Saturday, May 22, 2010

Duke Is in Danger of Stalling Out Before Takeoff

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Duke has to turn his followers from spectators, and sideliners, into workers, or the charm of the spectacle will fade and interest will turn to other new glittering events. Duke also has to capitalize on his opportunities to generate publicity.

Duke has name recognition (something the Jewish media is now giving to their boy Rand Paul) and Duke knows this. I think Duke is now focusing his attention on rebranding himself and creating a new image for himself in the minds of mainstream America. That is well and good, but to rebrand his image, Duke first has to garner the spotlight. He lacks the dollars for advertising, but has something more valuable at his disposal, the ability to attract the media.

Duke should consider, for lack of a better term, publicity stunts, but prepare beforehand videos and other media, so that when the attention comes, he can exploit the opportunity to create a new image for himself in the minds of average Americans, while taking advantage of the changing political climate to reap the rewards of his lifetime of exposure of the Jewish problem. He should not attempt to reinvent himself, but rather be true to his beliefs that the Jews are the main problem America and the World face, and then use this consistent position to change or awaken public opinion to recognize and side with this truth.

The Jews, especially the "Libertarian" Jews, are busy trying to deflate Duke's trial balloon. As much as they are trying to rescue the outlandish Pauls' image among White Nationalists, it appears that these Jews are even more concerned that the Jews not be exposed as the cause of our problems. These Jews are busy spamming White Nationalist bulletin boards with defeatist messages meant to encourage shame and inaction among those who recognize that Jews are the problem and that we must openly address the problem in order to solve it. The Jews are busy trying to convince their enemies to be perpetually afraid to speak the word "Jew" in public, but instead to place their fate in the hands of the Jews in the form of Jewish puppet politicians like the Pauls who will never speak a word against the Jews.

We must of course speak against the Jews. To fear doing so is to defeat ourselves and make the Jews masters of our destiny granting them the ability to destroy us without our even having spoken against them. We speak against the Jews in public so that the public will know the nature of the problem and the solution and will vote for those who will improve America. Our goal is to control public opinion, not hide from the public and hope the Jews' puppets are secretly working for our best interests (what a farce the Jewish Libertarians are trying to force down on our throats!).

Have you ever witnessed tiger cubs raised with terrier pups, tigers who grow up as cowards afraid to challenge the aggressive, yapping little tyrants? But all it takes for the farce to end, is for the tiger to realize he is mightier than the dog, and the annoying minuscule cur makes a quick lunch for the stronger, larger and fiercer tiger.

White Nationalists, the Libertarians are little Jewish dogs who have taken off their leash and placed it on you. If you want to gain political power, you have to become involved in the political arena in a sophisticated and unafraid manner, while still taking advantage of your ability to exploit publicity. You have to make it popular and patriotic for Americans to climb out of the dark and musty box that the Jews have placed them in as a coffin and assert their power, rather than cowering from it.

Again, the goal is not to hide in sewers like frightened and ashamed rats, but to gloriously and victoriously march in the streets, so that others are unafraid to join in the parade to oust the hostile Jew from power. As long as you are afraid to speak the truth, the truth will remain hidden with you. Shun the Jews' advice to never mention the Jews. A pipedream "stealth" politician who won by hiding his views would lack public support and political support to accomplish anything, anyhow. A tiger who bares his fangs, lets free his claws and pounces on the enemy will win popular support and then it is the Jews who will be ashamed to show their faces in the public arena.

As another example, I have observed, and suspect others have witnessed similar occurrences, where one child will bully another. At some point, the two actually come to blows, and the bully is soundly beaten, and then all the other children begin to wonder why they were so afraid of a bully who was made only of bluff. White Nationalists, the Jews are bluffing you when they try to convince you that your best option is to hide and wait for a Jewish manufactured revolution to rescue you. If you cannot even stand up and be counted under the best of circumstances, you will fall face down like the Russians into Jewish pits after a Jewish revolution in America.

