Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Real Reason for QE2 Is to Fund a New War

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Ellen Brown has defended QE2 as a step in the right direction towards debt free money:

QE2: It's the Federal Debt, Stupid!

She maintains that the elections played a role in the Fed's decision, because the rise of the Republicans meant a likely failure of the government to raise sufficient revenue through taxes.

When first I heard of QE2, I, too, felt a mild temptation to believe that perhaps there was some attempt being made to rescue America if only for a brief period. I, too, noticed the campaign to attack Bernanke.

But a little study of the problem has led me to conclude that QE2 is all about funding the next war, probably an attack on Iran. The Fed's decision came one day after the elections:

Read the Fed statement

The timing is not a coincidence. As I predicted long ago would happen if we failed to prevent it, the election has brought several fanatical warmongers into power with strong ties to the Jewish lobby and Christian Zionists. The time is now ripe for an attack on Iran or some other new war for Israel.

Wars require funding. Just before WWI, the Jews created the Federal Reserve to fund the war. Just before WWII, the Jews taught the Nazis how to print money to fund that war. The Jews are now printing money to fund WWIII.

Our military is decaying. Not only are we exhausting our resources, we are failing to fund needed research and development, in favor of waging aggressive war, which leaves us at a terrible disadvantage to Russia and China who fund their militaries and their military research without the burden of funding unnecessary wars. We are falling behind, decades behind, other nations in our research and development of war materials. Money is needed not only to fund existing wars, not only to fund new wars, but also to fund research, development and production of new war materials as our stocks are depleted.

Of course, should inflation develop, the Jews will stab us in the back again by hawking us gold which nowhere exists, and that is why the Jews argue both sides of the coin, in a manner of speaking. But for now, their plans are to use their new puppets in Congress and the States to bring on a war, and this will take funding. There will be a QE4 and 5 and 6 and 7, until the Jews start detonating nuclear bombs around the globe and all is lost.

Jews only print money to make and perpetuate war. War is coming unless we stop it. Hopefully you will do more to help me prevent it than you did to help me prevent the results of the last election, which I told you a year before they happened.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Edgar J. Steele's Wife Appeals for Help

Jamie Kelso, Nov. 11, 2010: Cyndi Steele

Jamie Kelso, Nov. 9, 2010: Cyndi Steele

"Perfidy" and Glenn Beck

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The latest brouhaha Glenn Beck has stirred up over the Holocaust and George Soros reminds me of Rudolf Kastner and Joel Brand. I discussed Kastner and Brand in my book The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein at pages 1043-1045 and 1602-1644. I wonder if Soros is being warned about his appearance in the new film Inside Job directed by Charles Ferguson? Is this all theater? I wonder if Beck is being positioned to lead the Right against the Left, with Jewish bankers controlling both sides? And why is it that we are constantly told that the best policy is to let the banks fail, in effect consolidating them into one monopolized bank? How would that solve our economic problems, and who will own the superbank? Let the banks fail, but we must prosecute the bankers who have crippled our economy, and create a new system that serves us, instead of bankers, if we would survive.

Beck presumes to lecture us in the following videos, but where does Rupert Murdoch fit into Beck's Weltanschauung?

Beck TV: How Much Does George Soros Control?

Day Two: Beck Explains Soros Control Game Plan

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The New Dollar Must Exclude Jews

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Chinese have an absolute incentive to expose the Jewish bankers. Their dollar holdings compel them to do so, but instead the Chinese are attempting to internationalize the Fed, which approach conforms to the Jewish model of an international currency.

Why have the Chinese been so lax in their propaganda? They are masters of espionage and have sapped America of its trade secrets and markets. Why do the Chinese not wage a propaganda war on the Jewish bankers so as to secure their dollar holdings?

It would be easy for the Chinese to produce documentary films and news reports detailing how the Jews are destroying the value of their dollar holdings, and how the Jews are deliberately ruining America. Why don't the Chinese attempt to mold American, and World public opinion?

