Saturday, June 12, 2010

Explaining the Seemingly Inexpicible: This Is Why Israel Is Shooting Itself in the Foot

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The recent wars the USA has started in the Middle East are designed to be fruitless and endless endeavors with no beneficial results. The Jews started these wars to ruin America by weakening us as we weaken the Jews' enemies. These wars are designed to destroy America by bogging us down and consuming our resources in unproductive and counterproductive measures which bring the wrath of the World against us, which wars have no favorable outcome, and drag on and on, dragging the USA further and further down into the grave.

It is our curse for blessing the Jews. The Jews are deliberately destroying us.

The Jews hate us above the Arabs, Afghanistanis and Iranians, because we are chiefly descended from European Christians and our culture is predominantly a European culture. The Jews brought the Muslims against Europe on several occasions in hopes of destroying Christianity and European culture and genetics.

The most recent incarnation of this plan to bring Muslim nations into Europe is the "Barcelona Process" of the Euromediterranean Partnership and the Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly.

The European Union, which has been devastating Europe, and which is littered with leaders who are Jewish puppets or Jews, was the dream of Rothschild agent Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi and Robert Schuman, a darling of the Turks who are today seeking to open up the borders of Arab nations surrounding the Mediterranean and to join the EU and thereby to flood Europe with Muslims and further internationalize the World pursuant to the Jewish model, which the Turks call the "European" model. See the following two articles:

Zeynep Dağı: Israel paved way for its own alienation

It's the post-Cold War era, not a foreign policy shift, Turkey says

The Israelis are deliberately helping Erdogan to become the messiah of the Arabs, so that Erdogan can internationalize the Arab nations and complete the lower half of the snake eating its way around the Mediterranean to consume Europe and North Africa in the belly of the Jewish World Government. Turkey is the bridge which will serve to shuttle the Muslims into Europe when Turkey becomes an EU member and has succeeded in European Unionizing the Muslim World.

And what will be the capital of this international government, when the USA has eaten itself up in unproductive and unending wars on behalf of Jewry, and Russia has been pinched off? Jerusalem and the new Temple will be the capital of the World at the heart of the Euro-Mediterranean slave superstate the Turks are helping the Jews to build.

At least that is the explanation the Jews are feeding to the Freemasons who dominate the Arab and Muslim world. The Freemasons of the Arab countries can be easily suckered into promoting this dream, which is their raison d'etre. The Freemasons are reared to strive for World Government run out of the new Temple in Jerusalem by the Jews. But I suspect this is all bait for something even worse.

I suspect the Jews have in mind the artificial fulfilment of their end times prophecies, which is their raison d'etre. The Jews are constructing "Gog and Magog" so that they can destroy all non-Jews down to the last man, woman and child.

Enjoy the Schadenfreude of Israel shooting itself in the foot, if you are a fool; but the wise should know that Israel's boot is over your heart and that is where the bullet is headed.

Wise Americans who understand the Jewish problem, I appeal to you to heed my warnings and advice. The Jews have us in unwinnable wars in order to destroy us. We must end these wars and take control of our economy from the Jews. The Jews are also ruining any good will we have left around the World as our politicians lick Jewish boots and violate international law. The Jews are taking us down, not with them, but as their scapegoat sacrificed at the Temple gates. We will not last much longer if we do not act now.

Do not be so stupid as to pin your hopes on other nations defeating the Jews. We as Americans must do it, and at the same time protect our interests not only from the Jews, but from the emerging powers the Jews are pitting against us, and from the World Government they are ever expanding, in this instance through the charade of their quarrels with the Turks, which are engineered for this very purpose.

Where will we be when Europe is a part of the Muslim world under the control of the Jews and most of the World's energy is in their hands? Where will we be with our ever increasing debts and endless wars as the Jews destroy our currency, Balkanize our country and pit the World against us, scapegoating us for their crimes, as they did to Russia, Germany, the Ottoman Empire, etc.? Where will be when the Jews have thoroughly poisoned our air, water and land, and have destroyed our food supply with mutant plants that will die out and which alter our genes? I'll tell you where, in the graveyard of history.

We must take this opportunity not to help Turkey Muslimize Europe, but rather to make America stronger by taking advantage of the Turks' efforts to make criticism of the Jews a part of international discussions, and by electing politicians who will strengthen America. Have fun relishing the staged showdown between Turkey and Israel, but if you are smart and want to survive, spend more time sponsoring a political party here at home that will take down the Jewish enemy and put an end to the Jews' plans for World Government, which the Turks are at this very moment fulfilling for the benefit of the Jews.