Can you not lead other Americans who secretly agree with you to be unafraid to speak their minds? What is freedom of the press when the Jew owns all the presses? What is suffrage when the Jews own all the candidates? What is a free market when the Jews own all the goods and loan out all the money? Why do you pretend that it is only government which can oppress you? The Jews oppress you with money, markets, religions, and in a million other ways, and you welcome the oppression by never taking advantage of your freedom to actually free yourselves of the Jews.

Duke might consider rebranding himself by shedding the Hitler comparison and conjuring up images of successful leaders like Jesus, Constantine and/or Edward I and likening himself to them. I suggest he go to Washington and pull off some publicity stunt. I also suggest he give his followers a mission and begin a formal organization in which his people can participate beyond interacting on message boards. I also suggest that he respond forcefully to the defeatists who are trying to silence him.

Notice how the Libertarian Jews organize powerfully behind their Jewish puppet candidates and raise tens of millions of dollars for nothing candidates, but when anyone else tries to organize or form another party, the Jewish Libertarians put out the defeatist propaganda that it suddenly becomes impossible to use the system for good, and everyone must shut up and wait for a revolution.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Duking It Out With the Pauls

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Contrast Dr. David Duke's stance on Israel:

No War for Israel in Iran - Keep Americans Safe

with that of the Zionist extremist Pauls:

The United States Special Relationship with Israel

Speaking of the Pauls, and the battle to win the hearts and minds of the "Tea Party" crowd, the Pauls are starting to remind me of Barack Obama, who was placed in the Senate only to be shuffled into the White House, by the Jews. Is this to be Rand Paul's future, or is he slated to be a spoiler candidate? Obama won on the empty slogan "Change" and the Pauls are winning with the same slogan under the more harsh term "revolution".

The crises the Jews are manufacturing today to destroy our economy, our currency and to throw us into civil war and war with Mexico and perhaps all of Latin America and Canada, recall Edward Mandell House's book:

Philip Dru: Administrator: A Story of Tomorrow, 1920-1935

We are on the verge of the deliberate destruction of America, a new monetary system, a new world war and the disintegration of our country, to be followed by the Jewish Cromwell model, whereby the Jews deliberately create chaos so that they can propose dictatorship in order to restore order. The Pauls fit in with the Jews' plans perfectly. They flirt with the idea of secession, a new monetary system, and a non-interventionist Zionist foreign policy which will guarantee a world war.

House's (the Rothschilds') proposals for our fate have only been partially fulfilled and were already a recurring Jewish theme before House wrote his book, dating back to his father and the Rothschild's attack on America known as the American "Civil War". The Pauls are a part of the ongoing counter-revolution against the American Revolution, meant to internationalize the US by opening us up to foreign and internal attack and economic exploitation by international Jews. The Pauls' platform will severely weaken us, if not itself completely destroy us.

Duke openly and unabashedly addresses the Jewish question and his message identifies the international Jew, the world's foremost problem. The contrast and the choice between the Pauls and Duke could not be clearer. Now, who will the "Libertarians" support with their dollars, their time and their campaigning efforts, the internationalist and foaming-at-the-mouth rabid Zionist Pauls, or the nationalist Duke, who openly discusses the Jewish problem?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ron Paul and the "Jewish Batman"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When asked who is his favorite comic book super hero, Ron Paul responded that it is "Baruch Wane" a Jew version of Batman who attempts to rescue the Jewish economics of Ludwig von Mises from the National Socialists. I suspect Ron Paul's vision of himself is closer to being a Jewish "Superman", a mild mannered crypto who hides his true nature and whose sole purpose is to bolster Jewish interests and who does so in disguise, one that has now been revealed for all to see by his son, Rand.

Ayn Rand stole the idea of the psychopathic Uebermensch from Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment and the character Raskolnikov. It is troubling that Rand Paul loves this book and Ayn Rand's philosophy which glorifies the psychopath and strips from the leader even Raskolnikov's meager conscience. Zionist Max Nordau told us that our leaders would come from the Jews and would be psychopaths, and so we have the Pauls.

