Friday, December 10, 2010

Ron Paul Is the Sen. Aldrich of the 21st Century: Why Should We Voluntarily Collateralize Our Unsecured Debt?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Back in May of 2007, I revealed the fact that Ron Paul is slated to be the Sen. Aldrich of the 21st Century and will give the bankers exactly what they want, while pretending to be opposed to the bankers. I disclosed the fact that Ron Paul is controlled opposition to the bankers. My predictions have come true, as Paul will chair the monetary policy subcommittee overseeing the Federal Reserve. Is anyone so naive as to believe that Paul would be given this task if he were not an agent of the bankers?

The Jews are deliberately destroying the Fed so that they can replace it with a new monetary system of their design. The Jews have deliberately stolen trillions of dollars from the American taxpayer and the Jews now want to secure this theft, which they call a loan, with collateral in the form of gold.

In order to go on a gold standard, we will have to place all of our gold, public and private, into circulation and give it up as specie payments which the Jews will then horde and send to Israel. We will immediately lose every bit of real gold we have to foreigners. We will also have to borrow gold from these same Jews, gold which nowhere exists other than in the form of fictional electronic gold credits. In this way, the Jews will steal all the gold in America by tricking us into collateralizing the dollar with gold at a fixed rate of exchange, when we have no need to do so and will only lose by doing so.

We could instead tell the Jews, and their puppets, the Asians, to go to hell, or we could monetize the debt; and start off fresh with a new system of greenbacks. The Jews are destroying the dollar as the reserve currency of the World, so we would lose nothing by telling the Jews and the Asians that we will not oblige their usury.

If we instead turn paper into gold, all of it will go directly into Jewish and Asian reserves, never to return to America, and our debts will increase exponentially and rapidly as we are forced to borrow gold credits to maintain a currency. Without a currency we cannot function as a national economy, and if we go on a gold standard, we must have gold or the illusion of gold to have a currency. We will be forced to borrow this illusory gold as the Jews and Asians will demand specie payments on our unpayable debts and that gold will be melted down and shipped overseas as fast as it can be collected.

But we have no need to go on a gold standard. We can instead bankrupt the Jews and the Asians and build our own economy all at once by controlling the production and distribution of our currency at the Federal level, and by fighting a war against the Jews. If you personally owed the Jews 14 trillion paper dollars, would you borrow 100 trillion dollars of fictional gold from the Jews to collateralize the already unsecured debt, and hand over all the real gold in America in the form of specie payments to the Jews, all when there is absolutely no need to do so?

And the theft of our gold is only the beginning. The Jews will demand collateral on the fictional gold credits they loan us so that we can pretend to have a gold standard currency. The Jews will collateralize this debt with all our personal and public property, including all of our lands. Then the Jews will ensure that our economy fails by contracting our money supply, so that they can immediately foreclose on the loan and take all we have. And old Ron and his ilk will be there in the government pretending to be patriots and helping the Jews to steal all we have until nothing is left in our possession.

Why should we give up our gold and borrow more gold to collateralize an unsecured debt in paper dollars we could easily control? Why should we borrow fictional gold to create currency when we can instead create that same currency debt free? Why should we borrow fictional gold we must collateralize with all our assets knowing that the Jews will soon steal all those assets and will immediately confiscate the real gold we have as specie payments?

Why am I the only one explaining these irrefutable facts to you?

Thursday, December 09, 2010

If You Cross This Line, We Fight! Or Do We?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

One of the reasons why Jews so heavily promote miscegenation is that the Jews believe that "race mixing" destroys human beings' survival instincts. One of the reasons why Jews so heavily promote "multiculturalism" is that the Jews believe that "diversity" reduces the majority to the least common denominator of its minority parts.

The natural world provides us with important instincts which enabled our ancestors to survive. We naturally define and mark our territory, distrust and fight off foreigners, demand the best food and shelter and will fight for them, etc. We become uncomfortable when others come to close to us, and especially when they touch us without permission. We don't like others telling us what to do, or humiliating us. We look to the strong, sane and honest to rule us, always with a preference for ruling ourselves. These instincts make us survival prone and improve the strength of our stock.