If Turkey Joins the EU and the Arabs Unite Behind the Turks, the Circle Will Be Complete

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In a blog I just posted, I posed the question in the context of an EU-style union of Turks and Arabs with open borders, "But what are the Jews up to, and why would the Turks want to free up the borders of Arab countries? That aspect strikes me as especially odd."

The answer is obvious and occurred to me immediately upon contemplating the question. The Jews would then have an international government that circled the Mediterranean, and could flood Europe with Arabs and Turks (and Africans of all types), as the Jews have tried to do in the past. Arabs could flow from Morocco to Turkey and all points in between, and then enter Europe through Turkey.

The Jews would also have an endless supply of slave labor in the form of Arabs and Africans, and be able to drive down the wages of Europeans. The wars the Jews would start would provide an endless opportunity for reconstruction profits, as well as war profits, as the Jews have done in Lebanon and Iraq.

Why Are the Jews Setting Up the Turks to Lead the Arabs, at Great Expense to Themselves?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I found an interesting article which may explain part of the motivation why the Jews are setting up Erdogan to lead the Arab world as well as making him a national hero of the Turks. It seems the Jews want to internationalize the region which was once the Turkish Empire. See, for example, the following article from the Turkish press:

EU-like community between Turks, Arabs becoming a reality

The article describes an effort to internationalize loan capital and banking under the pretext of building infrastructure and international cooperation. The monetary implications are obvious. Were I in Arabian shoes, or Turkish boots, I would create a currency to be used for the purchase of energy resources, either backed by nothing, or secured with oil and natural gas. But what are the Jews up to, and why would the Turks want to free up the borders of Arab countries? That aspect strikes me as especially odd.

Turks would obviously want Saudi and other oil money to be invested in Turkey and in the region, rather than stored in foreign banks and invested in non-regional investments, and this would indeed promote peace, stability and security in the Middle East. But why build it on an EU model, which is thoroughly Jewish? Turkey would have an economic advantage over some Arab countries and be able to profit from the wealth of others. But Turkey faces the ire of Russia, Europe, America and China as an emerging competitor. I wonder when Pan-Turkism will enter the equation and branch out the would-be empire eastward towards India and China after the fashion of the decaying Ottoman Empire?

I can't help but suspect the Jews want to create the Gog and Magog of their religious myths, so that they can pit it against us and wipe out the Muslims, Americans, Russians and Europeans in one fell swoop. Another possibility is that the Jews plan to use Turkey and the Middle East again as a haven for expelled Jews from America who cannot live off the thin fat of Palestine, so as to colonize "Greater Israel".

My intuition tells me, though, that the Jews are after war, and are out to utterly destroy America in the very near future. What could be a very good thing for the region and the World if done properly and with good intentions, may be bait in a vast and growing trap that will ensnare the Muslims and us. A unified Europe, a unified Middle East, unified Americas? I think the prospect is a glass balloon meant to be shattered into a billion shards.

I would feel more comfortable with the proposals if they appeared to honor nationalism while promoting international cooperation, rather than following the Jewish model of globalization, as appears to be the case. I also know that this unity of Muslims for their common benefit will be used as if a provocation to pit Russians and Americans against Muslims, which if it were done properly and with proper intentions, it need not be.

On its face, this appears to be a another Jewish scheme to globalize a large region of the Earth, but it need not be if done right.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Turks, Learn from the Iranians, Beware Russia and China!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For more than three years, I have been warning the Iranians that the Russians and Chinese would always betray the Iranians at crucial moments for the benefit of the Jews:

Dirty Bombs and Dirty Pool, March 20, 2007

Handing Haman the Rope with which to Hang Himself: Ahmadinejad's Head on a Uranium Platter, March 12, 2007

The Russians and Chinese have yet again betrayed the Iranians, because, as a I wrote before, there are four paws on the Lion of Judah, the USA, the UK, Russia and China. The Russians and Chinese approved UN sanctions against Iran and it now appears that the Russians may break contracts for delivery of S-300 missiles to Iran:

Russia now says Iran sanctions ban S-300 missiles

Jews created Communist China, and Russia has long been in the Jews' hands. I warned the Turks one year ago that the Chinese and Turks are being set up for a war by the Jewish manufactured myth of "Pan-Turkism":

The Pan-Turkic Connection to the Unrest in China, July 19, 2009

I also have been warning the Turks that they are being set up for another war with Russia, in among many other places the following article:

A Sweet Deal for the Jews, All Others Lose, April 28, 2010

Shakespeare warned us all to beware the smiling man and when Putin smiles and takes your hand and asks for your trust, Turks, you should know his Rabbi is grinning widely, as well. As Octavius said, "And some that smile have in their hearts, I fear, Millions of mischiefs." And as Hamlet said, "O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain! My tables,--meet it is I set it down, That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain[.]"

