Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Jewish Goldbugs' "Versailles Treaty" for America and What We Should Do About It

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews are complaining that the Federal Reserve is a scam, without acknowledging that it is their scam. The Jews are complaining that the assets of the United States should be seized to pay for the inflation the Fed has produced as if that would somehow compensate the victims of this Jewish theft from the America People, when in fact it would only further victimize Americans and profit the Jews.

America is deeply in debt, in no small part because of Jewish manufactured perpetual wars in the bogus name of perpetual peace. The Jews are now trying to leverage us into a new "Versailles Treaty" to seize our territory, our gold and the rest of our real assets, as well as our industry and agriculture.

The Jews created our debts, unnecessarily, and for their profit. We have no lawful obligation to honor those fraudulent debts. Taking the gold out of our reserves to make it available for specie payments will not in any way benefit American citizens, but will instead afford the Jews access to our precious reserves so that they can steal them and transport our gold out of America. The Jews will then pretend there is much more gold in existence than actually exists and create an international fiat money system of "electronic gold credits" issued through fractional reserve banking, which system pretends that gold reserves exist which do not, and which system will enable the Jews to collapse the World economy and control the fate of every nation without any representation by the People of those nations.

Contrary to the outright lies of the goldbugs, seizing the assets of the Government and People of the United States of America will in no way compensate Americans for the loss of value of the dollar through inflation. It will instead only open up our gold vaults to the Jews so that they can cart away our gold. It is also a Jewish lie that inflation has somehow prevented growth while gold somehow encouraged growth.

The National Socialists shunned the gold standard and repudiated the debts of the "Versailles Treaty"; and they rejected the theft of German soil. We should do the same and be extremely vigilant to prevent the Jews from cashing in the dollars which they have stolen from our real economy in on real assets such as our gold. Giving the Jews our gold will accomplish nothing for us other than our ruin.

The Jews are stealing our land and want to steal our gold through usury. The only way they can gain access to our gold reserves and so pretend to increase the gold supply for an international currency, is by attempting to collateralize our debts with gold. We have no need to give them our gold and doing so would destroy us and make the Jews exponentially more powerful than they already are.

We should keep our gold reserves as reserves and in so doing prevent an international gold standard run by the Jews. All nations should hold tightly to their gold reserves. We should NOT make our public gold accessible to private hands, or the Jews will claim it all based on the debts we already have, and in exchange for the massive amounts of dollars they hold. Have no illusions that opening up our gold vaults will in any way place gold in your pocket! It will instead result in the loss of all of our gold to the Jews who will take it and send it overseas immediately.

What benefit is there to us if we go on a gold standard, and the next day all of the public gold is claimed by the Jews and sent to Israel? How will we pay back the gold we will be forced to borrow in order to have a currency, when there will be no gold left in America? How would debt based fiat money in the form of the loaning of electronic fractional reserve gold credit issued by international Jews benefit us over government issued debt free money?

The Jews lie and claim that unregulated competition eliminates fraud and monopolies, and on the basis of this lie claim that they have a right to competing currencies. But the Jews will always create an advantage for themselves that works against the public, and the Jews will subvert the legal tender status of our public dollars if we permit competing currencies. The Jews will simply refuse to accept dollars as payment of debts and demand instead that only their currency be used. The dollar will then become worthless to buy food and other necessities and the Jews will claim victory as the People of America starve to death, like the ancient Egyptians and the modern Ukrainians who suffered the bite of the Jewish usurious vampires.

We do not need to destroy ourselves as a response to the wars the Jews have brought us. We should instead wage war on the Jews who are waging war on us. A good start will be to refuse their "Versailles Treaty" for America based on a gold standard replacement of the Fed.

The failure to repudiate the fraudulent "Versailles Treaty" style debt is one of the defects easily remedied in Kucinich's proposal. In this way, we can avoid hyperinflation. We can also avoid arming our enemies.

Kucinich's plan arms the Jews with a flood of cash and rewards them for the fraudulent debts the Jews have burdened us with. It does nothing to contain or destroy the enemy, but instead gives the enemy a larger arsenal with which to attack us. This is also an economic war, and we should do all we can to impoverish World Jewry and so disarm them. Kucinich merely gives the Jews more bullets to shoot at us, and unamended will place us in the fangs of foreign usurers by making domestic credit unavailable other than to the government and its friends.

I will grant Kucinich the benefit of the doubt and simply state that his proposal is naive and incomplete, but the defects are NOT fatal and can be easily remedied.