Thursday, January 06, 2011

How GMO Organisms in Tandem With "Competing Currencies" Can Kill You

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

Suppose the Jewish "Libertarians" have their way and remove the "legal tender" status of our money so as to make room for "competing currencies". Imagine how the Jews could then kill you through starvation. I will not address the potential genetic damage of GMO's, but rather the simple economics of GMO's and "competing currencies".

A hostile force could control and slay the American public very quickly by monopolizing the food markets with patented GMO's, then insisting that only their "competing currency" be used to buy food. The Jews could then insist that any person who would borrow some of their "competing currency" so as to be able to buy food, must first submit to sterilization and/or carcinogenic doses of radiation or toxins. Or, the Jews could simply make their "competing currency" difficult to obtain by restricting its supply. The public would then starve to death, as happened to the ancient Egyptians under the Jews, and to the modern Ukrainians under the Jews.

Make no mistake, the Jews want to kill you, and starvation is a very effective means of getting rid of you. "Competing currencies" and monopolies are efficient means for the Jews to starve you. They have done it many times in the past and are eager to do it to you.

The Jews deliberately destroyed the value of our Greenbacks, which otherwise were accepted at, or about at, face value, by creating a monopoly for gold in the payment of specific debts. They will do the same to our dollar if we permit the Jews to subvert our national existence with "competing currencies".