The Jews, who want to murder each and every one of us, are trying to destroy our natural instincts, so that we offer no resistance as they kill us. The Jews invite in an illegal invasion of our territory. They steal our personal property and land through usury, corporate capitalism and a corrupted educational system. They demand that we submit to a humiliating and illegal police State and do all they can to prevent us from defending ourselves, as they deliberately protect criminals. They chastize us if we identify ourselves by our historical origins and degrade them and us. Etc. Etc. Etc.

If Americans each held land that they owned outright, things would be different. We would have a much stronger sense of loyalty to our nation and to each other. We would be freer to enjoy our lives without being rent slaves. We would have an incentive to maintain and improve land. History proves that as land ownership transfers from personal human ownership by citizens or tribal members, to corporate and State ownership by hostile aliens, the land and the human being suffer. The Jews crossed this line and took from us our land, but we did not fight.

The Jews opened up our borders to foreigners, taking from us our sense of unity and sovereignty. We have clearly defined and marked borders, which today are a mere mockery. The Jews crossed this line and took from us our sovereignty and again we did not fight.

The Jews punish us if we "take the law into our own hands" and exact personal justice for ourselves. The Jews demand that we submit to a perverse police presence which degrades and humiliates us. The Jews crossed this line, and we did not fight.

The Jews took from us our homes and force parents to abandon their children in order to provide the means of life. America has overabundant resources which can easily feed and house our population with a minimum of labor, yet our own government has stood in the way of achieving this most basic individual prerogative in order to enable the usurers to work their heinous craft of enslaving us for life. The Jews crossed this line, stripping us of our humanity and human survival instincts, and again we did not fight.

The Jews poison our genes with toxins, corrupted food, and radiation, and we do not fight. The Jews poison our minds with self hatred and the hatred of others, and we do not fight. The Jews constantly cross all of these lines and trample upon our basic human survival instincts, and we do not fight.

Nature is cruel to those who do not obey her laws. She erases them from existence. Nature favors those who obey her laws by obeying their own instincts. We had better become human, and fast, or we will soon cease to exist.

Place Jewry on the scales of justice and weigh some 15-20 million inbred genocidal Jews against the billions of human beings, and it is easy to reckon what must be done. All that is needed is for us to obey our inner voice without the noise of Jewish whining inhibiting us from listening to ourselves.

Push back as the Jews close in on your soul. Defend yourself and your territory. The Jews have crossed the line over and over again. You must fight for your humanity, or lose it.

It amazes me that most all humans will combat forces which attack us in non-human form. We heat our homes and cook our food. The Jews pretend to be human as they set about exterminating the human race. If you will put an umbrella over your head to shelter yourself from the rain, will you not defend yourself from the aggressive Jew who is murdering you?

Alas, this is where the Jewish subversion of our rights of self defense in favor of a police State have crippled us. We look to and trust in a hostile and abstract police force to accomplish what we can better accomplish for ourselves. But there are no police we can call to save us from the Jews. We must become our own force. There will be no justice or survival if we do not regain our human instincts and act for ourselves, rather than become domesticated and unnatural cross bred slaves.

You see, the Jews are deliberately mixing you with others in hopes of taking away your instincts to fight, just as we have domesticated and enslaved many types of animals through cross breeding and selective breeding, the Jews are trying to domesticate and enslave us by encouraging the breeding of stupid and otherwise inferior types of persons to the exclusion of the breeding of intelligent, strong and productive human beings. Instead of youthful, healthy, honest and sane leadership, the Jews corrupt us with rule by the weak, old, mad and murderously deceitful. Instead of providing wealth to healthy, honest and productive families, the Jews concentrate it in the hands of the perversely cruel, selfish and disloyal.

We are all suffering for allowing the Jews to cross the line over our natural instincts. We must not only fight harder against the Jews, but also face the inert mass of our domesticated, dehumanized and castrated fellow citizens. And yes, the Jews are castrating our men with toxins and radiation, and are castrating our minds by undermining our natural survival instincts with insane and self destructive religions and corrupted educational and media institutions.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

AM I NOT SHOUTING LOUD ENOUGH FOR YOU TO HEAR?!? I Publicly Warned Four Years Ago that Arab Leaders Are Allies of the Israelis Against Iran!

