Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Rise and Fall of Empires Under Jewish World Rule

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Judaism teaches the Jews to rule the World, destroy all nations other than their own, steal all wealth, and kill off the best Gentiles in preparation for killing off all Gentiles. How do the Jews achieve these ends, and why have they been expelled from so many nations?

In their foundational myths, the Jews suck the wealth out of Egypt and depart to steal the lands of the Canaanites. The Jews lament in their mythology that the Egyptians loved them so much they loaned them their gold and jewels and that the Egyptian ruler would not let the Jews go. The Jews tell a story of how they taught the Egyptian ruler to rob and enslave his own people.

Our time has come, America. Jewish aristocracy are crying out to the US, let my people go! The Jews here have it very good, a little too good, and so must depart with full purses and wet asses.

Throughout history, the Jews have always been relatively few in number. Being extremely aggressive parasites, they need a powerful nation to use as a weapon to destroy other nations. For a really big calamity, they need several powerful nations in conflict with one another so that the Jews can severely cripple the human race they so hate.

At first glance, this might appear to be dilemma, for if the Jews sponsor the rise of an empire, that empire, not the Jews, rules and its people prosper, but the Jews want no one to prosper but themselves and no one to rule other than the Jews.

The Jews long ago figured a way out of this apparent dilemma. The Jews learned to ensure that the empires would collapse from wars and vain consumption, and that their cultures would disappear through the importation of the conquered into the homeland. The entire process of Jewish empire building is one of destruction.

That "great" French Revolution provides us with an example of the death merchants' modus operandi. The initial "revolution" produced mass murder which was intended to eliminate a substantial majority of the French population and the absolute destruction of the best French families with the attendant destruction of French culture and the gross diminution of French genetics.

Though it was bloody, the French Revolution was not anywhere near so bloody as the Jews had planned. Then the Jews placed their puppet messiah Napoleon Bonaparte in power who brought France into several wars, killing off the best of the French yet again and importing foreign culture into France, while exporting French culture and genes abroad so as to bastardize other cultures and bloodlines. Many wars later, France has now lost much of its sovereignty to Jewish World government in the form of the European Union. Its colonialism has diminished its culture. It is a comparatively weak and uninfluential country.

The Jewish sponsored empire is created to destroy other nations, but also to destroy itself. How much of the destruction of the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Persian, Catholic, Spanish, Chinese, Indian, Polish, Dutch, English, French, Turkish, Russian, German, Japanese and now American empires was due to natural forces and how much was planned and pursued is perhaps difficult to say, but the Jews were behind each empire and the Jews brought them all down.

In the process of their parasitic consumption of other nations, the Jews build up a nation economically and then lead it into war after war destroying other nations and cultures, then the Jews cut off the tap, consume the roots of the empire as it were, economically, culturally, spiritually and genetically. In the end, not only has the empire destroyed other nations, it has destroyed itself never to reappear again in its original uncorrupted form. Whether we pretend these are natural consequences of empire building, or recognize the design, the Jew was behind them all and all ended in ruin and the blending and grafting of the different branches of the human family into a mongrel slave race, without any unique roots or culture, serving the Jews.

Though it appears at first glance that the Jews are violating their religious tenets when they build up a nation, especially when they build a nation into an empire, history has proven that in every instance the Jews only do so to use the empire to destroy other nations and ultimately itself. Many of the expulsions of the Jews were created by the Jews themselves to "let their people go" to Palestine and steal the land of the natives. As the Jews suck the last blood out of America, they will want the Jews segregated and expelled. This we ought not to do, for they will raise another empire to place its boot over our heads. At all costs, we should isolate Jews from one another, not concentrate and unite them.

The White Nationalists' plans to segregate and concentrate the Jews are wrongheaded at best and probably originate from the Jews, themselves. Such schemes as Harold Covington's Northwest Republic and David Lane's fantasy of KD Rebel actually would place American Whites at a huge disadvantage, by landlocking or placing European American Whites as far from Europe as possible. They would concentrate future enemies, give them territories and give that enemy every strategic advantage, taking from Whites enormous tracts of land, the important ports of both coasts, and placing them in radiation contaminated zones prone to volcanic action and without energy reserves in inclement regions. Farming and industry are difficult in these areas, and Autarky would be infinitely more difficult to achieve.

