Saturday, January 01, 2011

I Have Been Warning About This for Decades

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If you watch the following video interview of George Soros, you will hear him state that which you have heard first from me many years ago:

George Soros Interviewed

Now consider what China as the new America will signify for humanity as the World erodes under the complete control an international gold standard will afford the Jews. Consider first the mayhem the Jews have committed with a mere couple hundred million Americans for cannon fodder and factory work. Now consider the damage the Jews can do to humanity with billions of Chinese under their yoke and absolute control over the economy of every nation on Earth. And who do you think the Jews will attack with their new Chinese attack dogs? The US!

The Chinese have not been breaking their backs in sweatshops for nothing. The Jews have promised the Chinese all of the Americas, including the US. Just as the Jews stole their loving neighbors' gold when the Jews left Egypt, they desire to steal our gold as they leave the US.

I have given everyone many years' notice of the precise plans of the Jews. When will you start to act on it?

Their primary plan for you is to kill you. Does that give you no motivation to save yourself? Do you still think this is a game where you can bitch and whine on the internet, but do nothing of any consequence, and continue to survive?

I am afraid things are about to become very much worse for you and us all. Will you do nothing until the bulldozer dumps dirt over your cowardly corpse?

Pay Close Attention to What and Who the Jews Define as Heroic and Our Heroes

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Examine ancient religions and cultures and you will observe that most normal human beings defined their heroes as those who saved the nation from its enemies, foreign and domestic; especially those who performed superhuman deeds of self sacrifice. The hero was often intelligent, strong and clever. Most of all, the hero was loyal to his people.

The Jews use defamation and hero worship to control us. The Jews tend to define our heroes as champions of abstractions, not peoples or other real things, even when the Jews try to coopt real heroes for their own Jewish purposes. Jewish heroes champion Jewish abstractions and concepts and only champion nations and peoples when doing so merely supports Jewish notions.

Christians worship a Jew and find him heroic not because he championed their people or was loyal to their group, but rather because he championed ideals, Jewish ideals which are self destructive and easily obtained by anyone who merely claims, "I believe!"

Communist Hollywood Jews gave us the "working class hero", who is a supposed hero not because he defends the people or accomplishes great things as an individual which better our world in general, but rather because it is easy for the least amongst us to aspire to this mediocrity, or submediocrity, and because this supposed hero is anti-intellectual and anti-bourgeoisie reducing the Goyim to perpetual peasantry, and further because this individual is easily manipulated to conform to what the Jews define as the best goals of society and does not depend on logic or scientific methods. The heroes the Jews give us so that we can seek to emulate them, destroy us. They attack other nations not to defend America, but rather to spread Jewish ideals and accomplish Jewish goals. Our soldiers make the World safe for Jewish democracy, they do not defend our national interests or our national ideals, in the Jewish portrayal of our supposed heroes.

The old religions made their gods heroic champions of the nation and the people. The indigenous gods glorified the nature of the people and the nation and defended them.

The new Jewish religions make their gods champions of self destruction and demand aggressive proselytizing in the form of aggressive war. They are absolutely intolerant of human nature and dissension or disagreement, and attack the person as well as the nation, compelling believers to attack all non-believers so as to create an homogenous anti-human World.

Pay careful attention to what the Jews define as heroic and who they promote as heroes and how they promote them. Notice that our supposed "great Americans" are promoted as if defenders of "universal" abstract ideals, rather than defenders of our soil and our people. The Jews almost always portray our heroes as if aggressive and intolerant internationalists of one stripe or another. The Jews tend to define our heroes as attackers rather than defenders, and our heroes are defined for us as if attacking or defending ideas, rather than real beings.

In this way, their crimes are diminished as are their accomplishments, as if all part of a divine process, all held comfortably in the tentacles of the international Jewish octopus. When our heroes commit genocide, it is only ideas that are under fire, anti-Jewish ideas, so the crime is not seen as the horrible reality it is. When they save our shores, they are instead rescuing thoughts, Jewish thoughts, so their actions do not promote our nation or our people but instead promote the Jewish subjugation of our people and nation.

Compare the heroes of old with the Jewish Hollywood hero. See that the Jewish hero attacks and destroys the very nation and people it purports to save.

