Friday, June 04, 2010

Just As I Predicted, the Turks Are Threatened With Attack by the Russians, PKK, Cypriots, Etc. All for Simply Sending Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I knew it was coming and it arrived quickly. The Jews, who have led the campaign to deny the Armenian Genocide, are now throwing the issue in the Turks' faces, this despite the fact that the Jews are to blame for the genocide:

Israel Reminds Turkey of Armenian Genocide

Some Armenians, sensing an opportunity for a cheap shot at the Turks, are suddenly in love with the Israelis, though they live among Muslim countries and Armenians are again helping the Jews to cut their Armenian throats:

Gaza, Israel, Turkey, & We

And the threats of Russian, PKK, etc. attacks are pouring in against Turkey, again, for simply sending aid to the suffering Palestinians and getting in the way of Israeli bullets when the Jewish State's military illegally and cowardly attacked a private humanitarian aid ship in international waters:

An Open Letter to Turkey by Dr. Arash Irandoost

But wait a minute, how are the Jews able to set in motion an international attack on Turkey, and cause nations to neglect or reject their treaty obligations with Turkey, and to arm the PKK, and to cause nations to officially recognize the Armenian Genocide? Isn't it just some "anti-Semitic" canard that the Jews wield so much power in the World to cause nations to retaliate against an innocent country which merely seeks some relief which even the Jewish dominated UN has demanded?

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Watch Out Turkey and Iran, the Mossad Front Known as the "PKK" Is About to Move Against You!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Beware, Persians, Turks and Arabs, the Jews are agitating the Kurds to strike in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. Many, many Kurds are crypto-Jews and the PKK is a Mossad front organization.

Turkey can also expect that the Jews will attempt to provoke conflict between Russians and Chinese against Turks and the ridiculous Jewish misadventure of "Pan-Turkey" by attacking Turkic peoples in China, and playing war games in the Crimea and Black Sea.

For 4 Years, I Have Been Warning the Turks that the Jews Would Turn on You in Order to Provoke WWIII

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

On 28 July 2006, I called Daryl Bradford Smith and told him that I would like for him to interview me so that I could expose the central role Turkey played in the Jews' plans to spark WWIII. See my blog of 19 September 2006:

Turks and Kurds September 19, 2006

I repeatedly warned the Turks that the Jews would soon turn on them and were using the PKK and the Kurds, as well as the Greeks, Cypriots and many others to covertly attack Turkey:

It Is Time for Turks and Armenians to Reassess Their Options October 26, 2007

Balkanizing Turkey: Is It Good for the Jews? October 18, 2007

Before the Turkish Government and Turkish press covered the story, I warned that the Jews had plotted a coup d'etat:

The Doenmeh Crypto-Jews Threaten Coup to Defend Their Grip on Turkey April 28, 2007

The Modern Doenmeh in Turkey February 10, 2009

The alternative media largely ignored this aspect of my work, though I was screaming from the rooftops for people to take notice of what I was saying, heed my warnings and take action to prevent the coming disaster. It was by no means obvious four years ago that Turkey and Israel would become enemies and that this enmity threatened to spark WWIII. I alone predicted it. I alone shouted with all my might for the World take notice and prevent the coming calamity.

Israel has been waging war on Turkey for centuries and finally the Turks are awakening to the fact that they are under attack, but look at how obvious the Jews had to make it! Frankly, I am amazed by the stupidity of the World public and their utter inability to foresee coming events even when I thoroughly describe what is coming and how and why.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Turkey Should Send Another Fleet of Humanitarian Aid to the Suffering Palestinians, Accompanied by the Turkish Navy and Air Force

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Turkey should preserve its honor and help the suffering Palestinians by escorting another humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza with the full might of the Turkish military. The Arab governments should join the effort with the full support of their military forces.

We cannot allow governments to do to human beings what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians and what the Jews did to the humanitarians who sought to help their fellow human beings with relief aid.

The Turks have the support of the Persians and the Arab people will be behind them even if their governments continue to side with the Jews against the Palestinians.

Make the announcement, then let the Jews respond. Then flood the World with media showing what the Jews are doing to defenseless human beings. Produce dramatic movies of the now numerous Jewish attacks on humanitarian vessels. Show how cowardly and cruel the Jews are and helpless yet brave are those the Jews attack. Then show that you are not afraid of them.

