Saturday, May 15, 2010

Winning the "Christian" Zionist Vote for the POWER PARTY in 2012

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When Mel Gibson released his film The Passion of the Christ in 2004, the Jews came out strongly against it and him, declaring that they feared it would incite Christians against Jews. . . by accurately portraying the Gospels. Unfortunately, Gibson's film failed to alert Christians to the dangers of their mortal enemies, the Jews.

In order to tear the vampire fangs out of the Jewish smear of "anti-Semitism", I propose we make another film, The Jewish Passion of the Christ. Just as Gibson took his script from the New Testament, we will take ours from the Jewish Talmud, which states, referring to Christ as "Balaam",

"Balaam also the son of Beor, the soothsayer, [did the children of Israel slay with the sword].3 A soothsayer? But he was a prophet! — R. Johanan said: At first he was a prophet, but subsequently a soothsayer.4 R. Papa observed: This is what men say, 'She who was the descendant of princes and governors, played the harlot with carpenters.'5 Did the children of Israel slay with the sword among them that were slain by them.6 Rab said: They subjected him to four deaths, stoning, burning, decapitation and strangulation.7"—I. Epstein, Sanhedrin 106a-b, "Sanhedrin II", The Babylonian Talmud, Volume 28, The Soncino Press, London, (1935), pp. 721-729, at 725.

Jesus ridiculed the scribes and Pharisees (Matthew 22; 23. Mark 7; 12:38-40. Luke 11. John 8). That was just one of the reasons why the Jews killed Jesus in the New Testament story (see also: John 5:15-18), and that is one of the reasons why the Jewish Talmud says that Jesus is boiling in excrement in hell. The Jewish Talmud, in tractate Erubin 21b, states (see also: Sanhedrin 88b),

"[A]s to the laws of the Scribes, whoever transgresses any of the enactments of the Scribes incurs the penalty of death. [***] This8 teaches that he who scoffs at the words of the Sages will be condemned to boiling excrements. [***] [F]or [neglecting] the words of the Rabbis3 one deserves death[.]"—I. Epstein, Erubin 21b, "Erubin", The Babylonian Talmud, Volume 9, The Soncino Press, London, (1938), pp. 148-151, at 149-150.

The Jewish Talmud tells Jews in Gittin 57a that Jesus is boiling in hell in hot excrement and semen, which is his curse for questioning Jewish authority,

"He then went and raised Balaam by incantations. He asked him: Who is in repute in the other world? He replied: Israel. What then, he said, about joining them? He replied: Thou shalt not seek their peace nor their prosperity all thy days for ever.[Footnote: Deut. XXIII, 7.] He then asked: What is your punishment? He replied: With boiling hot semen.[Footnote: Because he enticed Israel to go astray after the daughters of Moab. V. Sanh. 106a.] He then went and raised by incantations the sinners of Israel.[Footnote: {MS.M. Jesus}.] He asked them: Who is in repute in the other world? They replied: Israel. What about joining them? They replied: Seek their welfare, seek not their harm. Whoever touches them touches the apple of his eye. He said: What is your punishment? They replied: With boiling hot excrement, since a Master has said: Whoever mocks at the words of the Sages is punished with boiling hot excrement. Observe the difference between the sinners of Israel and the prophets of the other nations who worship idols."—I. Epstein, Gittin 57a, "Gittin", The Babylonian Talmud, Volume 21, The Soncino Press, London, (1936), pp. 261-265, at 261.

Our film will graphically depict the Jewish story of Christ's trial and execution at the hands of the Jews, as told by themselves. In the opening and closing credits we will name the rabbis, scribes and pharisees who wrote and told the stories.

We can pass out dvd's of the movie to churchgoers at noted "Christian" Zionist churches and set up big screen tv's showing the movie and ask the parishioners for their responses. Capturing this on video should make for good publicity and make it easy to ridicule deluded and hypocritical "Christian" Zionists, which will make it very uncool to be a friend of Israel. We can mate this footage to old footage of the Jews attacking Gibson and his film, and we can film these same characters and ask for their response to our film, an authentic account of The Jewish Passion of the Christ, and demonstrate their delusions and hypocrisy.

