Friday, March 25, 2011

Here's Why the Jews Would Attack Japan

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

No. 1

Because they could! Japan afforded the Jews with an opportune location and situation from which to attack the human race. Amazing how many nuclear power plants the Jews built in earthquake prone regions. Amazing how the Jews stacked the house of cards with tons of plutonium poison in the worst of all possible worlds. Amazing, but surely not coincidental.

No. 2

Japan is America's best ally in Asia and the Jews want to destroy America and all nationalistic and powerful nations. Japan has been a major player in financing our debt and in the currency wars. Destroying Japan affords the Jews the opportunity to destroy America and to profit in the markets.

No. 3

Japan and America provide the Jews with the opportunity to poison the Northern Hemisphere and with it the bulk of humanity and all the nations which pose any challenge to Jewish hegemony in the Jews' "messianic age". The Japanese have ancient traditions, their own language and a strong sense of nationalism. They serve as a reminder of what human beings ought to be, and so must perish from memory in order for the Jews to succeed in killing off all nations.

No. 4

To make nuclear war a palatable act of revenge in a World already dead. When the plutonium cat is already and forever out of the bag what is few bombs more to add to the fire and the fun?

No. 5

To make the currency wars a matter of life and death.

No. 6

To bring death and ruin to humanity and the genes of the human race. The Jews want to destroy creation. They will kill and destroy wherever and whenever they can. You are their target, and you lie still waiting for the bullet to reach you.

No. 7

To encourage Jews to move from Europe, Asia and America, to Israel. Israel faces demographic death and seeks to encourage the emigration of Jews to Israel in every possible manner.

No. 8

To provide a nuclear fog in which to kill off more Palestinians and to internationalize Africa and Europe into one Jewish communist super-State.

Wake up, World! Jewry is on the verge of killing us off. Is it a coincidence that this happens on the verge of 2012, the Jews' chosen year of annihilation of the Goyim? Coincidences of this scale do not exist. Consider whose plan it is to kill us all, then consider who is causing our death.

Why not fight back? Are our children not worth our love?