The Chinese and other Asian nations want American wealth, real American wealth in the form of land and natural resources. The Chinese are in bed with the Jews, as I have been saying for years. The Jews have promised the Asians that they will eventually secure their investment in American dollars with real property, based on the eminent domain and full faith and credit of the government of the United States. We must never let this happen. The Jews and Asians will take everything we have through this form of usury.

The Jews also want to place us on a gold standard and loan us the gold to do so, but there will be no real gold backing the loan. Instead the Jews will issue electronic credits which are not backed by real gold, and the Jews will block specie payments. The Jews will demand that the interest on the gold they supposedly have loaned us be paid in gold we must trade off our real wealth to acquire, and by that real wealth itself. In this way, the Jews will steal all of our precious metals, our lands, our agriculture, our industry, our freedom, our security and our future.

Should the POWER PARTY come to power, we will issue a new dollar backed by our productive capacity, and we will ban Jews from using our new dollar. We will insist that Jews produce for themselves all that they wish to trade for with others. This will prevent the Jews from being middle men and/or capitalists. It will force Jews to produce if they would survive. Barter only for Jews, and Jews may only trade what they themselves have produced and may not trade in the goods others have produced.

Likewise, we will not permit the Chinese and other Asians to use us as if we are slaves on a plantation who must indenture ourselves to them in order to obtain goods and services. The Asians will be paid back largely by the Jews, and that fair portion of what we owe them they will only be able to recover by a tax designed for the purpose on goods they export to America in order to import goods from American producers. We will only permit barter. In this way, the Asians must consume our goods in order to recover debts we owe them.

The POWER PARTY will tax Chinese goods to pay the Chinese the debts we owe them, but the Chinese will only be allowed to trade goods for goods, and will not be permitted to sell us anything until and unless all debts are cleared. Chinese goods sold in the American marketplace will bear a tax to be paid by Americans, which revenue will then be used to purchase American made goods to be transported to the Chinese as payment on the debt. We will only make these payments if the Chinese scale down their military, constrain North Korea and free Taiwan. We will also reassess and reduce the debt based on Chinese and Asian exploitation of our markets and currency.

In this way, we will protect American goods and effectively subsidize them, disincentivize the purchase of Chinese goods, and promote World peace.

We will also cut off the Jews from wealth and capitalism and free ourselves from their grasp. Jews will be forced to trade in their old dollars and all of their property, for a modest means of obtaining sustenance, sort of like what the Jews did to the Russians and other Slavs in the gulags. Jews who attempt to subvert our currency, or who attempt to flee with it or trade in it outside the USA, will be subject to trial in absentia and the issue of death warrants attended by a bounty.

Whether Americans realize it or not, we are fighting for our survival and it is time to start fighting.

Monday, November 08, 2010

The Fable of the Squirrels Who Traded Their Nuts for Gold

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

It was a warm and sunny day. The forest floor was alive with squirrels busily gathering the acorns that rained down upon them from the overstretched arms of the ancient oaks who watched over them as the squirrels took as a small tribute some food for planting the children of the trees.

Pharaoh, the leader of the squirrels, shuffled through the leaves and pressed on the damp dirt to bury his treasure, when suddenly a warty hand fell on his shoulder. An old Jew named Joseph Goldbug introduced himself, "Hello Mr. Squirrel! I am a representative of my poor oppressed people, the Jews. I have come in search of food."

Pharaoh could not help but be a bit surprised, given that the forest was full of food. He was also frightened. He thought the old Jew wanted to eat him.

Pharoah, his voice trembling a bit, said, "Well, you are in luck! The forest is full of acorns." At that very moment a large acorn fell on Pharaoh's head. Pharaoh, thinking he was more clever than the Jew, bit the shell in half and offered the Jew his nut.

The Jew bit into it and spit, "Bluch! Sour! Yuch! How much do you want for all of them?" The old Jew was already calculating the percentage of acorns which would be needed to tan all the squirrel hides he would eventually sell to the rats. Pharaoh was a bit confused. All of them? he wondered.