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The latest Wikileaks "revelations" came as no surprise to me or my longtime readers. Though the World, and especially the "alternative" media are pretending to shock when told that Arab leaders were trying to pressure America into attacking Iran, I expressly warned the World four years ago that this was occurring and told you who was behind it. I told you over and over again that the Jews were arming the Arabs, especially the Sunni, to attack the Shia. I told you of this even before I quoted the Israelis' Horse's [mouth]:

"We must turn to Hillary Clinton and other potential presidential candidates in the Democratic Party so that they publicly support immediate action by Bush against Iran. We should also approach European countries so that they support American actions in Iran, so that Bush will not be isolated in the international arena again. We must clandestinely cooperate with Saudi Arabia so that it also persuades the US to strike Iran."—Brigadier General (Res.) Oded Tira, Former IDF Chief Artillery Officer, "What to do with Iran?",,7340,L-3346275,00.html, (30 December 2006).

I told you just what was happening in the following articles, among many others, and you did nothing to spread the word:

Jewish Power Is Inciting Genocide Against Iranians and Committing Genocide Against the Palestinians, December 17, 2006

A Lever Long Enough to Move the World and a Fulcrum Upon Which to Set It, December 18, 2006

The Apparent Enemy of Your Enemy Is Not Always Your Friend, August 17, 2006

Leadership and Common Cause, November 25, 2006

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The Deadly Lack of Lebanese Leadership, August 10, 2006

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Lebanese Led into a Trap, November 24, 2006

Where Is the International Aid? December 08, 2006

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A Warning About the "Gold Is Money", Ron Paul Revolution, Give Obama a Chance Crowd, November 09, 2008

Profiting from the Suffering of the Palestinians and Iraqis: Promoting a War Between Moslems and Middle Easterners, January 16, 2007

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The Israeli Subversion of American Politics: Americans and Arabs, as Always, Mere Pawns of the "Jewish State", April 04, 2007

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Why Israel Is Attacking Gaza: The Israeli Orchestrated Imminent Revolutions in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon, January 04, 2009

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Making the Most of Jewish Propaganda, Part 2: How Much Royal Rump-Armor Can 1 Billion Dollars Buy? January 19, 2009

Where Will the World's Oil Come From When the Jews Pit the Saudis, Egyptians, Jordanians, Lebanese and Americans Against the Iranians and Syrians? January 21, 2009

Why Israel Is Attacking Gaza: The Israeli Orchestrated Imminent Revolutions in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon, Part 4: The Iranian Scapegoat, January 28, 2009

Hosni Mubarak Admits that He Is an Ally of the Israelis and Scapegoats Iran-Friendly Arabs for Illegal Israeli Aggression, February 04, 2009

The Staged Conflict Between Peres and Erdogan: Jews Pit Erdogan Against Ahmadinejad as if Rival "Saviors" of the Palestinians, February 03, 2009

As I Predicted Years Ago, Israel Is Offering the Arabs a Deal So that They Will Allow an Israeli Attack on Iran, July 16, 2009

Now that the record is clear, let me also state that I have been warning for years that Iranian and Turkish leaders are also in bed with the Jews against the Muslims; in fact many of them are Jews, and they are helping the Jews to gin up wars. As I have been saying for years, the Jews are setting up the Turks to take the place of the Iranians as the new "bad guys" and covert allies of the Jews, after the Jews have annihilated Iran with nuclear bombs; and yes, I was warning you five years ago that the Jews were planning to attack Iran with nuclear bombs, and you failed to help me spread the word about that, as well.


Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The National Debt and Gold, Part 2

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Imagine if you will, that Chaimy Goldusurer wants to steal your house. His cousin, Shlomo Goldthief is the local assessor and overvalues your house by one thousand fold, placing you in tax debts you cannot pay.

Chaimy, the king of Jewtown, then arbitrarily declares that gold is money and you must pay your taxes in gold. You are forced to hand over every last shaving of gold in your possession to Chaimy, but even that is not good nor gold enough. Not only must you pay Chaimy more gold, but if you want to buy food and obtain a salary for your work, you and your fellow citizens must borrow gold credits (not real gold) from Jerusalem Goldscum, an agent of Israel, which now holds all the gold in the World in its reserves in the Temple the Jews just built on site shortly after demolishing the Dome of the Rock.