Friday, May 14, 2010

One More POWER PARTY Ad Idea

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A typical phoney pompous evangelical preacher is shown bragging to his flock from the pulpit what a good of friend of Israel he is, and how the Jews gave him a jet airplane, and how he visits the holy land every year courtesy of the Jews who made him famous. Behind the preacher is a giant screen showing scenes of Jews flogging Christ and a Jew saying, "His blood be on us, and on our children." (Matthew 27:25)

The camera then pans to the audience, which is a collection of men, women and children in sheep costumes stupidly waving Israeli flags and cheering as the Jews beat Christ and he cries out in pain. We know what is happening because we could hear the same cheering when the camera was focused on the preacher and showed the Jews beating Christ.

The scene then returns to the pulpit where a small boy wearing a POWER PARTY shirt pulls back the curtain on the front of the podium to reveal a Jew speaking into a microphone in the form of a star of David, and working the controls of the preacher, whom we discover is an automaton. The audience takes off the sheep costumes and walks out in disgust. Then we see the same men and women in voting booths casting ballots for POWER PARTY candidates.

Yet Another Ad Idea for the POWER PARTY

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

An ultra-orthodox Jewish Israeli soldier with shaved head and sidelocks is standing on a street corner bobbing his head up and down with his hands tucked over the top of his M16 which is slung around his neck. An elderly Palestinian woman hobbles by with her head down and the Jewish soldier brutishly shoves her and curses at her.

The woman hauls off and kicks the Jew in the groin with a heavy black boot, lifting him in the air and then laying him out. The woman stands upright and in the same motion pulls the scarf off of her head and strips off her dress revealing the fact that "she" is instead a grinning male American soldier whose shirt reads "POWER PARTY"

The soldier puts his boot on the Jew, cuts off the American supplied M16 and says, "This is ours, parasite!"

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Ad Idea for the POWER PARTY

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

His back facing us, a blacksmith breaks the shackles off of a midget Uncle Sam with a hammer and chisel. The midget has an Israeli flag taped over his mouth, which the blacksmith tears off and throws into the fire, where it erupts into flame like a magnesium flare.

Next, the blacksmith pounds the shattered chains and cuffs into a glowing red branding iron, which an invigorated giant Uncle Sam takes in a powerful fist and forcefully plunges into a physical map of the United States. We discover from the blackened smoking imprint that the brand reads "POWER PARTY".

The blacksmith then turns around, wipes his brow and smiles and we see that he is our candidate for President of the United States of America.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Armenian Genocide and the Jewish Middlemen

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Every year, on or about April 24th, the Jews play a little game with the Armenians and the Turks. Knowing the power of the Jews (the Jews destroyed the Turkish Empire and genocided at least 1.5 million Armenians), the Armenians and Turks run to lick Jewish boots in hopes of manipulating whatever Jewish puppet occupies the White House to either recognize or effectively deny the Armenian Genocide; which campaign of extermination was led, financed, organized, designed and perpetrated by the Jews and only served Jewish interests.

The American President always fails to recognize the genocide, which keeps the game going for years to come. And every successive year, the Armenians and Turks line up to suck up to the Jews. It is a classic example of the Jew as middleman shafting both sides and taking all the profits for himself.

If the Armenians ceased to grovel, and the Turks stopped begging, the Jews would lose tremendous political capital in the Middle East and in America. Armenians can depend upon the fact that as long as they continue to lie at the Jews' feet with nose pointed upwards, the American President will not recognize the Armenian Genocide, for that would end the Jewish game and the Jewish gain, which the Jews annually harvest from both the Turks and the Armenians. The Turks can depend upon the fact that the Jews will continue to hang this sword of Damocles over their heads for as long as the Turks continue to tongue Jewish sewers in search of table scraps.