The old Jew shoved his warty hand into the dirty sack he had been carrying on his back. He took out a clay pot and opened it. His pale, greenish face suddenly turned yellow as the sun.

"You have us at a disadvantage, squirrel. We are poor hungry Jews from Moscow in search of simple food, but the King has forbidden us to gather acorns to eat. I will trade you this gold coin for all the acorns in the forest. With it, you can buy new coats to keep you warm in the winter, I just happen to have some in my bag. . ." but before he could finish his sentence, Pharaoh interrupted him.

"We need acorns for winter. Without them we will starve." Joseph held back his grin and wrapped his arm around Pharaoh's shoulders and whispered into his ear so that the other squirrels could not hear what he said. "Listen, I can see that you are a wise leader for your people. I'll make you a deal, since I am so desperate. I will trade you one coin for all the acorns and give it to you in front of the other squirrels, but I will give you the whole pot of coins in secret. When winter comes, you trade them to the other animals for food. The birds will carry fresh berries to you to trade for your gold, and you will eat better than even the bears. Your people will congratulate you on your wise dealings with the Jews, whom you cheat you little squirrel. . . but I like you. So here is the gold, now bring me every nut in the forest and we will trade."

Pharoah looked at the gold. He loved to eat berries, and acorns are, after all, sour and dry. "Alright, Jew. I will command my people to gather up every one of their nuts and bring them to you."

The old Jew whined in pain and pulled from his crumbling sleeve a piece of stained parchment. "Sign here," he said. The squirrel took a lead pencil from the old Jew, and signed away his future with a joyful smile, convinced he had outwitted the old Jew. The old Jew then slipped him the pot of gold which they hid from the other squirrels.

The squirrels all worked very hard and gathered up every last nut. As fate would have it, a gentle snow began to fall as the wise old squirrel exchanged ten full wagons of acorns for one small pot of gold. The old Jew shivered and blew on his warty hands, "Oh, such cold!" He then dropped the old sack off his back and took out a bunch of small, musty coats he had traded to the rats on promise of one small bucket of acorns. Joseph draped one of the coats over his arm and said, "Examine the material, such quality! It helped the rats survive the coldest winter! I will trade them to you for two thirds of the gold."

Pharaoh felt a cold wind burn his ears as they caught the offer of the old Jew. Being a wise negotiator, Pharaoh offered the Jew one third of the coins, but the Jew demanded that they meet in the middle and took one half. Pharaoh rushed to bury the rest so that he could save them and trade them for berries and silks.

The next day the squirrels gathered on the forest floor. The coats were infested with lice and ticks that carried typhus and lyme disease. The squirrels were cold, hungry and sick. They offered the birds their gold coin, but the old Jew had made a deal with the birds to not give the squirrels any food in exchange for all the warm nests the squirrels had built. The squirrels offered the bears their gold for a small bit of honey, but the Jews had made a deal with the bears not to give the squirrels any honey in exchange for all the squirrel meat the bears could eat in one day.

The squirrels stood huddled together for warmth and began to cry. The old Jew hobbled along, but this time he had no bag on his shoulders. He had come to collect.

"Hello, my good friends, squirrels! Good day to you!" he said. Pharaoh came forward, eager to claim his moment of glory.

"Hello to you, old Jew! Good that you came. I have gold! Have you food and medicine?" The old Jew sneered, "What, in this age of universal sickness and starvation you would take from my people their very food and medicine? Thief! Murderer! What do you offer?"

Pharoah was a bit confused, but then thought the old Jew was merely acting so as to make it appear that Pharaoh was still wiser and cleverer than even an old Jew! Oh, he thought, these Jews are so good to me!

"Old Jew, I have something more precious to you than medicine or food. I have a pot. . . er uh, half a pot of gold!" cried out Pharaoh, triumphantly. The other squirrels gasped in amazement. But the old Jew just scoffed at the leader of the squirrels.