Even Ron Paul's fantasy world is dominated by Jews. He would never do anything political unless he thought that it was good for the Jews. His push for a gold standard is an entirely Jewish orchestrated maneuver behind the scenes. Just as the Jews deliberately used "Lenin" and "Stalin" to put Goy faces to Jewish internationalism, they are using the Pauls to put Goy faces on Jewish internationalism, but the mask is now coming off and the "collectivism" of the Jews and the "internationalism" and Zionism of the Jews is as plain on a Paul's face as it was on "Ayn Rand's" face (can't these Communist Jews ever use their birthnames?).

I have observed that "Libertarians" are cut of the same prayer shawl as their cousins, Zionists and Communists. They absolutely love meaningless and transparently hypocritical jargon; are overabundantly arrogant, condescending and didactic while being full of crap; and are ruthless and deceptive fanatics, who hide their true aims behind threadbare platitudes they would spin into whole cloth.

These supposed "anti-collectivists" flock together and speak in their stupid common code, which makes them feel as privileged and members of an in-group as Freemasons. Everything about them has the foul odor of the Communists permeating the air.

I again issue the warning, these Jewish revolutionaries will bring the same disaster to America that the Jews brought to Russia in 1905 and 1917, if they succeed. They work entirely and exclusively for Jewish interests and reek of Jewry even in their fantasy lives, and speaking of fantasy lives, how is it that the Pauls are forming a political dynasty in America, if not with the not-so-hidden hand of the Jews guiding their fate?

Know What You Are Getting With Radical Zionist Rand Paul

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Rand Paul has a great deal in common with Alan Greenspan. Both are huge fans of the subversive Jew Ayn Rand. Both love the Jews' gold. Both share Ayn Rand's anti-Arab radical Zionism.

Though the Libertarians are busy spreading the disinformation that Rand Paul's radical Zionism is a mere campaign ploy meant to help elect him so that he can then turn on the Jews, Rand Paul's radical Zionism is in fact fully consistent with his admiration for Ayn Rand and her views, and is without a doubt completely sincere. In fact, Rand Paul's position statement could have been written by Rand, Ayn that is, were she alive today.

Read for yourself Rand Paul's The United States Special Relationship with Israel

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Idi Amin Dada Was a Controlled Opposition Agent Trained by and Working for the Israelis

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I recommend my readers watch the documentary General Idi Amin Dada from 1974, which was directed by Barbet Schroeder, and in which Idi Amin himself tells how the Jews groomed him. It is available at and can be watched there over the internet. It also appears on YouTube starting at:

As I described in my article The Obama Presidency: Government of the Jews, by the Jews, for the Jews, as America Perishes from the Earth, Idi AMin was groomed by the highest officials of the Israeli government as a controlled opposition agent intended to help the Israelis bring the Arabs and Africans into war with Israel so that Israel could steal from them "Greater Israel" from the Nile to the Euphrates.

The Obama Presidency: Government of the Jews, by the Jews, for the Jews, as America Perishes from the Earth

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Abraham Lincoln famously stated at the Gettysburg Address

"[T]hat government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

The Jews installed Obama in the White House as surely as they installed Lenin and Trotsky in power in Russia. Our Jewish puppet President, Barack Obama, has filled the government with Jews, just as Lenin and Trotsky filled the Russian government with Jews. Obama has stolen all our wealth and given it to the Jews, just as Lenin and Trotsky sucked dry the wealth of Russia and transferred it to the Jews.

America is dying, just as Russia died. So what comes next?

Despite the fact that Russia and the Ukraine had the capacity to produce more than enough food to feed their own people, the Jews deliberately destroyed food and mass murdered millions upon millions of the most productive Russians and Ukrainians resulting in the ultimate deaths of tens of millions of Russians and Ukrainians. The Jews twice sicked the Germans on the Russians and Ukrainians and relentlessly hammered the Poles, slaughtering the best of all these nations.

