Friday, November 19, 2010

An Exemplar of Christian Conduct? On Louis Turner's Lies, Libels, Name Calling, and Ad Hominem Attack

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I recently wrote about the relentless smear campaigns waged against me, all of which are based upon lies and misrepresentations. In that article, I focused on the Libertarians' defamations, which accused me, a "part-Jew", of baselessly bashing Hitler as a Zionist, "part-Jew" and agent of the Jews, and of opposing all of the programs of the NSDAP including those which were beneficial to society.

I do not recall ever having stated that Hitler was a "part-Jew" in the genetic sense, though I have pointed out that others have stated that he was or was likely to have been partially Jewish. I have pointed out that Hitler likely held Jewish religious beliefs and cited his selective vegetarianism as an indiction. I have called Hitler a monster, a Zionist and a paid agent of the Jews and have proven each of these claims with irrefutable and verifiable factual evidence.

I have also stated that the Jews taught the Nazis methods of improving German society, because Jewry needed to bolster Germany in order to make it a force of terrible destruction which would weaken the World leaving it ripe for Bolshevik takeover and the formation of a Jewish State in Palestine. Though the Jews' intentions were ultimately pernicious, programs which are beneficial to society remain so no matter who has advocated or engineered them and we should study, adapt and adopt methods which are beneficial to society, including even those proposed and/or adopted by the NSDAP. So much for the lies of the Libertarians. Now on to Louis Turner's lies, libels, name calling and ad hominem attacks.

Louis Turner lies and claims that I "adore Hitler", when in fact I have done much to discredit Hitler, having publicly proven that Hitler was a warmonger, a Gentile slayer, a Bolshevist, a Zionist and a paid agent of the Jews. I have repeatedly and publicly expressed my contempt for Hitler. I have also stated that some of the measures proposed, and in some instances taken, by the NSDAP, which benefit society, and often humanity at large, should be studied and where appropriate adapted and adopted. This does not render me a "Hitler lover", but rather quite the contrary, it shows that I have a deep love of the human race.

The Jews had to build up Germany to make it a sufficiently potent battering ram to accomplish their evil ends of horrific destruction. We can build up America without making it a war machine slaying Gentiles.

Though I am partially of Jewish descent, Louis libels me and calls me a "full-blown Aryan" as if a part of and spokesman for the "Aryan Brotherhood" criminal syndicate, which I most certainly am NOT! Louis dishonestly stated,

"How would YOU react if YOU promoted a persons work for YEARS then suddenly discover that they did an about-face and praised the Aryan Brotherhood? [***] Now Mr. Bjerknes has a blog called Jewish Racism. You read that right. Jewish Racism. Go ahead and click on the link. Christopher Jon Bjerknes is a full-blown Aryan that just adores Hitler and Barbara Aho doesn't even warn her readers about it! She PROMOTES IT! You see, most people do not click on links for one reason or another and I imagine that the JBS and all the Ron Paul worshippers are cheering in the stands right about now."

Turner's accusations are false and libelous. In my opinion the Aryan Brotherhood is infested with Federal agents, serves the purposes of the Jews and would destroy my beloved America with its self destructive and hateful philosophies. I condemn the Aryan Brotherhood in the strongest possible terms! I am opposed to racism, though I do not wish to see Whites, Blacks or Browns disappear from the human family tree because I love and admire the various branches of the human family tree and would like to see them preserved in future generations.

Louis claims that the fans of Ron Paul are likely rejoicing at my critiques of the man, but Louis' odd speculations are demonstrably false, having been disproven by the ongoing Libertarian smear campaign against me as a "Hitler basher". If Ron Paul's advocates who attack me believe that associations with Hitler tend to discredit an individual, then why are they attacking me as a "Hitler basher" and associating themselves with Hitler? It is odd and telling that Louis acts like a stereotypical sophistical and aggressive Jew, while concurrently presenting himself as if an exemplar of Christian conduct.