"My people cannot eat gold! Gold will not cure them!" he cried out.

"Aha, but with gold you can pay for doctors and trade for food!" said Pharaoh, certain he could convince the old Jew to trade back the acorns for the gold. The old Jew spit and snarled at the squirrels.

"Doctors we have! Food we have, we traded a few acorns, so scarce in the market these days, to the deer for many wagons full of apples, oh how they cheated us, which apples the badgers made into preserves for us for a few acorns more, those theiving little bastards, uh badgers. Here, look here, the gold is already ours, we only lent it to you at interest, that interest being the acorns you gave us in consideration for holding the gold for us until winter so as to give you wretched little squirrels a higher status among the beasts of the forest, if only for a little while. Take a look at the contract you yourself signed of your own free will. Why you insisted that we Jews take your sour acorns in consideration for loaning you our precious gold." Pharaoh was crushed. He fell on his knees and groveled before the old Jew.

"Old Jew, you have been good to us before. For our sour nuts you gave us gold. I will not tell you where I have buried it unless you are good to us again and give us back half the acorns we gave you in exchange for what is left of the gold you gave us. Return us at least to half of what we were before you came. Half of us will die, but at least some of our children will live. Is that not fair?" Pharaoh pleaded.

The old Jew cried out in pain, "Fair! You talk of fair! I will give you one jar of applesauce if you bring me the gold at once! I had to trade more than a sixteenth of one of my precious acorns for it." The old Jew took from his pocket a small, cracked jar of applesauce that was green and black with mold.

The squirrels called out to their leader, "Take it and let our children divide it!" Pharaoh ran to get the gold, so worthless it could only buy a spoonful of mold and rot. "Here, Jew, you have back your gold, now let us live."

The old Jew snatched up the pot and opened it. His face glowed yellow, like Hell.

He dropped the cracked jar of spoiled applesauce in the dirt, and Pharaoh dived down to lap it up. The applesauce was poisoned. He died even as he ate it. The other squirrels all died as well. The birds rented the nests, which the squirrels had built, from the Jews and lived in the trees the Jews' owned. The bears ate the diseased corpses of the squirrels and traded their caves to the Jews for medicine and the promise of deer meat. The old Jew went to greet the leader of the deer, who was certain he could outsmart the old Jew.

So ends the tragic fable of the squirrels who traded their nuts for gold.

The moral of the story for America today, is that we already have all the wealth we need, and more. We need only labor a bit to make use of it.

The Jews have us in debts we need not pay them. They will offer to loan us gold with which to pay them interest, loans secured with everything of real value we have. The Jews will take all that we have, including our lands and natural resources, as payment on the loan of the gold, together with the gold that never really was, but which we must trade internationally to acquire for the Jews. Then we will die amidst all the abundance we have as our birthright in America if only we claim it and make the Jews pay us for what they have stolen from us.

Goldbug Spray: 'LEGAL TENDER CASES', JUILLIARD v. GREENMAN, 110 U.S. 421 (3 MARCH 1884)

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews don't want you to know that the US Supreme Court long ago recognized the sovereign right of the US Government to issue notes as legal tender, even in times of peace. The following case settled the issue:


See also:

Argument for the Defendant in Error

Now that the Jews have their puppet Pauls in power, the new political dynasty of Goldbugs, this case will become increasingly important to counter their Jewish manufactured lies.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Rand Paul Vindicates My Accusations that His Father Ron Paul Is a Loyal Zionist

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

In the following video, Rand Paul insists that his father is a loyal Zionist based upon Ron Paul's record. Rand Paul points out, just as I did more than 2 years ago, that Ron Paul wants to cut off aid to what he considers to be "Israel's enemies", the Arabs, and that Ron Paul refused to condemn Israel for illegally bombing Iraq's nuclear facilities. Rand Paul stated, as proof of his father's fidelity to Israel, exactly reiterating what I said almost three years ago:

"The interesting thing about it is, is that actually my father has been in favor of defunding Israel's enemies, and not giving foreign aid to Israel's enemies. He's also been in favor of. . . and this has been some years ago, but there was an attack where Israel attacked a nuclear reactor in Iraq many years ago and he was one of the very few who voted not to condemn Israel in that."Rand Paul, 55 seconds into the following video: Kentucky U.S. Senate Candidate Rand Paul on Israel

Clearly, the poisoned apple did not fall far from the poisoned tree.