The White Nationalists' plans fulfil the Jews' dream of destroying America by making it an empire then imploding the empire and continuing the process of destruction by creating severe threats and disadvantages for Whites in a balkanized America. Latin Americans would flood in as never before, as would Asians.

Is not history filled with wars and who would these forces seek to attack if not White Americans? Imagine the danger of the Chinese having open ports in California and all across the Gulf and Atlantic coastlines? Imagine Latin America invading from the south by the tens of millions per month. What chance would a Northwest Republic, which would consume its meager resources merely trying to feed and clothe itself, have against such an invasion? Where would winter food come from, in the event of a war? How could trade be conducted when the Whites had little to offer and the Asians could exploit the best of the Americas? It is difficult to imagine a worse predicament for Whites. Is it not easier to exercise political power over the entirety of the nation than to kill ourselves by hiding in the dark corner of our vast nation?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Communism, Capitalism and Productivism -versus- "Pure Nationalism"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Marx advocated the dogmatic principle, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." Under this system, people proved more needy than able.

Capitalists make wealth, as opposed to productivity, the best means to acquire more wealth by exploiting the productivity of the poor masses, thereby promoting productivity for its own sake, without ever taking into consideration social and environmental needs, or without entertaining the notion of fairness.

Productivists might introduce fairness into the social scheme by advocating, "To each according to his productivity." But this renders productivity an end, rather than a means.

I am developing a political philosophy which I call "Pure Nationalism", where the economy will reward productivity, but in which economic model the society will have a say in what is and is not produced based upon its value to the society and the long term effects on human life, the environment and the nation. Politics as well as the marketplace will play a role in the use of resources and loan and investment capital. Productivity which is beneficial to society will be the means to wealth, not the usury, monopoly and gambling of laissez faire Capitalism or the slavery and nihilism of Communism. National productivity will produce American wealth and not be subject to foreign exploitation.

Production will be engineered to benefit and serve the human race, not to produce maximum profits regardless of the long term costs or need for that which is produced. There is great need in the country, and much is produced in vain which serves no need. Much is also produced that is destructive to our nation. Labor receives little profit beyond the ability to service its own debts for sustenance. This will change.

Health and genetic improvement will be goals of our society and the economy will serve, rather than attack, the human being. May each generation be healthier than the previous generation. Our most important stored value is our people, their health and our children.

Purposeful Politics: Broadening Our Base While Educating Our People

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I believe that iterating a party platform and campaigning can be productive and beneficial ends in themselves whether or not victory is achieved in elections. For example, the POWER PARTY and/or Dr. David Duke can accomplish much by proposing that if elected we will recognize the Jewish genocides of history, including the Armenian Genocide, the Holodomor, the many attacks on Arabs, the victims of Jewish Communism generally, the genocide of the Irish, the genocide of East Indians, etc.

Raising awareness of these Jewish genocides of non-Jews will educate the country as to the danger the Jew poses to the human being. At the same time, it will broaden our political base and inspire various ethnicities to become politically active against Jewish power. It is also an issue that we alone will own.

In this way, money and time spent towards political objectives will not be wasted even if we are not elected. That is what I mean by "purposeful politics", as opposed to say the "pointless politics" of the Ron Paul presidential bid in the last election.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

What Is Sovereignty Under Jewish Enemy Rule?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Many have noted that the philosophy of Plato and Socrates mirrors and was perhaps the foundation of, or perhaps even arose from, Judaism. Aristotle, also, came close to the Jewish model, with his love of the law as if potentially a divine and perfect method of rule.

On its face, Judaism would appear to advocate its countless laws as sovereign over all mankind. But Jewish law contains internal contradictions and unresolved issues, so many in fact, that under Jewish law the Jew can justify any action he would take.

I find the views of the Greeks to be naive. The Jews have a basic understanding and basis for their sovereign rule over the Goyim, over the nations. Jewish sovereignty is a mere guiding principle, "Do always and only what is good for the Jews to the extent that it affects Jews individually or collectively." The opinions as to what may or may not be in the Jews' interest are formed based on Jewish law and Jewish authorities, but these laws and opinions are not sovereign and are easily set aside in favor of pragmatic concerns.