Turks and Russians should both know that the Jews in America are calling you "Gog and Magog", just as the Jews have been doing for five centuries. If you unite, they will misrepresent this as if the fulfilment of prophecy. If you war with one another, they will misrepresent this as if the fulfilment of prophecy. Uniting is the better option, but Turks, watch your backs and never depend on any agreement the Russians may make, openly, or in private. When you negotiate with the Russians, know that you are talking to the Jews.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vampire Jews in Action

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Know the enemy we face. Watch the vampire Jews descend in the night to unleash their bloodlust on helpless men and women:

Israeli Attack on the Mavi Marmara, May 31st 2010 // 15 min. from

Legalese -v- Bullets and Bombs

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I do not know if Erdogan himself ever really stated that he is considering traveling aboard a Turkish naval vessel bound for Gaza to bring relief aid to the Palestinians, but there are reports that he did. Could be bait, perhaps not, I just do not know.

What is certain is that an Israeli named Uzi Dayan is calling for Israel to declare any such voyage an act of war and to respond by sinking the vessels:

Israeli Gen. threatens to drown Erdogan

If Erdogan is for real, then it would be a very bad idea for him to deliver himself to the reaper on a silver ship. However, I do think that Turkey should send a navy vessel to Gaza, but must do so carefully and thoughtfully in anticipation of the Jews' efforts to use the law against Turkey.

My first impression is that Turkey should by no means go it alone and should be joined by Arabs and Persians, and for that matter, Malaysians, Indonesians, Pakistanis, etc; perhaps even Russians. But this raises technical legal issues which the Turks may or may not consider important. Bullets trump contracts every time, and NATO has already crapped on Turkey and violated its treaty obligations.

What are Turkey's obligations under NATO? Can it join with States like Russia, Iran and Pakistan to deliver aid, or would it be wiser for each nation to maintain complete independence? Should they come to one another's defense in the event one nation is attacked but not the other?

Though it seems unreasonable to expect that it would happen, it might be wise to have other NATO nations join the fleet, if any such venture arises in fact. Perhaps Albania, Norway and/or Greece could join with Turkey? Does Turkey have the right to sue NATO under its charter or treaties? Can it petition for support in the form of troops and/or military supplies and intelligence?

If Turkey declares its entirely lawful intentions, and Israel threatens Turkey with war should Turkey take those legal actions, can Turkey demand NATO support before proceeding and would it be a breach of security measures for NATO members to publicly discuss Turkey's requests and demands? Would it not be another act of war for Israel to threaten Turkey so as to intimidate Turkey to prevent it from exercising its legal rights? Are not such threats also violations of the Charter of the United Nations?

This situation certainly provides a testing grounds for the rule of international law and for the real purpose for which NATO was formed. Does not NATO exist to secure its member States, or is NATO a weapon of convenience meant to serve the Jews and only the Jews? What of the UN?

What would happen should any aid ever reach Gaza?

Could not Turkey have its military enter Egypt and provide Gazan relief by land? Would Israel attack the Turks on Egyptian soil? If the Turks sincerely want Arab support, would this not be a better means of obtaining it? Again what happens should aid make it to Gaza at the Egyptian border? Surely the Jews will storm in at that location. Would the Turks have the legal right to defend their cargo in Gaza until it is distributed and changes title to the Palestinians individually and institutionally?

At what point do the Jewish provocations change from attacks on the Palestinians to acts of war on Turkey itself? At what point will Turks declare that the issue is no longer just Palestinian rights, but instead how to respond to the Jews' war on Turkey, a war which has been going on for centuries?

Turkey will need economic support from Arabs. Will it be forthcoming and provide Turkey with an actual gain over its relationship to the Jews? Turkey will need the Arabs to hurt Israel economically. Will the Arabs do so? How can the Turks ensure that an Israeli open attack on the Turkish military would be so costly that the Jews would never attempt it? The cleanest way to defeat the Jews is to convince the Jews that they cannot win and must not try.