I raised these points almost three years ago and was aggressively attacked by some fanatical American Ron Paul supporters, many of whom claim to be "anti-Zionists", for stating that which Ron Paul's own son would later state with obsequious pride. On 11 January 2008, I published the following article:

Ron Paul's Radical Zionism Comes Out in the Debate, January 11, 2008

Ron Paul has again made it crystal clear that he is a Zionist. In fact, Ron Paul boasts that he was the only one to defend Israel when Israel illegally bombed Iraq in the below YouTube video @ 6:30 min. Is Ron Paul looking forward to an Israeli attack on Iran?

Ron Paul again stated that his policy of cutting off aid to Israel will benefit Israel because he will also cut off all Arabs, whom he defines in the broadest terms as if enemies of Israel. Paul does not state that Israel has proven itself to be the enemy of Arab nations. Ron Paul wants to benefit Israel by letting them do as they please to the Palestinians, Lebanese, Iranians, etc. and hopes that by cutting off aid to Arabs, whom he credits with receiving three times the aid which Israel receives, he will empower Israel to dominate the Arab nations. These are but a few of the Zionist policies for which Ron Paul stands:

Ron Paul at the South Carolina Debate 1-10-08

In the following article and related video clip, Zionist Wolf Blitzer encourages Ron Paul to do a little damage control and affords him the opportunity to do so:

Ron Paul '90s newsletters rant against blacks, gays

It is interesting to note that Ron Paul's mentor, "Ayn Rand" born Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum, was also a radical Zionist. She considered the Arabs to be inferior human beings to the Jews of Israel.

On 18 January 2008, I published the following article:

The Pro-Paul Sophistry of Israel Shamir, January 18, 2008

An Israeli Jew named Israel Shamir is telling us to vote for Ron Paul:

Supporting Ron Paul

Shamir admits that Paul is NOT an anti-Zionist, but does not acknowledge the demonstrable fact that Ron Paul is an extreme Zionist, a Zionist so extreme that he praised Israel for illegally bombing Iraq. Israel, Shamir that is, tells us not to bother our poor little American heads with the facts which prove that Ron Paul is working against our anti-Zionist interests and Paul is telling us NOT to discuss "911 truth". According to Israel Shamir our primary concern is to prevent war and defang the USA.

Is Israel Shamir oblivious to the fact that we are headed towards war with Iran as a result of Zionist warmongering, and that the only means to combat Zionist warmongering is to confront it and thereby defang the Zionists who are leading us into war with Iran? America is not the problem. Zionist Jews, Israel and Israel's treacherous fifth column and fourth estate in America are the problem. Why is Shamir scapegoating Americans for Zionist Jewry's attacks on Islam and the rest of humanity, including Jews?

How is Ron Paul, an avowed Zionist himself and a member of Israel's fifth column, going to prevent war with Iran when Paul will not challenge the Zionist warmongers, but instead praises and encourages their aggression? How is Ron Paul going to end Jewish false flag terrorism, when Paul enables it by blaming Moslems for Jewish acts of terror and war against the United States?

Israel, the Jewish State that is, is preparing to attack Iran and the US will inevitably be dragged into this conflict by Zionist Jews and their agents. Even if Ron Paul were an anti-Zionist, and he is not, as President, Paul would be obliged by the Constitution to wage any war the Congress would declare. Shamir does NOT advise us to attempt to persuade Ron Paul of the error of his ways, but rather asks us to ignore our interests and favor Ron Paul who opposes anti-Zionists and "911 truthers", and instead favors Israel and Zionism.