This being the case, Americans suffer under a hostile sovereign and enemy force, the Jewish principle that the State and society must always and only do what is good for the Jew. The Jews view as good for themselves the attainment of all wealth, all media, all political influence, and the destruction of Gentile health, Gentile power, and Gentile genetics, ultimately the destruction of all Gentiles.

This Jewish rule manifests itself into action and substance through the control of public opinion and the exercise of political and private power. Jewish sovereignty over Americans is very much a function of the mentality and mindset of Americans, which the Jews carefully regulate and create. It is also the product of disunity among Americans, the effective vacuum of non-consensus being filled by the Jewish sovereign principle of doing what is good for the Jews.

Understanding how the Jews rule and the nature of their sovereignty allows us to break the yoke of their power. Immigration is presently a hot topic. If sovereignty in a democratic republic resides in the masses and is expressed through their representatives, then the goal of the State ought to be to benefit the masses in sustainable ways. In order to do this, the State must have a working definition of the folk whose best interests the State is intended to serve.

This presents the Jews with a method of attack in America. The Jews have actively sought to undermine every image of what it is to be an American, and instead promote the destructive myth that to be an American is to be international and to subvert your interests for those of others, those others being always the Jews or any other group the serving of which destroys America.

Should the POWER PARTY take control of the powers of the State, we will need a much better working definition of what it is that is American, and what our immigration policy should be and how we are to judge its merits and design its structure. The first question I ask myself when considering immigration on its most superficial level, is in what other countries, or regions of countries, do I feel most at home? For me, the answer is clearly northern European countries and the regions of other countries which resemble northern European culture. This is obviously in part a product of the region of the United States in which I reside, but I nevertheless suspect that those Americans from Florida would in general feel more at home Toronto, than in New Delhi; and that those Americans from Pheonix would feel more at home in Stockholm than in Cairo, though many now would feel quite at home in Mexico City, which brings me to my point.

The Jews are deliberately changing our demographics to make America anything but American, and to make it impossible to define America as anything other than international. At the close of the Second World War, large numbers of Germany's finest scientists came to America and they contributed greatly to our prestige and sovereignty, without changing our culture or pitting us one against the other or destroying our unity or our unity of purpose. The same cannot be said of the general immigration, legal and illegal, from Latin America and Asia in the post-WWII era. The Asians have arisen as our worst and most exploitive competitors (internally and externally and due to the Jews) and the Latin Americans are a growing Communist threat (internally and externally and due to the Jews).

If we are to import more people, and I do not think we need many more unless there is a rational purpose behind the importation, then a first superficial concern is logically to ask ourselves, would we feel at home in the place from which this person is coming? Will they feel at home here, or will they tend to try to change America into something else?

There was a time when it served our interests to import large masses of people, but that time has largely passed. We have labor saving devices, and slavery was a tragedy and a mistake for all involved. It was also a genocide on an almost incomprehensible scale. We have native genius beyond all other nations and we should be nurturing it, rather than importing foreign talent.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dr. David Duke Rends Rand and Rachel: New One Not Needed, for It Resides Between Their Licentious Lips

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

After witnessing Dr. Duke post some articles with commentary favorable to Rand Paul, I had a sinking feeling in my gut when I saw that he had presented a new video statement regarding wretched Rand Paul. I was worried Duke might have run to the enemy's defense and grossly disappointed me by contradicting his decades' long opposition to Jewish power. Shame on me for doubting Duke, if only momentarily. My concerns were quickly allayed as I watched Dr. Duke's appeal to his fellow politicians to defend America's interests, not Israel and Jewish interests, as Duke tore into the Zionist Paul and the Jewish propagandist Rachel Maddow, two pathetic peas in a putrid and poisonous pod:

I wonder if Dr. Duke would be interested in an interview by me?

