Saturday, June 26, 2010

History Repeats Itself in Turkey. . . Again: Why the Jews Created the AKP and Are Making a Hero Out of Erdogan

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back in the Ottoman Empire, the Jews had their revolutionaries clamor for a constitution and for constitutional reforms to democratize the Empire. The Jews are stirring up trouble with their PKK in part to afford them an opportunity to create a new constitution for Turkey, which will Balkanize the nation, institute "hate crimes" laws, and which will promote the loss of sovereignty in favor of internationalism which will expand the EU through Turkey to all of North Africa, the Middle East, and probably Central Asia.

The Jews want to shift power in Turkey from the Doenmeh which controls the military, to the AKP or a like front organization, which will appeal to the Arabs and the EU. Do not expect the Doenmeh to lose influence. This is all done for appearances' sake.

In order to place Turkey in the EU, the Jews had to create an upheaval and popularize Erdogan and the AKP in the eyes of Europeans. Israel's brutal assault and murder of (Kurdish martyrs? Kurdish Mossad?) Turks provided the means to achieve this objective. Israel's attacks on Turkey through their PKK front organization provide a further means to change Turkey into a nation the Jews can more easily pitch to Europeans as a "Democracy" worthy of Europe.

The Jews will draft (probably have already drafted) a new Turkish constitution, which will use the pretext of Kurdish rights as a basis for securing Jews freedom from criticism through "hate crime" laws, which will Balkanize Turkey and leave it ripe for civil war at any time the Jews choose to implode or weaken the country in the name of multiculturalism, which will weaken Turkey's military strength in the name of combating military tutelage, and which will eliminate Turkey's sovereignty in favor of EU membership together with open borders to all of North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

This gains the Jews the Turks, the destruction of Europe through immigration and economic drain, the loss of all Arab sovereignty, and the opportunity to ship the Palestinians as refugees into a naive and caring Europe. Playing the role of bad cop is a small and temporary price the Jews were willing to pay in order to achieve the internationalization of all this territory. The Jews played a similar game when they put communist puppets in several Arab nations and had the Jews' Soviet Union attempt to internationalize the region and polarize the World between two camps, both of which the Jews controlled.

In order to provoke the Arabs to surrender their sovereignty to the Turks, who then will hand it over to the Jews, the Jews had to make a hero out of Erdogan, which they have now done.

Thus we see that the AKP and Erdogan are serving Jewish interests by Balkanizing Turkey in the name of democratizing it, and by covering up the role the Jews play with their control of the PKK.

The AKP and Erdogan are serving Jewish interests by prompting the Arab nations to surrender their sovereignty and fate to the Turks, who are controlled by the Jews.

The AKP and Erdogan are serving Jewish interests by negotiating with the Persians to curtail their Uranium enrichment program and by removing Ahmadinejad's and Shia influence from Arab nations.

The AKP and Erdogan are serving Jewish interests by making Turkey an EU friendly country and setting up Europe for a massive invasion of non-Europeans.

The AKP and Erdogan are serving Jewish interests by covering up the Jewish genocide of Armenian Christians and the fact that Ataturk and the Young Turks were corrupt Jews, and by, together with Israel, arming and helping Azerbaijan to war against Armenia.

But I warn you, Turks. I sense a terrible double cross coming. The Jews are manufacturing their mythological "Gog and Magog" out of the fabric of your nation and they will kill every last one of you if given the opportunity. Lay down with these Jewish dogs and you will wake up with fangs in your necks and flies on your corpses.

Note that the Jews created the military tutelage system they will now seek to replace through a new constitution they will draft. Note that the Jews will create a new constitution to "solve" the Kurdish problem they manufactured. Note that the Jews will internationalize Turkey, the Arab world and Central Asia in the name of combating the Jews both inside Turkey and in Israel, which internationalism serves the Jews' desire for World rule.

Not bad for one evening's work murdering Kurds on a Turkish boat in international waters.

Friday, June 25, 2010

It Amazes Me How Israel Shamir Manages to Be So Right About So Much and Still Manages to Be So Wrong in His Final Analyses

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Israel Shamir has recently published an article which echoes many things which I have been saying for years and which agrees with my assessment of more recent events, including the gifts the Jews gave to Russia. Once before, I sharply criticized Mr. Shamir for telling us Ron Paul is our savior, and to his credit, he republished what I had to say. Here is Shamir's more recent statement, which agrees in many ways with what I have said before him:


I like the title aesthetically, but Shamir again is missing the more important points I have elaborated on, while acknowledging, much after me, much of what I have said in the past. I disagree with Shamir's ultimate assessment that Israel and Turkey are really working against each other's interests.