Goldscum comes a knocking on your door the next day and wants you to pay him the interest on this loan in real gold. You cannot do so, not only because you are in debts you have no means to pay, but also because there is no real gold left in all of Jewtown.

Goldscum drags you before king Goldusurer and he demands that you give over title to your house, which your family has owned outright since 1776, to Goldscum and the Jewish State. Not only that, but every time you come to possess anything of value, you, and after you all of your descendants, must hand it over to the Jews as payment of interest on the interest accruing taxes of the house which remains a debt to you even though you no longer own the house, nor reside in it.

By the way, your name is Uncle Sam, and you have just been formally introduced to the Jew, a vampire that crawled out of Ur some 2,500 years ago and which has sucked the blood out of every nation on Earth since. You were naive enough to let him in and now will become the living dead for blessing him with all your life's blood. Such is the eternal curse of blessing the genocidal Jew.

The National Debt and Gold

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews are deliberately increasing our debts while concurrently diminishing our ability to pay those debts. It is their ancient usurious trick to steal everything of value from our nation.

Our debt as a nation is only secured by the full faith and credit of our subverted government, which could renege on that debt, or monetize it with ease, freeing us from the yoke of debt slavery. That is not what the Jews want to have happen. Instead, the Jews want to put us on a gold standard, so that they can immediately confiscate all privately held gold, and so that they can immediately claim all gold held by the government in payment of the national debt, or by simply demanding specie payments on the immense sums of cash which the Jews have stolen from our treasury.

If we go on a gold standard, the Jews will immediately take all the gold in our nation and ship it overseas. We will then be left without any currency and remaining and increasing debts. In order to pay these debts and create currency, we will be forced to surrender our land and other property and to borrow electronic gold credits from the Jews, which will not be backed by real gold.

The moment this takes place, the Jews will own everything we have, having paid us nothing for it, having done no work to produce what is ours, and having shed no blood to acquire our territory. Going on the gold standard is about the stupidest thing a nation in deep debt could do, because the doo doo will only get deeper, and fast, as the gold of the nation flows away to Jerusalem.

How can we pay off the debts we already have in gold and maintain a gold currency? There is not enough gold in existence to manage this feat, unless we make gold infinitely valuable in crippling deflation as a currency, giving the Jews who hold most of it the ability to take all of our gold, then buy or foreclose on all we have with micrograms of the stuff, or none of it, but an illusion in computer code.

We have the force, the military strength, to tell the Jews to go to hell. We do not have to give them any of our property or land, let alone all of it. They have done nothing to deserve it. We should instead make it illegal for Jews to own property and confiscate all that they have in their possession.

We have to regain our instincts as living organisms and cease to depend on mental fictions the Jews have created to guide us into the grave. We have our physical might, our brain power and our numbers. We can crush these ticks in a matter of days.

It is only a Jewish illusion that we must pay them anything, let alone allow them to demand gold from us for what they have stolen from us. Stop believing the illusion that you owe the usurer anything, and the Jew is nothing but a sick rat caught under a thick wire trying to steal your golden cheese.

There is no possible way for us to pay our national debt in gold and maintain a gold currency. Going on the gold standard will enable the Jews to immediately confiscate all of our gold and send it overseas, never to return. We will then be forced to borrow electronic "gold" credits at interest and the Jews will demand specie payments in return (real gold in exchange for dollars), which we will not be able to make given the fact that there will be no real gold left in our borders. The Jews will then steal all we have, including our land, in exchange for more electronic credit which will only further enslave us.

We have no need to live under this Jewish usury system. We vastly outnumber the Jews and have the force we need to remove them from our lives. We can hold millions of them prisoner in our borders and aim our nuclear arsenal at the rest. We can send our military to eradicate the bankers and their wealth and free ourselves of this lethal threat for all time.

What we absolutely must not do is base our unpayable national debt on any real asset, let alone gold. To do so only gives the Jews the incentive to completely destroy our economy so that they can foreclose on the entire nation.

A civilized man does not allow any other man to steal his wealth and destroy his family and nation. A civilized man fights to protect himself, his family and his nation. Splash some cold water on your cowardly face and fight back!