The reverse side to the obverse face of the Jewish hero, is who and what the Jews defame. The anti-hero is most strongly portrayed in the Jewish media as anyone who fights back against Jewish aggression. Hence, the Jews make Whites, National Socialists and Muslims the anti-heroes of their Hollywood productions, and make their supposedly most noble heroes those who murder Whites, Germans and Muslims; not because the "heroes" protect America, but rather because they perpetuate Jews and Jewish ideas by attacking human beings, national sovereignty and human dignity.

Economy, War and Purpose

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews want us to view ourselves and our common values as if threats to the abstract "ideal" they create and define as our very destruction. Any group which has survived the competition that nature forever provides us, has united against a common enemy and viewed its own survival as the highest goal. Any group which endures views the reality of itself as ideal, not some abstraction opposed to its nature and its survival.

When we see ourselves as a nation with common objectives and values that benefit us and our desire to provide our children with a better life, we have a common direction to pursue, and the ability to work together to achieve that which will enable us to continue as individuals, families and a nation. When we view our national struggle, not as if a game in which we will be rewarded for playing nice, but in its true light as the defining factor of our continued existence, then we will fight to live and provide the basis for the life of our children.

The Jews, with their deliberately destructive internationalism, have corrupted the minds of our People to believe that we are simply playing a game with the World, and that if we play nice, our reward will be peace and eternal life as a nation. At the same time, the Jews forever engage us in aggressive war, not to strengthen us, but rather to weaken, bankrupt and demoralize us.

The Jews have us justify this obvious contradiction in our Jewish manufactured mythologies with the lie that we are making the World a better place by making the World into America, on the Jewish model, at the point of a gun. It is a very similar process to the Judaization of the World through Jewish Christendom and Jewish Islam, at the point of a sword. Both pretend to be religions of peace, just as Jewish America pretends to be a nation of peace, while all these Jewish designed belief systems are aggressive engines of war. They all preach eternal peace in order to make perpetual war on the human being and the Earth, which war benefits the genocidal and suicidal Jews and no one else.

The Jews do not teach Americans, Christians, or Muslims, to love, honor and defend themselves as individuals, then families, then as a nation; but rather to define themselves as abstract concepts opposed to human nature and the perpetuation of life, self-hating concepts to be imposed through force upon all of humanity. This strips from us our individuality and our connection to reality, and substitutes for our natural mission to survive, a perverse mission to convert others through force into unnatural, anti-human psychotics, who forever seek to take away the human nature of others because they see human nature and the natural world as the common enemy to be destroyed in the competition of international "godly" life.

This becomes an all consuming game which has no relation to natural laws, but instead compels the sacrifice of human nature for unnatural behavior engineered to produce destructive uniformity in which an anti-human ideal is presented as if justification to destroy that which nature created, us and our living environment.

The White, the Black, the Chinese, the proud, the strong, are all defined as obstacles to an homogenous and supposedly desirable subservient mutt. The real is hated, the unnatural and destructive abstract worshiped as if divine. The nations are defined as only legitimate to the extent to which they conform to an arbitrary and unnatural Jewish model of what is abstractly defined as if "ideal" and all ideals according to the Jews are universal based upon a universal double standard in which Jews are deemed perfect and non-Jews, evil by nature.

Never are the authentic products of nature viewed as beautiful, right and deserving of protection. The Jews have instead defined "progress" for us all as the hatred of the real human being and the destruction of nature. All motion, all direction, all goals, are focused towards achieving the destruction of human nature, the natural human form, and nature itself. The Jews justify this hatred and destruction by duping us into pretending that we are not already the ideal, but are instead destined to be engaged in the process of unbecomming ourselves in order that we might someday become ideal as the Jews define that which is good.

Were we woods, the Jews would try to convince us to become termites and then to devote ourselves to converting the rains into termites, so that we destroy not only ourselves and them, but also so that they destroy themselves and us. Were we termites, the Jews would stigmatize termites as if evil and insist that we become anteaters. Always, the Jews teach us to hate, and to try change ourselves into that which we are not, and that which will destroy us and profit them. For the Jew, science and technology exist to destroy all that nature produced, not to preserve it. Most specifically, the Jews view science and technology as a means to destroy competing human beings, specifically Whites; and to destroy all of nature.

The constant struggle we fight to preserve ourselves is NOT a game. We should NOT play nice in the international arena or in our battles against the aggressive Jew, nor should we cripple ourselves in an attempt to change others into something nature did not intend them to be. We must admire ourselves and seek to preserve ourselves, if need be by eliminating our enemies.