Consider the sweet position the Jews have manufactured for themselves. The Armenians kiss up to them knowing the Jews instigated the genocide. The Turks beg for favors knowing the Jews ruined their empire. The Office of the US Presidency serves as scapegoat for the Jewish crime of denial. The Jews pit the Turks against the Armenians and the Muslim world, and the Armenians against the Turks and Azeris, while the Jews get everything they want from the Turks, Armenians, Kurds and Azeris. Why would the Jews ever let this racket go?

Every year, the Turks give up their sovereignty and beg from the Jews and agree behind closed doors to forward Israeli policy. Every year, the Armenians suck up to the Jews and praise the Jews for their supposed help during the genocide the Jews created, while the Jews concurrently lead all international efforts to deny the genocide. Every year a few prominent Jews pretend to support genocide recognition just to keep the game alive.

The Armenians lose everything. The Turks lose everything. The Jews take all and the Armenians and Turks sing their praises, to boot, those boots the Turks and Armenians compete against one another to lick clean from the Armenian and Turkish blood which covers them.

This is what happens to every person, nation or religion that looks to the Jews for help to solve their problems. The Jews view any cry for help as an incentive to keep the problem alive, for the problem itself serves as a basis for Jewish power and Jewish profits. If you run to the Jews for help, expect them to do everything they can to force the problems you face to endure and worsen forever so that you will keep turning to the Jews and giving the Jews gains in vain hopes of obtaining their help, which enables them to control your fate for the worse and to steal your funds and receive your authentic help to solve their problems.

This is one of the two major reasons why you see Jews, and essentially only Jews, on both sides of the Armenian Genocide recognition debate. The Jews want the Armenians and Turks to bend over to the Jews and hand them everything they have. The other reason is that the Jews want to pit the Armenians and Turks, Christians and Muslims, against each other, leaving the Jews with hegemony in the Middle East, and throughout the World. The Jews who campaign for the Armenians only do so to bring Turkish and Muslim wrath against Armenians and Christians. The Jews who campaign for the Turks only do so to bring Armenian and Christian wrath against the Turks and Muslims.

That is the Jew as middleman and that is why the American President never recognizes the partial truth and would never begin to admit the full truth of The Jewish Genocide of Armenian Christians.

Spreading the Load So the Cart Does Not Topple Over

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Illegal immigration affects different States in different ways, and to different degrees. The Federal Government has been lax in defending the national borders and it is primarily the States which suffer from this neglect, some much more than others.

Certain States pay a high price for illegal immigration, including prison costs, education costs, and medical care costs. In an attempt to force the Nation as a whole to address this problem, and in order to streamline and create ubiquitous standards for the processing of illegals, and non-citizens generally, perhaps we should enact Federal Laws which grant the Feds jurisdiction and responsibility for the crimes of non-citizens, for their education if any, and for their medical care.

Non-citizens would still be subject to State and local laws, such that they would gain no advantage to be above the laws of any given jurisdiction, but at the discretion of the local law enforcement, a non-citizen charged with drug offenses, murder or rape could be turned over to the Feds for processing, prosecution and incarceration. The Federal Government could establish a death penalty for illegals for rape and murder, which, in the case of non-citizens, would become Federal crimes. In cases where contagious disease is discovered, illegals could be quarantined (if not deported) with far more restrictive measures than are employed against American citizens, or legal aliens.

This national problem would then force all citizens to pay a price for the failure of the Nation to solve it. A firm and unforgiving Federal standard, without sanctuary States, would discourage illegal immigration. The high costs of maintaining a welfare state for illegals would encourage all Americans to demand secure borders and the expulsion of illegals (however, this, too, should be done in a rational way that favors our national interests by allowing for limited amnesty in cases which forward our national goals).

At the same time, we should promote economic development in those nations from which the illegals flow. And we should fill the labor void at home with American labor and advanced technology, and create a rational policy for legal immigration that serves our national interests and maintains our national complexion.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Publicity Idea

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

A good way to generate publicity and at the same time make an important point would be to place a flag pole with an Israeli flag on it in front of a background of the Capital Building, then lower it. Next raise the American flag and another flag, either one which reads "LOYALTY" or a POWER PARTY flag. Then, burn the Israeli flag draped over a bronze coffin with the corpse of an American serviceman cast into its lid, while reading from the Declaration of Independence, or some other important and well known statement from American history like the Gettysburg Address.