Turkey, stop wasting money denying the Armenian Genocide and instead use your influence and funds to demonstrate the facts of history that the "Young Turks" were old Jews. Rest assured the Jews will now try to throw the word "genocide" in your faces in their media and in governments, so you will have to face the issue no matter what. Stop sucking up to your enemy and instead counter-attack. This will not only defuse the Jewish campaign to blackmail and smear you, it will also take away the Jews' political weapon of the Holocaust because the Jews themselves will be shown to be genocidal mass murderers.

Armenians, if you are wise, you should have your government condemn the Jewish attack on the Turks and offer your condolences to the families of the Turks murdered. It is at times like these that great progress can be made toward forwarding your international interests without giving up anything. A statement of support at this time for those who were criminally slain will win you much good will with the Turkish people and you sacrifice nothing in your search for justice for like crimes of the past.

As the Jews Wage War on the Human Race, What Government Fights Back?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews had a long time to plan their strategy and tactics in response to the Freedom Flotilla. The Jews, after long deliberations and undoubtedly after consultations with the highest levels of the American Government, opted to launch an aggressive military attack on a peaceful humanitarian convoy in international waters. This does not come as a surprise, the Jews warned of what they intended to do, and the Jews have thousands of years of cowardly vicious and murderous attacks to back up their threats to attack defenseless civilians.

But the Turkish Government also had a long time to plan its strategy and tactics in the knowledge of the open Jewish threats to attack Turkish citizens. Why did not the Turkish military escort these brave Turkish citizens who were forced to fight with chairs and fists against machine guns to defend their vessel and Turkish honor from Jewish cowardly aggression? There is great honor for the Turkish People and great shame for their government which even now fails to take appropriate action to defend the nation and its people from Jewish attack. This betrayal by their own government will largely be a domestic problem for the Turks.

But the American Government's betrayal of American honor before and after the Jewish attack causes Americans tremendous damage internationally. We are seen around the World as the bully that holds a woman while a pervert rapes her. And we are to blame for the lack of international will to end the inhuman Jewish siege of Gaza which resulted in these latest Jewish crimes, given our cowardice to confront the Jews who are destroying us and the rest of the human race.

Our government gave the Jews trillions of dollars, weapons of mass destruction and is at this very moment enabling the Jews to escape international retaliation for the Jewish slaughter of humanitarians. Do not let the Jews pass this off as if it were merely an Israeli attack. The Jews of Israel comprise one third of Jewry and the Jews of America another third and that amounts to a two thirds majority of the Jewish people who are actively bringing down the human race. And it is a certainty that the other third are there with the tribe doing what is good for the Jews and rotten for human beings.

Is this to be our fate, struggling with fists and patio furniture against Jews with high tech weaponry, as our governments feign indignation with a mild, please don't do it again, to be followed by a long lament for the poor Jews who were forced into acts of cowardly premeditated murder?

The Jews' "in your face" aggression with the full support of our government hurts us very badly, Americans. The Israelis knew well in advance that they would receive this support from their puppets in Washington, just as they knew well in advance that the American Government, and the Arab governments, would support their genocidal attack on the Palestinians of Gaza.

I have seen a video purporting to be footage of the Jewish military attack on the defenseless civilians which claims that sophisticated military weaponry was employed to repel the Jewish aggression, but I suspect that the explosions shown were instead from Jewish weapons. I would not trust anything the Israeli Government, or its supporters, claim.

We citizens of the World had better take notice of what is transpiring and take control of our governments and prepare to defend ourselves. We have all witnessed the level of depravity of our enemy and the complicity of their puppet governments which reign over us and which may soon rain machine gun fire upon our heads.

The Jews are destroying our reputation, America, and they are turning the World into a depraved and very dangerous place. Governments must not be allowed to act in the fashion of murdering civilians in international waters and sieging native populations in their ancestral homelands.

Take notice Americans of what happened to Turkish citizens when the Turkish Government failed to act in the face of Jewish threats. Harden yourselves and begin fighting back in the political arena so that we can use the power of our State to wage war on the Jews who are already waging war on us. Harden yourselves and have more at hand than patio furniture and kitchen knives if ever you are attacked.

Take notice, humanity, of the fact that the Jews openly plan to kill you off and your present governments are helping them.