Friday, February 04, 2011

Pan-Islam Set to Invade Europe, Yet Again. . .

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

If memory serves me correctly, the late great George Apelian told me that Armenian socialists in Syria had created the modern incarnation of the pan-Arabian political movement to serve Jewish interests. As I have previously explained, the Turks are again being groomed to invade Europe with a pan-Muslim wave. The Turkish (crypto-Jewish) AKP hopes to unify a borderless Islam and then open its gates to Europe.

Note that the Jewish manufactured "revolutions" in Muslim nations are designed to produce chaos, without real leadership of any kind. This is probably setting the stage for the internationalization of these countries to form a unified Mediterranean of Europe and North Africa, which will flood Europe with Muslim foreigners.

The Jews sold Zionism to France through their agent Napoleon, then England through Disraeli, then America through Wilson, with the bogus promise that the Jews could and would secure the Suez for Western interests. Expect the Jews to move into the Suez up to and including the Nile. They have been planning to do so for at least 2,500 years, and the stripes on the Israeli flag signify the Nile and the Euphrates as part of Jewish territory.

Note that the Jews and their assets in the "alternative media" are again pitching the lie that America created Israel in order to secure oil interests. The truth is that everyone always knew that the formation of Israel would harm Western interests in the region, including oil interests, and it has. Israel has only worsened the oil companies' interests, giving OPEC leverage over the West in exchange for tolerating the Jewish State. Consider how the Saudis sold out the Palestinians, and acquired oil power in exchange for supporting Israel. Western oil interests have never benefited from the existence of Israel, and America and the West have only suffered because Israel exists.

Israel will again try to sell itself as the protector of the Suez and of oil. If the Jews can again use the Turks to internationalize Muslim nations, including Egypt with its large population, it will benefit the Jews and harm Islam and Christendom. If the Jews can use a Sunni versus Shia conflict to inflame WWIII, it would likewise benefit the Jews by destroying Islam and Christendom. Heads Jews win, tails Goyim loose.

There are ways Egypt could recover from the Jewish subversion. Egyptians murdering Egyptians is not one of them.

Recall that in the Cold War, the Jews tried to make pan-Islam communist and pit it against the West. I suspect they will again try to accomplish the same result through Turkey and Egypt and either flood Europe with Muslims, or pit NATO against pan-Islam, as both, or either, will benefit the Jews' perceived self interests.

As in the Cold War, expect Israel to acquire American weapons, including nuclear weapons.