A POWER PARTY Campaign Ad Idea

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I have an idea for a POWER PARTY campaign ad. It would be a cartoon of a giant, regal, powerful and proud bald eagle circling over America. The eagle would spot an Israeli flag flying over the White House and swoop down and tear it to shreds with a look of disgust and contempt. The eagle would chase the rabbis and the banker lobbyists from the Capital Building like Christ chasing the money changers from the Temple. Then the eagle would rest on the Washington Monument and take flight to survey the rest of America.

Seeing American jobs taken by foreigners, the eagle would clutch them in its talons and return them to their native lands, prodding them with its beak to rejoin their fellow countrymen. Then the eagle would circle the globe and withdraw American military from their battles against innocent peoples, then place them around Israel and the borders of our nation.

The eagle would read Jewish written headlines attacking it in newspapers and on television, and chase the Jews out of the press, then bring in normal Americans to take their place and who then sing the praises of the guardian angel eagle. The eagle would peel the faces off of prominent crypto-Jews and reveal their family names.

The eagle would chase the Jews out of the Federal Reserve and toss them into prison, then drop bags of money with a dollar sign and the word "JOBS!" stenciled on them over fields that would sprout into ripe crops, and bags of money over automobile and aircraft factories that would turn into cars and airplanes, drop sacks of cash into homeless families' hands that would turn into houses and meals on the dinner table. Finally, the eagle would carry our candidate to the White House and return contented to the mountains to nest in peace, satisfied that America had been returned to the Americans.

The closing image would be the face of our candidate gazing upward with a soft smile on his lips, and the eagle's head in subdued light over his shoulder looking down with approval on our candidate, with the eagle as America's guardian angel, and the slogan, "POWER PARTY It's your future AMERICA!"

Monday, May 10, 2010

What Will Wolf Blitzer Say If Duke Runs and Wins?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I wonder if Wolf Blitzer will have the chutzpah to preface David Duke's name in Blitzer's broadcasts with "former KKK leader and President of the United States David Duke" should Duke run for and win the presidency. What about the Sergeant at Arms at the State of the Union Address presumably under a Jewish controlled Speaker of the House, would he annually announce "Former KKK member and the President of the United States"?

I have seen Clinton and Obama don yarmulkas. If Duke has a tongue in cheek sense of humor he could pull out a cone hat and some knotted rope to ease the tension at Jewish dominated press club meetings.

All joking aside, when (I think he will) Duke runs it will serve as a testing grounds for something new, which I will call "quiet canvassing". We have secret ballots in America, and that anonymous moment is the only place a person's vote counts. Some may feel very uncomfortable openly supporting Duke, for fear of retaliation. I wonder though, if the media attack on Duke will backfire on the Jews, and people will abandon "quiet canvassing" in favor of open support in the form of yardsigns, bumper stickers and door to door visits. Ironically, the hoods of the Klan have, in the long term, worked against the interests of those who wore them, hoping for anonymity.

I can't see Duke supporters attaining much success by simply networking behind closed doors. They will have to turn out at rallies in support of Duke so that it does not appear that he has no support. Perhaps a new less confrontational means of maintaining anonymity can be designed for these rallies for those who elect not to show their faces, such as a "Duke hat", while still being provocative enough to get noticed and create a sense of power and common purpose. This could potentially generate publicity, interest and excitement for the campaign, and serve as a source of revenue. It could be done with a touch of humor and bear a statement on a t-shirt something like, "You'd be surprised who is voting for David Duke. Join us! When we win you'll know it was us by the smile on our faces." Or, "Aren't you ashamed you live in a country where Whites have to hide from our pride?"

Duke supporters should push law enforcement, local and federal, to vigorously prosecute anyone who interferes with a citizen's right to support Duke without fear of harassment, vandalism, job loss, or other forms of intimidation and attack. I do not support hate crimes legislation, but I also do not support the selective enforcement of the laws to favor one group while harming another group.

