Monday, January 03, 2011

Day One on the Gold Standard

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews are pushing hard for a gold standard. Even their monkey-faced clowns in the "alternative media" are trying to convince us that a National Bank should replace the FED and that our money should be redeemable in "specie payments".

What does all this really mean?

"Specie payments" are the conversion of dollar bills into gold bars. On the old gold and silver standard, one could walk into a bank and demand metal in exchange for paper currency. For example, you could visit your bank and ask for silver coins in payment of your account, or in exchange for your paper bills. You could also demand real silver or gold in payment of debts.

The reasons why the Jews want us to adopt this system are many. The Jews want to steal all the gold of our nation, especially our national gold reserves, which are substantial. The Jews also want to redeem the currency they have stolen from us in real assets. The Jews also want to completely destroy our currency and our economy and steal all of our property and businesses.

Let us look at what the first day of an American gold standard will look like in real terms, as opposed to the Jewish manufactured myths of a gold gilded Utopia. The Jews will prepare for this day with trucks, airplanes and ships. They will draft the legislation needed to place America on a gold standard, with provisions that make the Jews first in line to exchange dollars for gold. They own most of the banks and will see to it that their banks receive all of the gold held in our national reserves, so that they will be first in line to take it.

The precise second that gold becomes obtainable as "specie payments", the Jews will claim every last ounce of it in exchange for the trillions of paper and electronic dollars they have manufactured for themselves and stolen from the American public. The Jews will be first in line well ahead of the general American public and the Chinese and others. The gold will already be loaded on containers for air and ship transport out of the United States and into Israel, before day one, and the very moment it can be claimed, if not before, the Jews will ship all of it out of the United States.

As day one of the gold standard progresses, Americans and others will stand in line waiting in vain to claim gold and silver bars and coins (I assume it will be a bimetallic system, and not a true gold standard). All the gold and silver in the country which was once held in our national reserves will already have left our shores before the first non-Jew tries to claim any of it.

Every bank in the country will be broken on the first day, because no one will able to redeem their accounts in gold or silver. There will be no credit, and no one will have access to their savings, but the Jews will still own all the debts.

On day two, the Jews will start to demand payment on loans in real gold, in "specie". The Jews will also demand payment in "specie" at every retail outlet leaving the consumer without any money, because all the gold and silver "specie" will have already been shipped out of the USA and the Jews will own it and hold it with a nuclear arsenal to defend it.

On day three, the Jews will start filing law suits demanding payment on all debts, including the national debt, in gold and silver. The government and all citizens in debt will default, and the Jews will claim all tangible assets and businesses as payment and/or collateral on the debts. Our Federal lands will disappear overnight into the hands of the Jews, as will our homes, our farms and our businesses. There will be no more gold or silver left to pay the Jews and it will all be confiscated from private ownership so as to hand it over to the Jews. All of our industrial and farm equipment will be shipped to China, and they will know all of our trade secrets. The Jews will pay Chinese to move to America and will indebt them to live in Americans' homes upon which the Jews will have foreclosed. There are ample supplies of Chinese to occupy every American household many times over.

Next the Jews will offer to "fix" the problems they have deliberately created by offering to loan us electronic "gold credits", but never real gold or silver. The Jews will already have loaned the Federal Government enormous sums of "gold credits" simply to start the currency, but all of this will already have been claimed by the Jews as the banks fail to provide real gold for "specie payments". The Government and all citizens will then have to borrow more and more "gold credits" which are not redeemable in specie payments, because they are privately issued loans; and the Jews will continue to demand real specie payments from us in repayment on the loan of electronic credits, which we cannot make because there will be no real gold or silver left in our nation.

It will not be long before the Jews own everything we have. They will also place us in unpayable debts and demand that we slave and soldier for them forever as they starve us to death.

This is the future America those "patriot" Jews are preparing for you. You will have lost everything on the very first day of the American "paradise" they are promising to you if you will sell your soul and your nation to the Jews for a few pieces of silver and gold you will never be able to touch.