Louis accuses me of being a "socialist", which I am not as I would define the term. I have no desire to see business run by the State. Let Louis grow up a bit and act like a Christian is obliged to act. Let him define what he means by "socialist" and I will be happy to answer his assertions based on his definitions, with the facts. But as things stands he has stated nothing of substance and is instead spreading defamatory lies, name calling and iterating ad hominem fallacies.

And so the smear campaigns against me for pointing out the facts about Ron Paul and the Libertarians continue, though from an opposite and equally false front.

See what Louis vociferously attacks:

Note that I have not vetted each and every claim made in the immediately above article and speak only for myself.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cannibalism as a Means to Eternal Life in Judaism and Christianity

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews believe they can obtain eternal life through the Abrahamic covenant of circumcision. When performing circumcision, the mohel sucks blood from the infant child's penis and mixes it with wine which the Jews drink. Jews are strictly forbidden to drink the blood of animals because they believe that the blood carries with it the soul and that drinking animal blood turns the human being into an animal.

The Jews drink their own blood to obtain eternal life, believing that they are themselves god and that by drinking their own blood they obtain eternal life. This is outlined in the Babylonian Talmud in the Tractate Shabbath folio 133. For the Jew, the infant's penis is the Tree of Life.

For the Christian, Jesus' blood and flesh bring eternal life, because by consuming them, the Christian consumes god and becomes god. This is a Jewish doctrine. Christ on the cross is the Tree of Life, and his suffering and sacrifice on the cross brings redemption and eternal life. The Jews believe it is their suffering which brings redemption, and therefore mock Christ and the cross.

Jews sacrificed their first born and Christians sacrifice god's firstborn, Jesus, as sacrifices for redemption. Some see in this a reason why the Jews want us to worship the Holocaust over Christ as if the redemptive sacrifice of god, the Jewish People, for the salvation of man.

Jews promote abortion to destroy Gentile life and also to slay the logos come creation before it fully develops into a human being. Gnostic Christians, who were Jews and who practiced an early form of Cabalah, used to abort a fetus and grind it up and eat it so as to eat the logos. All of these acts are meant to be a reenactment of the temptation of Eve in the garden of eden, whereby the Serpent wins out and humans do eat of the tree of eternal life. The Tree of Life is ultimately human flesh and the Jews believe that by murdering and cannibalistically consuming humanity they become eternal.

Many Christians believe that by genociding the human race they will be "raptured" and hasten the second coming of Christ. It is an entirely irrational and sick Jewish system of thought whereby life is supposedly achieved by death.

How and Why the Jews Hate and Want to Destroy Christianity and the Cross

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

David Duke has long pondered the Jewish hatred of, and intended destruction of, Christianity. Duke also delves into Freudian psychology as a source and expression of this Jewish hatred. However, Duke does not address, and perhaps does know of or understand the religious basis of this hatred from the Jewish perspective.

The Jews view the Jewish People as the World's salvation. The Jews see themselves as the Serpent and as the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil of the Garden of Eden.

Christians view Christ as the Tree of Life and Jews as the Serpent, the children and synagogue of Satan. The Jews despise the Gospel of John, because it sets forth the propositions that Jesus on the cross is the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good of Evil (John 3:14-15), that Jews are distinct from Christians and are not keepers of the covenant, and that Jesus is the fruit of redemption and salvation and that in order to obtain eternal life one must consume his flesh and drink his blood so as to bite of the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Genesis 2; 3).

Jews have always maintained that it is through their suffering and their suffering alone that redemption can be achieved and only Jews can obtain redemption. Jews believe that they are the Serpent tempting mankind with the knowledge of good and evil and that they are god, eternal life.

Jews worship themselves as the Serpent through circumcision, which bite into the forbidden fruit unviels the Serpent (as a snake sheds its skin), for Jews the phallic image is one of both the Tree of Everything depicted by the Sephirot and the Serpent and the penis as the font of life, one being the source, the id, the other being the ego, the root and the drive to obtain it, and the last being the superego above all. This is why Jews are fond of the image of a snake wrapped about a tree, which symbolizes the Serpent in the garden. For the Jews, Christians are pretenders to the id, the ego and the superego, which Goyim contain the Jews who would otherwise be free.

