Friday, March 25, 2011

The Jews' Samson Option Has Been Triggered

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The Jews probably never intended that their "Samson Option" would mean an Israeli nuclear attack on those targets it could reach. We do not even know for certain whether or not Israel has any nuclear bombs capable of bringing about the end of the World by beginning a nuclear World War.

We do know that the Jews have controlled nuclear energy and nuclear weapons programs around the globe from the beginning. In order for the Jews to truly destroy the human race with a nuclear attack, they need only target "peaceful" nuclear targets. In order for the Jews to ruin the Earth with nuclear bombs, they would need to use the nuclear weapons of other nations, principally the United States.

The "Samson Option" is really the Jewish mission made practical. It is not simply a propaganda and mind manipulation war, but also a genetic war designed to make human life impossible.

The "Samson Option" is Jewry, it is the Jews' war on us all and it has now commenced in full force. Though given the opportunity and incentive to migrate to Israel, the Jews have not done so. So, the World must now end, pursuant to Jewish "prophecy".

There is no hope but to war back and save whatever can be saved. The Jews will not quit until all are dead. Lay down and die, or stand and fight. No other option exists other than Samsom's murder of the Goyim.