Monday, December 06, 2010

The Precious Nature of Land

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews so value land, that they call the territory they want to steal from its indigenous peoples in the Middle East, "holy"; and the Jews desire to absolutely segregate it, such that no Gentile can even enter its borders, let alone own land. Everywhere else, the Jews promote internationalism.

The Jews are tricky buggers. They even promote internationalism in the form of "Libertarianism" and "Objectivism", which effectively declare that the individual is his or her own sovereign, and that all territory is available on the international market. In this way, the Jews would have you defend with your life land which is owned by international Jews in London and Tel Aviv, and sell off your nation on the auction block with no regard whatsoever for national sovereignty, unless it's Jewish sovereignty over your fate. In effect, the "Liberatarian" becomes a subject of a global State, and must suffer the worst the World has to offer as his own fate, and submit to a World-wide tyranny whose tentacles embrace everything and whose beak drains dry all life.

Conversely, though to the same effect, the Jews promote the Communist mythology that all property belongs to the Jewish controlled State. Communism is likewise international and encourages "permanent revolution", meaning perpetual war to acquire more land and property for the Jews, while murdering and impoverishing the Goyim.

The Jews own your land through usury and make you rent slaves who manage property they own, again taking from you your sovereign right to own land. But have you ever asked yourself why you are asked to defend land with your life, none of which ultimately belongs to you? The Jews even have you fighting and dying to claim land for internationalism in foreign territory, as part of their "permanent revolution" to wrest from humanity all sovereignty and rights.

Are we Americans so stupid that we cannot figure out a way for each family to have its own bit of land, to own it outright and to manage it for personal benefit? Are we so dumb that we cannot fathom the importance of ensuring that all land in America is American? Why should you defend territory which is owned by fictions, which corporations exist only to gain immunity from responsibility, and/or by foreigners, and why should you tolerate the incursion onto our soil of foreign and corporate ownership of land? How much land abroad does the average American own? In what natural sense does a fiction designed to abrogate duties have the rights of ownership?

The laws of nature are clear, and provide no basis for the Jewish usurpation of our territory. Though the Jews would have us reduce ourselves to the lowest common denominator of humanity and give up everything we have to an international marketplace in which the Jews rule through the power of the purse, a most unnatural set of circumstances where the weak dominate, it is our natural right to strengthen ourselves and better ourselves in our own interests.

The laws of nature compel us to fight with our minds and with force to take back what the Jews have stolen from us. The laws of nature provide us with the rewards of our strength and the immense value of our territory, which we took by force, and which we have the natural right to enjoy for our benefit.

Our land offers us all we need to prosper. We gain nothing by internationalizing our land for the benefit of the obscenely rich, so that they can also exploit other nations and ultimately globalize all, reducing the surface of the Earth to dust. In fact, we lose our middle class when we allow the grossly rich and the fictions to take land abroad. We make the richer even richer and lose our political power to them. And we lose our own sovereignty by inviting in foreigners and fictions to steal our land and exploit it without regard for our future. We lose both ways and only internationalists profit.

We have the right and the duty to fence ourselves in from the poverty and misery the Jews have brought to much of the rest of the World. To do otherwise is utterly stupid and violates the most fundamental principles of survival. We have the right and the duty to fight off competitors and enemies, and to preserve ourselves.

We bear no obligation to contract leprosy in order to make the World a fairer place for all. Our onus is instead to make ourselves healthy.

Internationalism is a losing tradeoff on every front for Americans in general. Why would we ever want to trade down? Do we have so little faith in our own abilities that we would give over what is ours to the vultures who circle our shores in hopes of bettering ourselves by joining in the misery of lesser nations?

The laws of nature do not compel us to open our gates to any and all. Instead, natural law will kill us off in short order if we refuse to defend ourselves, and instead sing the praises of our enemies and welcome them into our home.

Even a dog has enough natural sense to grind a tick in its teeth and rid itself of a parasite. Nature can only save us if we obey its laws and fight for our survival, in no small part by defending and improving our territory.

The Jews do everything they can to remove us as far as possible from our natures, which protect us. Internationalism runs contrary to every human instinct. Do we want billions of hostile foreigners voting to govern our fate? Have we no self respect or love for our own kind. . . enter the Jewish lies that we have no kind of our own.