Ultimately, international law is a matter of force. No one knows this better than the Turks.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

For 4 Years, I Have Been Warning the World that the PKK Is an Israeli Front Organization that Wages War on Turkey on Behalf of Israel

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

When I heard that the Jews had attacked a Turkish vessel in the Freedom Flotilla, I immediately knew that the Israeli front organization the PKK would hit Turkey and Iran. I warned the Turks in the following blog article:

Watch Out Turkey and Iran, the Mossad Front Known as the "PKK" Is About to Move Against You! June 01, 2010

I did not then know that the PKK hit the Turks just after the Israeli assassination squad descended upon the Mavi Marmara. The story hit the press shortly after my warning appeared:

'Israel may have ordered Kurdish terror attack' June 6, 2010

Who is the PKK fighting for? June 5, 2010

I have been warning of this for four years, in among other places, the following blog articles dating back to September of 2006:

The "Jewish State" Is Fomenting World War III, September 20, 2006

Turks and Kurds, September 19, 2006

Coup d'Etat, September 29, 2006

The "Jewish State" Is Fomenting World War III: Part 2: More Evidence from the BBC, September 23, 2006

I have known of these facts for four years, the Turkish Government has undoubtedly known of them far longer, so why has not the Turkish Government done anything to prevent and punish the bloody Israeli military attacks committed against Turkey under the guise of the Mossad front known as the "PKK"? Why has not Erdogan publicly condemned what the Turkish press, the Israeli press and other Turkish politicians now freely discuss? Why has not the "alternative" press picked up on my warnings and done something to help me prevent this loss of life and march towards WWIII?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin, Friends or Foes?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back in January of 2009, I advanced the theory that the strife between Shimon Peres and Recep Tayyip Erdogan was a scripted affair meant to win the Arab street for the Turks at the expense of the Syrians and Iranians, and for the benefit of the Jews. See my blog articles:

The Staged Conflict Between Peres and Erdogan: Jews Pit Erdogan Against Ahmadinejad as if Rival "Saviors" of the Palestinians, February 03, 2009

Hosni Mubarak Admits that He Is an Ally of the Israelis and Scapegoats Iran-Friendly Arabs for Illegal Israeli Aggression, February 04, 2009

The Jews Are Arranging an Arab-Turk Alliance to Smash the Kurds, With an Attack on Iran as the Real Goal, February 07, 2009

Erdogan knows well that the "Young Turks" were old Jews, crypto-Jews and Freemasons, and it has always bothered me that he does not come out and say so. Why is Erdogan so aggressive in denying the primarily Jewish crime of the Armenian Genocide, if he is not covertly in bed with the Israelis? It is true that the Doenmeh sought to assassinate him, but this may have been a faction which itself has had problems with the Israelis.

More significantly than this, I am troubled by the fact that Erdogan has not counter-attacked the Israelis for creating, financing, organizing, training and otherwise backing the PKK. The Turks should long ago have attacked Israel for attacking Turkey in this way and should have brought complaints to the UN, but they have not, which indicates that the Turks want Israel and the PKK to continue to do what they are doing, killing innocent Turkish civilians and destabilizing Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq. One might argue that the PKK bogey makes the Turkish government's grip on the Turkish People tighter and serves to discredit the Kurdish nationalists, but I do not believe that is the motivation.

The following article by an Armenian points out the transparent absurdity of Israel's number one ally in the Middle East becoming the champion of the Palestinians, enumerating some of the facts I discussed in relation to this same point back in January of 2009:

Erdogan Deserves Medal As Fake Friend of Palestinians

The truth is that the poor Palestinians have no support in the governments of the Turks, the Arabs or the Persians, but rather the Israelis play games with these governments to control their opposition and control the populations of these nations. With that in mind, we must also understand the fact that the Jews are out to destroy America and Europe, and they require forces with which to do it.

The Jews lobbied and worked with the Turks, Azeris and Georgians to build oil pipelines and railways through these nations, bypassing Armenia and challenging Russia's ability to control the European energy markets. The Jews then set up Russia to come into conflict with Georgia thereby threatening Turkish interests. The Jews then set up Russia to reestablish itself in the Black Sea and dominate the Ukraine, again threatening Turkish interests–note the many wars the Jews have created between Turks and Russians in the past and the price the Armenians, as well as the Turks and Russians, have paid for these wars.

It appears to me that the Jews are setting up America and Europe to face a massive energy crisis which will shatter the economies of these nations. If Russia and Turkey cooperate, then the Arabs and Iranians will fall completely under their influence, as opposed to American influence. Such combined Muslim power, covertly under Jewish control, can wipe away the West and lead the West to counter-attack with nuclear weapons against this "Gog and Magog". If the Turks and Russians fight, drawing in the Persians and Arabs, it will have exactly the same effect on the West. Always remember that the Jews want to annihilate America and Europe, as well as every other people.