We Do Not Need or Want a Revolution: We Need a Defensive War Against the Enemy Usurpation of Our Nation by the Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews are attempting to provoke us to attack ourselves with a revolution. The Jews often attempt to weaken nations with national strikes, market crashes, wars, etc. in order to render them ripe for revolution. The present talk of revolution originates with the Jews and the Jews intend to destroy us with a revolution, which will in actuality be a Jewish counter-revolution against the American Revolution.

We do not need to destroy our government, our industry, our agriculture or our society. On the contrary, we need to purge our government, our industry, our agriculture and our society of the enemy Jews who have usurped our country and led us on a path to our ultimate demise.

We do not need a revolution and we do not need to destroy ourselves. We need to fight a war on the enemy that is destroying us.

We should not be talking about waging a war on ourselves with a revolution, rather we should declare a war on the Jews who declared war on us some 2,500 years ago.

We do not need an alternative tax scheme to the Federal Income tax, we can instead largely or completely eliminate it and all other taxes by regulating loan capital and the money supply. We do not need or want a monetary system based on precious metals. Instead we need and should desire a monetary system based on the productive capacity of American labor and American natural resources, which are abundant and highly competitive internationally, but even were they not, could still sustain an Autarkic system in America.

We do not need to merely curb illegal immigration, but we must also correct the abuse of legal immigration to change our national complexion and end the corruption of society to render it disunited and international. We must also improve the education, industry, professional classes, and loan capital structures of our society to render us independent and internationally competitive. Merely chasing out the illegal will accomplish none of these needed measures.

Government will have to play a large role in these reforms and new initiatives, and those who want to weaken our government and ask us to champion the policies of our own demise are merely latching on to immigration issues and gun rights, so that they can ultimately internationalize us by weakening our government, let our society go to pot, and allow international wealth to rule every facet of our lives for the purposes of exploitation rather than the improvement of the lot of the average American. The gold standard is meant to take away our sovereignty and render us slaves to international bankers who will then control our national money supply and create an international monetary system based on the fraud of gold in reserve, which they do not in fact possess.

We do not need or want revolution in America. We do not need or want to wage war on ourselves.

We need and must declare a war on the enemy who has usurped us, a war on the hostile, aggressive and parasitic enemy Jews.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Israel Wants the World to Know that They Have Nuclear Weapons, But Leave Us Guessing as to Their Viability and Strength

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Mordechai Vanunu has done the Israelis a huge service, if not worked in the service of the Israelis, by informing the World that Israel has a stockpile of nuclear weapons. What good are these weapons if noone knows you have them, i.e. what value do they have to terrorize, intimidate and deter if non-Israelis have no knowledge of them?

It has long been known that the Israelis worked with the South Africans and French to develop nuclear weapons. The recent reports of negotiations between Israel and South Africa for Israel to supply the South Africans with a bomb back in the mid-1970's are coming out now to favor Israel's efforts to pressure Turkey and the Europeans to maintain good relations with Israel as if their best option. They are intended to help Israel by provoking fear in other nations, not to hurt Israel in any meaningful way. See:

The memos and minutes that confirm Israel's nuclear stockpile

These disclosures are meant to help Israel carry a big stick in its empty trousers. The mass media are not calling for inspections of Israeli nukes and nuclear development programs, nor punishment of Israel for violating international law. They are just helping Israel to intimidate others.

However, the disclosures do raise an alarming question, if they are genuine: What were the Israelis and the Jews' banker nation of South Africa planning? Why would South Africa want or need a nuke? Why would the South Africans trust the Israeli assertions that the weapon to be provided worked and was powerful and reliable? The alleged justifications, when weighed against the risks, make no sense whatsoever:

These events occurred at a time when the Jews, including Meir Kahane, were trying to provoke a war against the Soviets in order to chase Jews to Israel. South Africa had absolutely no need nor use for a nuclear weapon, but the Jews who controlled South Africa did. They wanted to provoke a nuclear conflagration between East and West, and a false flag operation would serve that desire.

What would Israel gain by secretly arming South Africa with nuclear weapons? The alleged justifications, when weighed against the risks, make no sense whatsoever. The more exclusive the nuclear club, the more powerful are those armed with the nuclear club. And why did the Jews arm the Red Chinese, going back further, the Soviets, still further, the US? Why do they leave Japan dependent on the US for its defense?