It is reasonable to expect that the Jews plan to do the same to us, though they will likely take advantage of new technology to kill us. It is not wise to surrender your nation to a people who has openly declared that its foremost purpose is to destroy all nations other than its own. But for the Jews, the idea of "nation" wrecking implies more than taking over the government. The word "Goy" means "nation" and when the Jews speak of destroying the nations, they are talking about obliterating the Goyim, which is to say killing off every non-Jew.

The Jews fancy themselves revolutionaries, but they are instead genocidal killers. Jewish revolution does not just mean the destruction of your government, it means your death. "Counter-revolution" does not merely mean an effort by the Goyim to restore their governments, it means, to the Jew, any effort by the Goyim to preserve their own lives. White pride is "counter-revolutionary" because it promotes the continued existence of white people, whom the Jews want to perish from the Earth. Black power is "revolutionary" to the Jew, not because it frees and builds up the blacks, but rather because the Jews see to it that it is the process of elimination of the whites (and others, like the Arabs) and results in worsening chaos among blacks.

Idi Amin furnishes us with a good example of the Jewish sponsored "revolutionary". He was groomed by Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir to become the leader of pan-Africanism and to sponsor pan-Arabism such as the Baathists. He pretended to turn on Israel so as to provide Israel with a pretext to attack its neighbors and steal their land.

In her book Israel's Sacred Terrorism, Livia Rokach reproduced an excerpt from a 26 May 1955 entry in Moshe Sheratt's personal diary, which recounts his impressions of Moshe Dayan's plans to provoke the Arabs to respond by first attacking them, then stealing their land when they sought to defend themselves,

"The conclusions from Dayan's words are clear: This State has no international obligations, no economic problems, the question of peace is nonexistent. . . . It must calculate its steps narrow-mindedly and live on its sword. It must see the sword as the main, if not the only, instrument with which to keep its morale high and to retain its moral tension. Toward this end it may, no--it must--invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the method of provocation-and-revenge. . . . And above all--let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries, so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space. (Such a slip of the tongue: Ben Gurion himself said that it would be worth while to pay an Arab a million pounds to start a war.) (26 May 1955, 1021)"--L. Rokach, Israel's Sacred Terrorism, Third Edition, AAUG Press, Belmont Massachusetts, p. 41."/b>

The danger Dayan invented in Africa was the horse's ass Idi Amin, who trained "paratroopers" to attack Israel, but which "forces" would have had a difficult time taking over a nursing home for the elderly blind. Amin also sought to unite and lead the Arabs to attack Israel, but he only did so to gather intelligence for Israel and to provoke a war which Israel would surely win and with it steal more land from the Arabs. Amin was a Jewish "revolutionary". He helped the Jews destroy nations and kill off Goyim.

A "counter-revolutionary" would have authentically worked against the Jews by building up the non-Jews and promoting peace and stability.

I predicted most all that Obama is doing to destroy our country, long before it happened, and while others were singing his praises. I proposed a political party to rescue America from Jewish revolution, be it in the guise of Barack Obama's Communism, or Ron Paul's Libertarianism.

We have not only lost trillions which Obama stole and gave to the Jews. We have not only lost jobs and wealth. We have not only lost lives and health fighting Jewish wars. We have also lost all that could now be ours had my suggestions been followed.

Not only would I not have bailed out the bankers, but I would have confiscated their wealth and destroyed them throughout the World with the American military. Not only would my policies not have cost us jobs, they would quickly bring us to full employment. Not only would I have ended wars for the Jews, I would have bettered our relations with other nations and brought their good will and business to our people. Not only would our soldiers not be dying or growing ill in Jewish wars, they would be eating healthy foods and would not be exposed to the toxins the Jews are presently spreading throughout the environment. Do not merely consider the damage the Jews have done, but also consider what positive advances could have been achieved if the enemy did not rule our World, if we truly had government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Instead, we have an Idi Amin dragging us down as Africa has been dragged down. When Obama pretends to criticize some Israeli policies, he is just being a dutiful puppet serving the Jewish cause the same way Amin served the Jews.