It is a shame that this segregation baggage has to be carried along with the uphill climb to unseat Jews from power, but who knows, maybe it will spark nationwide interest and exposure of the Jews resulting in an American awakening. I know in the area in which I grew up, the hearts of the majority of people beat with Duke, though mine does not. I also know that most non-Whites I have met think exactly like he does and the double standard for criticism is outrageous.

Obama Yet Again Obeys and Rewards the Jews Who Groomed Him and Installed Him in the White House

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For years now, I have been explaining how the Jews first groomed Barack Obama and then installed him in the White House. I quoted Abner Mikva's line that Obama is our first Jewish President in the following videos, which detail how the Jews guaranteed the success of Obama's bid to become President:

Obama and the Bankers

Obama and the Bankers: Part 2

Almost a century before the Jews manufactured the Obama presidency, the Jews groomed Woodrow Wilson and then placed him in the White House pursuant to a plan laid out by his Jewish boss Edward Mandell House. Soon after, the Jews blackmailed Wilson and forced him to place the terribly unpopular shyster lawyer and Frankist Jew Louis Brandeis on the Supreme Court.

Wilson, like Obama, served the Jewish bankers well, giving them the Federal Income tax and the Federal Reserve, as well as American involvement in the Jewish manufactured First World War and the first Zionist Jew Supreme Court Justice. Obama gave the Jews trillions of dollars in a bailout which I predicted would take place long before Obama was elected.

Wilson's nomination of a much hated criminal Jew generated a terrible scandal. Today, we face the prospect that the Court will entertain a grossly disproportionate 1/3 Jewish composition, despite the fact that Jews only constitute a scant 2 odd percent of the overall population of the United States. Note that the seat is an unelected position and is for life. Nothing could be more undemocratic than this Jewish over representation on the Supreme Court, and nothing could be more corrupt than its creation through Jewish installed Presidents to create Jewish manufactured precedents.

Prof. Kevin MacDonald sounded the alarm one year ago:

Elena Kagan: Jewish Ethnic Networking Eases the Path of a Liberal/Leftist to the Supreme Court

When will all our talk and precisely accurate forecasting of these events translate into political action by you to rescue America from the Jewish onslaught? Why do we allow this hostile minority to destroy us? What more do you expect me, MacDonald, and the others who are fighting this fight for you, to do before you do something for yourself? Do you think we have accidently made all these highly accurate predictions, but are somehow mistaken when we inform you that the Jews desire to completely destroy you and tear your name from the book of life? Are you unwilling to take even the most basic steps towards preserving your own life and that of your descendants?

Kagan will go after our fundamental right to free speech whether or not she is appointed to the Supreme Court. The Jews want to silence me. Where will we be if the Jews succeed in silencing the truth? Is it so difficult for you to support those of us taking enormous risks to bring you this truth? Is it so hard for you to support a political effort to save America from the Jews?

What have the Jews stolen from you just in the past couple of years, 20%plus on the value of your home? Is that not enough to grab your attention? How much do they expect to collect on the national debt they are ever increasing? Look at how long and how much England has paid to the Jewish usurers over the centuries for national debts which were never in their best interests?

But the financial loss is insignificant compared to the damage done to our rights, even our rights to sovereignty which affords us the ability to safeguard our other rights. Obama's Kagan(ovich) hates our right of free speech. Like Jewish (In)justice Ginsburg, Kagan(ovich) will always and only do what is good for the Jews. Look at what the Jews have done to Russia, to know what the Jews expect is good for the Jews.

Kagan(ovich), like Obama, is another protégé of Abner Mikva. Like Obama, Kagan(ovich) comes from the Jewish dominated "Christian" universities of Harvard and the University of Chicago. It is an undemocratic insiders game the Jews are playing at our expense. Is the Jewish media outraged at this rigged insider trading? Hardly so, they rejoice, and yet some Jews have the chutzpah to ask, "How dare you generalize about the Jews?"