Friday, July 23, 2010

Confessions of the Traitor in the White House

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In an extraordinary breach of presidential protocols, Barack Obama granted a lengthy interview with Israeli media to discuss his traitorous relationship to the, as he put it, "Jewish State". In part one of the interview, Obama openly discusses his concern that Israel faces the demographic possibility that it will no longer be a "Jewish State"–in Obama's view a very bad thing--and Obama irrationally states in the same breath that this potential demographic shift implies that Israel will no longer be a "democracy".

How can a "democracy" be incompatible with demographic changes, and how can a "democracy" be a "Jewish State" which is by design undemocratically committed to preventing equal representation to non-Jews? Why are the demographics of Israel, a supposed democracy, of concern to a mulatto President of the United States, unless he is part Jewish himself and a racist who is opposed to democracy? We are not discussing immigration, but rather the demographic flux of the existing Israeli population through time.

Obama in effect claims that he, as a black American, sides with Israeli Jews because he sympathizes with their struggle to be segregated and to oppress minorities in the "Jewish State". What sense does Obama's stance make for a mulatto American?

After boasting in part 1 that his Chief of Staff is a fanatical Jew, in part 2 of the interview, Obama brags that his top political advisor is a Jew, and openly confesses that, in his opinion, Jews put him in the Senate, a rather odd occurrence in a "democracy" where Jews represent some 2% of the population. And here some were fooled into thinking that blacks put Obama in office.

The traitor declares in part 2 that he believes there is an unbreakable bond between the "Jewish State" and the USA, a clear violation of his oath of office. Will Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich introduce articles of impeachment to remove the traitor Barack Obama from office?

Traitorous Obama pats himself on the back for providing more "security assistance" to Israel than any previous administration, this while America is engaged in wars on Israel's behalf and is running low on resources. Obama gloats that he has made the Israeli campaign to destroy Iran on the pretext that it is developing nuclear weapons his number one foreign policy concern.

Bear in mind that the Jews intend the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the coming attack on Iran, to destroy the United States, as much or more than to destroy those other Goy nations. We are the Jews' primary target in these deliberately debilitating conflicts, just as the Soviet Union was the Jews' primary target in the war they manufactured between the Soviets and Afghanistan.

In part 3, the closet Jew Barack Obama tells of his travels to Jerusalem and the wailing wall before becoming famous and of the fact that likes to place prayers in the relic to his Jewish god.

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