Whereas Shamir deviates from my theories when he claims that the AKP is the product of the EU and is now ironically working against Jewish interests by opposing the military junta in Turkey, I argue that the AKP is a Jewish production meant to finally incorporate Turkey into the EU, that crumbling Jewish Utopia which shows the same decay, moral and vital, that the Jewish Soviet Union exhibited. And what is it that Turkey will bring in its basket to the EU that the Jews so desperately want? All of North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia.

The AKP does not merely want to join the EU. The AKP seeks to create a borderless rim around the African coast of the Mediterranean, as well throughout the Middle East, and probably through Central Asia, though I have not yet seen them make the latter declaration. If successful, this will result in massive immigration into Europe that will destroy it.

As such, Mr. Shamir's saviors, like Ron Paul, are serving thoroughly Jewish interests, in the case of the AKP, the Jewish interest in World Government and the creation of "Gog and Magog" out of Jewish political theory and Jewish political and military theater. This is hardly the first time the Jews have tried to invade and destroy Europe by means of the Turks.

Note also a pattern among covertly Jewish saviors of the Palestinians, from Idi Amin, to Saddam Hussein, to Ahmadinejad (. . . to Erdogan?). They each help Israel to enter into war with the next would be supposed savior of the Palestinians. Amin fell and Hussein rose. Hussein fell and Ahmadinejad rose. Ahmadinejad is about to fall and Erdogan rises. Will Turkey end up in the same crucible? Let us hope not.

Appeasement and Easement Are the Wrong Ways to Defeat the Jewish War on Turkey

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The AKP has adopted a policy of first addressing the PKK problem so that it is then free to return to the problem of the Israeli attack on Turkey with its full resources. This will be a failed policy.

The PKK is a Mossad front organization. The best means to end the covertly Jewish PKK attacks on Turkey is to make the Jews pay a price for the attacks, not to ease up on the Jews while focusing on one sucker on one tentacle of their reach, the PKK.

If it hurts the Jews when they attack Turkey through the PKK, then there will exist a disincentive for such attacks. But when it helps the Jews to attack Turkey through the PKK, at no cost to the Jews themselves, then there is an incentive for the Jews to escalate the attacks.

The Jewish controlled Turkish military has always worked with the Israelis to sponsor the PKK and keep it alive. This helped keep Turkey in turmoil and sponsored the power of the Jewish controlled Turkish military, which effectively ran the country. Why are these enemy agents still in positions of power in the Turkish military? Why isn't Erdogan publicly exposing all of this, which is known to no one better than to him?

As I discussed in a previous article, there are many ways to defeat the PKK, which also hurt the Jews, and which cost the Turkish government little:

Among the Many Ways to Defeat the Jewish Controlled PKK, June 23, 2010

Each time the PKK attacks, Erdogan should personally go on television and deliver a speech identifying the Jews as the force behind the PKK, and exposing the role the Jewish controlled military played in helping the Mossad to murder Turkish citizens and hurt the Kurds with reprisals. Erdogan should embrace family members of the victims and have them call upon the Israelis to stop murdering Turks. This will hurt the Jews, and the attacks will quickly dry up.

Erdogan should not be biding his time to turn up the heat on Israel, but rather should be keeping the Israeli attacks on Turkey in the news and in the public mind, and be building on the gigantic momentum he has to free Muslims from Jewish influence. Instead, Erdogan is focusing on the PKK and Kyrgyzstan, just as the Jews want him to do.

Erdogan should be forcing the Jews to focus on their internal problems so that they are too busy to attack Turkey, rather than allowing the Jews to force him to focus on Turkey's internal problems to the relief of the Jews. For a man as clever as he obviously is, Erdogan is making several amateurish blunders as the leader of Turkey at a time of open warfare.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Stupid Boys Town Mentality and the Death of America and Europe

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Father Flanagan promoted the myth that there are no "bad boys", instead laying the blame for corruption and evil on evil environments. Jews are bad to the core of the apple of their Jewist God's eye, and history is the absolute proof.

Martin Luther eventually opposed the Jews, after a long stint of helping them, by stupidly claiming that they were just plain stubborn and would not accept Christianity. But Luther's Christianity was even more Jewish than the Judaization of Catholicism it would replace.

This rotten branch of the human family of the Jews is inherently bad, as history has proven. It draws all the life out of the human tree, sheds fruit which poison the roots of life, and spreads insects and disease to every other branch of the human family. Contrary to the self-destructive pseudo-idealistic myth, it is truly a "bad boy" in the most negative sense.

There is no changing the Jew, as history has proven over and over again, and segregation only strengthens and concentrates the virus. Have compassion for the victims of Jewry, rather than the ever hostile Jewish enemy.

Is "Whiteism" the Antidote to "Jewism"?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Whites have several qualities which render them vulnerable to the Jews, but which can also be used to defeat the Jews and to promote the interests of the human race. Whites tend to be very conformist, surrender readily to authority, are capable of compassionless violence, seek "moral" justifications, can be persuaded to perform self-destructive actions based upon pseudo-rationales, and tend to be blindly religious. As such, the Whites have established an ancient and verifiable track record of destroying themselves and the human race for the benefit of the Jews, whom the Whites have historically worshiped.