To what extent is Israeli propaganda true? How powerful is their nuclear arsenal and to what extent is it mere bluff?

But rest assured, the Israelis want you to think they have an enormous arsenal of nuclear weapons, and this is why the Jewish controlled media, mainstream and "alternative", "leak" information from time to time, and why Israeli leaders pretend to slip up on opportune occassions to let you know the Jews are heavily armed. None of this is by accident nor coincidence.

That said, we should use the Jews' terror tactics against them, as Dr. David Duke has done:

No War for Israel in Iran - Keep Americans Safe

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Paradox Hidden in Pandora's Box: America, NOT Iran, Is the Primary Target of the Jewish Desire for an American Attack on Iran

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews are pushing Americans to wage a war of aggression on Iran. Their war drum is stretched out from overuse, and beats a dull thud, but the Jews nevertheless continue to pound it.

But the curious things is that the Jews are looting the American economy at the very time they should be bolstering it, if they truly sought to build up America as a battering ram with which to knock out the Middle East. Yet the indisputable facts remain, the Jews are stealing trillions of dollars from us and at the same time are attempting to provoke us into war. This must be a coordinated attack on the United States, with the primary goal being to take down America and with it the World, not to destroy Iran, which is more of a tertiary objective of the Jews.

Consider also the fact that the Jews keep us in Iraq and Afghanistan, though both countries would descend more quickly into chaos were it not for our presence. Yet it is an indisputable fact that the Jews engineered the American attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan, so that we see here too that the primary target for ruin is the USA, and with US the World, not first and foremost the Muslim nations.

It is true that the ongoing and entirely unnecessary and self destructive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are very profitable, but these profits pale by comparison to the potential oceans of milk and honey the cash cow of the USA could produce if production and prosperity and profits were the goals. Rather than being the incentive for the Jews, the profits of these wars are instead the bait to keep a corrupt American elite in bed with the Jews as the Jews destroy America.

Immigration abuse and the deliberate destruction of the American educational system and the corrosion of the White European professional class in favor of Jewry and immigrants also reduces the profits which otherwise might be had from harvesting America, but as was and is the case with Russia, the Jews prefer profits that also destroy the land and the people and are unsustainable, because the goal of the Jews is to eliminate both countries and their peoples.

Since the Jews have so weakened us economically and spiritually, the Jews will push us to use nuclear weapons on the Iranians as a cost and life saving measure, which is the same rationale which was employed the last time we incinerated human beings with atomic bombs in Japan. However, just as the Jews now lie and deny that they pushed us to attack Iraq, they will lie and deny that they pushed us to war with Iran and instead will scapegoat us for this primarily Jewish crime (we do share in the blame!).

After America has committed this horrific crime at the behest of the Jews, the Jews will then condemn us as madmen to all other nations around the World and the international community will be encouraged to attack us, but first the Jews will seek to have us languish in shame, showing us images of "our" crime, while the Jews concurrently use their media and political power to vilify us around the World, as they did to the Sultan of the Turkish Empire, the Czar of Russia, and the German Nation. Then the Jews will drive to have all American nuclear weapons surrendered to them either through an international organization under their direct control, or by transferring them to Israel. This assumes that the Jews fail to instigate the nuclear world war they seek.

Our nuclear arsenal (and more generally our military strength) is one of the few things we have left which makes us powerful and sovereign. The Jews want to take it from us, if they can manage to do so.

It is clear that the Jews do not intend for America to survive much longer. They are placing their gold bugs in Congress to be the next Aldriches and a gold standard is the easiest method for them to internationalize America. They are encouraging a wave of immigration to dilute and confuse us. They are pitting us one against the other. The end is near if we do not assert our power.

More so than Iraq, Aghanistan and Iran, the Jews want to destroy us, America. Ponder for a moment the fact that the Jews led the Soviets to attack Afghanistan right on schedule for their intended destruction of the Soviet Empire. Do you believe it is mere coincidence that they are bringing down the curtain on us in a trillion ways at the same time they have us bogged down in Afghanistan?