Moses is a symbol of the Serpent as the bringer of redemption and eternal life (Exodus 4:2-4. Numbers 21:8). Just as the Jews destroyed this image of the Tree of Life, they are compelled to destroy images of Christ on the Cross (II Kings 18:4).

Jews, as in the case of medical and pharmalogical symbols of the Staff of Asklepius and and the Karykeion of Hermes, understand themselves to be the Serpent messengering death and spreading knowledge of evil. This is why Jews perpetually attempt to corrupt Gentiles with pornography, decadent art, and other demoralizing imagery. They see themselves as the Serpent in the garden of the naive, corrupting and killing the best of the Goyim just as the Serpent poisoned the seed of the Goyim by tempting, and copulating with, Eve.

The Jews want to use the drives of the individual as a weapon with which to destroy the conscience of the individual, and on a societal level want to destroy the Christian Church as the conscience of the people while concurrently providing the temptation towards, and materials of, evil so as to bring death to the Goyim. Though this has the appearance of a secular exercise in subversion, it is instead a religious exercise, the "Jewish mission".

I will have more to say on this subject as time permits.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Suggestion for President Ahmadinejad

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

I suggest that President Ahmadinejad host a scholarly conference devoted to questions of the connections between President Obama and the Jews, specifically the Jewish bankers. There should be a live feed of this conference, and a journal of proceedings should be published on the internet as well as a journal of papers devoted to the same subjects.

Look into the Senate race which thrust Obama into the national limelight, as I have done, and expose the players from Goldman Sachs in that race as well as in the Presidential race and among the members of government. Look into the Jews who groomed and promoted Obama into the White House.

Explore how the Jewish bankers stole trillions upon trillions of dollars from the American People and the World. Shine a spotlight on this issue, as you have done on the Holocaust. See my videos:

Obama and the Bankers

Obama and the Bankers: Part 2

The topics discussed should also include the Jewish bankers' "color" revolutions, which subject will surely be of interest to Iranians.

Helen Thomas Speaks Out Against Israeli Aggression

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Helen Thomas, who is an Arab (her parents emigrated from Lebanon), speaks out against Jewish aggression in Palestine:

Helen Thomas on Her Resignation and Middle East

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Preventing War: An Art, Science, Or?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Since 2005, I have been publicly warning that the Jews are planning to wage aggressive war on the sovereign nation of Iran. Others were warning of this before me. When I began my campaign to expose this crime, many thought I was confusing Iran with Iraq.

Today, all understand.

So what am I, a US citizen, a parent, a human being, what am I to do to prevent this crime, which may result in the destruction of my nation, my family and perhaps the entire human race? As a citizen, my options are limited to the political process and the judicial process. I have long explored both options, but am constrained by the cowardice and mass insanity of my fellow citizens, but I am not deterred from pursuing my obligations and duties as an individual.

I have created the philosophical and practical groundwork of a political party which would prevent the coming catastrophe, at least in the form the Jews currently have planned. I have also made this party flexible enough to address coming contingencies, and unforseen dangers, and avoid anything else the Jews will do to destroy.

I have produced educational materials informing people as to the ways and means by which the Jews have corrupted our government so as to deliberately destroy our nation and instigate a third horrific world war. I have devoted a large portion of my time and other resources to forwarding this one man campaign of self defense for the human race.

In response, the Jews have waged smear campaign after smear campaign against me, each based on lies and deliberate misrepresentations. The Jews have plagiarized my work, and used their networks and funds to try to steal my thunder and redirect my message into ways which demoralize and confuse Americans, rather than inspire and educate them, which is what my work accomplishes.