The Jews are also building up the political influence, and military power, of Latin America to use as a weapon with which to destroy the United States. It is no accident that Ahmadinejad is friendly with Venezuela and Turkey is strengthening ties with Brazil. The Jews are building alliances to pit against us so that they can bring down the World. Look to the Jewish playbook, the Old Testament, and it is quite clear that the Jews must destroy us and want a war which brings the World against Israel so that this, their war will ruin planet Earth.

While I believe that Ahmadinejad and Erdogan are serving Jewish interests and care not one whit for Arabs generally, much less the Palestinians specifically, which Jewish interests include destroying the USA, I also believe that the Turkish People and the Iranian People are sincere in their opposition to Israel and Jewish supremacism.

The Jews had ample time to prepare for their attack on the Turks of the Freedom Flotilla and would not have done what they did if they did not know beforehand what the Turkish Government would do. They may also have had operatives, agents provocateur on board the Turkish vessel to provide them with a meager pretext for murder.

The recent oil spill lessens Americans' appetite for domestically produced oil and Europe is at the mercy of Russia and the Middle East for its energy needs. America and Europe are the primary targets of the Jews, who seek desperately to destroy us. The Jews have arranged a situation which promises to cut off the flow of natural gas and oil to Europe and America by one means or another. They want a Middle Eastern and Russian war not only to destroy Muslims and Russians, but also to destroy us; and the Jews are leaving us without a single ally in the region they cannot quickly pit against us by pitting them against Israel and then us against them. That appears to be the chief strategy, to isolate Europe and America from energy and to instigate unnecessary wars which will consume us, and the plan is working well. The Jews are alienating Turkey from NATO by absurdly making NATO the defender of Israel and enemy of Turkey. In the process, they are alienating Europe and America from the Middle East and creating enemies against us in Latin America.

When we fight for the Jews, we are fighting against ourselves, and the Jews have designed things to function in this manner. They hate us more than they hate the Muslims. Muslims are closer to being monotheists than Christians, and it was the Europeans who destroyed the Temple and burned the records of Levitical births.

Israel's strongest ally in the Middle East is taking over the opposition to Israel for a reason, and it appears on the surface that the reason is that the Jews want it that way. Let Erdogan prove otherwise and state that the "Young Turks" were Jews and Freemasons, not Imperial Turks. Let Erdogan prove otherwise and complain to the UN of the Israeli support of the PKK. Let Erdogan prove otherwise by choking off Israel in every way possible. That is what the Turkish People would want, that is what the Palestinian People would want, and the rest of the Arabs as well as the Persians. Let Erdogan use some of his diplomatic finesse to alert the American People to the dangers of the Jewish subversion of our nation.

Perhaps I am being too cynical. World public opinion is weighing heavily against Israel at the moment, but that could change with a false flag attack or energy crisis. However, we must also take into consideration the fact that those Jews who follow Jewish prophecy want the whole World to attack Israel and believe that their messiah will not come until such time as the entire World turns against the Jews. It is certainly true that Erdogan has spoken harshly against Israel, more harshly than our media reports. And Erdogan has reached out to Brazil, Russia and Iran, but let us hope that this is not in preparation for the destruction of the USA.

All signs indicate that the Jews want us dead. The Jews will need forces to achieve their goal of our destruction, and who better to use against us than those who control the spigot on the West's energy supplies, together with our own subverted governments? And who better to use against the Turks, Arabs, Iranians, Russians and Latin Americans, than us? And, now that the Jews are driving a wedge between Turkey and the West, who will the Europeans and Americans be told is their only ally in the Middle East, if not dirty little Israel?

Perhaps, after all their failed provocations, the Jews have concluded that the Arabs and the Persians lack the will to fight the Israelis, that the Americans do not have the stomach to attack another Muslim nation, and that the Turkish People might just have enough manhood left in them to be drawn into a fight. Why the Jews are so sick as to play this game is incomprehensible to me. The last man standing will be standing on the headstone of the human race.

I again assert that our best option is to appeal to the people of the World to defend themselves from the Jewish war on the human race, and to be highly skeptical of the actions of governments, especially those which have a long history of Jewish subversion, as do the Turks and Russians. I wish the Turkish People well. Their fate is my fate. It is the fate of the whole human race.