The Jewists are utterly selfish, amoral and are only concerned with self-interest. As such, the Jews have established an ancient and verifiable track record of destroying humanity, focusing upon the Whites, for their own benefit.

Whiteist Whites have proven somewhat resistant to the Jewish parasite, though they have often and predominantly been used to promote Jewist interests, the foremost of which is Jewist segregationism, which coincides with and benefits from, one tiny facet of Whiteist segregationism.

Segregationism must be distinguished from absolute isolationism. The Jewists have always sought to promote the absolute isolationism of individual Whites from one another, but the Whiteists have yet to promote and enforce the absolute isolationism of Jews from one another.

Why, having recognized the Jewist People as an enemy, do Whiteists promote the tribalism of Jewists by insisting upon their segregation, and consequent perpetuation, with each other? If Whiteists truly seek to perpetuate White Europeans, then they must isolate each Jew from every other Jew and prevent the subsequent generations of the enemy Jewists who have pledged themselves to the destruction and extermination of Whites.

Reanimating the Corpse of Humanity

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Biological definitions of "life" which distinguish living organisms from inanimate objects tell us that white Europeans are dead. Advanced living organisms are self-sustaining, procreate, have a will, respond to stimuli, communicate, fight for their survival, defend their young and their societies, solve problems and adapt. White Europeans fail on all counts. The Jews have subverted each of these elements which render us alive.

The recent wave of hope which emerged as a tidal wave when Erdogan criticized Israel reminds us of what it is to actually be alive. We can solve our problems if we acknowledge and face them. We can better our existence and create a peaceful World. We can live and enjoy life. We can secure a future for our children. But we must be alive, in the literal biological sense of the term, to do these things.

It is the nature of a living organism to repel and destroy a parasite. We are not alive if we do not fight back and defeat the Jew. Remaining passive renders us as inanimate as a coffin, as dead as a rock, as lifeless as a ball of wax, as rotten and sour as the bloated corpse of a maggot infested fish washed up on the sand.

But if there is any life left in us, we can reinvigorate humanity and the natural response will be to eliminate the Jews from the healthy organism, though not through segregation of the tribe which has never worked, but rather through isolation of the individuals.

If we are to live, we must awaken our spirit, that will to control our fate and better our lot, our drive to destroy our enemies, which distinguishes the living from the dead, or worse, the inanimate. The Jews have perniciously persuaded us that it is wrong to be alive, that it is immoral to live. They have killed our spirit of life. To regain the spirit of life, we must remove that which kills it.

Among the Many Ways to Defeat the Jewish Controlled PKK

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

For a very long time, the leaders of Turkey covertly sponsored the PKK because it helped the military to rule the country. Turkey is today suffering from this legacy of betrayal in several ways.

The country is weak because the enemies of Turkey view the nation as if its current government, as if Turkey were a political party, and see the vulnerability this creates. The enemies of Turkey believe that they need not defeat the nation as a whole in order to defeat the nation as a whole, but rather must simply defeat the AKP in order to crush all of Turkey from within itself by creating a vacuum at its core.

The nation of Turkey is today viewed as if it were Erdogan and his party and all that is needed to destroy Turkey is to defeat Erdogan and the AKP. This is a severe weakness for a nation and can only be resolved by the nation defining itself not along party lines, but along nationalistic policy lines.

Turkey's intelligentsia, religious leaders and scholars need to join in the fight to save the nation from its enemies. They need to define what it is to be Turkish so that the nation cannot be so easily defeated by merely attacking a given political party and its leadership.

Turkey's intellectuals also have to join in the fight against the Israeli controlled PKK, by defining the struggle not only for the nation as a whole, but also for all Kurds across international lines. Turkey's intellectuals should issue propaganda that defines the ills of the Kurds as divine punishment for siding with the Jews against Islam.

Turkey's intellectuals should explain to the Kurds that the Jews have used the Kurds for a very long time to fight Jewish battles which only hurt the Kurds and the Islamic world.

Turkish scholars should explain to the Kurds that they promote their own interests when they promote the interests of the nations in which they live and that the best means for them to take advantage of the rising wealth of the Middle East is to reap its rewards as members of the nations in which they live.

Turkish minds should persuade the Kurds that Turkey holds the keys to creating a peaceful and stable region in the areas in which the Kurds live, and to increasing their wealth, and to end the incessant and horrific wars in which the Jews place the Kurds.

Turkish thinkers should convince the Kurds of the futility of the Jewish inspired myth of Kurdistan, because by warring against Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq, the Kurds are making enemies of four nations and all of Islam, each of which nations could destroy the Kurds by itself, and against which collectively the Kurds are utterly hopeless; which is why the Jews are prompting the Kurds to destabilize the region, which hurts the Kurds themselves more than anyone else, and which only benefits the Jews.