The latest Jewish smear campaign is meant to attack me for pointing out that Hitler was an agent of the Jews, who brought death and destruction to the World, and who created the conditions for the spread of Communism through Europe and America, and the formation of the Jewish State in Palestine. These Jews lie and claim that I have denounced the productive accomplishments and methods the Nazis employed to make Germany a nation strong enough to compete militarily with the alliance, but the truth is that I have always stated that we should study and adopt that which is beneficial to us regardless of the source of those ideas. I suspect these Jewish propagandists would find it impossible to quote me directly and demonstrate a single instance where I have forwarded ideas in conflict with the productive actions taken to better Germany and Europe in the 1930's and 1940's.

But these Jewish liars do not concern themselves with truth. Their paid job is to smear me with lies, so as to confuse and demoralize you and prevent you from joining me in a peaceful political solution to the Jewish plan to provoke America into war with Iran.

My job as a citizen is to continue to tell the truth and substantiate my claims with verifiable facts. Your job as a citizen is the same, to become politically active and study the methods the Jews use to misdirect you into becoming their servant, and/or render you demoralized and irrelevant.

I am also obligated as a citizen to pursue the matter in the courts. We ought to sue the war mongers and/or banking thieves. But this requires resources I, as an individual, do not possess. However, I do possess the valuable knowledge and research talents to render the likelihood of success of such an approach. I cannot do all of these things alone, but I am obliged to pursue them, even if I must do so alone. I will not go gently into that goodnight and there is always hope that my message and work will catch on at any time, which is why the Jews, often under pseudonyms, relentlessly attack me with proven lies.

What else can I do to prevent the coming war? Surely I must do more. I have exposed Ahmadinejad and the leadership of Iran as crypto-Jews. I have exposed the gangrene revolution in Iran as a Jewish subversion intended to weaken Iran prior to an attack. But I can do little to prevent Iran's leaders from assisting the Jews in demonizing Iran in American public opinion, and I can do little but offer suggestions as to how the Iranians could better expose the Jews, which I have repeatedly done, again much to the chagrin of the Jews who try to smear me so as to confuse and demoralize you.

As an individual, I have done all I can to expose the Israelis and their bloodlust. I think I have done a very good job of that, having set forth their religious, political and racist agenda with unmatched clarity and force. My arguments go unchallenged, though a few liars have put words in my mouth which I never spoke in order to create strawmen of their manufacture, not mine, to knock down as if triumphantly.

Despite these repeated assaults, my reputation and my work stand unrefuted and perhaps unimpeachable by those who limit themselves to the truth.

I have done much to delay the coming attack on Iran. In fact, I have delayed it beyond any time limits I had a right to expect. But I have not yet succeeded in permanently halting it. Perhaps just a handful more people doing what I have done could achieve this needed result. But those who pretend to do so today are mostly helping the Jews to use you to put more warmongers into power.

I do not have power at present to silence Jewish propagandists and I depend on you to sort out for yourself what is true and what is not, and what will accomplish the desired goal of the destruction of Jewish power and the ascension of a political philosophy and force that benefits the human race, rather than destroy it. Thus far, you are failing yourselves, your families, your nation and the human race, not so much because you fail to see the truth in what I am telling you, but rather because you fail to act on it and defend it. I have seen that the Jews' smear campaigns against me have all backfired on them, and for that I thank you.

Science produces technology and art depends upon material support, and the science and art of preventing war are no different. We need to build networks and fund organizations that achieve the ends we must accomplish. Expect the Jews to lie and use every underhanded means to subvert this process. Toughen yourselves and join the fight.

I don't find Pascal's wager a compelling religious argument, but a political variation of it makes sense to me. If we fight we may be beaten down, or we may win our freedom and our future, and by fighting we maintain our honor and our humanity. If we cower, we will certainly lose everything, and have already surrendered our honor and our humanity to Jewry.

We must address this issue of scientifically and artistically preventing war and arrive at a solution. There is no other option which will benefit us. But you must do more, much, much more. Don't waste too much of your time quibbling with the liars who attack me. I would rather you spent your time more productively attacking the top centers of Jewish power, rather than fight in the internet streets with the rabid dogs they sic on me.

