Tuesday, January 04, 2011

On the Demonstrable Lie that Bankers Are Supposedly Opposed to the Gold Standard

Christopher Jon Bjerknes



The "alternative media" is promoting the lie that bankers are opposed to the gold standard. See, for example, the following video now receiving heavy promotion in the Jewish dominated "alternative media":

The American Dream

The truth is that the bankers have long wanted to replace the Federal Reserve and all central banks with a gold standard. See, for example:

Gold and Economic Freedom by Alan Greenspan

George Soros Interviewed

As Soros candidly admits, the gold standard and the end of paper currencies is the bankers' preferred ticket to "The New World Order" and will destroy America.

I have long been exposing the fact that the gold standard is a bankers' scam that will destroy America. Why is it that the big players in the "alternative media" have promoted certain of my other articles, but have never to my knowledge given any exposure to my criticisms of goldbuggery? I am the only one that I know of exposing the fact that if we go on a gold standard the Jews will steal all of our gold reserves and take flight with our gold, just as they stole the gold of Egypt (and Russia, and Germany, and the Turks, and the British, etc. etc. etc.) during the "Exodus".

Why am I the only one exposing the fact that the gold standard must of necessity be based on fractional reserve banking, because there is not enough gold to monetize for a sufficient money supply and sufficient credit, and that the gold must be borrowed to instigate the system, at interest, and can never be paid back, but will instead immediately disappear as payment of debt and as specie. The Jews will then horde all of our gold and ship it out of the country to Israel, as they did to the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans thousands of years ago.

Look at the websites of the "alternative media" and notice how many of them either have direct links or ads to gold mongers, and/or are openly sponsored by the gold cartel, and/or post articles promoting gold, and/or give interviews promoting gold. I am the only well known person telling you that the gold standard is a deadly trap, and how it works, because almost the entire "alternative media" is run by the gold cartel!

There are a couple of phonies who copy some of the things I say, but even they either wed it to transparent nonsense, or promote gold purchases. And there are a couple of good people who amplify my message and direct others to my work, and I thank them. But none of the truly big players give any notice to my arguments against the gold standard.

The fact that nearly the entire "alternative media" is run by the gold cartel is the reason why the Jews are getting away with the obvious lie that bankers are supposedly opposed to the gold standard, when in fact the gold standard is the very thing the bankers want so that it will enable them to trade the paper dollars they have stolen from us for real assets. . . so that the bankers can steal all of our gold and then everything else we have.

Note that in the video "The American Dream", the Rothschild bankers become "German", not international Jews, and that Paul Warburg is NOT named when the piece discusses Jekyll Island, but rather Morgan and Rockefeller, though the video does accurately state that all these forces were ultimately under the umbrella of the Rothschilds.