect. Divvy up America into mutually hostile nations. Loan the Goyim gold which does not exist at interest and contract the money supply so that all wealth flows into the hands of the Jews.

The non-Jewish elements of the "Tea Party" crowd and the Libertarians could be ours, especially if we can find a famous spokesman, or woman. As things stand, they are repackaged Bolsheviks, who will call for strikes, shut down industry, and destroy America in the name of saving it, just as the Jews did to Russia, all according to the plan spelled out by the Jewish subversive Ayn Rand, who was born Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum--funny how many Jewish communists change their names.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Why America, Not Russia?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have often wondered why the Jews bothered to commit pogroms against their own, and grossly exaggerate their scale in the international press, so as to provide a pretext to move millions of Jews from Russia to America in preparation for their ultimate move to Palestine. Would it not have been easier to leave the Jews in Russia? What does Russia lack that America has in abundance?

The Jewish campaign to vilify Russia as if "Gog and Magog" dates back hundreds of years. At least as long ago as the 1500's, the Jews tried to claim that Roman Catholics were the anti-Christ and divide the Church against itself, as well as pitting it against the Russians and the Turks, both of whom the Jews also called "anti-Christ". In Russia, Jewish propaganda stigmatized Turks and Roman Catholics as if "anti-Christ". It appears at first blush that this was just the Jewish way of manufacturing a World War which would free up Palestine and kill off millions upon millions of Gentiles, while netting the Jews a nice profit.

But of late, I am beginning to suspect that the Jews might really believe that Russia is "Gog and Magog" and have tried to divide the armies of their ultimate enemies against one another, by pitting the Russians against the Muslims and against the West, as well as using the Chinese and Japanese to kill Russians. Of course, when the Jews manufactured their ancient prophecies, the Russ did not yet exist, nor did Christianity or Islam. Those Jews faced Phoenicians, Egypt, Persia, Greece, and were probably closely tied to the Babylonians, if not Babylonians proper themselves.

It appears to me that the Jews would have had an easier time fulfilling their plans had they left their people in Russia and built it up to suit their needs. Instead, they constantly seek to move them out and destroy Russia. So why did they move them there in the first place, and why did they then move them to America? The Jews have now begun to devour us worse than they did during the Wilson and Roosevelt administrations, and there is something fundamental in the religious beliefs of the Jews at play here. Another Exodus is coming, and I am not convinced that it will be to Palestine.

The Cabalah, not the Old Testament, holds the key. The secret doctrines of Shabbattai Zevi, Baruchyah Russo and Jacob Frank, as well as the Lurian Cabalah contain hidden plans which have been revealed again and again in history in the empires the Jews construct and the wars the Jews manufacture. The Jews have repeatedly reconstructed the same empires so as to knock them down again and dissolve them, only to gin up the same wars and empires, only to knock them down again.

These wars are not the product of natural enmity nor inevitable competitive struggles. They are entirely artificial and follow unnatural patterns where nations work against their own interests. But I do not find that they are necessarily conducted in ways which provide the greatest immediate gain for the Jews, but are instead constructed so as to artificially "fulfill" Jewish prophecy as the Jews have amended it to comply with their view of modern demographics.

The Jews are as bitter towards the Russians as they are toward the Egyptians, the very soil burns their cloven feet. But it is rich and vast soil, so why salt it in favor of America? It is a question in need of better answers than I can now offer.

A Sweet Deal for the Jews, All Others Lose

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A deal was recently struck between a traitorous Ukrainian government, the Russian government, and the Jews. The Jews promised the Russians that they could deliver the Ukrainians. The Jews promised the corrupt leaders of the Ukraine kick backs from an extension of the lease to the Russian navy to maintain a Black Sea fleet in the Crimea.

Win, win? Hardly so, for to clinch the deal, the Ukrainian traitors had to promise the Jews that they would themselves deny the Jewish genocide of Ukrainian Christians, and so they did. The Russians had to promise the Jews to help keep their puppets in power in the Ukraine, to oppose Turkey, and to let the Jews reap the profits of the enterprise, and so they will.