We don't need to forever revisit WWII and be distracted perpetually with arguments over whether Jews are Khazars or aliens or snakes, or whether or not Hitler was working for the Jews. We know who the enemy is and it stands naked before us today, relentlessly attacking us. We need only fight it back directly and without hesitation. Don't waste too much time fighting the dogs. Take on the leaders of Jewry at the highest level by becoming politically and judicially active. And lose your fear of the Jews so you can regain your tongue.

One of the reasons why the Jews who pretend to be opposed to Jewry want to distract us with arguments about Hitler is because people around the World are losing their fear of being called "anti-Semites". The Jews must face this reality and are responding by promoting Zionism in the Nazi form of segregating Jews and shipping them to Palestine. Furthermore, the Jews want to scare fellow Jews into fleeing to Israel. The Jews also want to promote the myth that a military junta, a dictatorship, is the solution to the Jewish problem, so that the Jews can strip us of our liberty in the name of freeing us. See the Jewish bankers' attack dogs for what they are, Bolshevik Jews who lie and smear and try to control your thinking in ways in which they can provoke you to destroy yourselves the way Hitler destroyed Europe leading it into a split against itself in WWII, then the Cold War and now the Bolshevist EU. One clear tell is the fact that these agents of the Jews dress themselves in gold and silver, they are Goldbergs and Silbermans.

Now that the Jews are losing their ability to intimidate us into silence with the bogus charge of "anti-Semitism", they are focusing more heavily than ever before on seeking to provoke us into discrediting ourselves by doning the Hakenkreuz, and they desperately seek to demoralize you and render you impotent, in part by attacking leaders such as myself, leaders who have demonstrably crippled Jewry on several fronts. Watch for them. You can recognize them by the fact that they are liars, they love gold and silver, they love Hitler who gave them Palestine, and they are always defeatists who try to demoralize you when you genuinely organize to oppose the Jews, but are also opportunists who encourage you to support controlled opposition to the Jews, like the Paul's, the "Objectivists" and the "Libertarians". They despise me for exposing the Paul's, The Libertarians, the Goldbugs and Aaron Russo, and they will continue to attack me with lies, currently believing their best method of attack is to get us distracted over arguments about Hitler's ultimate motives, because they worry much about my exposure of their Libertarian agenda and their funding by the gold cartel of Jews.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Anti-Americanism in the "Alternative Media"

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The "Alternative Media" is largely a Jewish controlled affair with intimate ties to the Jewish gold cartel. Their agenda is clear. They want to make "patriots" despise America and admire Communist China and Russia. They want us to hate our government, strike and ruin ourselves so as to ripen conditions for a Bolshevik revolution in America.

Many of the most popular and outspoken voices in the Jewish controlled "Alternative Media" gleefully report on the demise of our nation and glowingly and cheerfully report on the ascension of Communist China and Russia as competitors who will overtake and destroy us. They try to justify their attacks on America, and their obvious campaign to demoralize Americans, by arguing that the ruin of America hurts "Zionism". The truth is that the ruin of America is the fulfilment of Zionism and Judaism. All nations save Judah must perish for Jewish messianic prophecy to be fulfilled.

America is a child of Europe and the Jews hate Europeans. The Jewish "saint" Albert Einstein stated,

"I get most joy from the emergence of the Jewish state in Palestine. It does seem to me that our kinfolk really are more sympathetic (at least less brutal) than these horrid Europeans. Perhaps things can only improve if only the Chinese are left, who refer to all Europeans with the collective noun 'bandits.'"--Letter from A. Einstein to P. Ehrenfest of 22 March 1919, English translation by A. Hentschel, The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 9, Document 10, Princeton University Press, (2004), pp. 9-10, at 10.

As I stated many times in the past over the course of decades, the Chinese are engaged in espionage with the assistance of Jews and the two parties are working together to ruin America and make China a new haven for Jewish criminality. For decades, I have been warning that Chinese foreign exchange students and others are spies stealing our trade and other secrets. Jews are the same.