If we want to prevent a war with Iran, then we have to stop the Zionist Jews who are deliberately forcing us into war with Iran. Ron Paul not only will not take this necessary step, he attacks any and all who do take this necessary step. If we want to defend ourselves from Jewish false flag terrorism, then we need to expose previous acts of Jewish false flag terrorism. Ron Paul will not only not take this necessary step, he attacks any and all who do take this necessary step.

In the first chapter of my book, The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein, on pages 32-88, I proved that Zionist Jews have often made the nations weary of war and then offer supposed solutions for war, which were detrimental to the nations, but would allegedly bring peace. Jewry knows that it is always easier to make a deal favorable to itself if the other party is desperate to make the deal. World Jewry makes us weary of war and then offers up their solutions which will allegedly bring peace, but at some horrible price, be it the loss of national sovereignty, loss of territory, or Jewish led revolution which nihilistically destroys government. Then World Jewry again deliberately brings us into war.

The Jewish "Ron Paul Revolution" is no exception. After Jewry has deliberately made us weary of war and brought us to the brink of economic collapse, the Zionists have left us on the two horns of a dilemma which they have created, either vote for their warmongers, or vote for their goldmonger who promises a revolution which will destroy America. Ron Paul has openly advocated an Israeli attack on Iran, which he must know will result in a war between the US and Iran. So their goldmonger is also a warmonger in disguise.

The Ron Paul pushers want us to submit to the ruin of the American Federal Government, and the adoption of the Gold Standard, which would bring famine and ruin to the World. The Ron Paul pushers want us to turn a blind eye to Ron Paul's Zionism and refusal to challenge Jewish false flag terrorism; because, so they allege, this will empower Ron Paul to put an end to Israeli aggression. If it weren't so deadly serious, the farce of their sophistry would be laughable.

If we want to end Jewish aggression against humanity, then we must fight back against those Jews who are committing aggression against us. Scapegoating Americans in general for this Jewish led aggression only enables the Zionist warmongers and will bring about more Jewish manufactured war. The "Ron Paul Revolution" is a Zionist front. It is not a solution to war. The solution to war is to directly confront World Jewry, which Ron Paul has pledged NOT to do.

The Banana Republic of America

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Several voices in the Jewish controlled "alternative media" are conditioning us to believe that a military coup will rescue us from our Israeli subverted government. At the same time, the Jews in control of our monetary policies are planning to turn the US dollar into soviet toilet paper: crude, nearly valueless, and yet hard to come by.

Therein lies the makings of The Banana Republic of America. A military takeover of the United States of America would produce global chaos. It would serve the Jews on many levels.

For a very long time now, the Jews have been coopting the US military and have filled its highest ranks with their agents. A military coup would immediately produce a Jewish dictatorship.

Military minds are trained to make war, dominate, kill and destroy property. A military takeover of the United States would end the American experiment in human freedom and herald a darker age than befell humankind when the ancient world fell. Citizenship would immediately become slavery.

With all the vast resources at their disposal, these same voices, which are conditioning us to demand for ourselves a military takeover which will enslave us, never propose a viable political movement, which would challenge the Jews directly. Instead, they push clowns like Ron Paul, then tell us politics is not the answer, then tell us to trust in military tyrants to save us from those who gave those same persons their positions of power in the military.

Things look horribly bleak. The Jews have their men preaching to us that we must either accept slavery in a military dictatorship, let the absolutely corrupt rich rule over us in a "Libertarian" government, instigate a Bolshevik revolution that will make the Jews our absolute masters, or turn against ourselves and segregate into racial zones forever at war with one another. Each a recipe for our demise, deceptively packaged and presented to us as if a solution to the Jewish problem.

Beware these messengers of the Jews who refuse to organize Americans into a real force opposed to the Jewish war on our nation, but instead demand that we place our fate into others corrupt hands. They are the Trotsky's, the Hitler's, the Mao's and the Pol Pot's of The Banana Republic of America the Jews have planned for us.