We must cling to our individuality so that we can strengthen, honor and preserve our families and our nation, that nation which exists as a reflection of us, real human beings, not Jewish lies, that nation which holds the soil that shields, houses, clothes and feeds us. This nation is our life and if we give it up, at first by loathing it and spitting upon it and wishing it were other than what nature has made it, then we are destined to die with it as we kill ourselves and our nation.

Science, technology and the economy should serve our love of ourselves, our families and our nation by enabling us to create and maintain sustainable systems of life that glorify and celebrate our nature, rather try to change us into that which destroys and despises us.

To a Jew, any person who is normal, any person who admires himself or herself, is the Jew's mortal enemy, is an "anti-Semite"; because the Jew understands that it is at war with humanity and normality, and the Jew understands that any person strong and proud enough to be a normal person is compelled to fight back against the Jew who is trying to kill him or her and cannot tolerate the existence of a genocidal parasite bent on killing all that is natural and normal. Any economy, political system, belief system or religion which does not exist to serve the Jew is de facto "anti-Semitic" in the Jew's mind, because it promotes life and nature and the Jewish mission is to wipe out humanity and nature. For the Jew, any person who understands the Jew and its mission to destroy must be "anti-Semitic", just as any person who understands cancer and wishes to live must be "anti-cancer". That is why the Jew instinctively calls anyone who tells the truth about Jews "anti-Semitic". To speak the truth is to tacitly or openly call out for normal human beings to defend themselves from the ever attacking Jews.

This cold reality forms the basis of our common purpose today as a People fighting against a common mortal enemy, Jewry. Our economy must be reengineered to serve us an individuals, families and a nation, which means it must also combat the Jew. We must keep our wealth in America and recover what the Jews have stolen. We must create sustainable means of feeding, housing, employing, educating and entertaining our People. The Jew will oppose us on every front, and in order to be human, we must fight this inhuman enemy on every front.

We must fight this war as a war and not as if it were instead a genteel Gentile game. The Jews are murdering us, they are poisoning us and destroying our genetic makeup. They are killing off life across the planet and making every attempt to change nature from what it is, into an unnatural and irrecoverable horror.

Being nice will not bring us victory or grant us eternal life. We have to look after our own interests first and secure our position. Victory is not being given an abstract reward or seeing our faces on television. Victory is that children who resemble us and who derive from our children will walk this ground in a thousand years and live and be happy human beings who strive to preserve us through themselves.

Our economy, our wars, our lives must comply with these simple laws of life and nature, or we will perish. We must cease trying to unbecome ourselves so that we become what the Jews insist we be, dead; and instead start to truly live by fighting back against our common enemy: the ghastly, abnormal and unnatural genocidal Jew.

At present, our national purpose under the Jews is to unbecome ourselves and destroy all others. Even, nay, especially in the "patriotic" demonstrations the Jews fake, they always define us in ways which mock our true nature and virtue, and instead promote all that we by nature oppose. The Jews promote subservience to national and international crime and genocide. The Jews promote subservience to Israel. The Jews promote the loss of our freedom and health, all in the name of "patriotism". The Jew is perverse by nature, and controls others by redefining for them their natures in perverse and self destructive terms, so that those others obey Jewish will.

We must provide a viable definition of our national purpose and at present we have no more pressing need than to fight back against the Jew. Instead of hating ourselves, we should fight the Jew, and glory in ourselves. Instead of surrendering our fate to Israel, we should war against the Jewish State, and secure our borders. Instead of feeding our children physical and mental poison, we should use our land and our media to feed and house and teach our People and protect and strengthen our genetic and mental makeup.

We have to become ourselves by ceasing to unbecome ourselves. The venomous Jews pack no more effective poison than turning us against ourselves and nature. They even have us teaching our children to hate and mass murder innocent human beings as if a divine mission. What could be more unnatural and destructive? Perhaps the Jewish practice of teaching our children to hate and mass murder themselves and their own People. . . .

Let us make 2011 the year that the World goes to war against the Jew, who has been warring against us for at least 2,500 years. Let us again become human and let us live without this omnipresent and murderous pest.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Revolutionary Social Unrest: One of the Ways in Which the Jews Seek to Drag America Down

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews want America to fall. White America has long enjoyed a comparative lack of social problems when compared to other nations and non-White minorities. This relative freedom from social ills has given us tremendous competitive advantages over other nations, where the Jews have successfully promoted constant social conflict.