This is why the Jewish "Alternative Media" lauds China and decries America. Their goal is to demoralize and destroy us with self loathing.

As I have been telling people for decades, the Chinese view "China" as the "center" of the universe, and believe that the Chinese have absolute cultural supremacy over all others, especially blacks and "ghost men". Among the Chinese, the Cantonese are especially racist. The Jews are beginning to heavily promote this Chinese sense of self and of national unity as the Jews concurrently and concomitantly destroy Europeans' sense of self and nationhood.

When examining the methods and objectives of the Jewish "Alternative Media", I am reminded of the George Soros model for "revolution" and subversion. The Jews and their agents try to convince you that all hope is lost, that all government is bad, and that you must bring America down in order to save it. This is their propaganda of demoralization of the "patriot community".

In reality, government is our best hope of saving America. But it must be American government, not Jewish government. In order to institute American government we must know ourselves and clear the false and hateful image of ourselves from our heads, which the Jews are incessantly trying to instill in us. We must ignore their defeatism and reject their call to destroy ourselves. Instead we must recognize the glory of our nature and nation and destroy Jewish power, including that of the Jewish "Alternative Media".

We have to focus on American interests, not Chinese or Russian interests. We have to celebrate our heritage, not degrade it on the false premise that Americanism is Judaism. America is suffering from a tick, and the tick's advice to us is to kill ourselves so that the tick will have to find a new host. I would rather remove the tick and squash it, while bolstering ourselves and our interests. We should not burn down our barn in order to chase off the rats.

Americans are innovative and independent people and always have been. The Jews are trying to redefine us as if feeble and hopelessly lost low lifes in need of restoration to a glory period which never was when Jewish gold and Jewish robber barons ruled our lives. Alternatively, the Jews would have us destroy everything we cherish because we deserve to die, in their view. They try to convince us that we are weak and that there is no hope for us.

We can create a full recovery in five years, and in ten years we can improve the American lifestyle to standards never before dreamt of. But we must believe in ourselves and be ourselves, not as the Jews define us, but as we intrinsically are.

Consider that the Jews have convinced a large percentage of European Americans that they are instead the children of a Jewish god who aims to ruin the World but will pluck them up into heaven if they help the Jews commit genocide against the whole human race. Now examine the results of this evil false conception of self, perpetual war, poverty, pollution, disease and decay. Think what would instead proceed from an honest appraisal that Europeans are magnificent human beings, born of Europe, loving nature, celebrating life, defending country and kin, and worshiping gods who serve them and their interests, believing in philosophies and histories which celebrate, rather than denigrate, Europeans.

Such a people would not fight wars which benefit their enemies. Such a people would not poison itself into infertility and genetic degeneration. Such a people would prosper and work collectively to forward its own interests. But this is not what the Jews promote to Christian Zionists.

And do you who follow the Jewish "Alternative Media" believe yourselves to be wiser, less under Jewish influence, and on a truer path than Christian Zionists? If so, you are even more deluded than they.

The Jews have you believing that gold is your savior, that you cannot speak the word Jew, and that you are such incompetent beings that you cannot even ever manage to organize politically to combat the Jew. The Jews control your minds and your actions as surely and as much to your detriment as the Jews control the minds of the Christian Zionists.

Returning to the Soros model of subversion, consider that one of the favorite themes of the "Alternative Media" is the vote fraud issue. Now consider the color revolutions, most recently the green movement in Iran. Allegations of vote fraud play a major role in these Jewish subversions. I suspect Ron Paul is being set up to create a premise for "revolution" based on allegations of vote fraud, just as Mir Hossein Mousavi was set up as a premise for "revolution" based on allegations of vote fraud.

Don't misunderstand me, vote fraud is a relevant and important issue, but it will be misused to work against you if you let it. There is a much more important issue than voting machines.

The worst voter fraud we face is the dearth of credible and viable candidates willing and able to fight back against Jewry. And the "Alternative Media's" approach to this is two-fold, control the candidates and limit them to Jewish puppets like the Paul's; and impart a defeatist attitude towards all others.

