Saturday, January 01, 2011

I Have Been Warning About This for Decades

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If you watch the following video interview of George Soros, you will hear him state that which you have heard first from me many years ago:

George Soros Interviewed

Now consider what China as the new America will signify for humanity as the World erodes under the complete control an international gold standard will afford the Jews. Consider first the mayhem the Jews have committed with a mere couple hundred million Americans for cannon fodder and factory work. Now consider the damage the Jews can do to humanity with billions of Chinese under their yoke and absolute control over the economy of every nation on Earth. And who do you think the Jews will attack with their new Chinese attack dogs? The US!

The Chinese have not been breaking their backs in sweatshops for nothing. The Jews have promised the Chinese all of the Americas, including the US. Just as the Jews stole their loving neighbors' gold when the Jews left Egypt, they desire to steal our gold as they leave the US.

I have given everyone many years' notice of the precise plans of the Jews. When will you start to act on it?

Their primary plan for you is to kill you. Does that give you no motivation to save yourself? Do you still think this is a game where you can bitch and whine on the internet, but do nothing of any consequence, and continue to survive?

I am afraid things are about to become very much worse for you and us all. Will you do nothing until the bulldozer dumps dirt over your cowardly corpse?