Monday, June 21, 2010

It Was All Just a Game

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Haaretz has published an interesting article which promotes Erdogan and Obama as the benefactors of the Palestinians and assigns them credit for supposedly "ending" the Jewish siege of Gaza:

Aluf Benn / Turkey can take credit for ending Israel's blockade of Gaza

As before, the Jews will have Mossad agents launch false flag attacks from Gaza on Israel at any point at which the Jews again wish to turn the screws on the Palestinians. A standard method of torture includes periods of relief which render the periods of pain even worse than they would have been if they were constant. The Jews are torturing the Gazan Palestinians.

The tell that the attack on the Turkish vessel of the Freedom Flotilla was part of a game to make a hero out of Erdogan to the Arabs and the Europeans so that the Jews could expand the EU into North Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, is that Obama was also "pressuring" the Jews to let up a bit on the Gazans. But beware, Turks and Arabs, there is double double-cross coming.

Not only will the Jews intensify their attacks on the Gazans down the road, just as they did after pulling out of Gaza, the Jews are also setting up the "Gog and Magog" scenario of their religious myths. That story ends badly for old Gog and Magog. If the globalization efforts are successful, expect turmoil in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia, which the Jews will artificially manufacture so as to provide a pretext for sending "refugees" into Europe who will bring a final end to white Europeans and Europan culture in but a few generations.

Erdogan is being lifted up as part of the Jews' plans, and the Jews always and only do what is good for the Jews. Expect all this to end badly for the rest of us if we do not protect ourselves, but instead are duped into blindly supporting what Erdogan does to other nations (including Turkey) simply because we approve of what he did to Israel.

The Jews have baited a trap and only a fool would blindly bite into it. The hysteria surrounding Erdogan is emotional, not rational; and no one other than myself is questioning his broader agenda, which is alarming.

I suspect the Turks have been promised huge quantities of Arab money, a war which will obliterate the Persians forever and EU membership; and the Arabs have been promised a Palestinian nation, EU membership and a war which will obliterate the Persians for all time. Recall the mantra from the Jews that they have no partners for peace with the Arabs and no one with whom to negotiate. Now they have manufactured that partnership with their centuries old friends, the Turks who now lead the Arabs courtesy of the Jews; but the Jews will again double cross those whom they have led to double cross the Arabs and Europeans, wait and see, or better yet help me prevent what is coming.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tips for Turks and Arabs

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I find it very discouraging that the Turks are employing a Jewish model in their pursuit of otherwise reasonable and productive policies in their international relations. I have always been an advocate of Muslim unity and cooperation to promote peace, stability and prosperity in the Middle East and the World.

However, I have never advocated a Middle Eastern/North African/Central Asian/EU globalization project, which is what the Turks are presently pursuing. Instead, I advocate strong nationalism coupled to international cooperation.

The Turks make several false assumptions to justify their internationalism. For example, the Turks falsely claim that their policy of waving visa requirements for travel has bolstered their tourism industry. I dispute this claim and assert that the Turks are underestimating themselves.

Turks are very hospitable people and Turkey has much to offer the tourist, as the Germans have long known. Turkey's improved relations with Syria and other Arab nations has indeed improved Turkey's tourism industry, but who is to say that the main reason for this improvement is the waiver of visa requirements, and not the more substantial improvements in perception which would likely exist even if the globalization measures had not been implemented?

Internationalism on the EU Jewish model as opposed to aggressive and friendly trade policies on a nationalistic model is doomed to failure for several reasons. Trade done correctly on a nationalist model exploits the natural advantages of each country for the benefit of its citizens because it only occurs when it promotes national interests and to the extent that it promotes national interests.

Internationalism reduces trade to its lowest common denominator, exploitation for the benefit of the richest elements in the scheme. Internationalism always fails to meet regional economic needs in a substantial and sustainable way and instead makes slaves of all but the richest elements of society.

Internationalism on the Jewish model followed by the Turks will fail because it will drag down Europe with immigration and result in a conflict of interest between Turks and Arabs and their own interests. The Turkish/Jewish model will soon result in a clash between Arab oil and Turkish oil interests; and to this equation must be added Russian, Persian and Shia oil. Whose interests will be served when conspiring to manipulate oil prices and monopolize contracts? Surely these different regions have different and conflicting interests which are better resolved based on nationalistic negotiations rather than internationalist exploitation.

There are much better ways for Turkey to push for peace than internationalism. Internationalism is acceptance of defeat without a fight, rather than a resolution to the Jewish attack.

Flashback to a 31 January 2009 Interview of Christopher Jon Bjerknes by Bedros Hajian Regarding Erdogan and Peres