The Soros model calls for a substitute government and the Jews have this in the form of effective anarchy under the Libertarians, which would quickly transfer to absolute dictatorship in the ensuing vacuum of leadership it would of necessity produce.

The Soros model also promotes domination of the "Alternative Media". The majority of the leaders of this media are gold mongering Libertarians–think Aaron Russo, for example. These Jews lead you down the garden path, telling you what to believe and what not to believe, right up to the slaughterhouse door. Recall that Russo planned to promote strikes and other methods of self destruction as if solutions to "fascism", and who but Jews is obsessed with the word "fascism" as a straw man with which to implement fascism? Note also that Russo promoted anti-government sentiments so as to weaken all resistence to Jewish subversion of government, while consistently pointing his finger away from Jewry. Russo tried to set the stage for the destabalization of America, and tried to create a self hatred among Americans, in the name of "American patriotism".

The Jews also insist that we focus on money and money alone, while they demoralize us with self destructive philosophies. When the Jews provoke us to confront China, for example, they tend to focus on monetary issues, leaving unaddressed the fact that China is outpacing Europeans on the population issue, which is far more important an issue in the long term, with monetary issues being a subset of that more important issue. The Jewish "Alternative Media" also downplays environmental and human rights issues with regards to China, though they purport to be lovers of freedom and life. Instead they want you to empower them to empower China and the Jews to ruin the environment and universally strip human beings of freedom as if the cool and righteous thing for true "patriots" to do.

Mark my words, the "Patriot Movement", as presently constituted of Jews and agents of the Jews, is setting us up for a Soros style "color revolution" that will result in demonstrations, cries of voter fraud and possibly a violent revolution, all meant to turn Americans against American government in support of anarchy and rule by the rich. Let me predict the colors, it will be "White" versus "Black" and "Brown".

A better path to pursue is to glorify America and insist upon American government, not Jewish government, American economics and monetary policy, not Jewish economics and monetary policy. We must declare that Jewish is un-American, and set about strengthening America and American government, not weakening them.

If you are willing to fight the Jews, then run for office so that the voters are not defrauded by having no choice but to vote for Jewish government. If you are willing to fight the Jews, then fund American candidates against Jewish candidates and work hard to see them elected. If you are willing to fight the Jews, then support American ideals, not Jewish ideals.

Above all, love your nation and your family and fight for them! Do not stand idly by while Jews calling themselves "patriots" denigrate you, your nation, your churches, your beliefs, your European, African, South American or Asian heritage, but instead stand proud and defend yourself and your culture.

Where are the Europeans standing up for Iceland, Ireland, Greece or Germany? Ironically, the European Union has Europeans uniformly hating and denigrating Europeans, not unified to preserve and protect uniquely European cultures, ethnicities and peoples. A true European Union would be one which protected Ireland and Iceland from Jewish Bolshevism, one which restricted immigration in Sweden so that Swedes would recognize their descendants one hundred years from today as Swedes.

There used to be strong Irish American support for Irish opposed to British subversion. But where is the Irish American support for Irish opposed to Jewish Bolshevism in the form of the EU? Where do you find the "Alternative Media" organizing such support, rather than merely whining and complaining that all is lost and we are best off surrendering and dying?

Where do you find the Jewish "Alternative Media" ever organizing anything beneficial to America? Yet they are masters of fund raising and organization when it comes to promoting the interests of the Jewish gold cartel.

Now that we know this, the onus is upon us to take our own fate into our own hands and quit merely whining and start acting. We must organize. We must run for office. We must finance political campaigns and propaganda. If we merely complain about the Jewish control of the "Alternative Media", but do nothing constructive to seize power for ourselves and our children, we are playing into the Jews' hands and removing ourselves yet another degree of separation from obtaining our own power.

I need your help to implement my plans for the POWER PARTY. If you object to one point or the other, then propose a superior alternative and demonstrate why you believe my proposals are in error, but do something! For all our sake, do something constructive!