Saturday, April 02, 2011

Soft-Skinned, Light-Boned, Omnivorous Herd Animals

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

What are we, that the Jews have managed to take away our personal and societal power?

We are soft-skinned and light-boned. That makes us easy prey on an individual level for carnivores. So in nature we survived as cowardly herd animals, warning each other of danger, stealing from each other, betraying each other, and at times saving each other.

Religion has it that we have a supposed divine purpose, that purpose being to obey religion. Nature only asks that we survive. What is it that we need to survive, in Nature? Why is it that we destroy our means of survival in order to obey religion?

Religion is political. Religion is mind control. Religion is a deadly bundle of lies. Only through the delusion of psychosis can anyone find truth in religion. Religion is insanity, the drug of choice of the mad and mediocre who would be greater than themselves by lying to themselves.

Religion is a grabbing glue that can bind us to one another with deadly spikes, flypaper to set us upon a strangling strip of death. As omnivores, we consume the plants and animals of Nature, viewing all life as less than us, as food to keep us alive, or worse, as the inedible and/or hostile, but never more than a resource or an enemy. Religion takes whatever mystique non-human life offered and wrings it dry to serve our flesh, which flesh religion separates from ourselves, and by means of an abstract religious definition we wallpaper cartoons over our inexplicable existence to hide the cracks and horror of the unknown. Yes, as soft-skinned and light-boned omnivores, we are often cowards who find solace in lies and friendly faces even as our stupid group-made choices plunge like fangs into our tender and unprotected necks leaving us dead and dying.

To survive, we need shelter, clean food, air and water; and most of all, we need children who resemble us. What is it that we are doing to safeguard the substance of this, our lives? Why do we waste our precious time kneeling before Jewish lies in hopes of living through death by means of lying to ourselves?

Soft-skinned, light-boned, omnivorous herd animals are easy prey for carnivores. They follow their leaders, who, in the case of humans, often deliberately misguide them.

Human beings have an enemy that has always sought to control the leadership of humanity to guide it into death. That enemy is the Jew.

Cowardice and suspicion, the inevitable nature of soft-skinned, light-boned, omnivorous herd animals, the Jews use cowardice and suspicion as weapons to lead you away from those who would save you, into the fangs of the Jewish vampires who would exterminate you and your cowardly kind. It is your nature to be led. You wear your leash on your own tongue, whose words were many times lies from the beginning they first formed in a man's mouth to paint false portraits on a child's mind.

If there are not words for it, can you think it? Have you ever seen real freedom, felt real courage, walked through a garden of real love, such that words are only servants to express what you know without words? Or are you lost when not told what to think, a confused drunk spinning in circles on a dirty city street, angry at nothing because you are nothing and hate yourself?

We are each very different. It is a gross and horrid lie to state that we are somehow one consciousness. I suffer for your stupidity without inflicting any horrors on you. We two are not one, nor are we the same. You are a coward and I am not. You bring death to the human race through your failure to understand yourself and the nature of your existence, especially in the presence of an enemy that is killing us all each moment you exist.

If you were like me, this problem would be solved, could not have ever existed. So why is it that nature made so few like me, and so many like you? And what of the other third, those Jews and their allies who exploit you? Why did Nature produce them?

Perhaps we who understand should unite and abandon those of you who welcome your death and spit on us who try to save you. Maybe that is the purpose of the Jews, to separate us from you, so that you and they can die out together and leave us to build a better World.

Perhaps, there is no purpose to this test of strength, will and perseverance. Perhaps we are adrift in chaos. But I do not believe that, because what is happening is predictable and you are a major part of the problem and will force us to solve that problem in ways which eradicate you as well as the eternal enemy of mankind. We need not be active in this pursuit, you and the Jews do such a successful job of destroying yourselves.

But we must be active in surviving you and the Jews, and outlast the fallout of your errors and aggression. We must unite and forget you, that unsuccessful trash that Nature and the future will soon forget.

Some of us are much tougher, smarter and stronger than you. We must find each other and form a colony. The rest are surely damned by their inability to survive in the presence of so weak an enemy as the Jews.

Rather than bemoan our fate, we must take control of it.