But we have allowed the Jews to saw and gnaw at the underpinnings of our social stability through the media and the corruption first of minorities, then Whites. This is reflected in our prison population, and in the general Zeitgeist of our nation, which I can attest has lost much of its class, civility and integrity as foreigners and media have corrupted us. I believe my generation is the last to remember what we have lost, and if we fail to regain it, the Jews will define for Americans a myth of what was, so as to control what will be. We already see this happening as the Jewish alternative media promotes White guilt and anti-Americanism and actively seeks to Balkanize America and take from us all of the natural advantages which are our birthright if only we would claim and defend them.

We should be promoting social stability, not social unrest. We, not our enemies, should be the ones telling Americans the proper means and methods to obtain peace, honor and prosperity. Should we fall into the Jewish trap of becoming nihilistic revolutionaries, we will only be able to offer Americans destruction as a future, while the Jews will capitalize on the situation they have then created for the purpose, to offer Americans "security", at first by imprisoning and executing us.

We should be telling our fellow citizens the ways to improve our nation, rather than tear it down.

China, China, China

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The following recent interview reiterates rather succinctly many of the things I have been saying for years, long before they began to happen:

World Tired of Paying Bill for US Military

I warned that all this would happen, in, among many other places, the following articles:

The Quiet Counter-Attack, November 29, 2006

Pawning Off America, December 14, 2007

How Do You Fight a War, When You Have No Money? Jewry Is Setting Up Iran for a Nuclear Holocaust, October 09, 2008

Chinese Checkers and the Star of David, June 13, 2009

Though I was alone in saying these things when first I said them, this is all basically old news today. What comes next?

The Chinese and Indians need to reduce their population density in order to make Asia the America of tomorrow, a coming ecological disaster. There are many ways to accomplish this necessary end, among them famine, disease, war, sterilization and emigration.

The coming food crisis and the manipulation of the genetics of the food chain will produce both the necessary famine and sterilization needed to reduce the population density of Asia. The Jews also want to destroy the natural environment of the Earth, so expect massive Asian emigration to the wilderness of Russia, Africa and all of the Americas. The natural world will perish in this century if we do not stop the Jews.

China will reduce its exports to the USA so as to unhitch from the dollar and internalize its own economy, just as I predicted would happen, years ago. We no longer have the Jews working for us to rape the World, so there is no longer a pressure to suppress China, unless we real Americans apply it. There is also no longer a pressure to prop America up. Quite the contrary, the controlling forces, the Jews, are actively destroying America and setting up China to take our place, as I predicted would happen on page 465 of my book of early 2006, The Manufacture and Sale of Saint Einstein. I had said all of this even earlier than that.

We can block the plans of the Chinese by renouncing our debts as the product of Jewish nationalist subversion of our country and send the Chinese after the Jews. However, as Professor Michael Hudson says, and as I have said for years, we need our government to be strong in order to recover from the Jewish attack and increase our productive output. The revolution called for in the alternative media, which is controlled by the Jews, is exactly what we ought not to do. Rather we should use the political process to rout out the Jews and expel them from public life and build our nation, rather than tear it down and balkanize it such that we are forever fighting one another, rather than the Jews.

Instead of striking and shutting down America in protest, as the Jews advise we do, we should instead wage war on Jewry and strengthen America. Since we no longer have the incentive to maintain reserve currency status and thereby obtain cheap imports, we must build our Autarky. We need a strong government, not a ruined government, to do this.

A strong government can direct loan capital where it is needed, and our comparative lack of social problems will enable us to defeat our competitors. But we must prevent the Asians from emigrating and avoid war, which will, of economic necessity, become a nuclear war. The only means to do this is to remove Jews from influence, and the only way to do that is with the full powers of a powerful State.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hitler Was Working for the Rothschilds, Says Greek Orthodox Bishop

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Immediately below the views counter on YouTube, there is an icon depicting a text highlighter, which provides a transcript in English when it is clicked. Clicking the "CC" icon just below the video screen will bring up the closed caption subtitles:

Greek Orthodox Christian Bishop - Hitler was an instrument of a Zionist conspiracy [ENG Subs]