The Ukrainians lose their sovereignty and ties to Western Europe. The Russians are being set up for the next Russo-Turkish War and another battle between the pan-Slavia of Serbia, Ukraine and Russia against pan-Turkey which extends into China. The Russians and Ukrainians lose.

The Jews win. They will reap profits from the Russian fleet. They will maintain a firm grip on the Ukraine. They will generate another World War. They will harm the Ukraine, Russia and Turkey, and they will secure their ally, the traitorous leadership of Georgia, who will depend on the Jews for support in the conflict the Jews manufactured between Georgia and Russia, and Turkey and Armenia, and Turkey and Russia, etc. etc. etc. all in Jewish hopes of again turning the Black Sea red with Goy blood, and as part of the Jewish campaign to scapegoat others for the Jewish genocides of Gentile peoples.

Armenians and Turks Are Fools to Give the Jews So Much Power

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

We have all watched as the Jews pretend to jump start the "peace process" with the Arabs everytime the Jews wish to improve their image after brutally attacking the helpless Arabs. We all know that the Jews have no intentions whatsoever of ending their war on the Arabs, and that the Jews thrive on this war and the Nation of Israel could not exist without it and only exists to carry it forward.

The Jewish assault on the dignity of Armenians and Turks takes a similar form. The Jews order their puppets among the Turks and Armenians to pretend to move toward normal relations, then the Jews order them to scuttle the process at opportune moments. It is all theater.

The Armenians foolishly think they have friends among the Israelis who enter motions in the Israeli Knesset for commissions to study the Armenian Genocide so as to pass a resolution condemning it. The Jews are not working for your interests but are instead creating leverage for themselves so that the Turks and Armenians compete to more tenderly lick Jewish boots and court the favor of the Jews who destroyed the Turkish Empire and genocided 1.5 million Armenians.

Instead of the Turks sucking up to the Jews so that the Jews do not admit the genocide, and instead of the Armenians tonguing dark and sour Jewish holes and rubbing their noses on the Jewish cheeks that seek to exterminate the Armenians, and further instead of destroying one another and inviting Russia into another disaster for all concerned; the Turks and Armenians should unite against their common enemy, the Jew, and the Turks should pass a resolution condemning the Armenian Genocide and acknowledging that Jews created it so as to ruin Turkey; and the Armenians should pass a resolution condemning the Jews' role in the Armenian Genocide and the Jewish efforts to deny the genocide and to pit Armenians and Turks against one another so that they again destroy one another. If only there were one honest and powerful man among the Turks and one among the Armenians, such a thing could be accomplished and then the real beginning of life for Armenia and Turkey as friends and neighbors could begin.

It will be so easy to defang the Jews. Simply point out that the "Young Turks" were Jews, and that it is the Jews who seek to cover up the genocide they caused and who continue to use it for profit to pit Muslim against Christian, Christian against Muslim, and to watch as the Turks and Armenians struggle to stretch their tongues to the absolute limits to plunge them to the bottom of the deepest, darkest sewers of Jewry.

Armenians and Turks, will you never grow weary of sucking up to the Jews who are out to destroy you?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ADL Pressure Succeeds in the Ukraine

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

As was the case with Jewish puppet Barack Obama, who effectively denied The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians, World leaders again deny genocide under Jewish pressure. Yoav Shamir's documentary Defamation reveals that the ADL pressured the Ukrainians to obey Jewish demands regarding the Holodomor, during which the Jews mass murdered some 11 million Ukrainian Christians. The Jew Lazar Kaganovich led the Jewish genocide of Ukrainian Christians, which was in large part a Jewish act of revenge against the Ukrainians for the Chmielnicki pogroms of 1648-1656.

The Jews were especially keen to degrade the genetic stock of the Ukrainians by wiping out their intellectual class. The Jews perhaps also caused the Chernobyl disaster to attack the genetics of the Ukrainians. The Jews kidnap Ukrainian woman to this day and use them as sex slaves on a massive scale.