It is often the unkind that proves the kind. Travel abroad, and you will discover the unkind. Look at Jewry and you will discover the unkind. Ours is a better kind and we will do better still when Jewish influence is destroyed, and with it, internationalism.

No people other than the Jewish people promotes global internationalism. Internationalism is a Jewish disease, and the only cure is to remove Jewry from public life.

No people instinctively degrades itself and sacrifices its own interests as a deliberate act of national suicide. It is only the Jews who deliberately invade every nation in order to turn every nation against itself. National suicide is a Jewish psychosis, and the only cure is to remove Jews from public life.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Would You Cut Your Own Throat to Cure Strep?

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The following propaganda video asks you to help destroy the American dollar, and with it the World economy, in the name of combating Ben Bernanke. The video presents several fallacies in order to persuade us to destroy ourselves and the World economy in the fallacious name of hurting the interests of Ben Bernanke:

Contrary to the false premise of the video that Ben Bernanke is attempting to prop up the value of the American dollar by covertly naked shorting silver, Bernanke is himself deliberately destroying the value of the American dollar through several means. Anyone out to expose Bernanke ought to be exposing this fact. Those who want to benefit Americans, should be advocating methods of rescuing the dollar, in which Americans hold their savings and upon which Americans and the World economy depend, rather than advocating the destruction of the dollar in the bogus name of fighting Ben Bernanke, who is himself destroying the dollar.

Obviously, the primary objective of this video is to sell you silver. It is a commercial, which effectively asks Americans to cut their own throat in the name of curing a strep throat infection. Those American dollars which the video wants you to hate and hand over to silver mongers, are your dollars, your economy and your future, which you will destroy if you help destroy the dollar. Note that the silver mongers are quite happy to exchange their silver bars for your dollars.

Our primary goal is to save ourselves, not burn down our barn in order to chase off the rats inside. We will not save America by creating a silver bubble, just as we did not save ourselves by participating in the housing bubble. If the Chinese are indeed participating in a scheme to ruin the dollar and recover their dollar losses with silver, then they must be part of a scheme to destroy the dollar, which is an act of war against the USA. Why would any American view this attack as a good thing? If you want Bernanke out, then get him out and do so in a way that benefits America and the World, not in a way which openly aims to destroy the World economy.

Would you sponsor a video which asks us to arm the Chinese with nuclear weapons so that they can nuke us all and thereby destroy those who are subverting us, and offers as bait some stock in the nuclear arms business which will rise in value if you help to make it more valuable? Why is Max Keiser promoting this attack on America through our currency, and why is he so prominently featured on a Russian television network?

Note that I am not trying to encourage or discourage anyone from investing in any commodity. How you invest your money is your own business.

We should not be helping the silver mongers to create a silver bubble. We should be helping ourselves by building our nation with sound and sustainable monetary policies. We should be promoting constructive, not destructive, measures.

By the way, are those Hebrew letters featured on the software used to make these videos?

I am beginning to wonder about the Russian psychological war being waged on the "patriot movement" and its ties to the gold and silver cartel. Why are so many featured in anti-American, pro-Chinese and pro-Russian, Russian television propaganda? Didn't David Duke have a Russian girlfriend? What is going on?

Why is the "patriot movement" trying to make it cool to hate America? Why are they promoting China and Russia? All of this reminds me of the Jewish subversives during the Vietnam war who used it, a war the Jews manufactured and perpetuated, as a means to promote anti-Americanism. Why would American "patriots" cheer the demise of America and the rise of China and Russia?

We should not gargle acid to cure strep, nor should we move about in the night to ward off Jewish vampires. We should instead release their fangs from our throat and celebrate, rather than denigrate, ourselves. We should seek to bolster our economy, not destroy it.

Why am I the only person speaking out against this anti-American propaganda? Where is our Federal government? If these immensely wealthy Jewish controlled banking and financial institutions were really being attacked by these propagandists, why would they not wage a counter offensive? Surely they have incentive, and the finances and the means at their disposal to do so.

Instead, it appears that I am the only voice promoting American interests against those who are attacking us in this way. The rest are siding up against us, or were working against us from the beginning.